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Usage: Patches/Sounds Seem to be Missing

Install the latest updates (select the link(s) in the Get Updates column) for Omnisphere 2 and Trilian.

Ensure that Spectrasonics Instruments are completely installed by confirming the size of your Instrument folder.

If your Instrument folder in STEAM (Omnisphere, Keyscape, or Trilian) or SAGE (Stylus RMX) is smaller than the above sizes, and you are not using any custom or third-party sounds, patches, or libraries, reinstall your instrument from your installation media (USB or Download).

Additional downloads are also available through the 'Reinstall' tab of your user account.

If you are using an external drive make sure that your external drive is formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled) or APFS for MAC, or formatted NTFS for Windows

If you continue to receive error messages or continue to have problems loading sounds in your Spectrasonics Instruments, please contact Spectrasonics Tech Support at When contacting Support, make sure to include your software and patch library versions.

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