Omnisphere 2
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Omnisphere 2.8 Library

Total Sounds: 14,806
(9,223 Patches)
(5,439 Soundsources)
(144 Multis)

- 1,757 Patches

Accidental Magic
Accompany Me Mr. Casio
Accompany Me Mr. SID
Acidic Energy Source
Afrobeat Duo 1
Afrobeat Duo 2
Age of Clarity
Age of Computations
Aggravated Pulse
Air of Resignation
Alejandro BuzzBass
Alert the Fleet
Alley Pulse
Alternate Forces
Alternative Fuel Source
Amber Skies
Ambient Whoosh Lights
An Echo of the Night
Analimbionic Builder
Analog Bass Drive
Analog Orbits of Jupiter
Analog Synth Guitar
Android Heartbeat
ANDROMEDA - Becoming Ramped
ANDROMEDA - Star Cycler
ANDROMEDA - The Envelooper
Angelo gets glitched
Angry Torched Lead Bender
Anthem of Youth
Anticpation of Energy 1
Anticpation of Energy 2
Aqua Motion Piano
Arclight Insistence
Arco Attack Movement 1
Arco Attack Movement 2
Arcophonic Echoes 1
Arcophonic Echoes 2
Arcophonico Movement 1
Arcophonico Movement 2
Arcophonico Rattling Movement
Arcophonico Saturated Ostinato
Army of Spazz
Arps of Simplicity
Art of Industry
Astral Visions 1
Astral Visions 2
Atomic Acceleration
Attack of the Badass Robots
Attack of the Tranceboy Arp
Automated Notch Wobble
Avante Garde Groover
Babyish Phase
Back to Basics
Backtracking the Backup
Backwards Cellios
Backwards Masking
Backwards Pulsing
Backwards Tape Loop Strings
Backwards Thinking Groove
Bad Blood
Bad Intentions
Bad Latitude Groove
Bad Philosophy
Bandito Heist
Bandpassed Euro Arp 1
Bandpassed Euro Arp 2
Bandpassed Minimalism
Bandpassed Trancer
Banging the Trashcans
Barkcello Staccato Movement 1
Barkcello Staccato Movement 2
Bass Bin Computation
Bass In Love
Bass O' Matic
Beat The Pipes
Beefy Feet
Bend My Circuits Baby
Bending Trancegate
Bendomatic Duo 1
Bendomatic Duo 2
Bendomatic Duo Sustain
Bendomatic Tricky
Berimbowwow Bass 1
Berimbowwow Bass 2
Beyond the Orbit
Bickering Bottom Life
Big Bad Drama Bass
Bigger Than You
Binary Bubbles
Bipolar Swings
Bit 'O Funky
Bit Crushed Club Sine
Bit o' Honey
Bit o' Honey MATCH
Black Thumb Rising
Blackhearted Crush 1
Blackhearted Crush 2
Blip Arp Sample Reduction
Blip Tripper
Blipper Octomeister
Blipper Syncomeister
Blissful Existence
Blissfully Unaware
Bodhran Tripper 1
Bodhran Tripper 2
Bodhran Tripper 3
Bolerina 1
Bolerina 2
Boreal Forest
Bossy Dreds
Bossy House
Both Wheels Beat Modeler 1
Both Wheels Beat Modeler 2
Bouncing Ball Party
Bouncing Bass Pattern
Bouncing Metal Strings Arp
Bouncing Minimalism
Bouncy Molecules
Bouncy Pluck
Brain Mismatch Arp
Brain of the Serial Killer
Brain of the Serial Maniac
Brazilian Bandpass Thipper
Breakdown Tranquilizer
Breakdown Wibbly Pad
Breaking Bad Habits
Breaking Out
Breaking The Ice
Breakout Bandwidth
Breakout Bits
Breathing Build Up
Bright Digital Urgency Arp
Browler Bass
Bubbling Analog Brew
Buenos Aires Arp
Bully Alarm
Burned Wasp Bass Arp 1
Burned Wasp Bass Arp 2
Busting Thru the Dark
Busting Thru the Grid
Buzzing Minimal Saw
Caffeine Overdose
Calling to the Industrialist
Came in like an LFO
Carillon Timbre Shifter
Carousel Dreams
Cascading Lights
Casio Cascades
Casio Piano Looper
Casiotronic Chaos
Cast Iron Pulse
Cat on the Piano
Cavern Expedition
Cavorting with Minors
Ceramic Skin Mallets
Cerebral Cortex Groove
Champagne Dreams
Chaos Bowls 1
Chaos Bowls 2
Chaos Bowls 3
Chaos Bowls 4
Chaos Bowls 5
Chaos Bowls 6
Chaos Celeste
Chaos in the Commodore
Chaotic Arcade
Chaotic Strumming Cue
Charango Groover
Chase The Flute
Chase through Chinatown
Chasing the Evil
Cheerfully Crushed Vibes 1
Cheerfully Crushed Vibes 2
Cheese Hyperspace Future Arp
Chest Press Wobble
Children of Time Arp
Chilling JP-8000 Gated Pad
Chime Paradox
China's Rising Tides
Chinese Checkers
Chinese Mellotron
Chip Seq 1
Chip Seq 2
Chip Seq 3
Cholesterol Levels are Fine
Chordal Ticking Trance
Chuckling Melodica
Chunkometrics 1
Chunkometrics 2
Cinematic Chugger
Cinematic Noise Ladder
Cineperc 1
Cineperc 2
Circadian Groove
Circuitbass 1
Circuitbass 2
Circuitrix 1
Circuitrix 2
Circular Reasoning
Circus Nightmare
City Slumbers
Clandestine Bombers
Claroscuro 1
Claroscuro 2
Classic Oberheim Pluck Arp
Cleansing Dance
Clever Girl
Clever Hat Beat
Clicky Sines 1
Clicky Sines 2
Clipped Sine Wobbler
Clocking the Timeshift
Clocks Whistling in the Wind
Cloned Organisms
Club Chaos 1
Club Chaos 2
Club Europa Groove
Clubbing Children Choir Grv
Clubbing Voices 1
Clubbing Voices 2
Clubbing Voices 3
Cobalt Droid
Coffee Can Arp
Colours of Light
Comper 3-Pole
Complaining Growl
Components of Darkness
Concealed Identity
Conitnuum Prophet Clicks
Controlled Anxiety
Converging Galaxies
Corrosive Influence Bass
Cosmic Bass and Filters Groove
Countdown Anxiety
Coursing through Veins
CPU Counter
Crackle Back Bass 1
Crackle Back Bass 2
Crackle Back Shellac 1
Crackle Back Shellac 2
Crackle Track 1
Crackle Track 2
Crackle Track 3
Cramming the Upbeater
Critical Pulsations
Cross Beat Breakdown
Cross Beat Flangestep
Cross Beat Kicker
Cross Beat Overdriver
Cross Beat
Crushback 1
Crushback 2
Crushed Choirama
Crushed HPF Sweep
Crushed Minimal Glitch
Crushed Upbeater
Crying out in the Darkness
Crystalline Pong Arp 1
Crystalline Pong Arp 2
Cubist Rhythms
Cyborian Ecstasy
Cycle of Grace 1
Cycle of Grace 2
Damage Limitation
Dance Floor Scream
Dances with Distance
Dancing Bells
Dancing Boy Factory
Dancing Cedars
Dancing Galaxies
Dancing in the Backdraft
Dancing Microchips
Dancing Molecules
Dancing Popcorn
Dancing Resologue
Dancing Talkbox Pain
Dancing Vox Molecules
Dancing Vox Shrinkwrap
Dark Ceremony 1
Dark Ceremony 2
Dark Ceremony Striker 1
Dark Ceremony Striker 2
Dark Circuits
Dark Day for Renée
Dark Railway Perc
Dark Side March
Dark Space Pluckers
Death Breath
Decimated Memories Arp
Deep Detuner Wooble
Deep Junkyard
Deep Pulsing M'bira
Deep Undercover Syncronization
Deeply Disturbed woBBass
DEEPM - Aggressive Bend
DEEPM - Churning Away
DEEPM - Element of Surprise
DEEPM - German TB
DEEPM - Japanese Warmth
DEEPM - Plukopations
DEEPM - Stairs Up PWM
DEEPM - Surprising Steps
DEEPM - Uncertainty
Deepwood Sniper
Deflector Shield Pulse
Deluded Orbit
Delusional State
Denmark Mood Pad
Denmark Noise Groove Sweep
Denmark Ratty Morse
Departure Lounge Groove
Deranged Fatman 1
Deranged Fatman 2
Destroy the Eraserhead
Destroy the Fuzzy Tubes
Devine Inspiration BBC
Devine Inspiration Juice
Devine Inspiration Saw2th
Devine Inspiration Sizzle
Diabolique Deep
