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General Authorization Information

Does Spectrasonics use copy protection? 
Yes, we have our own system. Once you’ve installed and opened the plugin, you’ll have 4 day grace period to use the product without authorization in demo mode. To continue using the instrument on that computer, you’ll need to authorize the plugin on our website. It's fast and easy, and you'll get your Response code for your computer immediately. You don't have to use your music computer to do the web authorization. 

What if I need more than one authorization for laptop use, if my hard drive crashes, or if I get a new computer? 
Not a problem - our website is available around the clock to handle these situations immediately. It's very easy to authorize online and you’ll always be able to get the authorizations that you need for your computers from Spectrasonics. 

Can I use my Spectrasonics Instruments on more than one computer at a time? 
Yes, as long as you are the only user. 

Where's my Challenge Code?
If you have recently purchased a Spectrasonics instrument and are attempting to Authorize it in your Spectrasonics User Account, you will notice that you must insert a Challenge Code. Please first install the instrument on your computer. Then open your instrument and click Request Authorization then proceed through authorization instructions shown on your instrument's screen.

Why does the website deny me authorization access when I try to authorize multiple times? 
We sometimes require a verification of identity for security reasons to protect your serial number from identity theft (similar to what credit card companies do). This helps us prevent abuse. 

However, registered Spectrasonics users will ALWAYS be able get the authorizations they need once we've verified that the activity on the account is secure. 

I’m concerned about what would happen to my Spectrasonics instruments if the company were to go out of business...would I be still be able to authorize them? 
Absolutely! At Spectrasonics, we believe it is essential to guarantee to our users the ability to get lifetime authorizations for the Spectrasonics instruments they purchased. In the unlikely event that the company were to go out of business, we would provide the ability for all registered users to get continued authorizations. In fact, we already have a system in place for this contingency. However, the good news is that this event is highly unlikely...we plan to be around for many years!

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