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'Preflight' Errors When Installing on a Mac

Errors can arise when installing the STEAM folder to a hard drive or folder with a name that includes special characters. 

The most common problematic characters are: "*", ":", "[" "]", or double spaces (2 successive space characters).

For example: 

  • Sample *Library 
  • Sample:Library 
  • Sample  Library
  • Sample [Library] 

These names can cause a 'preflight' error, or an error that reads: 'You are choosing a new location for your STEAM folder'.

To resolve this, rename the folder/drive so it does not include these characters.

After you rename it, follow the instructions to recreate your STEAM alias here.

For example, rename the above examples to: 

  • Sample Library 

If you receive this error when running a Patch Library Updater, move the updater to a folder which does not have this problem and run it from there.

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