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Updating vs. Upgrading

The developers at Spectrasonics are constantly working on our instruments. If you've been a long time customer, you may see opportunites to upgrade and update your instruments. However, its important to know the difference between upgrading and updating.

Updates are very frequently released as they often include compatibility and technical improvements, as well as occasional feature additions. For example, updating Omnisphere 2.5 to 2.6, or Keyscape 1.1.2c to 1.1.3c. All updates are free. To access your updates please log into your User Account.

Upgrades, on the contrary, are major enhancements that often take years to develop. For example, upgrading your Omnisphere 1 license to an Omnisphere 2 license. For help with instrument upgrades, please visit the Webstore or send an email to:

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