Diabolique Edge
Diamond Sky
Digi Buzzer 1
Digi Buzzer 2
Digital Plasticity
Digital Techno Pulse Arp
Dipthong Clicker
Dipthong Groove
Dirt Monger
Dirty Wobbler
Disintegrating Chambers
Disorientation Chase
Displaced Dotted Quarters
Displaced Plucker
Dissolving Capsules
Distant Blipper
Distant Blips
Distorted Acid Synth
Distorted Triangle Drops
Diva Beat Rogue Depth
Diverbeat Ultraclap
Divide and Conquer
DMX Companion
Do the dishes
Don't Call My Name
Doots Till Dawn
Drama Choir Sparks
Dreambira Arp
Dreaming of Airborne Chimes
Drilling Down Deep
Drilling the Sickness
Drive Me Down
Driving Supersaw
Droid Mystery 1
Droid Mystery 2
Droid Redemption
Drops of Copper Arp
Drops of Glass Arp
Drops of Honey
Drumming Inside the Piano
Drumming on the Soundboard
DSX SPX-90 Tricks
Dual Destinies
Dubstep Marimbula
Dumbek Tripper 1
Dumbek Tripper 2
Dynamic Crystal Gamelan Arp
Early Computer Daze 1
Early Computer Daze 2
Early Mod Enveloper
Ebow Droplets
Ebowed Piano Groove 1
Ebowed Piano Groove 2
Echo Regeneration Vox 1
Echo Regeneration Vox 2
Echoes of a Classic Era
Echoes of Disturbance
Echoes of Lightbulbs
Echoes of Resonance
Edge of the Knife
EDM Trumpet
Eight Millimetre
Eight-bit Game Combo 1
Eight-bit Game Combo 2
Electric Ascension
Electric Asian Fireflies
Electric Run
Electric Sitar Ostinato
Electric Tiny Fireflies
Electrified Tesla Groove 1
Electrified Tesla Groove 2
Electro Ebow 1
Electro Ebow 2
Electro Gate Lead
Electro Murmur
Electro Organic Drum Machine 1
Electro Organic Drum Machine 2
Electro Shaker Swing
Electro Sixteenths 1
Electro Sixteenths 2
Electro Spasms
Electrocinema Break
Electrocinema Echo
Electrocinema Eighths
Electrocinema Groove
Electrocinema Syncopate
Electromechanical Pulse
Electromechanical Relay 1
Electromechanical Relay 2
Electron Comp Chorder
Electronic Hambone
Electronically Cloned Sheep
Emergent Echoes
End of Days
Energy Arc Arps
Energy Booster
Energy Drink Pulse
Energy Quest
Energy Swooper
Energysweeper Arp 1
Energysweeper Arp 2
Engines of Malice
Escape from Paranoia
Escher's Dream
Escher's Staircase
Essence of Arps
Eternal Changling Evo
Eternal Changling
Eternal Vibes
Euphoric Nights
Euro Juno
Eurotrash Fandrummers
Evolution of the Quirky Boy
Exaggerated Movement
Execution Cell
Execution Hall
Execution Hour
Execution Room
Exit Wound
Experibass Combo Ostinato
Experibass Staccato Movement 1
Experibass Staccato Movement 2
Experibass Staccato Movement 3
Experibass Stickato Muted
Experibass Stickato NoteBending
Experibass Stickato
Experibass Taps in Six 1
Experibass Taps in Six 2
Exploration Station
Exposing the Secret Life
Express Sweeps
Fair and Square 1
Fair and Square 2
Falling Forward
Falling Skies
Fame MegaSynth
Fanatiques Arp
Fancified Electrovox
Fandrum in a Water Tank
Fashion District
Fast Forward Motion Groove
Fatboy Attack Arp 1
Fatboy Attack Arp 2
Fatboy Attack Arp 3
Feed that little Beast
Feed that little Creature
Fence Bass Attacks Movement 1
Fence Bass Attacks Movement 2
Feudal Pulsing
Fibanacci Sequence
Filter Sweep Build Up Arp
Filter Sweep Build Up Chord
Filtervox Molecules
Fire Ants in my Boxers
Fire Ants in my Pants
Firing Range
Fishing for Silver
Flanging the Dancers
Floating Aloft Groove
Flustered Saw Straight
Flustered Saw Triplets
Fly Orchestra plays Avant-Garde
Fly-By Looper Crush
Fly-By Looper
Flying Wasp Plucks
Flying Wings of Love
Flying Wings of Peace
FM Dancelines
FM Freezing Sines
FM Kick Sweep
FM Motion M'Bira
FM Noisebass Upbeater
Foggy Trance Pattern
Forces of Darkness
Forces of Dread
Forces of Evil
Forgotten Town
Franken Factory 1
Franken Factory 2
Frantic Dronemonkeys
Frantic Resoline 1
Frantic Resoline 2
Freezing the Bows Res
Freezing the Bows
Freezing Vinyl Pad
French RAVE-olution Groove
Frozen Bell Poles
Frozen Quasar
Fuming Fireball
Funky Alarm
Furious Filters Arp
Furious Squirrel Bass Groove
Fuzz Tones Groove
GAIA - Bandpassenger
Game Winder
Gameboyz Arp
Gamelan Meditation
Gamelan Wheel
Gated Noise Sweep 1
Gated Noise Sweep 2
Gentle Vibrato Chording 1
Gentle Vibrato Chording 2
Gently Crushing Eternity
German Fist Pump
Get Ready to Dance
Get the Juices Flowin'
Getting a Buzz
Ghost Train
Giganticus Pumpus Romanus
Giorgio Express
Givin' Luv2U
Givin' Luv2U2
Givin' Luv2U4
Glass Chains
Glass Membranophone
Glass Spark Bubbles
Glassy Expectations
Gliding Plastic Saw
Glitch-o-plex Echo Reverse 1
Glitch-o-plex Echo Reverse 2
Glitch-o-plex Echo
Glitch-o-plex Organ 1
Glitch-o-plex Organ 2
Glitch-o-plex Organ 3
Glitch-o-plex Organ 4
Glitch-o-plex Shuffler
Glitch-o-plex Spastic Organ
Glitch-o-plex Spastic Piano
Glitch-o-plex Spastic Synth
Glitching Envelopes
Glittar not Gold
Go Kart Putt Putt
Going Through a New Phase
Gramohanger Movement 1
Gramohanger Movement 2
Gravel Siren
Gravity Planet
Gravity Rush
Greasy Bazz
Greetings from India
Grey Skyline Overtones
Grey Skyline Percussive
Gridlock Edge
Gridlock Huge
Gridlock Thin
Grinding Cymbals Sequence
Grinding Mids
Gritty and Dry
Gritty Sidechain 1
Gritty Sidechain 2
Gritty Sidechain 3
Groove Enhancer
Grooving in the Skins
Grooving Metallophone
Grooving Moog Square Bass
Grooving Talking Filter
Grooving Vowels
Grooving Water Drops
Grooving Water Stream 1
Grooving Water Stream 2
GTR Taponic Ostinato
Gumby and Pokey
Gunpowder Action
Gut Strings Little Accents
Hacked Circuits 1
Hacked Circuits 2
Half-Time Atonality
Half-Time Malevolence 1
Half-Time Malevolence 2
Hammer Step Seq
Handle Me Bass Boy
Hang Gliss Rods
Hang Gliss Sugar
Happiness Inversions
Happy Campers
Happy Gaga Square
Happy Gamer
Happy Go Lucky
Happy Hihats
Happy Pluck Signal
Hard Lead Gated Seq
Hard Plastic ArpLead
Hard Wobbler
Hardstyle Kick Riffer
Harmo Clickies
Harmo Generator
Harmocentric Slo Sweep
Harmonics of the Prophet
Hash Pipes
Hats Off
Haus Vocal Toy
He Walked
Heart Arrhythmia
Heart Stabber
Heartbeat of the Orchestron
Heightened Pulse Poly
Heightened Pulse Solo
Hex Vex
Hidden Tribe
Hiding in the Icefields
HiHat Analogue 16th
Hip-Hop 909 Bass
Hold Me Close
Homecoming Cascade
Hope U Know Someone Inside
House Mid Range Groove
House of Electro Pain
How to Rock the House 101
Human HiHats
Humble and Square
Hydrogen Generated Mutations
Hype Energizer
Hyper Alert
Hyperactive Robopet
Hyperdimensional Mirror Groove
Hypnotic Filter Tapper
Hypnotic Induction
Hypnotic Minimalism Crush
Hypnotic Minimalism
Hypnotic Spiralimba
Hysteria Pulse
I've Been to Mars and It Was Packed!
