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How to Troubleshoot Your Spectrasonics Instrument

Our instruments are comprised of two parts - the software files and the library (aka STEAM or SAGE folder). The software files are the .vst, .component, .aax, or .dll (for Windows) files that your DAW uses to load up the instrument. The library (aka STEAM or SAGE folder) is where all the sounds, patches, and user saved data are stored.

Start here for basic troubleshooting steps:

1.) Make sure the software files are installed in the correct locations and are up-to-date. For Windows users in particular, make sure your DAW's plugin manager is referencing the correct file path to your .DLL plugin.

2.) Ensure the STEAM or SAGE folders or shortcut/ alias are in the correct location and are the correct size. If your folders are not the correct size, you'll need to reinstall. Please note: Update Installers will not install a full STEAM or SAGE folder. Click here for our guides for full installations.

If you're sure that your instrument is up-to-date and fully installed and are still receiving error messages or issues using your instrument, go back to the Troubleshooting section for specific guides on resolving issues.


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