Legacy Library

Dream Synth Module

Atmosphere Patch List


Ambient/Bell Harmonics
    Shivering Timbers
    Chime City
    Crystal Cloud
    Crystalline Towers
    Frozen Dream
    Silver in the Sky
    Steel Morphing
    Stretching Glass Bells
    Tiny Bells Twinkles
Ambient/Bowed Piano
    Not Exactly a Stock Piano
    Piano Bowing
    Piano Morphing
Ambient/Breathing Air
    Angels in the Desert
    Chill Factor
    Constant Change
    Infinite Air Pocket
    Insects on Ice
    Sinister Grains
    Slumbering Shaku
    Traversing the Abyss
Ambient/Brooding Menace
    A Leak in the System
    Ancient Extinction
    Anguished Cries
    Brush with Death
    Coming Unglued
    Deep Sea Exploration
    Gutteral Morphing
    Southern Lights
    Waves of the Tigress
    Glow Worms
    Magnetic Crystal
    Micro Meteorites
    Mother Magnesium
    Nursery Rhymes
    Passing Lights
    Reflecting on the Past
    Swirling Crickets
    Throat Culture
Ambient/Disturbing Overtones
    Bending Flurry
    Blood Vessels
    Deduks in Mourning
    Deep Rubbing Tubes
    Elongated Tubing
    Granular Flute Sweep
    Granular Violin Harmonics
    Hi Tension Wire
    Inexplicable Encounter
    Inner Addictions
    No Admittance
    Outer Limitations
    Rubbing Silver Mirrors
    Secret Garden
    Stretching Glass Panels
    The Mirror Room
Ambient/Drones Evolving
    Apocolyptic Drone
    Armenian Sun
    As I Live and Breathe
    Babbling Brook Drone
    Bowed Vector
    Bowing Titanium
    Circular Breathing
    Circular Prophets
    Critical Orbit
    Dark Oil Drone
    Egyptian Bowls
    Empty Nest Drone
    Exhale into the Pit
    Future Syntheswell
    Hero Drone
    Hummstretcher Drone
    Juicy Drone
    Lord Balrog Drone
    Marsh Mire Drone
    Moon Strings 1
    Moon Strings 2
    Punjabi Drone
    Singing Stones
    Slow Realization Drone
    Spinning Omega
    Spinning Waterphones
    Subtle Undulation
    Underworld Carnival
    Window Pane Drone
Ambient/Electronic Sci Fi
    Asyncronous Unpredictability
    Busy Little Beavers
    Data Slide
    Doctor Who
    Harmonic Callidescope
    Hydrogen Echo
    Mission to Mars
    Morton in the Dark
    Ode to Buchla
    Old Frequency Scanners
    Silver Apples of the Moon
    Spasmodic Encounter
    Throat Emulation
    Wicked Ratchets
    Wicked Ratchets Slo Mo
Ambient/Fast Vibration
    Sirens of Atlantis
    A Feeling of Emptiness
    Adrift in Time
    Bending Choral Wash
    Bob needs a new Zephyr
    Clandestine Meetings
    Currents of Sudan
    Dark Crows Milk
    Distant Dreams
    Endless Loop
    Fibrulation Sweep
    Glass Grammaphone
    Half a Kingdom
    In a Dreamlike State
    Mother Earth
    Mothers Milk
    Radio Universe
    Red Sunrise
    Ringing Wind
    Rising Strands
    Tension Strands
    Water Organs
Ambient/Light and Beauty
    Angelic Morph
    Angels Whisper
    Comet Star
    Emerging Vision
    Emperor Constantine
    February Glare
    Five Strings
    Florescent Chimes
    Island of Chimes
    Magic Waters
    Oriental Zenith
    Shiny Beach
    Twilight Passing
    Urban Angel
    Voice of the Moon
Ambient/Low Enders
    Alias Drone Bloom
    Big Moana
    Big Pink Purr
    Cave Troll
    Contrabass Blown Tubes 1
    Contrabass Blown Tubes 2
    Deep Didge
    Ethnic BreathPipe
    Genetic Animals
    Impending Rumbles
    Moving Some Air
    Panic Room
    The Bowels of the Beast
Ambient/Metallic Wire Motion
    Burbbling Wires
    Bursting Aura
    Cluster Morph
    Deep Opera