Iceland Groove
IDM Bassbelch 1
IDM Bassbelch 2
If Crickets Raved
Ignited Arcophonico Movement
Illinois Smith
Imperial March Movement
Impulsatronic Arp
Impulsive Connections
In a Trance-like State
In Memorium Musicbox
In the Basement
Incandescent Shimmer
India Indigo
Indian Timekeeper 1
Indian Timekeeper 2
Industrial Countdown
Industrial Damage
Industrial Iron Fists
Industrial Tensions
Industrial Trash Machine
Infinite EuroSaws
Infrared Groove Hallucination
Inharmonic Madness
Inkjet Printer Bass
Input Your Chord Data
Inside the Bottle Complex
Inside the Bottle Simple
Intense Balaphonia
Intermittent Hearbeat Bass
Interrogation Techniques
Intervals of Bliss
Intimate Bouncing Mallets
Into Battle
Inversion Conversion
Inversion Glides
Inversion Revision
Irritant Reduction
Irritated Intervals
It's 1975 Again
It's 1976 Again
It's 1977 Again
It's 1978 Again
It's 1979 Again
It's 1980 Again
Itchy Bug
Jacked Up the Ripper
Jambalaya Jig
Jamming Scrapers in Five 1
Jamming Scrapers in Five 2
Janitorial Duties
Japanese Humanoid 1
Japanese Humanoid 2
JayPee Heaven
JDXA - Tense Times
JDXi - Duophonica
JDXi - Orange Echoes
JDXi - Power Gate
JDXi - Throbbing Acid
Joy of Sid 1
Joy of Sid 2
JP Classic Arps 1
JP Classic Arps 2
JP-8 Synced Bells Arp
JP08 - Copper Beads
JP08 - Pulsing Wide
JP8000 - Chart Pulser
JP8000 - Classic Trancegate
JP8000 - Epic Euro 16ths
JP8000 - Viva le Trance
JP8000 - Wistful Time Bandit
Juicy Lounge
Juicy Sample and Hold
Juno Octave Arp Plucker
Juno Pulsatronic Brass
Jupiter Bells
Just Square
JX-3P Meets Juicy Filter
Karplus Motion
Karplus Strong Guitar Invert
Karplus Strong Guitar Smash
Karplus Strong Guitar
Keez Pleez
Kilowatt Alarm 1
Kilowatt Alarm 2
Kinetic Noise
Kinetic Prophets
King Pong
Kiss my Acetone
Kites in the Clouds
Kites in the Sky
Kites on the Run
Klaatu Barada Nikto
KMINI - Anticipation
KMINI - Auto Pulser
KMINI - Blast Alert
KMINI - Click Bait
KMINI - Distraught Trance Tension
KMINI - Emphasis
KMINI - Indie
KMINI - Interrogation
KMINI - Melodies
KMINI - Polyrhythmic Downer
KMINI - Relentless Sixteenths
KMINI - Suspense Pulse
KPRO - Cold Storage
KrafTwerk 1
KrafTwerk 2
Krafty Noise Groove
Labyrinth for the Brain
Lady Chopper
Lallo Tension Pulse
Largo Pesante 1
Largo Pesante 2
Laser GunZ
Latitude Adjustment 1
Latitude Adjustment 2
Lazer for Les 1
Lazer for Les 2
Lazer Square Trap
Lazerface Bass
Lazy Pumper
Le Arpatronica
Left for Dead on the Moon
Life Gets Messy
Light and Perky
Light and Simple
Light Digital Crush
Light of the Night 1
Light of the Night 2
Light the Darkness
Lighter Than Air
Lil Bouncer Granular
Lil Bouncer Strat Pick
Lil Bouncer Wheel Blip Sid
Limited Bandwidth
Liquid India
Liquid Life 1
Liquid Life 2
Lit Up Like Christmas 1
Lit Up Like Christmas 2
Lite Filler
Little Bit Bent
Little Bit Buzzed 1
Little Bit Buzzed 2
Little Bit Buzzed 3
Little Bouncer
Little Clique Riser
Little Energizer
Little Personality Quirks
Long Distance Runner
Longing for Home
Longing for Love
Longing for Warmth
Loping Circles
Lounge Choir Chords
Lounge Choir Mmmspace
Lounge Groove 1
Lounge Groove 2
Love Parade
LPHAT - Chopper Ride
LPHAT - Dance With Me
LPHAT - Elementary
LPHAT - Night Cruise
LPHAT - Timesquare
Lucious Airwaves 1
Lucious Airwaves 2
Luminopiano Metals
Luminopiano Movement 1
Luminopiano Movement 2
Luminopiano Movement 3
Luminopiano Movement 4
Lurching FM Guitaret
Luxi-Crush Synth
Luxi-Crush Throat
Machine Gun Spitoon
Machine Gun Trance
Machine HipsterZ
Machine Learning
Machine of Malice
Machine of Stress
Machine Shaker 16ths
Mad Bull Percussive Sequence
Mad Bull ResoCrush Sequence
Mad Bull Tonal Sequence
Mad Wow
Maddening Zapper
Magma Chaos Gate 1
Magma Chaos Gate 2
Magnetic Aura
Mainframe Triplet Pluck 1
Mainframe Triplet Pluck 2
Malabass Bouncer
Maladjustments 1
Maladjustments 2
Man At The Pump
Marching Toys
Marking the Rhythm
Massive Oscillators Arp
Massive Trance Station Arp
Master of Disaster
Masters Old Bow
Maximal Sinecrush
Mazz the Spazz
Mazz Throaters
Megalomaniacal Groove
Melchizedek 1
Melchizedek 2
Melchizedek 3
Membrane Builder
Mental Throbber 1
Mental Throbber 2
Metal Heart Altoid 1
Metal Heart Altoid 2
Metal To the Pedal
Metropolitan Minimalism
Micro Sources Arp
Micro Toy Botz
Microchip Hoedown
Microglitch 1
Microglitch 2
Micronoise Clicker 1
Micronoise Clicker 2
Mid Range Echoes
Midnight Clubland
Midnite Xpress Lane
Miley's Virus
Mind over Metal
Mini Hydroworks Looper
Minimal Buzz
Minimal Luminescence
Minimal Sinecrush
Minimalsitic Filterfunk 1
Minimalsitic Filterfunk 2
Minty Bells
Mirror Puffs
Mixo Meditation
Modding the SID Chips
Modern Prophecy 303
Modular Crush
Modular Gamelans Far
Modular Gamelans Near
Modular Harmonic Delays
Modular Sequenzer
Modular Square Drops
Modular Trance Crickets
Monopolyphonic Sea Dive
Monster Movie
Moody Greens
Moonbase Arp
MOPHO - Reso Ramper
Morphionic Dance
Morse Chill
Moving Skin
MS20 - Raw Power
