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How do I access the Keyscape Creative library?

If you've purchased both Omnisphere and Keyscape, you will be able to access the Keyscape Creative library by following the steps in this article.

Keyscape Creative is compatible with the Full version of Keyscape. If you have the Lite version of Keyscape installed and would like to use the Keyscape Creative patches, simply re-run the Keyscape Installer and select the Full installation when prompted.

Omnisphere 2 needs to be authorized to use Keyscape sounds, so make sure to click "Authorize" in Omnisphere 2 after installing Keyscape, and following the onscreen instructions. Click here for detailed instructions for authorizing Keyscape in Omnisphere.

If your Omnisphere 2 and Keyscape instruments are fully up to date and authorized, you already have the library, which is accessible in the Omnisphere 2 Patch Browser Directory: