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Keyscape Creative Library
Keyscape Creative Library
The “Keyscape Creative” library is a cutting-edge collection of over 1200 Omnisphere patches specially designed for users who also have Keyscape. The vast new library was produced by Eric Persing, and features a tremendous variety of patches created by our amazing Sound Development team, showcasing the power of combining Keyscape and Omnisphere 2.

Keyscape’s richly detailed keyboard sounds have been dramatically transformed using Omnisphere 2’s deep synthesis capabilities. The new patches offer an extremely wide variety of incredible sounds for modern music producers and are available now as a FREE update. Users can simply update both products to get the new patches, which then appear in Omnisphere 2’s patch browser as a new directory.

(1268 Patches)

- 266 Patches

Abracadabra Crescendo
Absolute Concentration
Absurd Neon
Abusive Attack
Acid Pianet
African Retrospective
Air Bells Descend
Airflow in Zero Gravity
Aluminum Dreamer
Analog Echo Droplets
Analog Thoughts
Ankara Dreamer
Arpeggiated Flute Impressions
Atari Tennis
Autotack Chord Strummer
Bad Boy with Matches
Baldwin Snappy Plucker
Be Careful
Beating the Enemy
Becoming Victorious
Bells of Montreal
Bells of Vancouver
Black Bell Down
Black Ops Noise
Black Ops Tone
Black Venom
Boiling Veins
Breathing Life into it
Breathless Running
Bubbles in the Upright
Budapest Station Seq
Building Consipracy
Building Momentum
Building the Future
Burning Rage
Bursts of Animosity
Canadian Pulse 1
Canadian Pulse 2
Cascading Reeds
Childhood Dreams
Childhood Memories
Classic Aerotrails
Clocking the Waterbaby
Codename Foxtrot Tango
Computer Music Center
Constellation Vision
Continual Tension 1
Continual Tension 2
Corrido Banda
Cresting Moons
Cruel Intensions
Crunchy Pluckers
Cryogen Lab
Cuban Afro-Jam
Cyber Burping
Da Clapper
Dark Cadence Bumper
Dark Times
Deep Membrane Pulse
Deep Web Dive
Deeply Disturbed
Delusional Mechanics
Destroying your Toys Seq
Diffuse Pluck Array
Disturbing Thoughts 1
Disturbing Thoughts 2
Don't Stress It 1 Bit
Don't Stress It 2 Much
Dulcitone Chord Strummer alt
Dulcitone Chord Strummer
Dulcitone Riverbed
Dusty Analog Flapper
East German War Drums
Echoplex Piano Mallets
Electro Mean Bass
Electro Thrush
Electron Microscope 1
Electron Microscope 2
Elephant Stroll
Enchanted Eighties Seq
Enigmatic Meeting 1
Enigmatic Meeting 2
Fever Dancers
Firefly Pulse Pad
Fizz Clipper
Floating Sensations
Floating Somewhere in Sweden
Flux Driver
Follow Me to the Gate
Fragile Tears 1
Fragile Tears 2
Furious Hammer Time
Future Fizz
Futurebass Wobbler
Futurism Guru
Gamelanesque Shuffle
Germanic Storefronts
Ghostly Dinner Bell
Glass Playground Windup
Glass Typist Gate Pad
Goa Plucking Seq
Going in Circles
Golden Years Return