MS20 - Task Force
MS2000 - Mental Uncertainty
Muscle Juno Pump
Musicbox Beat
Mutating M'Biras
Muted Expectations
Muy Guapo
My Altered Senses 1
My Altered Senses 2
My Density
My Little Guitar Stroke
Nails In Your Eyes
Name Check
Nasty Business
Nasty Sample and Hold Faker
Nasty Sonic Aggresso Groove
NCMS - Back Me Up
NCMS - Plucky Pulse
NCMS - Portal of Wonder
NCMS - Sweet Beef
Neural Toxin
New World Order
Night Skies in the City
Nippon Planetary Love
Nitrous Bass
NLEAD - Fakereverbarp
NLEAD - Lost in the Arcade
NLEAD - Shredded Counter
No Remorse in Space
Noise Choker 1
Noise Choker 2
Noise Prophets
Noise Sweeper Reduction
Noisegate Bender
Noisepulse Toothbrush
Noisy Contest Groove
Noisy Growl
NSA Surveillance
OB6 - Banding Side by Side
OB6 - Brassy Puffer
OB6 - Eight Times Eight
OB6 - Electron Spice
OB6 - Fingerplucking
OB6 - Flutey Puffer
OB6 - French Cinema
OB6 - Logarithm
OB6 - Manned Flight
OB6 - Pounding Wet Pavement
OB6 - Pulsation Sweepers
OB6 - Time Will Tell
Obscured Echo
Octomeister Bass
Odd Chip Bell Sequence
Ode to Mr Newman Arp
Offbeat Bass
Offbeat TranceChords
Oh I see
Oh Wow Wobbler 1
Oh Wow Wobbler 2
Oh Wow Wobbler 3
Old Habits
Old is New Again
One Layer Bombast
Operative Code Arp
Optigan Marimba in Space
Optigan Marimba Starship
Orange Lounge Groove
Orbital Delusions
Orchestral Cylinder
Orchestron Cello groove 1
Orchestron Cello groove 2
Orchestronic Trance
Orchestronica Cellios
Organ Beatmap
Organafizz 1
Organafizz 2
Organafizz 3
Organic Blacksmith
Organic Energy
Organic Minimalism
Organized Pulsations
OSCar 1
OSCar 2
OSCar 3
OSCar 4
Oslo Trip
Our Cover Is Blown
Overboil 909
Overdriven Beep
Overheated Tank
Overstimulated Bass
Pad Pulsars 12db
Panic Mode
Panic Rocker
Paper Pulser Bass
Paraphonic Trance 1
Paraphonic Trance 2
Paraphonic Trance 3
Party Animal Lead
Pattern of Reflection
Pax Groove 1
Pax Groove 2
Peace Pulse Pad
PEAK - Azerbaijan
PEAK - Cinemotion
PEAK - Performance
PEAK - Sunny Day Simulation
Percussive Luminopiano 1
Percussive Luminopiano 2
Percussive Luminopiano 3
Perfect Structures of Crystals
Perk-o-lator Rhumba
Perky Kids
Perky Plucks
Persecution Bass
Persistent Accenter
Persistent Beating 1
Persistent Beating 2
Persistent Sixteenths
Phasey Club Synth
Phillip's Glass Staccato Soprano
Phlutterphase Hang
Piercing Pulse
Piercing the Skies
Pincher Pulse
Pinging Farfisa
Pinging Tonewheels Hit
Pinging Tonewheels
Pink Martini I
Pink Martini II
Pink Martini III
Pink Martini IV
Pink Noise Percussionist
Pipe Organ Pluck Arp
Pitch Rippin'
Planning the Demise
Planning the Revenge
Plastic Boy
Plastic Cat of the Plastic Boy
Plastic Chime Pluck Arp
Plastic Ninja
Plastico Lead Arps
Plasto303 Arp
Play 4 Note Chord
Pluck and Play 1
Pluck and Play 2
Pluck Up
Plucked Dream Piano Arp
Plucker Machine
Plucking Octaves
Plucking Pulses
Plucking the Musicbox Arp
Plucks in Three
Plucky Pipes are Dancing
Poly Pluckers
Pop Drop
Pop Drops
Pop Staples Pulse
Pop Syncopluck
Pop Tail Pumper
Pop Trance Phaser
Pop Upbeaterz
Poppie Pluckers
Positive Reactions Arp
Positronic Pulsations
Postmodern M'Birascura
Power Filter Sweep 1
Power Filter Sweep 2
Power Juno Rhythm
Power Pop Poly Pulser
Power Pop Trash
Power Throaty Sweep
PR12 - Good Day
PR12 - Harm Onica
PR12 - Nine Inches Deep
PR12 - Nine Inches Wide
PR12 - Unsafe Spaces
PR12 - Waltzing
PR12 - Ziplines
Preparing for the Pain
Preparing for the Worst
Preperation Sticks
Pressurized Pulse
PRO2 - Chaotic Cascade
PRO2 - Noisy VHS Saws Arp
PRO2 - Stairs of Destiny 1
PRO2 - Stairs of Destiny 2
PRO2 - Swing for the Fences
PRO6 - Delorean Disco
PRO6 - Steddee Smakker
PRO6 - Zigzag Driver
PRO8 - 1978
PRO8 - 1979
PRO8 - Fueling the Tension
PRO8 - Pac Boy
Prophesy Energy Arp
PROX - Hiding the Elephant
PSS Swing Drummer
PSS Tripletesque Drummer
Psycho Gamer
Pulminary Artery
Pulsating Interlude Lead
Pulsating Techno Interlude 1
Pulsating Techno Interlude 2
Pulsating Tuned Noise
Pulsating Voices
Pulsation Station
Pulsatronic Lead Arp
Pulsatronic Sweep
Pulse Carrier
Pulse of Bass Reduction
Pulse of the Synthetic Voices 1
Pulse of the Synthetic Voices 2
Pulsing Air Trance
Pulsing Airvox 1
Pulsing Airvox 2
Pulsing Nasties
Pulsing Resonance
Pumping Energizers
Pumping Pads
Pumping Phasey Pads
Pumping Sawstrings
Purdy Chaos
Purple Dreams
Purple Sky
Quantized Wind
Quirky Agitated Saw Pattern
Quirky Boy Pulse
Quirky Child
Quirky Dancer
Quirky Moves
Quivvering Square
Race against the Burn
RADIAS - Aggression Ramps
RADIAS - Andre the Giant
RADIAS - Brutalis
RADIAS - Chubby Dancer
RADIAS - Duophonic Resoramps
RADIAS - Heart Spasm
RADIAS - Hungry Man
RADIAS - Love Parade Hi
RADIAS - Love Parade Lo
RADIAS - Noise Groover
RADIAS - Taptoes
RADIAS - Technophobe
RADIAS - Technophonics
Radio Edit ArpChords
Radio Pulse Transmitter
Radio VL Groove
Radioactive Isotope 1
Radioactive Isotope 2
Raining on Replicants
Rampy Ruby
Random Acts 1
Random Acts 2
Random Tine Drops 1
