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(407 Soundsources) - 2.4GB
- 309 Patches

Anxious Undercurrent
Armageddon Coming
Armageddon Riser
Automated Machine
Avantgarde Composer
Avenue Of The Stars
Await the Hunt
Bass Tactics
Bassy Downbeat Arp
Bedouin Harmonic Groove
Bellini Bouncer
Bent CompuRhythm
Berlin Marathon
Birds In The Jukebox
Bite the Spider 1
Bite the Spider 2
Boddicker Jaw hARP
Bonkers Circus
Bounce for the Ounce
Bouncy String Thing
Breach And Clear
Broken Circuit Pulse
Bubble Sines
Bumble Basher
Burning Roof Falling Pitch
Burning Roof
C-3PO's Castanets
Calling Chords
Cascading Data
Caught in my Secrets
Caveat Emptor
Chamber of Pain
Charging Rhino Bass
Chase the Spider
Cheerleader and Fanboy
Chord Tracer
Churning Analog
Circuit Sculpture
Classic Drops
Clouds of Rain
Clouds of Sunrise
Club Clockwork
Cold Brittle Waves
Color Filter
Constant Anxiety
Constant Distress
Constant Exhaustion
Constant Surveillance
Constant Suspicion
Constructing a Spring Verb
Coyote Trap
CR Series Blowout
Creeping Reductions
Crush Method
Crushed Jaws
Cybernetics 1
Cybernetics 2
D-Sho Qub
Daleks Approach
Dancing Calculators
Dancing Embers
Dancing Modern Moog
Dancing Mooger in Six
Dancing On Ice
Delusional Violinist
Depth of E-Motion
Desperate Outcry
Devine Matrix Network
Dirty Bass Murf
Displaced Heartbeat
Dissonant Crystal Ping Texture
Distressed Circuits
Doctor Bob's Good Vibes
Dolby's Pulsar
Donna and Giorgio
Doppler Moog Seq 1
Doppler Moog Seq 2
Drag Racer
Drop Dead Grunge
Drop Sequence
Earth Tone Ramps
Eighties Synthpopia
Electrical Parade
Electroshocker 1
Electroshocker 2
Electrostatic Fingerprints
Emission Electronic - Beat
Emission Electronic - Clean
Energizer Overload
Escape from Reality
Ethereal Pulsing Moogies
Evolving Silver Nights
Explosion of Anger
Eyes of the Seraphim
Falling Upbeat
Fast Fury Wipeout
Fat Is Fat Does
Field Depth Energy Wah
Field Depth Synbass
Find Duke Plisken
Find the Passage Back
Fist Fighter
Five House of Zen
Flower Kid 1
Flower Kid 2
Force of Will
Frozen Sky Gate
Genius At Play
Glass Snow Taps
Glowstick Bass
Got to Get Out
Granular Air Compressor 1
Granular Air Compressor 2
Grinder Glider
Grinding Through
Groove Kollider Octaver
Groove Kollider Retro
Hallucinating Bass Wheel
Hammer and Hooks
Happy Stream of Nanobots
Heartbeat Circuits
Heartbeat of the Futurist
Heavy Ladder 1
Heavy Ladder 2
Helicopter Pulse
Hood Scoop
Hypodermic Energizer
Ignite Action Bass Sequence
Illegal Bandwidth
Imperfected Tekno Pulsar
In a Beautiful Place
Industrial Bouncer
Iron Horse
Jack's Brain 1
Jack's Brain 2
Jaw Harp Beatbox
Jobson Electric Violin 32nd seq
Jobson Electric Violin Pizz Arp
Jobson's Drive Electric Vln 5ths
Juice Ladder
Jumper Counter
Just Breathe
Kafka's Castle 1
Kafka's Castle 2
Kafka's Mute
Kaput Clock
Kazumi Cycle
Labcoat Parade
Lazor Squared
Living a Dual Life
Lost in Dagobah
Lovely Pulsing Moogies