Grandpa's Clock
Halloween Seq
Hamster Wheel
Harmologue Arp
Harmologue Revival
Harmoswapping Seq
Hawkins Electric Sequence
Hill People Displacement
Holding Cells
Hyperactive Marimba
Incandescent Light
Innersanctum 1
Innersanctum 2
Instamatik Tune
Ivory Tower
Jack in the Seq
Jam Street Session
Jangling Uprights
Judgement Call
Kendrick Shock 1
Kendrick Shock 2
Keystoned Rev Pulse
Keystoned Triple
Kick Back
Looking for Answers
Lumier Bros
Machine Cycle
Malfunctioning Robot Boy
Maniacal Baroque Seq
Massive Rage
Mechanical Bulerias
Mechanical Wavedrum
Meditation Dance
Melodies from Venus
Minimal Techno Pumper
MKS-20 E.Piano Pulsepad
Moments of Seclusion
Morricone Road Trip 1
Morricone Road Trip 2
Multitap Echo Plucker
My Bologna
Mysterioso Vibes Seq
Narco Panic Attack
Narco Trash Loop
Neon Zimbabwe
Nitro Drive
Nitro Metal
No Country for Old Dudes
No Country for Old Westerns
Noto Glitching 1
Noto Glitching 2
Olden Bells
One Dance Pony
One Finger Honky-Tonk
Optimus Bass
Outlaw Chronicles 1
Outlaw Chronicles 2
Overdriven Lamentations
Owner of a Lonely Patch
Palette Cleanser
Pandeiro Ritmo
Patiently Waiting
Philly Stampede
Pianet Expedition Arp
Pistons of Bass
Pluck Up The Dance Seq
Plunky Reedsong Seq
Progression Fade
Pulsar Piano
Pulsing Rhodes EP
Pump Up My Pipes
Purple Elixir
Raindancer Seq
Raising The Fifth
Ratchet Lazer Attack
Relative Truth
Retropluck Space Piano
Rhythm Keytarist 1
Rhythm Keytarist 2
Rising Anxieties
Rising Energies
Rocking Acid Seq
Rooftop Pursuit
Rotating the Pins
Run Scream Run Mad
Run Scream Run Mental
Run Scream Run Psycho
Running All Night Seq
Rustic Optigan Waltz 1
Rustic Optigan Waltz 2
Sad Rave Piano Chords
Scorpion Shuffle
Secret Agent Clique
Secret Agent Sweeps
Sense of Awareness
Sense of Serenity
Seq for Elle 1
Seq for Elle 2
Shaker Breaker
Shale Drill
Shifted Upright Eighths
Shimmering Discovery Seq
Sinuous Grind Wobble
Six-Four C-Droner
Slo Mo Timestamper
Spaceland Seq
Spasmodic Kicking
Splasher Delta Pulse
Squeeze and Bass Seq
Stacked Detroit Seq
Stacked Detroit Stabs
Stalking Synth Ostinato
Starz Monster 1978
Starz Monster 1979
Starz Monster Deeper
Step Sequencer Pluck Bass
Stevie's Noise Groove
Stone Cold Clean Keys
Suspicion Seq
Swamp Trash Wobble
Tackychord Arp
Tapping the Codebook 1
Tapping the Codebook 2
Tense Calm
Tension Broken
Terrifying Footsteps Seq
Thangz R Strange
The Stranger Triangles
The Surge
Ticker Tape Ants
Ticker Tape Synthi
Ticking Time Tones Seq
Tin Bass Bolero Seq
Tine Probe
Touch Curious Seq
Trance in Athena Seq
Triad Powered Arp
Trip Hopper EP Seq
Tropical Chase Seq
Unicorn Ride Arp
Uninterrupted Factory
Upbeat Beatbox
Vallenato Seq
Vintage Arcade Days
Waiting for Kullin
Warm PhaseBass Seq
Welt Abenteuer
When Dudley Does Right Seq
Where the Synth Has No Name
Wings of Energy
Working out the Glitches
Zube Zapper