    Distressing Wires
    Enigmatic Bowls
    Metal Flow
    Metallic Shards of Light
Ambient/Percussive Hard
    Air Klang
    Anvil Chimes
    Blam Drone
    Cranial Ping
    Crash Planet
    Fist Piano Bass
    Leaking Gullet
    Melting Beams
    Mercury Tribe
    Pesky Red
    Sparkling Embryo Hit
    Tactical Alert
    The Hammer of Moria
Ambient/Percussive Soft
    Ambient Gamelan
    Big Boomer
    Ebony and Wire
    Evolving String Resonance
    Gamma LAN Gong
    Harmonic Air Hit
    Inner Ear Thumping
    Large Footprints
    Overblower Echo
    Pole Scraper
    Screams in a Bottle
Ambient/Swirling Pitch FX
    Bending Deep Crystals
    Chalkboard Nausea
    Chalkboard Swirl
    Vertigo bender
Ambient/Vocal Morphings
    Female Morphing
    Meditation Disturbance
    Morphing Voices
    Tubular Choir
    Vocal Unreality
    Wailing Waterphones
    Anabell Pipes
    Analog Chimes
    Anapluck Bellz
    Astral Music Box
    Attack Shimmer
    Bells of St Elmos
    Bellzo Pad
    Bowing a Bell with Rocks
    Christmas Layers
    Classic Super Bellz
    CS-80 Sine Bells
    Dynamic Sprinklers
    Eighties Bells
    Fizz Bellz
    Frozen Rings
    Giant bellz
    Glass Music Box
    Hollow Stones
    JP Seq Bells
    JP Vibrasine Bells
    Jupiter Octabells
    Love Chimes
    Love Triangle Bells
    Musicbox Symphony
    Nautical Bellswirl
    Noise Bells
    Plucked Airbell
    Purewave Bells
    Squaretable Bells
    Swirling Additive Bells
    Toy Celeste for Small Birds
    Vector Bellkeyz Fifth
    VS Bells
    VS Glassy Milk
    Wavetable Bell Swell
    Whistlers Bells
    Before the Race
    Chariots CS-80
    Cresting Swell
    Cresting Waves
    CS-80 Pulse Width Panner
    Expensive Swell
    Fat Analog Swell
    Fizzaphonic Build
    Hybrid Hollow Swell
    JX-10 Big Saw Swell
    Memorymoog Power Swell
    Moogie Swell
    Ockmopad Swell
    Passionate Horn Swells
    PPG Cascade Swell
    Progression Swell
    Progresso Swell
    Prophet VS Unison Swell
    Sparkling JD
    Sunday Morning Worship
    Swelling Pride
    The Victor
    Thick and Juicy swell
    Ultra Swell
    Virus Memory Swell
    Wide Moog dual mono swell
    Widening Analog
    Angelo Tube Strings
    Bombay Revealed
    Celtic Morning
    City Lights
    Constant Growth
    Constellations Growing
    Constellations Sparkle
    Dark Clouds Over Oslo
    Dark Horse
    Elation Station
    Eternal Evolution
    Eternal Swells
    Filled with the Holy Spirit
    Flotation Device
    For Whom the Bell Tolls
    Gentle Vectoring Zweeps
    Interstellar Travels
    Kindred Spirits
    Lateral Motion
    Liquid Vox
    Moonlit Night
    Mysterious Movement
    Nature Boy Pad
    Rippling Rays
    Slow and Gentle Vectoring
    Slow Worm Birth
    Soft Blue Fizzphonica
    Sudanese Evolution Sweep
    Swinging Hoses
    The Little People
    Underwater Music Box
    Vaporware Tension
    Vectoring Granular Harmonic
    Virus Vectoring Pad
    Whispering Light
    Winds of Change
    Astral Phenomenon
    Aura Shimmer
    Battle of Mordor
    Blue Dragons
    Blue Encription
    Bubble Machine
    Bubbling Over
    Chanting Anklungs
    Complex Spinner
    Diffusion Shimmer
    Extra Dimensional
    Happy Panner
    Mercury Rising
    Natural Dimension
    Norwegian Clouds
    Orange Juicing
    PPG Chromapulse
    Sagans Journey
    Slo Mo Nautilus
    Swirling Formation
    Swirling Spheres
    Swirling Tamboura
    Twinkling Sea Tides
    Vectoring Oocals
    Vectoring Zzzzs

