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SAGE Folder Not Found (Windows XP)

1. In Windows XP, after Stylus RMX has been authorized and you've loaded a new instance of the instrument you might recieve the following message: "SAGE Folder not found. Would you like to locate it?" Select OK to browse to the location of your SAGE folder.

SAGE Not Found

2. From the "Choose a directory" window, navigate to the location of your SAGE folder. In Windows XP, the default location is C:Program FilesSpectrasonicsSAGE

Choose the SAGE folder and then press the "Select" button:

SAGE Directory

3. A Notification will confirm that a link to your SAGE folder has been created:


4. Delete the current instance of Stylus RMX and create a new instance in your host sequencer.  The default patch "Sound Check" should be loaded.

Stylus RMX Instrument

5. If the library does not load, you need to make sure you have a valid shortcut to SAGE in this path:

C:Documents And SettingsAll UsersApplication DataSpectrasonics

SAGE Shortcut Path

NOTE: Some legacy hosts , like Logic 5 in Win XP will not load the SAGE folder unless the folder (or valid shortcut) is located here:

C:Program FilesSpectrasonics

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