MachineEX Ticker
Mad at the World
Manchester Massive
Manic Episodes
Massive Assault
Mathematical Bleeps
Metaphysical Exploration
Mind Warper
Mindbending a Steel Tray
Minimal Zimmer Beatbox
Mission Critical
Modal Moods
Modular Circus
Modular Drumming in Six
Mongrel Moog
Moog's Upwards Expansion
Moogdrum Airfoil
Moogdrum Blowback
Moon Cloning 1
Moon Cloning 2
Mouse In The Engine Inverse
Mouse In The Engine
Mutant Dancing Chord Bass
Nebula Glidepath
Neptune Hi-Hat
Nine Lives
Noise Echorize
Noon Chill 1
Noon Chill 2
Ode to Dr. Moog
Old District Smasher
OMG Powerline 1
OMG Powerline 2
OMG Powerline 3
One Small Step
Parhelic Triangle
Pentatonic Dreaming Loop 1
Pentatonic Dreaming Loop 2
Poly Moog Planet
Preparing for Battle
Prototype K Alarm
Prototype K Bass
Prototype X Bass
Prototype X Beat
Prototype X Tonal
Prototype Y Bass
Prototype Y Cue
Prototype Y Interuption
Prototype Y Stereo Crashing
Prototype Z Beat
Prototype Z Tonal
Pterodactyl Attack
Pulse of Vince
Pulsing Sidechainz
Race to Space Mountain 1
Race to Space Mountain 2
Race to the Sky Tram 1
Race to the Sky Tram 2
Razor Bits
Relentless Trance
Retro-TB Clock
Retrospace Harp
Rhythmic Fog
Riding the Silver Pony
Ridley's Wind Feedback
RoadRacer Pad
Roboscratch 1
Roboscratch 2
Roboscratch Break
Robot Squid
Round The World Trip
Roxy Motion
Rude Riffer
Running Across The Digital Field
Running Against Bass Face
Running Against Circuits
Running Against Electroflies
Running Against Robo
Running Against Skin Jobs
Running Against the Glitch
Running Bass
San Francisco Tape Music Center
Sense of Wonder
Short Circuit Bass 1
Short Circuit Bass 2
Short Circuit Bass 3
Silly FM Beatbox
Sixties BBC Melancholy Loop
Sixties BBC Melancholy Random
Skip's Thwaky Mau5 Trap 1
Skip's Thwaky Mau5 Trap 2
Slumbering Spider Sines 1
Slumbering Spider Sines 2
Space Time Arp
Spider Pulse
Star Traveler Harp
Star Traveler Pulse
Star Traveler
Stepping into Darkness 1
Stepping into Darkness 2
Stepping into Darkness 3
Stream of Consciousness
Strobe Motions
Sun Chaser
Sunglasses At Night
Surfing the Spider Net 1
Surfing the Spider Net 2
Surfing the Tonal Waves
Swinging Space - Simple
Swinging Space - Water
Synergy Pulse
Tara's Claroscuro
The Shark Bite Bass
Things Are Not What They Seem
Thumbtack on your Neck
Thumbtack on your Synth
Tied Up Chair Grunge
Time Is Running Out
Time Ticker
Tooth Drilling Bass
Total Eclipse
Touch of Evil 1
Touch of Evil 2
Trashy Bossa Mooga
Tribute To Bob Moog's Imagination
Twinkle Twinkle Little Pulsar
Underground Station Bass
Underground Station
Unstable State
Upbeat Fluctuations 1
Upbeat Fluctuations 2
Upbeat Fluctuations 3
Vin Ethanol
Vince's Gort Arp
Viral Chord Pulser
Walls of Carnelian
We Got A Runner
Whammy Goodness
Whiffle Bell Moog Arp
Worms Digging Rust
Wrap and Release - Clean
Wrap and Release - Talk
Yellow Jello Slugs
Zap Dancer
Zimmer Chase in Threes