Noises/Ambient Noise
    Ghost in the Machine
    Gurgling Pipe Noise Bed
    Hi Garbage Noise
    Surfing on the Piano Strings
Noises/Human Vocal Noise
    A-0 Vocal Noise Sweep
    Blow By
    Breathing and Sweeping
    Eeee Vocal Noise Bed
    Ehh Vocal Noise Bed
    Hi Breather
    Human Pink Noise
    Human Sea Storm
    Human Turbines
    Human Wind Riser
    Ohh Vocal Noise Bed
    Overtone Breather Noise
    Reverse Breathing Loop
    Shallow Breathing
    Soft Pallete Sweep
    The One Man Crowd Noise
    Uhhh Vocal Noise Bed
Noises/Intense Noise
    Anguish Machine
    Drive By Booting
    Gurgling Grain Noise
    Magnesium Noise
Noises/Morphing Noise
    Eat Dust
    Epileptic Seizure
    Invisible Motion
    Morphing Matrix
    Sand Storm
    Sea Foam
    Solar Storm
    Unidentified Presence
Noises/Percussive Noise
    Foam Bombs
    Secondary Strike
    Strong Wind Strike
    Creaking Bones
    Disturbing News
    Ground Tracer
    Rumbler Tumbler
    Stealth Cockpit
Noises/Synth Noise
    Pink Noise
    Prophet Noise
    Swoosher Noise
    White Noise
    Atmospheric Wind
    Wind Riding


Pads/Airy Pads
    Air Glass
    Air Magic Carpet
    Airy Analog Pad
    Amber Waves of Grain
    Beauty and the Breath
    Big and Slow Air
    Big Hollow Ooh Pad
    Catching some Zzzzs
    Chiff Chuff
    Digital Silk Air
    Dolbyesque Rezpad
    Dynamic Fizzies
    Eighties Air Bag
    Fairlight Ankluvox
    Fifth Vox Sweeper
    Greenhouse Vox
    Human Fairlight
    Human JX Sweep Air
    Humming Pad
    Majestic Air Swell
    NoiZee Femalezz
    OohAah Morph
    Rosin Air Pad
    Steam Powered
    Steam Sines
    Steamy Vox
    The Last Travel
    Vocal Stack Pad
    Vocode Morph Choir
    VS Breath Vox
    Wall Street Streams
    Warmmm Air
    Weightless Wisps
    Wheezing Fairlight
    Whistling in the Light
Pads/Bright Pads
    1979 Vintage Jupiter
    Big Prog Chiffer
    Big Rip
    Bright and Beautiful
    Bright Blue Power
    Classic Prophet VS
    Lucious Unfolding
    Magnificent 80s Bright Pad
    Power PWM Waves
    The Golden Age of Analog
    Transparent Analog
    Virus Prog
Pads/Euro Pads
    ARPs Golden Years
    Bitchin Solina
    Blue Solina
    Electro Chamber
    Electrovox Strings
    Euro Bright Sweep
    Eurotek String Machine
    Huge String Machine
    King Quadra
    Magnetic String Resonance
    Numan String Machine
    Numan String Stack
    Omni Res
    Paris Rain
    Phase Vocoder Choir
    Sex and Violins
    Super Euro
    Super Omni II
    Techno Violins
    Tonys Banks
    Ultra Paraphonic
    Vector Vox
    Vector VP-220
    Vector VP-330
    Violet Pad
    Vocoder Choir
    Vocoder Choir HP Sweep
    Voice Box
    Warm 70s String Box
    Warm Omni
Pads/Flutey Pads
    Aqua Flute Pad
    Breathing Glass Flutes
    Cherry Blossoms
    Chiffing Chaff
    Desert Flutes
    Flutey Analog Pad
    Human Flutes
    Ice Flutes
    Low and Ancient Flutes
    Lyles Feather
    Non-Linear Arithmetic
    Overblown Flute Pad
    Pitchy Pipes Pad
    Winded Flutes
Pads/Glassy Pads
    Arctic Glass
    Bending Glass
    Glass Embryo
    Glass Harmonica
    Glass Org
    Glass PPG
    Glistening Phase
    Green Glass Harmonica
    Green Glass Org Morph
    Morning in Dublin
    PPG Warm Glass Pad
    Pure Glass
    Saint Bender
    Shining Pools
    Soft Glass Harmonica
    Sparkling Aurora
    Stained Glass Church
    Swirling Prophet
    The Gates of Heaven
    Thick Glass Org
    VS Edge Pad
    VS Milky Way
    Warm Glass
    Wave Swells
    Wavetable Build
    Wavetable Rotor
    Wine Whistles
Pads/Hollow and Pure
    A Hollow Longing
    Afterthought Sines
    Ambient Humwhistle Pad
    Beating Sines
    Bell Signs
    Bending Glass
    Glorious Hollow
    Hearth and Home
    Hollow Discovery
    Hollow Expanse
    Hollow Hammamatsu
    Hollow Jupiters
    Hollow Man
    Hollow Reed Brass
    Hollow Vibrasines
    Hollowed Be Thine
    Ice Caves 1
    Ice Caves 2
    JP-8 Hollow Chorus
    JX-10 Hollow Soundtrack
    Lonely Road
    Lost Insect Evolution
    Lost Love
    Love Signs and Triangles
    Mystery Theater
    Organbell Sines
    Resonant Reeds
    Sacred Bowls
    Sad Hollow VS
    Serene Sines
    Shimmering Octosquares
    Spooky Leads
    The Lost Wave
    Tribute to Lyle
    Vapor Signs
    VS Square Table Pad
    VS Warm Bellkeyz
Pads/Warm and Soft
    Dark Europa
    Dark Fast Super JX
    Dark Glass Organ
    Deep Blue Clouds
    Freezing Warm
    Gauze Cloud Strings
    Growing Warmer JX -10
    Human French Horns
    JP-8 Soft n Lucious Strings
    Jupiter and JX Warm Pad
    Jupiter Prophet Marriage
    JX and JP Soft Clicker
    JX-10 Dark Pad
    JX-10 Octave Soundtrack
    Nice Bedding
    Ponderosa Prophet
    PPG Triumph Pad
    Prophet Ten Pad
    Simple Jupiter 8 Pad
    Simply mellow
    Slow motion
    Straight Ahead
    Subtly Smooth
    Thick Forest Movement
    Thick Green Modeling
    Ultra Pulse Pad
    Virus Soft Notch Pad
    Warm and Blue
    Warm and Scratchy
    Warm Blankets
    Warm Clarity
    Warm Glue
    Warm String Machine
    Whole Wide World
    Wide Prophets Notched