Random Tine Drops 2
Random Vocal FX Drone
Rasputin Wobbler
Ratcheting Up the Pain
Rave of the Buzzards
Rave of the Buzzheads
Rave of the Flies
Raves 2001
Raving Boy
Raving in the Estuary 1
Raving in the Estuary 2
Raving in the Estuary 3
Raving Lunatic
Razorface Bass
Reaching the Breaking Point
Reanimators 1
Reanimators 2
Rectified Pump
Rectifier Reaction 1
Rectifier Reaction 2
Recurring Dream Sequence
Recurring Fears
Red Bull Saw Arp
Reduced Shaker Samba
Reduced Wobbler
Reduction Noise 16ths
Reduction of the Lama
Redwood Messaging 1
Redwood Messaging 2
Reflective Nylon Guitar
Relentless Popper
Reloaded Bass Pattern
Renaissance Traveler
Repeat Offender
Repeater Bass
Repeater Dream Piano Clickarps
Repeater Dream Piano
Reso Fuzz Echoes
Resonation 1
Resonation 2
Resonation Cycles
Retro Dancing Mallets
Retro Dancing Plucker
Retro Riffer
Retrograde Looper 1
Retrograde Looper 2
Retrospective Piano Arpeggio
Return of the Dancing Boy 1
Return of the Dancing Boy 2
Return of the Traceboy
REV2 - Bouncy Balls
REV2 - Classic 1970 16ths
REV2 - Dancing Night Train
REV2 - Driven Mad
REV2 - Homesick in Berlin
REV2 - Hyperventilated Saw
REV2 - Meteor Shower
REV2 - Midnight Clubland
REV2 - Midnight Snack
REV2 - Personal Echo Chambers
REV2 - Removed Mind
REV2 - Secret Subdivisions
REV2 - Speleothemic Dungeon
REV2 - Strumming Cables
REV2 - Summer Stroll
REV2 - Tension Builder
REV2 - Thought Process
REV2 - Unsettling Faucet
REV2 - Walk With Caution
Reversal of the Supersaws
Reverse Forward
Reversing the Trend
Reverskater Noise Sweep
Revisiting the Early Years 1
Revisiting the Early Years 2
Rhythm of a Fandrum
Rhythmic Human Sea Waves
Rhythmic Pop Female Voices
Rhythmic Structures
Ricochet Noise
Riding the Storm
Rise of the Supersaw
Road to Kinshasa
Robo Breaker
Robodrum Fun
Robodrum Wire 1
Robodrum Wire 2
Robodrum Wiredancer
Roboscratch Funk
Robot Throb
Robotic Actuator
Robotic Reduction
Roboto Arp
Rolling Hangdrum Accel
Rotating Dopplerhead
Rubber Cords Movement 1
Rubber Cords Movement 2
Rude Sine Tickler
Rude Tickler
Run Them Down
Running Scissors
Ruptured Glitches
Rusty Oil Can Bows in Seven
Sample and Hold Me
Satellite Radio
Satuloop Redux
Sauvignon Blanc
Saws of Simplicity
Scattering Thought Flowers
Science Class
Screaming Combers
Screeching Halt 1
Screeching Halt 2
SE02 - Rotor Torture 1
SE02 - Rotor Torture 2
Sensory Overblow
Seq to Scream
Sequence Interception
SETI Machine Wheel
SH01A - Broken Glasses Chase
SH01A - Cajun Brushes
SH01A - Cricket Bubble Ruff
SH01A - Glassy Perc Groove
SH01A - Legend Saw Arp
SH01A - My Burbler Bass
SH201 - Uncontained Rage
Shaking the Noise
Shark's Bite
Shattered Glass Doors
Shing and Bling
Shock to the System
Show Your Teeth
SID 303 EP
SID Beat Confident
SID Rough Beat
Sid's Brother in Law
Sid's Latest Riff
Sidechain Gain
Sidechain Verb Lead
Sidechained Bass Drive
Sidechained Trance
Signal Interference
Silly Tune from the Barn
Simple Moog Arp
Simple Trance Phased Eights
Sine Clickies 1
Sine Clickies 2
Sine Grain Delayz
Sine Reduction Perc
Sine Wave Groove Drops
Sines of Digitalism
Sines of the Millenium
SK-1 Auto Pilot
Skinny Chicks
Skip the Raging Swinger
Skipping Across the Radio
Sky Runner
Sloppy ElectroFunk
Smoked Synth Bass Groove 1
Smoked Synth Bass Groove 2
Smoked Synth Bass Groove 3
Sneaking into the Club
Sneaky Magma
Snipping the Mayhem
Solo on the Dance Floor
Sonic Highway Jam
Sonic Highway Trance
Space Cat of the Space Boy
Space Distress
Spaceship of the Plastic Boy
Spacey Sine Arps
Spasm Boy
Spectral Muck
SPHAT - Dub Circus
SPHAT - Heist Bass
SPHAT - Induction Wobble
SPHAT - Marching Orders
SPHAT - Neural Toxin
SPHAT - Persistent UPbeat
SPHAT - Pluck Wob Glider
SPHAT - Pulsing Low End
SPHAT - Scream then Seethe
SPHAT - Simply Ostinato
SPHAT - Urgency
SPHAT - Wobble Iron
SPHAT - Wobbledy Wobbledy
Spike's Basement Dance
Spinning in Reverse Looper
Spirit of the 70s
Spoiled Triplets
Square Blippy Arp
Square Reducer Bass
Squared Poppies
Squared Rollers
Squares in Distress 1
Squares in Distress 2
Squares Inside a Squared Box
Squeege Shaperz
Stage Rusher
Starcycle Boogie
Stars in My Tide Pool
State of Confusion
Steady Flow Bass in Six
Steady Flow Bass
Steady Growler
Steam Pipe Groove 1
Steam Pipe Groove 2
Steamed and Burned Bass
Step Vowels
Step-phaser String Machine 1
Step-phaser String Machine 2
Stepmeister Complex
Stepmeister Ringer
Stepmeister Simple
Steps of 8ths
Steps of Eternity 1
Steps of Eternity 2
Steps of Intensity 1
Steps of Intensity 2
Steps of Urgency 1
Steps of Urgency 2
Stockholm Trip
Stone Arps
Storm Catcher
Strained Plucker
Strategy Elements
Strategy Evaluation
Strategy Execution
Stress Disorders
Striking Bows with Hands
Striking Bows with Stick
String Machine Master Arp
Stringo Dingo
Strong Acid Reflux
Strum of Uneasiness
Stutter Crush
Stuttering Music Box
Stylophone Glide-O-phonic
Sub Process 1
Sub Process 2
SUB37 - Are We in Sync?
