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License Transfer FAQs

At Spectrasonics, we design our instruments for a lifetime of use and are constantly improving them. Please let us know if there is any way we might be able to help you with your instruments that might change your mind about wanting to sell. Please consider your decision carefully - we would hate for you to regret it! Below are listed answers to many of the common questions we receive about our License Transfer policy:

Does Spectrasonics allow license transfers/used sales?
The vast majority of sample libraries and sample-based virtual instruments on the market do not allow license transfers of any kind. However, at Spectrasonics we realize that there are certain circumstances where it can be a legitimate transaction. Because circumstances can vary so much, we only consider and grant license transfers on a case-by-case basis, and only for the original owner. 

Can I resell Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments used to someone else?
Not without first obtaining a license transfer from Spectrasonics. The sounds and software are licensed and registered ONLY to you (single-user). You cannot automatically transfer the license to someone else, and therefore you cannot simply sell it used. If you do attempt to sell it used without first obtaining a license transfer, the buyer will not be able to use the product because it is registered and licensed to you. The Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments license is the right given to a single person to use the instrument. When you purchase the product, you are primarily purchasing the lifetime right to use the product and the sounds it contains in your own music projects. Also, if you sell any of your computers that have any Spectrasonics instruments installed on them, you are required to first delete them from the hard drive. 

How would I obtain a license transfer?
The first step is for you (the original owner) to submit your request in writing to  

All license transfer requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed. Each request can take a few weeks to process and you will be notified as soon as there is a decision. We encourage you to secure the right to transfer the license before offering your instrument for sale, in order to avoid delays for the buyer in using his new license.

How much does a license transfer cost?
Depending on the circumstances, when a license transfer is granted, there is often an additional fee of $50 per instrument that covers the transfer of all the rights to the new user to use the core library sounds, to receive free phone, email and online technical support, continuing software update rights, and the issuance of a new serial number and account.

Who should pay the transfer fee - the buyer or the seller?
It's up to the two parties to decide, but since it is best to secure the transfer before the sale, it is usually the responsibility of the seller to pay the transfer fee. Delays and problems can occur if the transfer was not secured BEFORE selling the unit.

Can a license-transferred Spectrasonics Virtual Instrument be upgraded and updated?
Yes, of course! All license-transferred Spectrasonics Instruments are eligible for both upgrades and updates, but not necessarily all the same special upgrade pricing offers for major new versions. Please note that purchasing an instrument new from an authorized Spectrasonics dealer is the only way to retain the complete access to all of our special upgrade offers.

If I buy a license-transferred (used) version of a Spectrasonics Virtual Instrument, will I have to pay full price for a future version?
No. All license-transferred versions are eligible for standard upgrade pricing deals.

Can a license-transferred (used) version be resold and transferred again?
No. This can be done only once, and only by the original purchaser.

If I upgrade my Spectrasonics Virtual Instrument through a special upgrade program offered by Spectrasonics, can I later resell and transfer the license of the original instrument?
No. Customers who participate in a special upgrade program for any Spectrasonics Virtual Instrument are not eligible to transfer the original license. For example, if an original owner of Stylus Classic takes advantage of our special upgrade program to Stylus RMX, he is not permitted to resell their Stylus Classic license.

Are license transfers available for Spectrasonics Sonic Extensions, Sample Libraries, and SAGE Xpanders?
No, license transfers are not available for Spectrasonics sound library products. License transfers are granted only for the Virtual Instruments and on a case-by-case basis. The only exception to this is in the case of Stylus RMX Xpanded, where the transfer includes the Virtual Instrument AND the Xpanders.

I've heard that unrestricted license transfers/used sales are legal in some countries in Europe. Is this true?
No, but it's a common misunderstanding of the laws. Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments come with two licenses - one for the software and one for the sound recordings (core library samples). Some countries in Europe (such as Germany and Denmark) have laws which allow the unrestricted resale of consumer software and used consumer music CDs. However, these laws do not apply to professional samples/virtual instruments like ours that are used in the creation of new musical works/recordings. So the license agreement for all Spectrasonics products is applicable in the same way throughout the world.

If a licensed user dies, what happens to the license rights?
The rights of the Spectrasonics license are only for the lifetime of the licensed user. If you wish to extend the license rights to another person, such as surviving next of kin, please contact Spectrasonics about obtaining a license transfer - these are considered and granted on a case-by-case basis. 

If you have more questions about obtaining a license transfer or about the limitations of license-transferred versions, please contact us directly at

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