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Web Services Software Developer
Position: Contract basis/hourly
Location: California
Start Date: Flexible
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Looking for a software development contractor to develop a web-linked application to handle installations/updates of our virtual instruments, develop a web-based technical support ticketing system and handle additional general IT needs within our team.

• Can work remote, but must be able to easily travel to Burbank for regular DEV meetings. Should be based in California.
• Excellent communication skills - Self-starter, able to work independently without direct supervision
Technical skills:
• Web services
• Client-server software design
• Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
• Client-server language, such as Perl,  Ruby, PHP, and/or Java
• Familiar with software installers for Windows, such as InnoSetup
• Familiar with software installer for OSX
• Ability to interface with other company departments to research, collate, and understand task requirements
• Ability to present design and implementation options to management
• Ability to prepare cost and schedule estimates
• Ability to implement a technical solution as a web service, including software design, coding, and testing

CONTACT: jobs@spectrasonics.net