Solo/Radical Leads
    Breaking Up in Reno
    Clubbing to Pieces Lead
    CS Talker Lead
    Deep Vision Lead
    Disintegrating Crystals
    Elastic Waistband
    EuroTrance Lead
    Falling off the Wagon
    Fizz Mother
    Futuronica Lead
    Magical Lead
    Orbitalizer lead
    Overcoded Sweep Lead
    OZ Lead
    Rainbow Dawn Lead
    Rigid Frigid
    Rough Device
    Rough Going Lead
    Scratchy Lead
    Shredding Window Panes
    Sore Throat
    Spherical Lead
    Spirits of the Trees
    Telephonic Lead
    Throat Split Wide
    Ultralord Lead
    Wailing Plunker
    Wicked Graintable Lead
    Zargon Lead
Solo/Vintage Leads
    70s Solo Synth
    Capes and Knives
    Classic Moog Lead
    Complex Worm Lead
    Groovy Resomoog
    GX-1 Lead
    GX-1 Sweepoid
    JP Squares Solo
    JP-8 Unison 5ths Lead
    Lucky Lyles Lead
    Lyles Two Voice
    Modular Juice
    Moogie Lead
    Portahorn lead
    Progresso Lead
    RnB Triangle Lead
    Sine Fifth Lead
    Super Cheesy Synth Organ
    Theremins Journey
    Unison Wheezy Lead
    Unisonic Lead
    Vintage Moog Lead
    Yogamatic Lead


