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How To Copy Your Tags / Ratings / Projects

If you have tagged patches and/or soundsources and would like to copy those tags (including ratings and projects) to make a backup or to transfer them to another computer, locate this folder: 

  • Omnisphere: STEAM/Omnisphere/Settings Library/User Tags/ 
  • Keyscape: STEAM/Keyscape/Settings Library/User Tags/
  • Trilian: STEAM/Trilian/Settings Library/User Tags/ 

NOTE: See the How do I find my STEAM folder? FAQ for instructions on how to find your STEAM folder. 

To transfer those tags to another computer, copy the files you find there to the same folder on the new computer. Your tags will appear when you launch the plugin. 

NOTE: This will replace all user tags on the new computer with the ones from the old computer. It will not merge them.

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