- 64 Patches

Aluminum Utopia
Arcadian Choir Chimes
Ask Not Reversal Bells
Back To The Future Gliss
Balcony Bells
Black Bell Fifths
Briton Bells
Cathedral Bellscape
Childhood Bells
Chilton Bell
Chime Reaper
Chimeatron Gong
Chipped Saucerbells
Chocolate and Toboggans
Christmas Breeze Bells
Daiquiri Music Box
Diving Air Bells
Don't Stress It DigiBells
Dragonfly Sonarbell
Dulcitone River
Echobell Decays
Echoplex Vibes
Elderly Bells
Faraway Lagoon Bells
Finger Vibes
Floating Celeste
Fragile Belltone 1
Fragile Belltone 2
Future House Vibes
Gliss Celeste
Glistening Glock Box
Glock Tank
Glocking Around
Grandma's Clock
Gravitational Disbursement
Gravitational Fester
Halloween Glock
Haunted Belltones
Ice Cream Truck Bells
Indie Harmonic Vibes
Little Dust Bells
Micro Prime Bells
Mist of the Ringing Hollows
Murky Waters
Mysterioso Vibes
Octave Vibraharp
Overlooked Vibes Muted
Overlooked Vibes Noisy
Pagodal Transcendence
Prismatic Reflections
Saintly Bells
Saucy Vibes
Short Airy Bells
Sweet Dreams 1
Sweet Dreams 2
Synthy Chimes
Tibetan Chimes
Unfound Neverland
Warmed Up Tankbells
Wavey Chimes
Winter Memories

- 34 Patches

Backlash Edge
Bassy Stink Waves
Bent String Flashback
Burning Evil
Cooked Goose
Death Stare Stab
Doomsday Braam
Driving the Bah-sett
Druid War Horn
Dulcarimba Overdrive
Flux Overdrive
Fully Interrupted Hit
Hellbeast Squeal
Lying in Wait
Nitro Overdrive
Patient Feedbacker
Pounding the Static
Raving Harold
Shot Down Behind Enemy Lines
Sword of Riki-Oh
Tear at the Seams
Thin Angry Axe
Tine Titration
Tormented Piano 1
Tormented Piano 2
Toxicated Key
Trashy Hammer Ons
Trembling Growler
Trolls Under the Bridge
Upright Floyd Leslie
Upright Floyd

- 36 Patches

Bendy TomTom
Breathe Sidechain Kick
Bubble Bath
Codebook Kick
Crunch Steps
East German Syn Drums
Glitchy China
Head Ringing Haymaker
Kick Back Hit
Kick the Keytar!
Oilcan Sides
One Kick Pony
Pandeiro Perc
Pandeiro Shake
Philly Stampede Hit
Pocket Beat
Prime Electro
Rusty Blast Ray
Scorpion Strike
Secret Agent Dynaslap
Secret Agent Ekoclick
Shake 'n Bake Hit
Shaker Beater
Smashen ze Facen
Squishy Stomp
Stevie's Ricochet Noise
Stompmatic Kick
Suitcase Toms
Thumping the Codebook
Ticker Tape Tap
Upbeat Box
VV Kicker
Working out the Glitchy Hits

- 31 Patches

Alarming Times
Aquaphone Calling
Ayers Rock
Bubble Baths
Busted Telemetron
Churning Decision
Clockworks on the Fritz
Confused Moth
Confused Tines
Elliptical Orbits
Eternal Time Stretcher
Extreme Interference
Glass Particles
Granular Ball Bearings
Jack's Gone Krazee
Manhattan Shards
Mind Games
Pickup Grains 1
Pickup Grains 2
Robot Revolt
Robotic Windchimes
Scurrying Around
Stellar Static
Surging Glitchy Emotions
Tine Interference
Unbroken Tensor
Winged Ensemble
Zero One Drones

- 38 Patches

Arcophonic Tinebass
Athena Pluck
Bayou Banjo
Bollywood Keys Antique
Budapest Echoes
Cigar Box
Echoes of Istanbul
Festival Pans
Gamelan Caverns
Gamelan Tap Ensemble
Giddyup Dolceola
Hammered Dolceola
Heart and Soul
Himalayan Gong
In the Marketplace
Indie Boobams
Low Mallets
Luten Wood
Meditation Reeds
Navel Contemplation
Numbers Game
Opium Harp w Vapors
Pianet Expedition
Pulsing Caverns
Recalling Africa
Segoveola + Legato
Shabu Shabu Strum
Snappy Sazochord
Taiko Taiko
Tres Cordas ff
Tropical Pursuit
Village Victory
Wavedrum Perc
West Afrique

