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Installing on Additional Computers

Registered Spectrasonics Users may install their Spectrasonics instruments on additional computers provided that they are the primary computer owner and user. 

There are multiple options to install your instrument(s) onto an additional computer that you own. 

Option 1: Reinstall your instrument using your User Account

The "Reinstall" tab of your Spectrasonics User Account gives you the ability to reinstall your instrument(s) from scratch, anywhere in the world, 24/7.

1.) Click on the "Reinstall" tab of your User Account.

2.) Choose the instrument you want to install and click the blue "Download Available" link on the right-hand side.

3.) You will then see a notice to agree to. This confirms you are the original registered user, that you understand that the courtesy download is not an additional license, and that you will not allow your license to be used by another person. 4.) Click on the link that corresponds to your platform, either Mac or Windows, to obtain a Download Manager for your instrument. 

If you have any questions about how to proceed from there, please see these articles for how to install your instrument via download to either Mac or Windows computers. 

NOTE: Your license comes with an allotted amount of download credits by default but should you run out, you can always purchase more directly from the "Reinstall" page by clicking on the "Purchase More Downloads" link that will appear instead of "Download Available". 

Option 2: Transfer your STEAM/ SAGE library from Original Computer

NOTE: This option allows you to keep your user saved patches and settings.

If your libraries are installed in the default location on your internal drive, follow these steps (if your libraries are installed on an external hard drive, skip to step 2):

1.) Make sure your Spectrasonics Instruments are fully functional on your original computer.

Note: If your STEAM/ SAGE folder are on your internal drive, but are not directly in the Spectrasonics folder listed below, please move them there to replace the alias (Mac) or shortcut (PC). 

2.) Copy the following Spectrasonics folder on to an external hard drive and place it in the same location on the second computer. 


Macintosh HD/ Users/ username/ Library/ Application Support/ Spectrasonics

Note: To navigate to your STEAM folder on Mac, open Finder, click Go on your menu bar. Hold the Option key while the drop down menu is present to reveal the hidden user Library. Navigate to Application Support, then the Spectrasonics folder.


C:/ Programdata/ Spectrasonics

Note: If you don't see your ProgramData folder, click "View" in the top left of File Explorer, and then check the Hidden Items box from the sub menu.

3.) When the above Spectrasonics folder is in place, download and install the relevant software update from your Spectrasonics User account to install the plug-in files in the default locations. This will place the plugin in files in the default locations. Next, restart your computer and follow the steps to authorize.

Option 3: Use Current External Drive on a New Computer

If your libraries are installed on an external hard drive, simply connect your external drive to your new computer. Then download and install the relevant software update from your Spectrasonics User account to install the plug-in files. Next, restart your computer and follow the steps to authorize.

After authorizing, you'll need to reopen your instrument and connect to the STEAM/ SAGE folder when prompted.

Option 4: Install with USB Flash Drive

If you have the USB installer already, you could simply use your USB to get your instrument installed. Keep in mind, this will not include your user saved patches/ settings from your original system.

If you do not have the USB flash drive and are interested in getting one, you may purchase one HERE.

Option 5: Install with Original Installation Folder from your Download

If you purchased your Spectrasonics instrument directly through our webstore, you would have downloaded an installation folder for your instrument. It is always recommended to keep these installation folders as you can use them for multiple installations.

If you have your installation folder, you can simply transfer this to your new computer and run the installer that's inside.

NOTE: Download Managers are designed to only work once as the sole purpose of the download manager is to download the installation folder. Once you've used a Download Manager, it will not work again. This is why we recommend keeping a backup of your original installation folder, as that is what is used to install.

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