NOTE: Tracktion 4 is only 32 bit compatible. Omnisphere 2.4 will work in this version as it is 32 bit compatible. Omnisphere 2.5 is 64 bit only and will work in Tracktion versions 5 and up, as they are 64 bit compatible.

This tutorial was based on Tracktion 7.

1. From Tracktion's window select the Plug-In Insert icon and Select 'Add new plugin'.

Tracktion main

2. Select the new insert and from the category "Synths" select your Spectrasonics Instrument.

Tracktion Filter

3. The track's filter will now be named after the instrument and your instrument interface will come up.

Tracktion New Filter

4. Make sure the MIDI channel is set in the track to record a part.

Omnisphere Tracktion Template

Keyscape Tracktion Template

Trilian Tracktion Template

Stylus RMX Tracktion Template

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