- 9 Patches

Bell Key LA+Moog
Hidden Beauty Belltones Lift
Hidden Beauty Belltones Vib
Hidden Beauty Belltones
I'm Alone in Rome
Moog 55 Bells
Ringshaper Bells
Sparkle Touches
Tomita Trill Bells

- 19 Patches

Angry and Raw Distortion
Borg Bass
Boys Nightmare
Corrupted Lead
Debris Field Impact
Ferrite Nose Ring
Fuzz Undulations
Galloping Fuzzhead
Impulse Glider
Instant IFC
Molten Morello
Moogorbitron Overtones
One Trick Alien Bagpipe
Psycho Nu Deli
Rudest Awakening
The Wrestler
Thick Spacial
Weightless Moog

- 8 Patches

Big Noise Crash
Hans Zimmer Moog Can Hit
Hans Zimmer Moog Drums
Hans Zimmer Moog Gong
Hans Zimmer Moog Toms
Robo Calculator
Robo Castanets
VCO Syndrums of War

- 6 Patches

Bova Granular Flute
Feather Duster
Jobson meets Morricone
Mystique mood
Painted Bow
Space Harp Alias

- 36 Patches

Alien Shootout
Asian Talking Hit
Burning Air Impact
Cannon Blast
Cannon Reverse
Deep Blue Strike
Distorted Dream Hit
Doppler Fireball Reverse
Doppler Fireball
Elfman Prepared Piano Hit
Hammer Zimmer Hit
Jarre Gong AKS + LCO
Lama Temple 1
Lama Temple 2
Moraz I-NEET Crash
Peaceful Ending
Planet Killer
Railroad Grain Spin
Railroad Piano Hit
Ray of Moonlight
Ray of Sunshine
Retro Explosion 1 Reverse
Retro Explosion 1
Retro Explosion 2 Reverse
Retro Explosion 2
Ricochet Alien Bouncer
Ricochet Alien Crack
Space Invader Falls In Battle
Spring Slamverb
Sub Tonal Boom
Supersub Bass Drop
Tara Auntie Dalek Reverse
Tara Auntie Dalek
Ultra Cannon
Wake Up!
Warhead Lazer

- 4 Patches

Bell Key Piano
Heaven has Accordians
Retro Vibratone
Toy Piano Space Wormies

- 29 Patches

Beautiful Shards
Chanter Choir
Distressed Swell
Drift 5th Pad
Electrolysis Pad
Electron Pulse Pad
Empty Wind Blip Pad
Erattica Laser Pad
Evening Arrives Wheel Shimmer
Fifth Bliss
Finding Peace at the End
Fluttering Feedback Loop Pad
Granular Inception Pad
Hollow Squiggly Pad
Made of Silk
Moody Memories
Night Blindness
Oceanwaves Pad
Pernicious Pad
Reduction Crescendo Pad
Rulebreaker Pad
Seashore Pad
Shimmering Swells
Simple Square Pad
The Beauty
Trionic Force Flow Sustain
Warm Bed of Electron Birdies
Warm Family Pad
Waves of Inspiration

- 5 Patches

Boddicker Velo Jawharp 1
Boddicker Velo Jawharp 2
Mr. Cricket Thundertubes
Rattilizer Wide
Thundertube Dinger

- 64 Patches

Ambivalent Solder Joint
Anxious Awakenings
Babbitt Pings
Bass Mutant
Bench Testing
Brains of Science
Bristol's Underground Moog
Broken Record
Chrome Martini
Cricket Infested Modular
Curse Of The Psycho Computer
Deep Borden Groove
Diego LCO Uneasy Synth
Distorted Lights
Dragonfly Lamentations
Echoplex meets Modular
Eyeless Cave Dwellers
Fireflies in the Evening
Five of Hearts
Flower Kid Lead Smooth
Flower Kid Lead
Flower Kid Leadblip
Going Bonkers
Hit and Miss
In The Tape Lab
Liquid Acid
Loving the Machine
Luminescent Lo-Fi Rain
Merry Moog Melodies
Modular Distruptions
Moog Cookbook Carousel
Moog Cookbook Granular Carousel
Moog Steam Organ
Musical Macnoise
Newborn Supernova
Night Scanners
Old Radio Keys
Open the Docking Doors
Pocket Piano & Vibrations
Pocket Piano + Pocket String
Pocket Piano
Radio Shack Cheese Moog
Random Atmosines
Remember to Swish
Retro Woodwind Ensemble
Sad Birds
Social Tensions 1
Social Tensions 2
Soil Creatures
Stay Away From That House
Stranded at the Spacedock
Those Angry Birds
Tom Waits in the Lobby
Underground Harmonics 1
Underground Harmonics 2
Unnerving Sensation
Vintage Computing - Clean
Vintage Computing - Dirty
What the bleep
Wire Glitch Sines

- 74 Patches

Arcade Blasters
Buchla Orbiting
Crazy Cat
Creature Sidewinder
Cy Ops Carrier
Diego LCO Mid Drop
Diego LCO Quick Drop
Elfman Prep Piano Reverse
Flange Fluctuation
FM Plonked
Fredwreck's Nightmare
Fredwreck's Rise Reverse
Fredwreck's Rise
Galaxy Stormz
Goldsmith's Ghost Echoes
Hell's Doorbell
Jarre Synthi AKS Bubble Grains
Jarre Synthi AKS Classic Sweep FX
Jarre Synthi AKS Lazer Grains
Jarre Synthi AKS Mod Bird Grains
Jarre Synthi AKS Reverse Unison
Jarre Synthi AKS Ringer Grains
Jarre Synthi AKS Space Rise
Jarre Synthi AKS Zapbird Grains
Macnoise Field
Magnetic Dreams
Massive Oscillator Chain Glides
Modular Archetype
Modular DIalog
Money Mark Drop Rev
Money Mark Drop
Moraz Bubblizer Dreams
Moraz Bubblizer Supra
Needle Dropper
Night Invaders
Old Itchyplex
Optical Exorcism
Particle Detector
Pentatonic Gliss
Power Fields
Restless Ramses
Retro LCO Sweepers
Robot Wars
Running Out of Oxygen
Scarr Birdies Wide
Scarr Filterverb
Scarr S+H Frying
Scarr Squelch 1
Scarr Squelch 2
Scarr Tiny Whoosh
Share the Nightmare
Spectral Chaos
Spring Backwards
Summon The Sand
Tara BellUnderBed Reverse
Tara BrainBlood Wide
Tara FrequedOutGirl Reverse
Tara FrequedOutGirl
Tara Insanity Skates
Tara MrX Grains
Tara MrX
Tara RezDown
Tara RezUp
Tara RingMod Diva
Tara Solaris Alarm
Tara Solaris Grains
Tesla's Bug Zapper
Thundertube Reverse
Tormented Ripper
Ultimate Jet Flange Wheel
Xpander in Five Grains
Zimmer Granular FX