- 32 Patches

An Honest Heart
Armadillo Mandolin
Ballad Guitar Stack
Baritone Elegy
Christmas in Cadiz
Christmas in Grenada
Crying Rhodes Lead 1
Crying Rhodes Lead 2
Dark Desert Guitar
Dark Web
Heavenly Guitar Tones
Lead GTR Tonez
Lesliefied Strat
Mongo Octo
Morricone Expedition
Morricone Prowl
Nashville Memories
Nylon MKS
Owner of a Lonely GTR
Social Outcast
Twelve String Vibanet
Twin Piques Stack
Vibagrains Amped
Warm Piezo Glock
Wes and Cal
What Would Pat Do + Legato
What Would Pat Do
Where the Strat Has No Shame 1
Where the Strat Has No Shame 2
Woodstock Wah
Young Love

- 46 Patches

Android Thoughts
Assault Bass Pluck
At the Ivory Gates
Bad Boy Hit
Bad Nature
Be Careful Hit
Blood Moon 1
Blood Moon 2
Blood Moon 3
Boomy Anvil Strike
Breathless Alarm
Breathy Boomer
Cryogenic Hit
Deep Membrane Hit
Depthcharge Dive
Detroit Stacked Hit
Detroit Stacked Smack
Doom Thump
Fallen Olympus
Furious Hammer Hit
Hammer and Sickle
Instamatik Stab
Interspatial Rainstick
Jumpdrive Exhuast Port
Mechanical Rattle Hit
Metal Plates in My Head
Narco Attack
Narco Hysteria
No Country for Old Guys
Out of the Mouths of Babes
Psychotic Burst 1
Psychotic Burst 2
Sad Rave Piano Stab
Silo Punch
Sticks and Stones
Storm Cellar
Subterranean Signals
Terrifying Feet
Terrifying Stomp
Terror Rave Piano Stab
Troubling Thoughts 1
Troubling Thoughts 2
X-Ray Hit
Zube Hitter

- 151 Patches

Absorbing Piano Taps
Atmospheric Keys 1
Atmospheric Keys 2
Bed of Wings
Blade Runner Reeds
Bubbly Upright
Calming Influence Keys
Celestratone Wide
Champagne EPiano
Childhood Chimes
Cinema Tender Felt Piano
Cinematic Butterfly
Clarity Score Keys
Clavinet Stack 1
Clavinet Stack 2
Clavophone Octavia
Clustering Piano
Copper Water EPiano
Cosmic Pianet
Cowgirl's Dreamy Upright
Cowgirl's Reverie
Dark Felt Piano
Dark Grains Piano
Distant Traveler
Drifting Keys 1
Drifting Keys 2
Drops of Tines 1
Drops of Tines 2
Dual Univibe 140B Vinyl
Duet on Tape Keys
Dulcitone Sugar
Dynamic Fifth Keys
Dynamic Overdriven Piano
Earthshimmer Upright
Eighties Bliss 3P Wurli
Eighties Rack
El Paso Squeeze
Electravibe Dolceola
Electric Dance Piano
Electric Harpsi Because
Electric Mallets
Emerge Victorious 1
Emerge Victorious 2
Epiphany Piano
Faded Crystal Rhodes
Fairy Dust Piano
Far East Wide Keys
FM Dayz
Follow the Gated Key
For Lux No. 2
Forgotten Facets
Frozen Stone Keys
Galactic Love Piano
Gated Dolceola
Gated Noto Reduction 1
Gated Noto Reduction 2
Glimpses of Eternity
Grand Toy Grain Shimmer
Grandiose Microtines
Hacky Sack
Hollow Drive Tines
Hopeful Oblivion
Hyper Close Rhodes
Hyper-Mechanic Keys
Ice Piano
Imperial Upright
Introvert Piano
Ivory Tower Taps
Jangling Upright Keys
Keys of Serenity
Keytarwah 1
Keytarwah 2
Lite and Breezy Keys
Little Piano Vox
Looking for a Solution
Low Electro Mini Piano
Mad Baroque
Mantle Syn Clav
Marimbula Tines
Mechanical Welt EPiano
Megaphone Piano
Mellow Dulcitron
Mellow PortaTines
Mini Dulcipiano
MKS-20 E.Piano Pad
MKS-20 E.Piano Softpad
Moody Dulcitone
Nasal Upright
No Country for Old Cowboys
Octo-Piano Thoughts
Optimistic Keys
Overdrive Clickeyz
Overdriven Weltmeister
Palette Cleanser Keys
Petit Piano In a Box
Pianet Drift
Piano Harmonium
Piano String Classic
Pillowy Pad Piano
Plasticine Piano
Plateau Plectrum
Playing for Kullin
Pocket Stackkato
Prepared Student
Processed Piano Swell
Pulsar Tines
Rattler Piano Saloon Ghosts
Rattler Piano Saloon Vox
Rattler Piano
Retro Vinyl Rhodes
Retroized Classics
Reverse the Mellow Rhodes
Rhodes String Classic
Scary Clown Psychosis
Scrap Toy Keys
Seems Safe Enough
Shifted Upright Keys
Shimmering Vapor Piano
Silvery Celeste
So Close Yet So Far
Softly Tragic
Song of Tack and Steel
Soothing Tines
Spinner Piano
Struck Rhodes
Surfing Days Upright
Tambo Piano
Tapped Wurly Reeds
Time Forgotten
Tine M'Bira
Tropical Hybrid Keys
Twelve String Tack Grand
TX in a Tux
Underwater Keys
Unsettled Tranquility
Upright Emotions
Upright Reverse Pulse
Upright Tape Dirt
Vibe Rite
Vintage Upright Pad
Westminster Custom
When Dudley Does Wrong
Wurli 5-PIN Mod to CS80 Pure
Wurli 5-PIN Mod to CS80 Rich
Wurli Chip
Wurli Ukulele
Wurli Waveshaper

