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Error: Issues When Importing REX Files

The following errors are typically caused when importing REX files, while using an alias to connect Stylus RMX to the SAGE folder rather than a symlink. 

- "Suite XML not created..."

- “SAGE import error, cannot find...”

- "Single import - data XML error"

- "No rex files found"

The easiest way to fix this is to reinstall the latest Stylus RMX update by following the steps in THIS GUIDE then open Stylus RMX and reconnect to the SAGE folder when prompted.

If you need to stay on an older version of Stylus RMX (for 32 bit compatibility), please go through the steps below:

1. Delete the current SAGE alias from the default location of the SAGE folder. 

2. Open Stylus RMX via either the standalone application or in your DAW/host.

3. When you are prompted to locate the SAGE folder, select the SAGE folder you have been using with Stylus RMX.

Note: Be sure not to select a SAGE folder that is located in an installation or update folder.

4. Close and re-open Stylus RMX for the changes to take effect. 

If you are still experiencing issues when importing, please try the steps in this article

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