Logic X

NOTE - Logic X ONLY supports 64 bit plugins. Please make sure you have the latest updates installed your instruments before attempting to use them in Logic X.

1. In your Logic X project, create a new track (Option-Command-N) or clicking the Plus Sign ( + ) in the top left corner. Then select the "Software Instrument" button. You can choose the instrument you would like to load here in the “Instrument:” menu, or choose the instrument after you create the track.

2. If you didn’t pick your instrument when you created the track, in Logic's Inspector, select the "Instrument" button.

Logic X Instrument Button

3. From the menu, select:

AU Instruments/Spectrasonics/Your Instrument/Stereo/

AU Instruments Omnisphere

4. This will assign your Spectrasonics instrument to the newly-created instrument track. The instrument's interface will also appear.

Here are some downloadable templates which you can use in Logic X:

Logic X Omnisphere Template - Stereo

Logic X Trilian Template - Stereo

Logic X Keyscape Template - Stereo

Logic X Stylus RMX Template - Stereo

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