SUB37 - Barbados
SUB37 - Driptective
SUB37 - Droid Boy
SUB37 - Electronic Surveillance
SUB37 - Name 3 Times Arp
SUB37 - Outta Sync
SUB37 - Pending Doom
SUB37 - Sci Fi Arp
SUB37 - Trills and Thrills
SUB37 - Voodoo or Voodon't
SUB37 - Zplane Alarmist
Submarine Breach
Subterfuge Dance
Sucking Syncbots
Sugarlimba FM Arp
Sugarlimba Groove
Sultan of Stab
Summertime Chords
Sunrise Fisheries
Super Juicebox Arpies
Super Mario Circuitbender Groove
Super Mario is my Cousin
Supergate Juno
Supersaw Crush
Supersawwwww ArpLead
Surfs Up Dude
Surveillance Society
Swagger Sidechainer
Swagger Wobbler
Swaggering Around
Swarm Hit
Sweet Beef
Sweet Sixteenths
Swingin' Blipper
Swingin' Mr Buchla
Switching Decks
Swoop dee-doo 1
Swoop dee-doo 2
Symmetric Pulsation
Symphony of Pulsing Harmonia
Syncopated Blippers
Syncopated Yogi
Syncropated Sines
Synthetic Anxiety
Synthetic Juice Alarm
Synthetic Juice Funk
Synthetic Reaction
Synthwave Ballad
SYST1 - Attitudinal
SYST1 - Blue Origins
SYST1 - Duckbilled
SYST1 - Lozenges
SYST1 - Sucking Air Bass
SYST1 - Sucking at Life
SYST1 - Suction Triplets
SYST8 - Age of Clarity
SYST8 - Alert
SYST8 - Anthem Pump
SYST8 - Bending Pulse
SYST8 - Electric Wobble
SYST8 - Electricity
SYST8 - Electrostatic Beans
SYST8 - Green Giant
SYST8 - Leafy Greens
SYST8 - Pacemaker
System of an Upbeat
Talking Filter Groove
Tank Bass
Tap Out
Tapping Guitarbots
Tapping Tines Arp
TB Killerz
Tech Alert Alarm
Tech Alert Warning
Teknik Bombastic
Tempo Control Kaleidoscope 1
Tempo Control Kaleidoscope 2
Tempo Shaped Darkness
Tempo Synced Laser
Tension Tines
Tesla Coil Arp 1
Tesla Coil Arp 2
Tesla's Arclight
Tesla's Insistence
Teutonic Influence
The Aerophonic Steps
The Altered Sleep Cycle 1
The Altered Sleep Cycle 2
The Altered Sleep Cycle 3
The Altered Sleep Cycle 4
The Big Nasty
The Biggietron
The Descent of Vinyl
The Formant Wheel
The Foundry
The Hunted
The Odd Boy Dances
The Old School Trance
The Pursuit
Theory of Groove
Theory of Simple Complexity
Theremin at the Disco
Thick and Thin
Thinly Crushed Pad
Thousand Hands in the Air
Thrashed Tickler
Three-Pole Rhythm Love Pad
Throat Singer Syncorama
Thruster Force
Tibetan Meditation
Tick Tock Trance
Tickle the Icicles
Time Capsules
Time For Haus
Time Jumper II
Time Jumper
Time of Our Lives
Timekeeper Rebound
Tine Pulsation
Tiny Virus
Tireless Squares
Tommy Pluck Arp
Tonal Metallics
Tornado Percussive Sequence
Tornado Tonal Sequence
Tortured Saw
Tour De Click
Toxic Code
TR-909 Snare Roll
Trance Child
Trance Comber 1
Trance Comber 2
Trance Dyno-Arps 1
Trance Dyno-Arps 2
Trance Dyno-Arps 3
Trance Dyno-Arps 4
Trance Magma GT
Trance Pattern Morph
Tranceformation Masters
Tranquil Ending
Trap Screech
Trapping by Accident
Tribal Grains
Trip Tone Trance
Triple Casioplets 1
Triple Casioplets 2
Triplet Bass Wobble 1
Triplet Bass Wobble 2
Triplet Bass Wobble 3
Triplet Chill
Triplet Wobbler
Troubled Heart
Troubled Mind
TSB Groover
Tuvan Dance 1
Tuvan Dance 2
Tuvan Dance 3
Tuvan Orchestra
Tweaking and Twerking
Tweezy Kid Wobba
Tweezy Kid
Two AM at The Beach Hit
Uber Bendomatic 1
Uber Bendomatic 2
Ubersolina Trancephase Bright
Ubersolina Trancephase Warm
UK Underground Synth
Ultraviolet Groove Hallucination
Under Attack Siren
Undercover Operation
Undercurrent on Cloud 9
Underfed 1
Underfed 2
Underground Freeze 1
Underground Freeze 2
Understated String Pulse
Underworld Pipeline 1
Underworld Pipeline 2
Underworld Pipeline 3
Universalia Majora
Universalia Minora
Unpredictable Sweeper
Unreliable Narrator
Unstable and Loving It
Up Jacked
Upbeat Badass 5ths
Upbeat Voices
Upbeating Juno Strings
Upbeating Supersaw
Upscale Junos
Valve Oscillator Build
Vandalized Moog Echoes
VelocoTrap Hats
Vertigen Res
Vertigen Shake
Vertigen Sweep
Vicious Aggresitronic
Vindictive Rage
Vintage Analog Arps
Vintage Electro Drum 1
Vintage Electro Drum 2
Vintage Electro Drum 3
Vinyl Sample and Hold
Vinyl Toy Bells
Violent Dumbek
Violent Energy
Viral Organafifth
Viral Upbeater
Viral Urgency
VIRUS - Grinder
Virus Pulsations
Visual Groove
Visual Vortex
VL Groove
VL-Tone Mod
Vocal Sync Ornaments 1
Vocal Sync Ornaments 2
Vocoder Crush
Voltage Dreams of a Robot Arp
Voodoo Bits 1
Voodoo Bits 2
VYGR - Analog Ramps
VYGR - Parallel Filters Pulse 1
VYGR - Parallel Filters Pulse 2
VYGR - Stutter Butter Cutter
VYGR - Waves Approaching
Waiting for the Horizon
Waiting for the Peak
Wakandan War Rhino
Walk of Fame
Wandering Mind
Warble Fly
Warm Saws in the Dance Floor
Warmth of the Heart
Washing Wheel
Wasp Catcher
Waspy Octave Plucker
Water Lilies
Waterchime Lullaby
Watery Gamelan Spreader
Waveshaped Nights
Wavetable Dancer
Wavetable Wobbler 1
Wavetable Wobbler 2
Wavetable World 1
Wavetable World 2
Wavetable World 3
Weaponized Insects
Weathered Strummin
Whack Chaos Bending
Wheel of Richness
Wheel Up to My Jumper
Whining Glider
Whining Pulse
Whistleko Arp
White Morpheus
Whoofie Whowie Whobble
Wide Grinder
Wiggling Bowl Arp
Wind Groove
Wobble 'O matic
Wobble Aggressor
Wobble Feeders
Wobble Planet
Wobble Vowels
Wonderland Interruptus
Wood Key Ostinabula
Wood Rods Percussion
Workin' the Synthetic Organic
Workin' the Synthetic
Workstation Fugitive
Zplane Alarmist

- 265 Patches

Age Nouveau Bells
Air Chunk
Air Plink Musicbox
Ambient Cathedral Drops
Anabell Pipes
Analog Chimes
Analog Synced Bells
Anapluck Bellz
Anvil Belltones
Anvil Chimes
Anvil Strike
Astral Music Box
Astral Visions Gamelaphone
Astral Visions Musicbox
Attack Shimmer
Beads in the Bowls
Bell of the Apocalypse
Bell of Unlikely Harmonics
Bell Synergies
Bending Indonesia
Big Additive Keys 1
Big Additive Keys 2
Big Additive Keys 3
Bowls Doppler Warm
Bowls Shimmerswipe 1
Bowls Shimmerswipe 2
Bowls Softglide
Carillion Reality - f
Carillion Reality - p
Carillion Reality ^
Carlos Bellsaws
Cathedral Carillon
Celes Bells
Chaotic Fingerbells
Chaotic Glock
Chaotic Vibes
Cheese Bells
Childish Noisebell
Chime City
Chimus Filter
Chinese Wisdom
Christmas Layers
Church Bells
Church Bowls
Circuit Chimeland 1
Circuit Chimeland 2
Clangorous Dreams
Classic Super Bells
Coiling Zim'bira 1
Coiling Zim'bira 2
Coiling Zim'bira 3
Crystal Musicbox
CS-80 Sine Bells
D50 - I Remember the Eighties
D50 - Bell Chorale
D50 - Classic Staccato Heaven
D50 - Fantasia Chorale Mms
D50 - Glass Bells in Space
Dead Ringer
Death Toll
Delish Bells
Dimensional Vibralimba
Distant Holiday Dreams
Dripping Glide Bell High
Dripping Glide Bell Low
Drops of Copper
Drops of Glass
Dynamic Bowls Warm Rattle
Dynamic Crystal Gamelan
Dynamic Sprinklers
Earthbound Spirits Bell
Eighties Bells
Eurosphere 1
Eurosphere 2
Experimental Thought
Expressive Stringbowls
Fairy Tale Bells
Fizz Bells
Frozen Dream
Frozen Icebells
Frozen Rings
GAIA - Hybrid Pluck
GAIA - Pluckarama
Gamelan Drops
Gamelan Tremolo Shimmer
Gamma LAN Gong
Gary's Analog Bells
Gentle Vibrato Bellverb
