Omnisphere 2
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Gear List

Access Virus Indigo Logan Strings Roland D-50
Access Virus A Mattel Optigan Roland JP-8000
Access Virus B Mellotron Roland JV-90
Access Virus C Hans Zimmer Custom Moog Modular Roland JV-1080
Akai AX-80 Moog 55 Modular Roland JV-2080
Akai-S-612 sampler Moog Minimoog (Studio Electronics) Roland JP-8080
Akai S-900 sampler Nord Lead Roland JP-8000
Akai S-1000 sampler Oberheim 4-voice SEM Roland Paraphonic 505
Akai S-6000 sampler Oberheim OBXA Roland RS-09
ARP String Ensemble Oberheim OB8
Roland SH-2000
Casio VL-Tone Oberheim S.E.Ms Roland VP-330 Vocoder
Chamberlin Tape sampler Oberheim Xpander Roland XV-5080
Commodore 64 Polyfusion Modular Synth Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
Doepfer modular PPG Wave 2.2 Sequential Circuits Prophet VS
EDP Wasp Deluxe Roland Jupiter 8 Sequential Circuits Pro One
Elka String Machine Roland Jupiter 4 Studio Electronics Omega 8
Emu Modular (Custom) Roland Juno 60 Suzuki Omnichord
Ensoniq Mirage Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter Vako Orchestron
Fairlight CMI Roland MKS-70 Super JX Vox Continental
Farfisa Organ Roland MKS-50 Alpha Juno Waldorf Q
Fender Rhodes Roland Modular System 700 Waldorf Wave
Hammond B-3/C-3 Organs Roland Modular System 100m Waldorf Microwave
Kawai K-5000 additive synth Custom Modular Synths Waldorf Microwave XT
Korg EX-8000 Roland TB-303 Yamaha CS-01
Korg M1-REX Roland S-760 samplers Yamaha CS-80
Korg Monopoly Roland S-770 sampler Yamaha DX-7
Korg Z1 EVL Roland JX-3P Yamaha TX-816
Korg Prophecy Roland JX-10
Kurzweil K-2000 Roland JD-800
Kurwzeil K-2500 Roland JD-990
Metasynth Cycling '74 Shape Synth REFX QuadraSID
Rhizomatic Absynth Kantos REFX PlastiCZ
Logic Sculpture Kyma Rumpelrausch Taips ZR1
Logic EXS24 Native Instruments Absynth Steinberg Model E
Logic ES-2 Native Instruments B-4 Waldorf Attack
Propellerheads Maelstrom Native Instruments Pro-52 Waldorf PPG 2.V
Audioease thOnk Native Instruments Reaktor Bitheadz Unity DS-1
Audionerdz Delay Lama reFX JunoX2  
Cycling '74 PGS-1 REFX Vanguard  
AMS RMX reverb Lexicon PCM-80 reverb Roland RE-55 Chorus Echo
API 5502 Equalizer Lexicon PCM-90 reverb Roland Dimension D & Dimension C
Boss GL-100 guitar driver Lexicon 480L reverb Roland RSP-550 Multi-Effects processor
Boss GT-5 Multi-Effects Lexicon 960L reverb Roland RSS-10 3-D FX processing
Boss ROD-10 Distortion Line 6 Echo Park pedal Roland SDE-330 delay
Boss SE-70 multi-effects Line 6 Space Chorus pedal Roland SDX-330 chorus
Custom Steve Hazelton Stereo Tube & Solid State Mic Pre-amps Line 6 Tap Tremolo pedal Roland SRV330 reverbs
Electro Harmonix looping delay Maestro Tape Echo Roland SVC330 vocoder
Euphonics Mixing console Mastering Lab Tube Mic Pre-amp Roland VG-8 Guitar system
Eventide DSP-4000 & H-3500 Harmonizers Millenia Media mic preamps Roland VS-880 FX board
GML Stereo Parametric EQ Modified Boss Dimension C Chorus Summit TPA-200A Tube Mic Pre-amps
Heil Sound Talkbox MXR Distortion Plus TC Electronics Fireworx multi-effects
Innovonics compressors PAIA 7210 Vocoder TLA Audio mic preamp
Langevin passive equalizers Quest custom analog mixers Yamaha Rev-1 reverb
Lexicon Jam Man Rocktron Multi-Effects Yamaha SPX-90/900 Multi-FX
Lexicon PCM-70 reverb Roland Space Echo  
Arboretum Ionizer Cycling '74 Mangle Filter MDA Combo
Arboretum Hyperprism Cycling '74 Monstercrunch MDA Degrade
