Eric Persing
Spectrasonics Artisan

Eric Persing

It is almost impossible to go a day without hearing the work of Eric Persing. The thousands of original sounds he has created are used constantly by top composers, producers, remixers and musicians from all over the world. 

Persing is the founder of Spectrasonics, a company specializing in developing World Class software 'virtual instruments' since 1994. He has produced dozens of the sampling industry's top selling titles and gone on to create the award-winning Omnisphere, Keyscape, Stylus RMX, Trilian, Atmosphere and Trilogy software virtual instruments. Eric's ground-breaking instruments and sound libraries are the best selling and most widely used in the world. Spectrasonics products are in constant use on thousands of major film, television, music, game and multimedia productions. 

In addition to being the Creative Director of Spectrasonics, Eric was a longtime consultant and the Chief Sound Designer for Roland Corporation Japan from 1984-2005, creating the key sounds for many popular Roland synthesizers, samplers, CD-ROMs, expansion boards, processors and groove devices - from the vintage Jupiter and JX series, to the legendary D-50, D-70, JD-800/990, R8, S-series samplers, JV-880/1080/2080, the Sound Canvas, JP-8000/8080, MC-505/909, The V-Drums, XV-5080, Fantom series, the V-Synth and many more. 

As a studio musician, remixer, producer and composer/arranger in Los Angeles, he has also contributed to numerous Grammy award winning albums and Academy award winning film scores, working with an eclectic group of artists including Herbie Hancock, Michael Jackson, Hans Zimmer, Nile Rogers, Knower, Quincy Jones, Danny Elfman, Marcus Miller, Sergio Mendes, Luther Vandross, James Newton-Howard, Chaka Khan, Eddie Jobson, Michel Colombier, Diana Ross, Arif Mardin, Mezzoforte, Ellis Hall, Bette Midler, Roby Duke, Deniece Williams, The Katinas, Larry Carlton, Sandi Patti, Leonard Cohen, Bon Jovi, Richard Souther, Randy Newman and Celine Dion, amongst many others. 

Eric's lifelong love of the creative process is the driving force behind his pursuit of musical excellence.

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