Giant Bellz
Giant Indonesian Bell
Glass Butterflies
Glass Continental Vox
Glass Dragonflies
Glass Music Box
Glass Picked Boys Choir
Glass Picking
Glass Vibes
Glass Vibraphone
Glass Xylophone
Glassbell Voxpad
Glistening Drops of Platinum
Glock Urbana
Glockendream Reverse Delay
Glockenspiel Dry
Glockenspiel Natural Ambience
Glockenspiel Staccato Vocals
Glockenspiel Women Oos
Granular Bella
Granular Electric M'Bira
Grim Reaper
Gritty Bellz
Guitar Chimes
Harmonic Air Hit
Her Simple Dreams
High Priestess
Ice Glockenspiel
In Memorium 1
In Memorium 2
Indonesian Metallophone
Innocence Bells
Inside the Grandfather Clock
Intimate Glass Music Box
Intimate Music Box
JP Seq Bells
JP Vibrasine Bells
JP08 - Cross Mod Bells
JP08 - Mystery Bellz
JU06 - DCO Chorus Bells
JU06 - Octave Square Bells
JUNO - Synth Bellz Sub
JUNO - Synth Bellz
JUNO - Vintage 1985
JUNO - Vintage Hollowpoint
Jupiter Octabells
JX03 - Defective Bells
JX03 - Detuney Squares
JX03 - Eighties Bells
JX03 - Frozen Dissonant Crystal
JX03 - Soft Sines
KPRO - Dreamies
KPRO - Plucktables
Large Music Box
Lead VibraBell
Lightbulb in a Bowl
Love Chimes
Love Triangle Bells
Luminosonic Lightbulbs
Metal Dust Bell
MKS80 - Eighties Hollow
MKS80 - FMish Bell
MKS80 - Luxurious Bell
MKS80 - Tranquility Bell
MOPHO - Noizee Bellz Mono
MOPHO - Noizee Bellz Stereo
Morphing Belltower
Morphing Mallets
MS2000 - Old School Bells
Music Box + School Mallets
Music Box Guitaret
Music Box Resonances
Musicbox Symphony
Mystical Carillion
Nautical Bellswirl
NBS2 - Lullabyebye
Nightflight Aftermath
Nightlight Aftermath
Nite-nite Bells
NLEAD - Bells Cold
NLEAD - Bells of Lament
NLEAD - Bells Warm
NLEAD - Spitty Bells
Noise Bells
OB6 - Ornaments
OB6 - Zapped and Microwaved
Octabell Lead
Odd Chip Bells
Oiltank Glockenspiel
Oiltank Musicbox
Omniboard Bells
Omnisphere Fantasia
Organic Bells 1
Organic Bells 2
Organic Orbit
Otherworldly Toy Piano
PEAK - Deckard + Rachel 1
PEAK - Deckard + Rachel 2
PEAK - Glass Forests
PEAK - Sorceror's Tone
Perfect Cue Bell Sparkle
Pesky Red
Plastic Chime Pluck
Plucked Airbell
Plucked Melodizer
Pop Drops Pluck
Positive Analog
PR12 - Jacked Bells
PR12 - VS Love
PRO2 - Characteristix
PRO6 - Defined Vibrapluck
PRO8 - DSI Belltower
Pure in Spirit
Purewave Bells
REFACE - Dusty Sines
Resonant Glockenspiel
Resonata Bell
Resonator Glocken
REV2 - Chimes of Oblivion
Reverse Bowl Resonation
Rexus Bells
Rheostatic Music Box
Santa's Pocket Bells
Simple Glassian
SLEDG - Plantain Bell
SLEDG - Yellow Belly
SLEDG - Yellow Magic
Sodastream Bells
Spaceland OctoBlippie
Spinner Clock Bells
Spinning the Waterchimes
Squared Poppies Pluck
Squaretable Bells
Starfield Pianobells
Steam Sines
Stretching Glass Bells
Surprise Bowls
Swirling Additive Bells
Syncrobellz Brite
Syncrobellz Warm
Syncrobellz Wide
SYST8 - Tubular Bellz
Tea Garden Bells
Tea Garden Doppler Bells
Temple's Secret Mallet
The Mighty VS
Thin DSP Melodist
Tibetan Bowls in Motion
Tibetan Sforzando
Tibetan Singing Bowls Superball
Titanium Chimes
Toy Celeste for Small Birds
Vector Bellkeyz Fifth
Vectorized 5th Bells
Vox Bowls
VS Bells
VYGR - Water Stars
Warm Glockendream Bells
Water Bowls
Water Celeste
Water Gamelan
Wendy's Bells
Whistle Through Shards
Whistlers Bells
Wiggling Reversing Bowl
Workstation Bell

- 126 Patches

Bark Cello
Barkcello Anguish Cry
Barkcello Injured Animal
Barkcello Ripdown
Barkcello Sustain Arco
Bowed Acoustic Guitar 'EVIL note'
Bowed Acoustic Guitar + EVIL
Bowed Acoustic Guitar
Bowed Balaphones
Bowed Bicycle 1 Reverse
Bowed Bicycle 1
Bowed Bicycle 2 Reverse
Bowed Bicycle 2
Bowed Gopichand FX Bend
Bowed Gopichand
Bowed Hat
Bowed Kalimbadrum 1
Bowed Kalimbadrum 2
Bowed Kalimbadrum 3
Bowed Kalimbadrum 4
Bowed Lightbulb
Bowed Organ Pipe
Bowed Pills
Bowed Uileen Lightbulbs
Bowed Vibes
Bowing Chromium
Bowing Detuned Crystal Glasses
Bowing Indy's Hat
Bowing the Temple
Brittle Bones
Broken Cello FX Scraper Sustain
Broken Cello Ghost Arco 1
Broken Cello Ghost Arco 2
Broken Cello Haunted Arco
Bursting Aura
Buzz Evolvoscraper
Cellosaurus Baby Dino Call
Cellosaurus Dialogue
Cellosaurus Lament
Cellosaurus Long Harmonics
Cellosaurus Skin Stretching
Cellosaurus Snoring
Cellosaurus Tonal Scrape
Cellosaurus Transforming
Cellosaurus Trumpet-like
Cellosaurus Yawning
Chaotic and Wistful Thoughts
Communing with Whales 1
Communing with Whales 2
Communing with Whales 3
Communing with Whales 4
Communing with Whales 5
Crescendo of Bowing Light
Dark Ages Arco Pipes
Deep Bowing Glass
Derangement over the Piano
Disturbed Scraper Strings
Dragging Leg Irons
Drone Freeze
Drying Rack Wistful
Ebowed Gopichand 1
Ebowed Gopichand 2
Ebowed Kalimbadrum
Elastic Bowed Kalimba
Electric Toothbrush Ruby Moon
Elephant Bow Bass
Emerging Beast
Eroded Spooky Strings
Evocative Bowed String Fifths
Evocative Bowed Strings Drone
Experibass Sustain Arco Wide
Experibass Sustain Arco
Fence Bass Arco Bender
Fence Bass Overtones Bow
Fence Bass Slow Bow
Five Strings
Flying Bows
Gentle Bowed Metal Octaves
Giant Flow of Molten Metal
Glacier Bowing
Glass Harmonica
Glass Strings Sustain Arco
Hurdy Gurdyish Bowed Piano
Hurdy Gurdyish Organ
Hurdy Gurdyish Pad
Laundry Ensemble
Living in the Himalayas 1
Living in the Himalayas 2
Lonely Metals Evolution
Menacing Bowed Kalimba
Nefarious Plans Anguish
Nefarious Plans Nightmare
Nefarious Plans Screecher
Neo Rheo
Ominous Groaning
Omninous Disturbance
Open the Gate 1
Open the Gate 2
Organcello Swell
Piano Bowing Atmosphere
Piano Bowing
Primal Anguish
Primal Ripdown
Psychodelic Bowing
Return to the Middle Ages
Scary Barkcello
Scraped Cello
Scraping My Skin
Scraping Shivers Up My Spine
Scraping the Avante Garde
Scratching the Itch
Silent Harmonics Arco Sustain
Soft Glass Harmonica
Spike Fiddle
Spirits of the Railway
Staring at the Medusa
Steel Armonica
The Last Battle
Transparent Harmonics Arco
Uilleann Cello
Unknowable Dialog
Welcome to the Asylum
Wine Whistles

- 138 Patches

Aggressive Tendencies
ANDROMEDA - Slowdowner
Angry Whiplash
Bad Dreams DR
Bad Photocopy of a Super Saw
Black Coffee Burners
Blood Letting Lead
Breakin' Up
Broken Amp Lead
Bronzed Organ Grinder
Brutal Megalomaniac
Brutal Moog DR
Brutal Moog
Buzzord DR
Crank Shaft
Cranky Electric M'Bira Lead
Crushed Rawker
Crying Whammy Guitaret Lead
Distorted Magma
Electric M'Bira Finger
Electric M'Bira Pick
Feed Me
Feedback Evolutions
Ferocious Megalomaniac
Fist in the Face Bass
Flesh Eating Drill
Frippy Colorization
Frippy DR
Fuzz Crunch Guitaret
Fuzzeridoo 1
Fuzzeridoo 2
Fuzzeridoo 3
Fuzzy Love
Gusher Slides
Gushing Tuvan Fuzz
Hard STEAMed MonoPoly
Hard STEAMed Moog
Heavy Megalomaniac
Hold Me Down
Howling Fishing Line
JDXA - Animosity
JDXA - Hungry Animals
JDXA - Xcavation Site
Lovely Guitar Feedback
LPHAT - Party Distressor
Microchip Chords
Monster OctaveFuzz Bow
MS20 - Pain Everywhere!
