Educational Licensing

We are very pleased to announce our improved Spectrasonics Educational Licensing Program to music educators around the world. Now you can teach aspiring composers and music producers using the same Spectrasonics instruments that top professional artists use every day to create Oscar-winning film scores, TV show soundtracks, live performances, remixes, popular video game music and hit songs. We have been developing and implementing a new, streamlined educational program and are confident that it will meet your individual needs as an educator.

The primary goal of the EDU program is to inspire a new generation of musicians to learn and use our instruments within the context of education. Your students are the next generation of music professionals and we believe they will be well equipped for today's musical landscape from the training they receive on the Spectrasonics Instruments.

By providing this special program at a substantial cost savings, we can enable educators to incorporate our instruments into the classroom environment. We've designed the overall process of this program to be as simple, fast and smooth as possible for you - while ensuring that the license and usage stays within the classroom. Nothing can replace the value of learning music technology with the same tools that your students will be using as professionals after graduating.

Institutional licensing only - The Spectrasonics EDU program is not available for individual students or teachers.

Unlike our standard end-user license which is sold in a boxed software package through our International distributor and dealer network, the Spectrasonics EDU program is a special license contract that is arranged directly between the institution and Spectrasonics. The EDU license covers the institution and its computers. The license price is based on the number of computer stations and Spectrasonics instruments that will be used.

For more information and pricing, contact Spectrasonics via email:


How does the EDU License Agreement differ from the standard end-user License Agreement?
The standard commercial Spectrasonics end-user license agreement is specifically tailored for a single-user, who is a professional or semi-pro musician - and therefore it allows for multiple computer use, unlimited authorizations and unlimited use in commercial music production. By contrast, the EDU license is designed specifically for classroom use by multiple students. Therefore it is limited to a single computer per serial number and for educational use only.

• Single User License:
This is the standard type of license for individual music producers which is sold through the Spectrasonics authorized dealer network.

• EDU License:
This is a special type of license contract which allows educational institutions to teach with Spectrasonics instruments in a classroom environment.

Are EDU Licenses available through the Spectrasonics Dealer network?
No. The EDU license contract is only available directly from Spectrasonics.

PLEASE NOTE: If you purchased a Spectrasonics instrument from a dealer and do not have an EDU License Contract with Spectrasonics, you do not have an EDU version of the product and were sold the product incorrectly for Educational use. If this is your situation, please contact us and we can help you.

Are EDU licenses eligible for Upgrades?
Yes. One thing that is unique about the Spectrasonics EDU program is that when our major paid upgrades are available, all EDU institutions that are already participating in our program will be able to upgrade their Spectrasonics instruments for FREE! Our goal is that the EDU institutions always have the latest edition and that it is easy for you to keep your systems current with the latest state-of-the-art tools that the pros are using. All it requires is a simple approval via email to get the upgraded versions. We believe this is an innovative approach and a major advantage of our program, compared to many others.

Are EDU licenses eligible for Updates?
Yes. You can download them from our web site in the same way as a standard commercial end-user.

How does the installation work?
The program administrator simply downloads and installs the instrument on each of the licensed computer stations. The institution is issued separate serial numbers for each computer station they need.

How does the authorization system work?
The authorization for each station will be under the program administrator's name and will be registered to the institution. You will have no problem upgrading your computers in the future or getting the authorizations you need for your licensed stations.

Does the institution have to purchase licenses for all of Spectrasonics instruments to participate in the EDU program?
No. You can purchase any of our instruments that you wish to include in your program.

I have personal copies of Spectrasonics instruments, am I allowed to use them in the classroom?
Yes, with some limitations. Contact our EDU department at and we’ll be glad to explain your options for using your own Spectrasonics instruments as part of a curriculum.

Who would be listed as the school's program administrator?
It should be a higher level staff member - such as the Music Technology Department Head, the Program's Director, the Course Instructor, the Technical Administrator or the Head Professor, etc. Whoever is in charge of your music technology course and deals with your music systems' administration is an appropriate candidate.

Will technical support be available for the institution?
Yes. By having the EDU institutions clearly identified in our database, it is much easier for us to assist you with the specific needs of your classroom systems.

What if an institution wants to increase the number of stations at a later date?
No problem. You can do this very easily by arranging a License Addendum.

Can I pay for my EDU licenses online?
Payment for EDU licenses can be sent via Purchase Order, Wire Transfer or Credit Card. We also accept PayPal.

Great! How do we get started?
For pricing and further details on Spectrasonics special EDU program, contact us via email: