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Usage: Can't See User Patches/Presets in Menu

If you cannot see your User Patches/Presets, please ensure that they are properly organized within your STEAM folder. Click HERE to find your STEAM folder.

Each User folder must be organized into sub-folders that contain Patches/Presets in order for them to appear inside of the instrument. 

For example:

...STEAM/ Omnisphere/ Settings Library/ Patches/ User/ Synth Keys

...STEAM/ Omnisphere/ Settings Library/ Presets/ User/ Arpeggiator 

Note: The User Presets folder is already organized with sub-folders to match the various Preset categories.

Once you have organized your Patches/Presets into sub-folders be sure to refresh the Patch Browser using the Refresh button at the bottom, denoted by the circular arrow. 

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