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Total Bass Module

Trilogy MIDI Controller# Mapping
The following Trilogy parameters can be remote-controlled from MIDI Control Change messages:

007 Master Volume 084 Layer B Pan 098 Filter Env Decay
071 Master Filter Resonance 085 Layer A Pitch Coarse 099 Filter Env Sustain
072 Amp Env Release 086 Layer B Pitch Coarse 100 Filter Env Release
073 Amp Env Attack 087 Layer A Pitch Fine 101 Filter Env V-time
074 Master Filter Cutoff 088 Layer B Pitch Fine 102 Filter Env V-sens
075 Amp Env Decay 089 Mod Pitch Amount 103 Amp Envelope V-time
076 Amp Env Sustain 090 Mod Filter Amount 104 Amp Envelope V-sense
077 Filter Cutoff 091 Mod Amp Amount 105 Sample Start Offset
078 Filter Resonance 092 Mod Pan Amount 106 Layer A On/Off
079 Filter Envelope 093 Pitch Env Depth 107 Layer B On/Off
080 Filter Key Tracking 094 Pitch Env Time 108 Layer Select
081 Layer A Level 095 LFO Depth 109 Link On/Off
082 Layer B Level 096 LFO Rate 110 Solo On/Off
083 Layer A Pan 097 Filter Env Attack  

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Trilogy is a discontinued product and gave birth to Trilian which has been developed totally in house at Spectrasonics.

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