- Bass Maximizer Cycling '74 Moving Filters MDA Overdrive MDA SubSynth
- Vocoder Cycling '74 Nebula MDA Tracker
- Hyperverb Cycling '74 Noizckippr Motu PureDSP Spectral Effects
- Frequency Shifter Cycling '74 Pendulum Ohm Force Ohmboys delay
- Ring Modulator Cycling '74 Ring Modulator Ohm Force Frohmage
- Harmonic Exciter Cycling '74 Space Echo Ohm Force Mobilohm
- Pitch Time Changer Cycling '74 Spectral Filter Ohmforce Hematohm
- Sonic Decimator Cycling '74 Swirl Opcode Vinyl
- Ionizer Cycling '74 Swish Opcode Vocode
- Ray Gun Cycling '74 TapNet Opcode Filter
- Vocoder Cycling '74 Warble Prosoniq North Pole
- Granulator Cycling '74 Waveshaper Prosoniq Orange Vocoder
Audioease Altiverb Digidesign Lo-Fi Prosoniq Pi Warp
Audioease River Run Digidesign Recti-fi Serato Pitch 'N Time 2
Emagic Phaser Digidesign Sci-fi Shiny-FX Spectral Monkeyage
Emagic Ensemble Digidesign Vari-fi Steinberg Grungelizer
Emagic Tape Delay GRM BandPass Steinberg Magneto
Smart Electronix Supaphaser GRM Comb Steinberg Metalizer
Smart Electronix Cyanide GRM Comb 5 Waldorf D-Pole
Bias SFX Machine GRM Delay Waves C1 Compressor
Big Tick Hexaline GRM Delay 24 Waves Doppler
Big Tick Mabento GRM Doppler Waves Enigma
Big Tick Nasty Shaper GRM Freeze Waves +L1 Ultra Maximizer
Bomb Factory Moogerfooger Lowpass Filter GRM Pitch Accum Waves Maxx Bass
Bomb Factory Moogerfooger Ring Modulator GRM Reson Waves Mechanics Sound Blender
Bomb Factory Voceā„¢ Spin GRM Shuffling Waves Meta Flanger
Bubu Ztyle GRM ST Contrast Waves Mando Mod
Bubu Warper GRM ST Freq Warp Waves Paz
Cycling '74 Average Injector GRM ST Shift Waves Q 10
Cycling '74 Degrader IK Multimedia Amplitube Waves Renaissance EQ
Cycling '74 Feedback Network IK Multimedia T-RackS 24 Waves Renaissance Revrb
Cycling '74 Filter Taps Intelligent Devices FireoBall Waves Super Tap
Cycling '74 Fragulator Line 6 AmpFarm Waves True Verb
Cycling '74 Frequency Shift Line 6 Echo Farm  
Cycling '74 Granular-to-Go Logic Space Designer  
Redmatica Keymap Emagic Sound Diver ReCycle
Redmatica Autosampler Fireball Region Munger
Arboretum Hyperprism Hyper Engine Roland Corp Saly system
Antares Infinity Interval Music Transfer Station Samplifier sample transfer system
Barbabatch Kyma Saturator
BIAS Peak audio editor Massy System Sound Morph S-link
Blank Software Alchemy Metasynth Sound Hack
Digidesign Pro Tools Unisyn Sound Morph
Digidesign Sound Designer RAIFF Sonic WORX Artist
Digidesign Turbo synth ReBirth T-Racks
Logic Audio Pro Rebeat Wave-boy Vocoder
Stevens Analog 16 track Akai Cassette recorders Alesis ADAT XT digital multi recorders
Studer Analog 24 track Digidesign Pro Tools Alesis Masterlink
MCI JH-24 Analog 24 track Mitsubishi X-850 Digital Recorder Edirol field recorders
Dolby SR Noise Reduction Panasonic SV-3700/388 DAT recorders  
AKG C-12 Tube Neumann M-49 Rode NT4
AKG C-24 Tube Neumann M-50 Rode NT5s
AKG C-414 Neumann M-150 Rode K2 Tube mics
Shure SM57/58 Neumann KM-184 Oceanway "Hazelton" Tube mic
Neumann U87 B&K precision mics Studio Projects C-3
Neumann U67 Telefunken 251 Tube mics Studio Projects C-4
Neumann M-149 Rode NT2 Studio Projects T-3
and much, much more! :-)
*All other manufacturers' product names used in this instrument are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Spectrasonics. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during Spectrasonics sound development.