- 31 Patches

An Abysmal Failure
Approaching Nanobots
Burning Basset
Calibrating the Tension
Caverns of the Deep
Cougar Wind
Creepy Creakers
Cue the Elevator Sigourney
Deep Void
Distant Hydrometer
Disturbance in the Dark
Disturbance in the Force
Energy Field Disruption
Evaporating Antimatter
Fissures in the Wall
Mechanical Forest
Mechanical Rain
Moaning in the Void
Rainy Daze
Restless Vinyl
Scraping the Surface
Scratching in my Walls
Spaghetti Crackles
Spawning Pools
Spelunking Expedition
Stowaway in the Boat
The Abandoned Cavern
Traversing the Tunnel
Underground Waterway

- 27 Patches

At the Roller Rink
Bright Harmonium Swell
Cathedral Church Organ 1
Cathedral Church Organ 2
Continental Winds
Dodger Dogs
Gospel Keys 1
Gospel Keys 2
Grasshopper Organ
Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round
Ham On Perk
Harmo Circus
Hymn Machine Espressivo
Hymn Machine
Keylord Cantina Organ
Mad Medieval Organ
Mellow Harmonium Wheel
Mourning the Accordion King
New Years Cheese
Ninety-six Tears Bass
Philly Cheese Steak
Rustic Mechanical Calliope
Shore Boys Leslie
Springloaded Sparkle Pony
Street Calliope
Woodstock Rocks

- 39 Patches

Ambrosia Cascade
Analog Celestapad
Atlantean Key Choir
Blue Line Bed
Bowed Clavpad
Breathe Life Into Me
Canadian Pad
Celestial Choirboys
Cloudy Dayz
Corazon Pad
Crystal Swellsheen
Detective Swell Pad
Eighties Lifter Pad
Fireflies in a Jar
Glass Typist Pad
Glowing Ember Pad
Grains of Castigo
Harmochord Canyon
Hollow Innocence
Indie Spirit Pad
Jupiter Reeds
Lamenting Vibrapiano
Martin's Sheen
Melancholy Baby Glider
Metal Rain Trem Pad
Nemos Sweeps
Overdriven Motion Pad
Pathos Bell Pad
Pensive Pad
Reverse Piano Strings
Splasher Fizz Mod Pad
Stretching Time + Space
Swingle Celestapad
Warm Diffractor
Waters Of The Nile