- 51 Patches

Basso Alien Western
Bobstep Bass
Bomb Shack Bass
Both Speeks Workin It
Bulbous Deep Bass
Buzz Mountain Bass
DDL Sick Attack Bass
Deep Double Chin Moog
Edge of Agony
Fredwreck VibraBass Big
Fredwreck VibraBass Swell
From Fire There Was Bass
Funk Up In There
Giant Rattlesnake Bass
Going thru a Dark Phase Bass
Growing Modular Bass
Hybrid Foundation Bass
Indian Base
Indie Moog Bass
Industrial Pluck Bass
Light Sabre Bass
Lofi Electro Bass 1
Lofi Electro Bass 2
Lofi Squarefunk Bass
Morgan Page Swell Bass
Nasal Clicker Moog
Night Squad Bass
OMG-1 Ultra Wide Bass
Overblown Bass
Page Feeder Voyager
Plastic Funk Bass
Quacker Bass
Quirky Habits
Shermanized Bass
Sinister Square Swell
Skip's Acid Dub Bass LFO
Skip's Acid Dub Bass SUS
Solid Living Deep Bass
Storm Is Coming Bass
Systematic Bass
Tara Chewy Warm Bass
Tara Frequey Rez Bass
Tornado Bass Wide Angle
Tornado Bass
Tranquil Bass
Valley Bass Classic
Volcano Burbbling Bass
Voluptuous Juice
Wicked Massive Basshead
Worrell Stereo Bass Freaks
Wrecker Bass

- 65 Patches

Anavibe Lead
Bernie Worrell Interval Worm
Bernie Worrell Intervallics
Chest Stabber
Chiffer Whistlead
Close To The Cliff Lead
Confunktion High
Confunktion Liquid
Cookbook Circus Glider
Crystal Method Shermanizer 1
Crystal Method Shermanizer 2
Crystal Method Shermanizer 3
Crystal Method Shermanizer 4
Crystal Method Shermanizer 5
Dare to go Low
Death Angel Swell
Deep Time Traveller
Diego LCO 3 Octaves Lead
Diego LCO Octawide Basslead
Diego LCO Siren
Doctor Bad Ass
Dream Dots
Drive the Bottom
Fat And Legato
Fight To The Death
Frank's SynKey
Funk Liberator Lead
Funky Chiffer Lead
Huck Finn's DropTop
Infernal Phase
Inharmonic Europeans
Invisible Ink
Juicy Rude Lead
King of Prog
Kitchen Sync
Logan Ran Away
Lonely Monophonic Solo
Mechamoog Blast
Mellifluous fifths
Mighty Wobblelizer 1
Mighty Wobblelizer 2
Mono Dronez Lead
Moog 5th Glider Swell
NoizTexture Lead
Octamooger Lead
Plastic CZ Lead
Predictus Lead
Razor Burn
Razor Synth
Screamer Lead
Shocklee 6bitcord
Shrimp Bite
Shrimp Lead
Singing Bumblebees Lead
Spinning Head Chord
Stabbing Spasms
Starry Ninths
Starry Sevenths
Sunset Glider
Synthetic Pesticide
Tasty Morsels
Unaffected Funk Lead
Unpredictable Dopplers
Ya Can't Trust That Lead

