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NOTE: This issue only affects Omnisphere 1, it has been resolved in Omnisphere 2.

With the large number of third-party Omnisphere patch libraries avaiable, it's important to be aware that there are some limitations to how Omnisphere can function with them.

1. There is a limit to how many libraries can be listed in Omnisphere's DIRECTORY without truncating Omnisphere Patch categories. After 19 third-party libraries are added, the Omnisphere Patch Categories list will be incomplete. (See below for a workaround.)

Third Party Patches  .  Third Party Patches

2. If the number of third-party patch libraries exceeds this number, Omnisphere's search function will be impaired.

3. To workaround this limitation, simply move the third-party patch library folders into the "User" folder inside of the "Patches" folder:

STEAM/Omnisphere/Settings Library/Patches/User

4. Restart Omnisphere and refresh the Patch Browser. Select the Category User:

Third Party Patches User

The Third-Party Libraries will now appear under the User Category.

Third Party Patches User

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