- 44 Patches

Acroamatic Depth
Arctic Magnetisivism
Autotack Pluck
Autumn Walk
Awareness Comes Knocking
Broken Hamster Wheel
Celesta Marimba
Celesta Temple Blocks
Celesta Xylophone
Click Whistle Space
Collapsing Mechanics
Cuban Bottled Perc
Cut Through the Beads
Dark Melodies
Deep Pipeline
Deep Tubes
Doll-Sized Ensemble Percussion
Fijian Cove
Glass Playground
Hanging Dulcet Loom
Jam Street Hits
Keystoned XL
Mechanical Bulerias Perc
Metal Fingers
Muted Malletceleste
Paint Me In a Corner
Paint Me In a Murky Lake
Percussive Reliquary
Philip Glass Harmonica
Playing with Glass
Rattling Woodblocks
Resonant Arcanium Taps
Rooftop Pursuit Bass
Slapped Pottery
Sticky Metal Taps
Swishatron Shineyharp
Tapping Into the Vortex
Temple Bass
Tin Man's Toys
Tines in the Hang
Trash Alley Lullaby
Vibraharp Zim'bira
Watery Mechanics

- 53 Patches

Arctic Sonar
Atari Pong
Black Ops Deepness
Black Ops Dust
Bubbly Old Vibes
Bygone Era
Classic Spacetrails
Clicky Neon Synth
Computer Music Lab
Concentration Tines
Creaky Sonar
Delusional Mechanic Lead
Destroying Your Room
Diversity 300 Pad
Drunk Beneath Borealis
Electro Ricochet
Electron Garden
Electronium Resonance
Enchanted Eighties
Flyaway Tweety
Future Polyfizz
Golden Years Retropluck
Harmologue Revival Pluck
Hiss of a Distant Memory
Insecticider Melancholy
Jack in the Keys
Joy of Gaming
Judgement Response
Laughing Trombones
Light Vibratonics
Madame Tusseau
Melting in Memoriam
Metonic Pulses
Metonic Signlas
Modern Retrovibe
Noisy Tuning Forks
Old Winter Keys
Plucking Pointdexter
Polynesian Town
Retroplex Pluck Piano
Soothing Citronelle
Spectral Afterthought
Spectral Vibrations Reversed
Square Fizz Reducer
Stranger Plucks
Tactile Resistors
Tactile Trumpet
Touched by Curiosity
Trip Hopper Chord
Withering of Warmth

- 25 Patches

Analog Memorial Ensemble
Baldwin String Machine
Big Time Solina
Big Time Tremolo
CP Meets VP
Creamy Stereo Ensemble 2
Creamy Stereo Ensemble
Early '70s Dream Sequence
Innerwarmth Solina
Logan's Upright 1
Logan's Upright 2
Manhattan Deceptions
Reed Machine
Retro Reversing Solina
Rising Reverse Ensemble
Salinas Strings
Scraping Away The Scrunge
Seventies Flashback
Solemn Synth Strings
Somber Solina Reverse
Something Blue
Warm Omni E.Grand
Wing String Machine 1
Wing String Machine 2

- 41 Patches

Anti-Sequencer Bass
Black Venom Bass
Chameleon Vibe Bass
Constipated Muffler
Cyber Belch
Dark Cadence Bass
Deep Starz Field
Dolce Connectiva
Dump Bass
Electro Tough Bass
Exterminator Dragon Kick
Exterminator Kick
Future Bass Clang
Futurebass Deepness
Gong Fretless Bass
Good Day to You Sir
Grungy Howler Bass
Hard Candy Bass
Harold Bass Funk
Hawkins Electric Synth
Magnanimous Bass
Neuro Bass Stab 1
Neuro Bass Stab 2
Nightwatch Bass
Pistons Rod Bass
Planet of Bass
Ragga Jungle Bomb Bass
Reedy Acid
Rockabilly Rhodes Bass
Running Until Dawn
Sinuous Grind Bass
Something Gritty This Way Comes
Spin Me Round
Squershed Bass
Stalked by Bass
Swamp Trash Bass
Tacky Jupiter
Thumpier 808
Vallenato Seq Bass
Vintage Arcade Bass
Warm PhaseBass