- 54 Patches

Analog Adagio 1
Analog Adagio 2
Angry Titan
Apollo's Horn
Asian Tensions
Attitude Adjuster
Big Boned Polysynth
Bob til you drop
Bouncing Synth Strings
Chiffing Celli
Confunktion Higher
Fat and Fancy
Forgotten City Swell
Fredwreck Falling
Giant Steppes
Giant Tinysizer Detuner
Harsh Fifth
Horizon Filters
Hybrid Heartbeat Swell
Ice Cricket Coronation
Ice Crickets
In the Clearing
Manning's Mellow Moogietron
Maudlin Shubbery
Mellow Grit
Modern Synth Brass
Modular Elegy
Modular Granularity
Muted Screamer Pluck
Nasal Freak
Norlander Wall of Doom
Perky Fathead Moog
Perky Moog Whistles 1
Perky Moog Whistles 2
Perky Quirky Modular
Polyphonic Moog Comp Fat
Polyphonic Moog Comp Sharp
Porcaro Dual Lead Brass
Prog Poly Detuner
Raise It Up
Scarr Detuner Wide
Seventies Allpass Vibratones
Stadium Ego
Sweeping the Modulars
Switched on Sync
Thoughts on Light Rays
Tony's Abacabidge
Toto Octave Brass
Tripping in '69
Vince Clarke Gort Sweep 1
Vince Clarke Gort Sweep 2
Vince Clarke Gort
Waves of Poseidon
Wonderdrive Sines

- 83 Patches

Airy Sub Sweep
Arriving Home
Bacon Bombs
Beneath Kilauea
Bladewalker Drone
Blow out the Candles
Bova Tensions
Cast into Darkness
Chamber Of Dreams
Darkness at Sunrise
Deeply Troubled
Departing Trombones
Diablo Drone
Diatom Mandala
Dirty Blue Animations
Distorted Sonar
Droplet Pattern
Drops of Dreams
Echoes of Air
Elevators on Mars
Empty Thoughts in the Abyss
Eraserhead Factory
Floating in the Sky
Glass Eternity
Gritty Motion Drone
Heart of Darkness
Horror Trill Swell
Hypnotic Generator
Imaginary Floating Flowers
In The Depths
It's Not Safe
Jack's Dream World
Jacques Cousteau
Jan Hammer's Chord Reverse
Jan Hammer's Favorite Chord
Keep The Door Shut Or They....
Lake Vostok Anomaly
Loading Bay Approach
Microbe Amoeba Drone
Modwheel Freeze Grains
Moog Landing
Moraz Ground Zero
Moraz I-NEET Build
Musicbox in the Emerald Waters
Origami Sky
Particle 7ths
Psychorchestra Victrola 1
Psychorchestra Victrola 2
Rattle Everything Drone
Ravel's Halloween Wheel
Repressed Memories
Rusty Magic Trick
Safe Drone
Sakamoto Texture
Satellite Desolation 1
Satellite Desolation 2
Sea Cave Bubbles Dynamite
Searching for Answers
Silent Running
Silicon Valley Creek
Slowly Floating
Summon The Ghosts
Swarm of Darkness
Synergy Delta Four
Tara Bell Underbed
Tara Ghost Geek Choir
The 11th Dimension
The Universe Is All Around Us
There Is No Spoon
Tomorrow We Will Escape
Transmission From Void 1
Transmission From Void 2
Ulysses Sailing With The Sirens 1
Ulysses Sailing With The Sirens 2
Vinyl Memories
Voyage Across The Unknown
Whales Journey
White Abstract Elephant
Zero Time

- 33 Soundsources

Tribute Bedouin Fright
Tribute Cranky
Tribute Cry for Help
Tribute DarkDrone 1
Tribute DarkDrone 2
Tribute DarkDrone 3
Tribute Decomposed
Tribute Distress
Tribute Ebow Moog Dark 1
Tribute Ebow Moog Dark 2
Tribute Ebow Moog Dark 3
Tribute Ebow Moog Edge 1
Tribute Ebow Moog Edge 2
Tribute Ebow Moog Edge 3
Tribute Ebow Moog Edge 4
Tribute Ebow Moog Retrospect
Tribute Feeder Dark
Tribute Feeder Edgy
Tribute Feeder SloMo
Tribute Gastric Tone Wash
Tribute Hell's Doorbell
Tribute Insanity
Tribute Mechanized
Tribute Overcode 1
Tribute Overcode 2
Tribute Overload Warning
Tribute Router
Tribute Rude Filter Jam
Tribute Satellite Pain
Tribute Scanner Overload 1
Tribute Scanner Overload 2
Tribute Screamer 1
Tribute Screamer 2

