Studio One

NOTE: Omnisphere 2.5 is 64 bit compatible only. If the DAW you’re using is 32 bit, then you’ll need to use Omnisphere 2.4.2c as that version is 32 bit compatible. 

This tutorial was created on the Mac version of Studio One 3, but the steps are the same on the PC (this steps also apply to Keyscape, Trilian, and RMX).

1. Create a new Song in Studio One.

2. From the Browser (F5), select the Instruments tab. In the Spectrasonics folder, find the Spectrasonics instruments (on Macs you'll see both the AU and VST versions, PCs will show the VST).

3. Drag the Spectrasonics instrument into the Tracks area so it will create a new Instrument track.

4. A new Instrument track will be created and your Spectrasonics instrument interface will appear.

Here are some downloadable templates which you can use in Studio One 3:

Presonus Studio One 3 Omnisphere Template

Presonus Studio One 3 Keyscape Template

Presonus Studio One 3 Trilian Template

Presonus Studio One 3 Stylus RMX Template

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