Strings/Acoustic Hybrid Strings
    Adagio Expressivo
    Ambient Soft Tron
    Cathedral String Orchestra
    Clusterphonic Strings
    Dark and Moody String Orchestra
    Dream Tron
    Dreamy String Orchestra
    EQ Tron
    Fast Legato String Section
    Fat Triumph Strings
    Filtered String Orchestra
    Hollywood Studio String Section
    Hybrid Warm String Section
    Jupiter plus Real Strings
    Lush Ambient String Orchestra
    Lush Green Hybrid Strings
    Massive Hybrid Strings
    Sense of Reverance
    Slow Motion Tron
    Strings on Air
    Washing in the Warmth
Strings/Analog Strings
    Analog Bright Violins
    Big Green Strings
    Black and Blue Strings
    Blue PWM Strings
    Blue Triumph Pad
    Chromachord Strings
    CS-80 Marcato Strings
    CS-80 Octave String Swell
    CS-80 Strings
    CS-80 Vibralush
    Espresso CS String Stack
    Greek Celli
    JP-8 Detuned PWM Strings
    JP-8 PWM Strings Chorus
    JP-8 Sawtooth Strings
    JP-8 String Machine
    JX-10 Bright Strings
    Luscious and Warm
    Lush Pulse Strings
    Magnetic Chamber Strings
    Modern Vintage Strings
    Phat Stringz
    Prophet VS Strings
    Pure VCO Strings
    Slow Rush PWM
    Symphonic Analog Strings
    Symphonic PWM
    The Greek Master
    Thick Green Pad
    Thick Green Virus
    Violin Synth Sheen
Strings/Trilling Tricks
    Granular Violin Trills
    Trilling 4 GuyZZ
    Trilling Strings
    Trilling Tron

Sweeping/Filter Sweeps
    Appearance Sweep
    Blue Fizz Sweep
    Cascading Filters
    Classic Jupiter Resosweep
    Cloud Burst Resonance Sweep
    Constant Sweepers
    CS-80 Morphing Filters
    CS-80 Sweeper Crosspan
    CS-80 Talk Filter Ekopad
    Flitter Twitter
    Formant Vox Sweeping
    Hipass Vortex
    HP Techno Fizzweeper
    HPF Disappearing Sweep
    Intense Sweep Organ
    Juno 5th Sweeps
    Jupiter 6 HPF Sweep
    JX-10 Big Reso Sweep
    Panscan Sweep
    Power Rave Sweep
    Simple Noizy Sweep
    Sizzling Release
    Super Euro Sweep
    Supple Sweeps
    Sweeet Sweeep
    Sweep Juice
    Trancey Sweep
    Vocal Sweep
    World Soul Sweep
Sweeping/Phase and Flange
    Animated Cream
    Cascade Flanger
    Chink in the Armour
    CS-80 Flange Ensemble
    CS-80 Flanged PWM
    Europeans Jet Flanger
    Fat Air Pad Flanger
    Flangey Analog Swell
    Graintable Stereo Comber
    Graintable Swirl Comber
    Lush Phaser Stack Pad
    Panner Flange
    Phase Glasswell
    Phase Stacker Flange
    Poly Flanger
    Rich Flanger Pad
    Sizzling Flanger
    Step Motion
    Traveling Flange
    Winded Sweeps

    Apocolyptic Bass
    Beefer Bass
    Berry Rubbery Bass
    Big Little Blip Bass
    Boxy Moog
    CS-80 PWM Res Bass
    CS-80 Sine Bass
    Deep FM Stereo Bass
    Diving Piano Bass
    Earth Drone Bass
    Green Taurus Bass
    Growler Moog Bass
    JP8 PWM Bass
    Jupiter Octoblaster
    Kriminal Bass
    Mergatroid Bass
    Moog Pulse Bass
    Nice Moog Bass
    Not So Rough Bass
    Notch Bass
    Owie Zowie Bass
    Plutonium Bass
    Sharp Jupiter Bass
    Sharpy Seq Bass
    Sine Moog Bass
    Skippys Big Bad Bass
    Smooth Moog Bass
    Snip Snapper Bass
    Stateside Bass
    Super Moog Bass
    Trancey Bass
    Vinyl Click Bass