- 36 Patches

Burning Disease
Celestial Modes
Club Viba
Dive Bar Synth Lead
Fading Chord
Fiddler's Touch Long
Fiddler's Touch Short
Funky Dulcelead
I'm Not Mad At You
JD Solo Glider
Lazer Invasion
Little Screamer
Low Grit 360
Melodies from Space
Melodious Synthology Warm
Melting Stack Chord
Musical Saw
Nasty Shaky Resin alt
Nasty Shaky Resin
Nitro Attack
No More Cones
Old School Solosyn
Play Star Trek on Me
Punchy CP Leader
Re-Key-Ton Kicklead
Ripping off the Roof
Rocking Acid
Screamer Lead
Screaming Wire Lead
Space Plane Soloflight
Squeeze and Bass
The Insurgent
Thinline Lead
Under New MGMT
Weltmeister on Steroids

- 50 Patches

Airflow in Space
Analog Echo Pings
Analog Triad Pike
Ankara Echoes
Becoming the Champion
Bursts of Malice
Dark Pluck Sonar
Deutsche Storefronts
Drops of Purple Potion
Electron Macroscope
Electron Macrosync
Follow Me a Bit
Follow Me Computer
Gliding Cabana Pluck
Goa Pluck
Harmologue Pluck
Harmoswapping Pluck
Honey Drops
Hyperactive Marimba Pluck
Malletesque Blip
Moku Manu
Moku Ola
Moments of Solitude
Monophonic Filter Taps
Muted Balearic Decay
Muted Baleariset
Neon Zimbabwe Pluck
Ostdeutsche Marimba
Ostinatron Bleep
Overcompressed Pluck
Pianet Plucker
Plastic Plucker
Pluck Up The Dance
Plucky Baldwin
Plunky Reedsynth
Quirky Waterboy
Rising Concerns
Shale Probe
Snappy Square Pluck
Splasher Delta Pluck
Starz Pluck
Tactus Pluck
Tears in the Glitchy Rain
Thangz R Plucked
Ticker Tape Snap
Welt Abenteuer Pluckwerks

- 32 Patches

Abrasive Energy Blast
Analog Brandy
Analogue Unicorn Sparkle
Antiquated Digitalis
Big Sticky Shine Synth
Crystal Synthdrifter
Dinner Bells in Paradise
Dusty Analog Flipper
Electropop Strong
Flame in My Heart
Foreign Correspondent
Good For Future Chords
HPF Splash
Ion Afterglow
Life But Lucid
Mello2Massive Synth Piano
Melodious Synthology
OB-Wan Keynobi
Octaphonix Reeds
Prophet Chime
Reedy PWM
Return of Mr. Cole
Shiny Octave Saws
Splasher Hooks
Stabmatazz Synth
Stacatto Rave Sheen
Stellar Intra
Warm Intellection
Wiggling Analogy
Wings of Infusion

- 26 Patches

Air Chopper Startup Synth
Anchorage Sweep
Bubbling Sweeps
BugNOIZ Lead
Bulky and Sweepy
Cosmos Sweep
CP Swirling Skylark
Cybernetic Orchestra Tuning
Death of Nova
Encounter at 20 Fathoms
FM Disturbance
Glide and Sweep
Harmonious Movement
Krypton's Krystals
Leap of Faith
Oblivion Fall
Oblivion Rise
Overreacting BPF Sweep
Reedy Vibrasweep
Resonant Echoclav
Sunrise Sweeps
Sweep Evapocycles
Sweep Evaporation
Tackychord Keys
Vivi Sweeper