- 53 Soundsources

Tribute Bhatia Cannon
Tribute Bhatia Cannon Rev
Tribute Bhatia Explosion 1
Tribute Bhatia Explosion 1 Rev
Tribute Bhatia Explosion 2
Tribute Bhatia Explosion 2 Rev
Tribute Bhatia Fireball
Tribute Bhatia Fireball Rev
Tribute Bhatia Lazer
Tribute Bhatia Lazer Rev
Tribute Bhatia Slam Verb 1
Tribute Bhatia Slam Verb 1 Rev
Tribute Bhatia Slam Verb 2
Tribute Bhatia Slam Verb 2 Rev
Tribute Diego LCO Drop 1
Tribute Diego LCO Drop 2
Tribute Diego LCO Drop 3
Tribute Diego LCO Fast Drop
Tribute Diego LCO Jump
Tribute Diego LCO Mid Drop 1
Tribute Diego LCO Mid Drop 2
Tribute Diego LCO Siren
Tribute Diego LCO SloDrop
Tribute DirtBlip
Tribute DirtBlip Rev
Tribute Elfman Prep Piano ^
Tribute Elfman Prep Pno 1
Tribute Elfman Prep Pno 1 Rev
Tribute Elfman Prep Pno 2
Tribute Elfman Prep Pno 2 Rev
Tribute Elfman Prep Pno 3
Tribute Elfman Prep Pno 3 Rev
Tribute Fredwreck Rise Rev
Tribute Fredwreck Rise Wide
Tribute Fredwreck Rise
Tribute Jarre AKS Swp Fast
Tribute Jarre AKS Swp Fast Rev
Tribute Jarre AKS Swp Slo
Tribute Jarre AKS Swp Slo Rev
Tribute Jarre Gong AKS
Tribute Jarre Gong AKS Rev
Tribute Money Mark Drop
Tribute Money Mark Drop Rev
Tribute Morgan Page Lil' Hit
Tribute Poor Coyote
Tribute Scarr Noise Crash
Tribute Scarr Noise Hit
Tribute Scarr Squelch 1
Tribute Scarr Squelch 2
Tribute Tara RezDown
Tribute Tara RezUp
Tribute Worrell Lone Bender
Tribute Zimmer Moog Drums ^ RR

- 21 Soundsources

Tribute Boddicker Jaw ^ RR
Tribute Boddicker Jaw Harp 01
Tribute Boddicker Jaw Harp 02
Tribute Boddicker Jaw Harp 03
Tribute Boddicker Jaw Harp 04
Tribute Boddicker Jaw Harp 05
Tribute Boddicker Jaw Harp 06
Tribute Boddicker Jaw Harp 07
Tribute Boddicker Jaw Harp 08
Tribute Boddicker Jaw Harp 09
Tribute Boddicker Jaw Harp 10
Tribute Boddicker Jaw Harp 11
Tribute Boddicker Jaw Harp 12
Tribute Hotop Dinger Reverse
Tribute Hotop Dinger
Tribute Hotop Mr Cricket Wide
Tribute Hotop Mr Cricket
Tribute Hotop Rattlizer Wide
Tribute Hotop Rattlizer
Tribute Jobson E. Violin 5ths ^ RR
Tribute Jobson E. Vln Pizz

- 15 Soundsources

Tribute Cheese Buzz
Tribute Cookbook Carousel Wide
Tribute Cookbook Carousel
Tribute Cookbook Circus Wide
Tribute Cookbook Circus
Tribute Cookbook Wanderthroat
Tribute Lock Up
Tribute Locked On 1
Tribute Locked On 2
Tribute Nervous Crickets
Tribute Retro Tone
Tribute Soprano
Tribute Vibrate 1
Tribute Vibrate 2
Tribute Vibrate 3

- 51 Soundsources

Tribute Bhatia Buchla Orbiting
Tribute Bhatia Macnoise 1
Tribute Bhatia Macnoise 2
Tribute Bhatia MoogModular Surf
Tribute Bhatia Ripper Speedby
Tribute Bhatia Xpander in Five
Tribute Calculations
Tribute Circuit Burn
Tribute Circuit Failure
Tribute Diego LCO Deep Sweep
Tribute Electro Bugs
Tribute Jarre AKS Blip
Tribute Jarre AKS Blip Rev
Tribute Laser Sweep
Tribute LFO Outlaws
Tribute Moraz Bubble Rev
Tribute Moraz Bubble Supra
Tribute Moraz Bubble Wide
Tribute Noise Fry
Tribute Noise Rain
Tribute OMG-1 Rewinding Bob
Tribute Scarr Birdies Rev
Tribute Scarr Birdies Wide
Tribute Scarr Compress Air
Tribute Scarr Filterverb
Tribute Scarr S+H Frying Mono
Tribute Scarr S+H Frying Stereo
Tribute Scarr Tiny Wash
Tribute Scarr Tiny Whoosh
Tribute Tara 104Z on Skates
Tribute Tara Auntie Dalek Rev
Tribute Tara Auntie Dalek
Tribute Tara BellUnderBed Loop
Tribute Tara BellUnderBed Rev
Tribute Tara BellUnderBed
Tribute Tara BrainBlood Wide
Tribute Tara BrainBlood
Tribute Tara FrequedOutGirl Rev
Tribute Tara FrequedOutGirl Wide
Tribute Tara FrequedOutGirl
Tribute Tara MrX Rev
Tribute Tara MrX Wide
Tribute Tara MrX
Tribute Tara RingModDiva Loop
Tribute Tara RingModDiva
Tribute Tara Solaris Alarm Rev
Tribute Tara Solaris Alarm Wide
Tribute Tara Solaris Alarm
Tribute Tone Fry
Tribute Torment 1
Tribute Torment 2

- 155 Soundsources

Tribute Arrival
Tribute Ascender
Tribute Bombinator 1
Tribute Bombinator 2
Tribute Bumble
Tribute Cookbook Grinder
Tribute Crystal Method Sherman
Tribute Dark Water
Tribute Diego LCO 3 Octaves
Tribute Diego LCO 3 Octawide
Tribute Diego LCO Detuner
Tribute Diego LCO Sirentones
Tribute Diego LCO Uneasy
Tribute Diego LCO Uneasy Wide
Tribute Fredwreck Fall
Tribute Fredwreck VibraBs Rev
Tribute Fredwreck VibraBs
Tribute Manning Moog
Tribute MIDIMINI 16 Chaos
Tribute MIDIMINI ModMix
Tribute MIDIMINI Sweep
Tribute Mind Warp
Tribute Mocking Bird
Tribute Mod Edge
Tribute Moog Alarm
Tribute Moog Brooding
Tribute Moog Burly 1
Tribute Moog Burly 2
Tribute Moog Buzzies
Tribute Moog Classic
Tribute Moog Dizzy
Tribute Moog Earth Tone
Tribute Moog Electro Octave
Tribute Moog Electro Spread
Tribute Moog Erratic
Tribute Moog Fickle
Tribute Moog Fizzle
Tribute Moog Fluctuations
Tribute Moog Gillette
Tribute Moog Harelip
Tribute Moog Impulsive
Tribute Moog Inconsistent
Tribute Moog Mellow Squares
Tribute Moog Mild Sweep
Tribute Moog Nasal 1
Tribute Moog Nasal 2
Tribute Moog Nasal 3
Tribute Moog Nasal Lo Fi
Tribute Moog Nasal Thin 1
Tribute Moog Nasal Thin 2
Tribute Moog Overtone Dark
Tribute Moog Overtone Nasal 1
Tribute Moog Overtone Nasal 2
Tribute Moog Pike 1
Tribute Moog Pike 2
Tribute Moog Pike 3
Tribute Moog Precarious
Tribute Moog Pseudo PWM
Tribute Moog Pulsar High 1
Tribute Moog Pulsar High 2
Tribute Moog Pulsar High 3
Tribute Moog Pulsar Low 1
Tribute Moog Pulsar Low 2
Tribute Moog Pulsar Low 3
Tribute Moog Pulsar Low 4
Tribute Moog Pulsar Low 5
Tribute Moog Pulsar Nasal 1
Tribute Moog Pulsar Nasal 2
Tribute Moog Pulsar Nasal 3
Tribute Moog Pulsar Nasal 4
Tribute Moog Pulsar Nasal 5
Tribute Moog Pulsar Shrimp
Tribute Moog Pulsar Square 1
Tribute Moog Pulsar Square 2
Tribute Moog Pulsar Square 3
Tribute Moog Pulsar Thin
Tribute Moog Pulsation 1
Tribute Moog Pulsation 2
Tribute Moog Pulsation 3
Tribute Moog Queasy
Tribute Moog Rasp 1
Tribute Moog Rasp 2
Tribute Moog Rasp 3
Tribute Moog Shakey
Tribute Moog Shifty
Tribute Moog Skin Job
Tribute Moog Skittish
Tribute Moog Slim Slipper
Tribute Moog Slippery
Tribute Moog Spin Res
Tribute Moog Sync Slow Rise
Tribute Moog Thin Boy
Tribute Moog Thin Boy Motion
Tribute Moog Thin Lips
Tribute Moog Thin Skin
Tribute Moog Uncertain
Tribute Moog Undecided
Tribute Moog Uneasy
Tribute Moog Unsettled
Tribute Moog Unstable
Tribute Moog Unsteady
Tribute Moog Vacillation
Tribute Moog Vagrant
Tribute Moog Volatile
Tribute Moog Wavering
Tribute Moog Whir
Tribute Moog Wide 1
Tribute Moog Wide 2
Tribute Moog Wide 3
Tribute Moog Wide 4
Tribute Moog Wide 5
Tribute Moog Wide 6
Tribute Moog Wide 7
Tribute Moog Wide 8
Tribute Moog Wiggly Bits
Tribute Moog Wobbly
Tribute Morgan Page Buzz Wide
Tribute Morgan Page Feedback
Tribute Morgan Page Swell
Tribute Morgan Page Widemoog
Tribute Norlander W.O.D.
Tribute OMG-1 Big Boy
Tribute OMG-1 Big Nasty Boy
Tribute OMG-1 Deep Sleep
Tribute OMG-1 Deep Trouble
Tribute OMG-1 Filter Fest 1
Tribute OMG-1 Filter Fest 2
Tribute OMG-1 Filter Fest 3
Tribute OMG-1 Octavizer
Tribute OMG-1 Rude Sweep 1
Tribute OMG-1 Rude Sweep 2
Tribute OMG-1 Stress Detune
Tribute OMG-1 Sync Fest
Tribute OMG-1 Sync Sweeper
Tribute OMG-1 Wide Bass
Tribute OMG-1 Wide Sweeping
Tribute Pinball Spasm
Tribute Porcaro Duo Lead Brass
Tribute Rude Thin
Tribute Scarr Detuner Wide
Tribute Schizo
Tribute Stepped Overload Sweep
Tribute Swarming
Tribute Tara ChewyWarmBass
Tribute Tara FrequeyRezBass
Tribute Temperamental
Tribute Vince Clarke Gort
Tribute Vince Clarke Gort Swp 1
Tribute Vince Clarke Gort Swp 2
Tribute Warp Organ
Tribute Whistlephonic
Tribute Wire Melt
Tribute Worrell Freaks
Tribute Worrell Interval
Tribute Worrell Intervallica