    Analog Authority
    Analog Pizz
    Attack Carpet
    Bite and Pluck
    Blade Runner CS-80
    Blue Vortex
    Clear as Day
    CS Bendz
    CS Octave PWM Plucks
    CS-80 Clavisynth
    CS-80 Quirky Filters
    Eighties Oberheim Pluck
    Eighties Reso Stack
    Fat Fizz Face
    Funky Clickmatic
    JP Dolby Wobbles
    JP-8 Sawtoothy Octavo
    JP-8 Sharp Bright Saws
    Jupiter 8 Gliders
    Jupiter Plectra PWM
    Jupiters Past and Present
    JX-10 Saw Arps
    Los Gordos Americanos
    Lovely Arps
    Mean Business
    Memorymoog Virus
    Muscle Synth
    Obese Germans
    Ol School Freak Fest
    Percussion Squares
    Polyphonic Minimoog
    Scrittis Super Jupiter
    Shimmering Koto Synth
    Stuck in the Eighties
    Super JX Octaver
    Talking CS-80
    Ultrasick Poly stack
    Victorious Arps
    Virus JP Poly1
    Virus JP Poly2
    Virus Poly plucked
    Wet Diapers
    Wide Poly Pluck
    Analog Brass Vortex
    Bad Ass Brass
    Chroma Brass
    CS-80 Octave Mourning
    Eighties Scoop Brass
    Juicy Brass
    Jupiter 8 Brass
    Jupiter Horn Pad
    LA Air Brass
    Oberheimy Brass
    Polymoog Blatt
    Polymoog Dream Brass
    See Through Brass
    Triumph Horns
    UK Brasstrings
    Wide Load Brass
    Andys Bow Tie
    Electro Mechanical FM
    Fizzy Glass Grains
    Indian Circuits
    Magnetic VP
    Sitar Encased in Glass
    The Mighty VS
    Wavetable Plucker
    Wolfgang Swell
    World Soul Resonance
    5th Pluck ala Dave Stewart
    CS-80 Cross Panner 5ths
    CS-80 Fifth PWM
    Dream Frontiers
    Full Fifths
    Glass Bender Fifths
    Gleaming Glass
    Progressive PPG 5ths
    Prophet Warm Fifth
    Super 5ths
    The Main Chord
    Vectorized 5th Bells
    Vibrasines 4ths
    Vorganic Fifths
    Cathedral Pad
    Cathedral Spires
    Cathedral Wheel sweep
    Chorus Organ Pad
    Crystal Pipes
    Digi Church Pad
    Digital Pipes Pad
    Greenhouse Cathedral
    Human Steam Organ
    Old Creaker Organ
    RS-09 Chorus Organ
    Sacred Heart
    Soft Drawbar Pad
    Blinking in Berlin
    Club Ready
    CS-80 Seq Cycle
    CS-80 Tek Seq
    Early Ravers
    Epic Trance
    Fists of Fury
    Graintable Arps
    Graintable Seq
    Juno Trance X
    Juno Trance Y
    Juno TranSeq
    Jupiter Hoover
    Let GO of Me
    Love Parade
    Magic Sequencer
    Magnetic String Pluck
    No Shrinking Violet
    Seq ye Arp
    Super Casio Seq
    Techno Ricochet
    The Hook
    The Rise and Fall of Analog
    The Sinker
    Throaty Bass Box
    Time Ticks on
    Trance Chords
    Trance X
    TranZ Jupiter
    Ultrasick Blip
    Urgent Synergy
    Vivid Vibrato
    Wanky Euros
    Wobble Seq
    X-Men Attack
    Xtra Organ Perc
    Zap Glass
    A Major Grammophone
    Dark Blossom
    My Old Soul
    Romeo and Juliet
    Romeo Leslie
    Satellite Circus
    Satellite Orbit
    Somber Soul
    Static Rainbow
    Vinyl Frontier
    Vinyl Heroes
    Vinyl Summation

Wave Utility/Basic Waveforms
Wave Utility/Clicks
    Clicks Various
    Urei Click
Wave Utility/Noise Generator
    Pink Noise
    White Noise
Wave Utility/Test Tones 0db -LOUD
    100 Hz Test Tone 0db
    1000 Hz Test Tone 0db
    10000 Hz Test Tone 0db
    20-20khz Sweep 0db
    Pink Noise 0db
Wave Utility/Tuning Tones
    Tuning Tone A 440 Hz
    Tuning Tone A 442 Hz
    Two Pop Sync Tone

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Atmoshere is a discontinued product and gave birth to Omnisphere which has been developed totally in house at Spectrasonics.

Omnisphere - Power Synth
Atmosphere - CC# List
Atmosphere - Patch List