- 58 Patches

Absence of Life
Aligning Harmonic Resonances
Are We Underwater?
Astral Vinyl Pipes
Aurora Constellation
Backwards Vox Crescendo
Baritone Underscore
Belly of the Beast
Blade Slung
Blurred Reflections
Blurred Refractions
Blurred Vibrations 1
Blurred Vibrations 2
Boiling Blood
Building the Fate
Building the Moment
Celestial Tremolande
Chemolo Steel
Chimes of Kyoto
Circling the Tunnel
Dark Clouds Coming
Dark Days
Desolate Land 1
Desolate Land 2
Escape Pod
First Steps on Mars
Floating Noisebath
Frozen Piano Sustain
Glad to Be Alive
Gloomy Tinkles
Heavenly Whistlers
Hidden Dream
Holding Cell Cycles
Holding Cell Reverse
Inside the Bubble
Keystoned Swells
Lost in the Deep
Meteor Shower
No Silver Lining
Onset of Nightfall
Orbiting Satellite
Overdriven Pianograins
Pendulum Keys
Rainbow Valley
Reversal of the Tines
Reverse Canadian Bells
Rotating Rings
Scandal Mist Wheel
Silver Lining
Slow Progress
Stop Tweaking The Organ
Tape Flipping
Tremolo Wingrains
Undulating Rhodes
Unstable Voices
Whisper of Desolation

- 33 Patches

Blissful Sleep
Blue Bloomers
Calm Before the Storm 1
Calm Before the Storm 2
Cellophane Atmosphere
Clockwork Nightmare
Clouds and Visitors
Cluster Headache
Diabolical Bellows
Eerie Chime Smear
Emerging Thought
Equinox Drone
Erhu Slidee FX in D Drone
Erhu Space in D Drone
Erhu Worlds in D Drone
Gambang Drone in D
Guild Drone in Fm
Incandescent Spotlight
Kendrick Drone
Last Planet on the Tour
Man on Wire
Nautilus Immersion
Octaphonia 1
Octaphonia 2
Path to the Mountain
Santa's Demonic Toy Shop
Shared Dreaming
Sinister Slide
Swarm Of Damselflies
Thumb Drones in D
Unanswered Questions
Underwater Canyons
Washed Clean

- 54 Patches

Autoharp Major Strum
Autoharp Minor Strum
Autoharp Pentatonic Strum
Banjoto Gliss Down
Bassett Hounds
Convenient Truth
Creeping Silver Bees
Cymbal Dimensions
Cymbalscape Scrape
Deeply Troubled
Digital Diminished Diver
Dream Sequence Acension
Edgy Riser
Energy Builder
Epic Harmoscrape Riser
Fairy Dust Sprinkle - Major
Fairy Dust Sprinkle - Whole Tone
Grain Finale 1
Grain Finale 2
Hands Up for the Drop
Hard Boing
Harry's Surveillance
Houdini's Seance
Howard Hughes
Inner Limits
Italian Sweeper
Ivory Coast
Ivory Wind
Journey to Jupiter
Kaleidoscope Eyes
Keystoned Turmoil
Malfunctioning Robot Kid
Neutron Bomb Alarm
Old Timey Gyrocopter Takeoff
Once Upon a Time
Pickup Grainstorm
Reverse Foxtrot Tango
Rise From the Ashes
Robotic Nosedive
Saucer Bell Tree
Shields Down
Showtime Riser
Sneaking Slide Hit
Spontaneous Combustion
String Theory
Talking Dog
The Ascending Descent
Theatrical Riser
Tiney Saucer
Tingly Tension Swell
Waiting for the Start
Zombie Toy Piano

- 24 Patches

Blueberry Fields
Childs Play Vibes
Dust Bunny Chorale
Fifties Suburban Drama Strings
Magnetic Chamber
Medieval Plucktron
Mellow Pianetron
Noisy Dulcitone on Tape
Notre Tron
Optical Organbell
Optical Reeds
Optical Wurly
Optigan Tack Piano
Orchestron Reeds
Silent Movie
Tack Tron
Tape Archive Chamber Orch
Tape Celeste Strings
Taped Accordion Memories
Tapes of Cheese
Tremolo Celestron
Upright Tron Choir
Wing and Tron
Wurlietron Wheel

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