Maschine 2

1. In the Control area of Maschine2, under the SOUND tab, select the Plugin icon and then in the Quick Browse area press the "+" to bring up the menu of instruments.

Maschine Sound

2. From the pop-up menu, select "External" and then choose the Omnisphere/Trilian plugin from the list.

External Omnisphere

3. Once Omnisphere/Trilian are loaded into the Quick Browse area, double-click on the name to launch the instrument interface.

Omnisphere Sound

4. The instrument can be recorded into the track via Maschine's pads or via a MIDI controller.

Maschine 2 Omnisphere Template (VST)

Maschine 2 Omnisphere Template (AU) - Mac Only

Maschine 2 Trilian Template (VST)

Maschine 2 Trilian Template (AU) - Mac Only

Maschine 2 Stylus RMX Template (VST)

Maschine 2 Stylus RMX Template (AU) - Mac Only

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