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Correct STEAM and SAGE Folder Sizes

The "STEAM" and "SAGE" folders contain the libraries for Spectrasonics instruments. STEAM is the library folder for Omnisphere, Keyscape, Trilian, and all Sonic Extensions. SAGE is the library folder for Stylus RMX.

The size of the STEAM and SAGE folders will vary based upon: (a.) which instruments you own, (b.) if any Sonic Extensions or third-party sounds are installed, (c.) if your instruments are up to date, and (d.) the computer platform you are on (Mac or Windows). 

The primary reason Mac and Windows have different folder sizes is that on Mac, 1 GB equals 1000MB, whereas on Windows, 1 GB equals 1024MB. The factory sizes for each library subfolder within the STEAM and SAGE folder are listed below for both Mac and Windows (rounded down to the nearest GB). 

STEAM Instruments Mac Windows
Omnisphere 2 61GB 56GB
Keyscape FULL 80GB 75GB
Keyscape LITE 29GB 27GB
Trilian 35GB 33GB

Bob Moog Tribute Library

Omnisphere 1 (legacy) 45GB 42GB


Sonic Extensions Mac Windows
Undercurrent 7GB 6GB
Nylon Sky 9GB 9GB
Unclean Machine 3GB 3GB
Seismic Shock 3GB 3GB
Twisted Trees 1.8GB 1.8GB


SAGE Instruments Mac Windows
Styls RMX Xpanded 14GB 13GB
New Orleans Strut 153MB 146MB


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