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DAW Issues: Instrument Not Appearing in DAW/Host After Installation

If your instrument is not appearing in your DAW/host after you've completed installation, here are a few things to check:


Restart your Mac to reload the AU components for your instruments. Additionally, this forces you to restart your DAW/host application, which is also helpful. 


On Windows, an instrument's dll file (VST) can be saved to a location of your choice. Your DAW/host uses that file to load the instrument. 

The most common cause of an instrument not appearing in your DAW/host on Windows is a disconnected DLL file path, meaning the dll file was saved to a location that the DAW is not scanning or seeing. 

To solve this, confirm which file path(s) your DAW/host is using to scan for plugins. These file paths are often found in the plugin manager of your DAW/host.

The default file paths for Spectrasonics instruments' DLL files are:

64bit VST2 location - C: Program Files/  Steinberg/ Vstplugins

64bit VST3 location - C:/ Program Files/ Common Files/ VST3

32bit VST2 locations (for older/ legacy versions only) - C: Program Files(x86)/ Steinberg Vstplugins 

It is also important to update the dll files that you DAW/host is using when installing software updates for your Spectrasonics instruments.

For these reasons, it is best to use the default file path for all installations and software updates. 

As a catch-all solution, you can always download the last software update for your instrument and choose the file path seen in your DAW/host's plugin manager during the installation of the DLL file. 

Note: The latest versions of Omnisphere 2, Keyscape, Trilian, and Stylus RMX ar 64bit only. If you must use a 32bit DAW, please contact for additional help.

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