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Error: 'Failed to Open Output File'

This error could occur when trying a complete install, or when trying to update your Spectrasonics instruments.

If you're are trying to complete a full install, this could indicate that either the DATA folder, or STEAM folder is no longer inside the installation folder, or that the installation folder is incomplete.

Check your installation folder hierarchy to make sure that no files or folders have been dragged out of the installation folder:

If you are trying to update your Spectrasonics instruments (via running an updater installer) you may need to change the permissions of your STEAM folder by going through these steps:


  1. In the Finder, find your STEAM folder and select it. (For instructions on finding your STEAM folder, click here).
  2. Right click (or control click) the STEAM folder and select Get Info. 
  3. At the bottom of the Get Info Window, click on the small arrow to the left of "Sharing and Permissions" to open that section and click the lock in the bottom right-hand corner to unlock. 
  4. Select the "Read and Write" privilege for the name that contains "(Me)". Mac User Permissions
  5. Click the small Gear Icon at the bottom of the window and choose "Apply to Enclosed Items" from the pop up menu. 
  6. Re-install the latest Updates. Click here for a guide on installing the updates.

If you try the steps in this article and are still recieving error messages, please contact for additional help.

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