New Flow Capture™ feature released!PRODUCT NEWS
New Flow Capture™ feature released!

Free update for Omnisphere, Keyscape and Trilian allows users to quickly capture all aspects of a spontaneous musical moment.

We are very happy to announce the release of a free update to Omnisphere, Keyscape and Trilian which features an innovative new recording function called Flow Capture™ - making it very easy to grab spontaneous musical moments in audio, MIDI and sound formats simultaneously. Additional useful live performance features like Tap Tempo have also been added in this update.

Flow Capture™ works with the Standalone versions of Omnisphere, Keyscape or Trilian and is as easy as pressing one button to start and stop the recording, and one click to save all aspects of the performance. This intuitive feature not only creates a high resolution WAV audio file, it also saves a MIDI file (.mid) and also saves an instrument specific sound settings file which stores all the data for the sound you are playing - including any adjustments made to the patch. The WAV file and MIDI file can then be dragged into any DAW for further editing and the saved .omnisphere, .keyscape or .trilian sound file can be easily loaded into the instrument by just dragging it into the UI, and all the correct instrument settings from the time of recording will be recalled. The instrument will sound identical to when it was first performed, no matter what DAW is being used for playback - which also provides a simple and remote collaboration option when working with other Spectrasonics users.

“As much as we all love spontaneously exploring new musical ideas, you can often lose that magic of inspiration by having to go through the technical processes needed to set up to record it.” stated Spectrasonics Founder and Creative Director Eric Persing. “With Flow Capture™ we created a feature that gives Spectrasonics users the shortest path from inspiration to recording. This new feature is the fastest way to record an idea with your Spectrasonics instruments and we are thrilled to offer this useful tool as a FREE update to all current Omnisphere, Keyscape and Trilian users.”

Standalone Flow Capture Update Special Features:
• Simultaneous recording of Audio, MIDI and Sound Settings
• Sound settings files include all sound modifications, including imported user audio
• Autonaming and timestamping of files
• Tempo control with adjustable Metronome
• Tap Tempo can be MIDI Learned (footswitch, CCs, etc) for live performance synchronization

Pricing and Availability:
Flow Capture™ is FREE for all Keyscape, Trilian and Omnisphere 2 users and is available now via the Smart Update system. Current users: Simply use the “Get Updates” feature on your instrument’s splash page!