- 79 Soundsources

Tribute Cantankerous
Tribute Dirty Blue 1
Tribute Dirty Blue 2
Tribute Dirty Blue Chill
Tribute Dirty Blue FM
Tribute Dirty Blue Fry
Tribute Dirty Blue LFO
Tribute Dirty Blue Overload
Tribute Dirty Blue S&H
Tribute Distant Beings
Tribute Dreambreaker
Tribute Feedbacker 1
Tribute Feedbacker 2
Tribute Feedbacker 3
Tribute Feedbacker 4
Tribute Generator
Tribute Ghost
Tribute Harpo Catwalk
Tribute Harpo Dementia
Tribute Harpo Penta Gliss
Tribute Harpo Psycho
Tribute Harpo Psycho Gliss 1
Tribute Harpo Psycho Gliss 2
Tribute Harpo Psycho Gliss 3
Tribute Harpo Retrospect 1
Tribute Harpo Retrospect 2
Tribute Harpo Retrospect 3
Tribute Harpo Retrospect 4
Tribute Harpo Retrospect 5
Tribute Harpo Reverse Noise
Tribute Harpo S&H
Tribute Hotop Dream World
Tribute Hotop Outcry
Tribute Hotop Outcry Wide
Tribute Hotop The Depths
Tribute Indigestion
Tribute Jan Hammer Chord
Tribute Jan Hammer Chord Rev
Tribute Jeff Bova Granular Flute
Tribute Jeff Bova Tensions
Tribute Mellow S&H
Tribute Moraz Ground Zero
Tribute Moraz I-NEET Build
Tribute Moraz I-NEET Crash
Tribute Nightmare
Tribute Noisy Footsteps
Tribute Power Source
Tribute Pulsar Dry
Tribute Pulsar Pong
Tribute Pulsar Snap
Tribute Pulsar Wet
Tribute Ridley Wind
Tribute Sakamoto Texture
Tribute Shocklee 6bitcord
Tribute Sonar
Tribute Sonar Pluck
Tribute Spheres 1
Tribute Spheres 2
Tribute Spider Alarm Bell
Tribute Spider Benders
Tribute Spider Evolution
Tribute Spider Mod
Tribute Spider On Fire
Tribute Spider Wide 1
Tribute Spider Wide 2
Tribute Synergy Delta Four
Tribute Tara Ghost Geek Choir
Tribute Tone Search 1
Tribute Tone Search 2
Tribute Tri Looper
Tribute Underground 1
Tribute Underground 2
Tribute Underground 3
Tribute Underground 4
Tribute Underground 5
Tribute Underground 6
Tribute Underground 7
Tribute Underground 8
Tribute Voltage Brass