MS2000 - Discordant Ring
MS2000 - Panic Button
Napalm Fire Bass
Nasty Business Lead 1
Nasty Business Lead 2
Nasty Sonic Aggressor Lead
NBS2 - Disasters Edge
NLEAD - Painful Breakup
NLEAD - Stormfront
NLEAD - Tumbleweeds
NSTAGE - Eternal Flames
NWAVE - Growing Violence
PEAK - Gnarles Barkley
Power Blowout
Power Hungry
PRO2 - Pure Malice 1
PRO2 - Pure Malice 2
PRO2 - Shrieking
Rad Drug 1
Rad Drug 2
Rad Drug 3
Rad Drug 4
Rad Drug Aftermath
Ravenous 1
Ravenous 2
Ravenous 3
Rebellious Thinking
REFACE - Blues Travelers
REFACE - Deserted Feedback
REFACE - Greenwood
Rock Harder
Savage Moog
Savage Tones
Screaming Wheels
SE02 - Pyramid Scheme
SE02 - Vile Thoughts
Short Angry Ninja
Shredder BZG
Shredder Head
Shredding Megalomaniac
SIRIN - Unbearable Tension
SLEDG - Boiling Bow
SLEDG - Raging Scream
SLEDG - Yellow Trapper
Snarls DR
SPHAT - Gut Mulcher
SPHAT - Meaty Pulse
Spit 1
Spit 2
Spit 3
Spit Storm BZG
Squalor Drone DR
Squalor Drone
Strumendo 1
Strumendo 2
Strumendo 3
Strumendo 4
SUB37 - Distorted Zap Bass
SUB37 - Panic Stricken
SYST8 - Duophonic Fuzz
Talkbox Pain
Tap Hound
Tribute 2 Belew
Tuvan Fuzz 1
Tuvan Fuzz 2
U S U R P FX Menu

- 114 Patches

Bandpass Noise Hit
Bit Crushed Sine Hat 1
Bit Crushed Sine Hat 2
Bit Crushed Sine Snare 1
Bit Crushed Sine Snare 2
Bit o' Glitch 1
Bit o' Glitch 2
Clap Dance
Clap Hall
Claps 808-style
Clever Hats
Clicky Blipper
Crushed Toms Cellosaurus
Darkness Noise Perc
Disco Zaps
Drumwerk Flat Snare
Drumwerk Resonthip Snare
Dry 909-style Claps
Dynamic Noise Hat
E-snare 1
E-snare 2
Eight Clappers
Electric Ballade Snare
Electro Kick
Electro Shaker Noise
Envelope Glitch Percussion 1
Envelope Glitch Percussion 2
Envelope Glitch Percussion 3
Fandrum Kick
Fandrum Perc 1
Fandrum Perc 2
Fandrum Perc 3
Fandrum Snare
Fuming Fireball Slam
Game Noise Snare 1
Game Noise Snare 2
Glass Hammer Perc
Glass Hammer Random
Glitch Oscillator Perc 1
Glitch Oscillator Perc 2
Glitch Oscillator Perc 3
Granular Tambourine
Hard Electro Kick
Hawk Hat
Hawk Snare
Headbasher Slam
Hihat Analogue
Hihat Closed
Hihat Open 1
Hihat Open 2
Hihat Open 3
Human Electro Rim
Human Electro Snare
Jive SynHats Upbeat
Jive SynKick
Jive SynSnare
Kick 808 Tuned
Kick Harder
Kick Me
Kick Particles
Kicktoms 808
Kit and Kaboodle
Massive Xplosive Clap
Micro Click 1
Micro Click 2
Micro Kick
Micro Shaker
Micro Snare
Model Kick
Model Snare
Move it Snare
Mr Buchla
Nano Glitch
Nein Und Nein
Nitrogen Drum
Noise Crash
Noise Perc Rails
Noise Rim BP
Noise Shaking
Noise Splash
Noise Stomper
Noise Sweeper Kick 1
Noise Sweeper Kick 2
Non Zero Crossing Kick 1
Non Zero Crossing Kick 2
Obese Kick
Obscured Spacekick
Pocket Drum Kit
Reduced Noise Snare
Resonant Space Click
Rim Cellosaurus
Rimclick Eko
Scratching the Juicy Wind
Shaker Cellosaurus
Sine Reduction Blip
Smack U Silly
Snare Me
Snare Noise
Soft Kick Cellosaurus
Soft Kick Reduction
Sticky Forward Kicker
Tin Snare
Tonal 808 Noise
Tonal Sine Kick
Tour De Velo Click
Velo Zappz
Velocity Electrodrums 1
Velocity Electrodrums 2
Xpress Kick
Xpress Snare

- 343 Patches

Acid Mbiras DR
Alien Lifeforms
Animated Chaos Synth
Arctic Signal 1
Arctic Signal 2
Asyncronous Unpredictability
Atonal Chaos
Attack the Massive
Bad Latitude
BBC Labs
Bending Resonating Saw
Birth of Organic Circuits
Bitter Resentments
Blip 1
Blip 2
Bob's Chop Shop
Bouncing on the Spring
Brain Anomaly 1
Brain Anomaly 2
Brain Mismatch
Breaking Up in Reno
Breakout Edge
Breakout Razor
Brewing the Analog Bubby
Buchla Hangover
Busy Little Beavers
Buzz Off!
Cable Bugs
Calliopedic Circuit Raga
Cannot Compute
Cartoon Character
Cartoon FM Boing
Cartoon RM Boing
Cast Iron Synth
Cerebral Cortex
Chaotic Glitchy Groove
Chickens in the Fuzzbox
Children of Destruction
Circadian Fuzzmatic
Circuit Bending 1
Circuit Bending 2
Circuit Bending 3
Circuit Bending 4
Circuit Bending Echoes
Circuit Bent FX
Circuitboard Meltdown
Clicky Modular Drops
Clink 'n that Girl is Gone
Control Thyself
Conversation of Sine Waves
Cougar in my Blender
CPU Battle menu
Cries of Impending Pain
Critters in the Pipes
Critters in the Shed
Crushed Particles Burst
Cubism in Space
Cyber Alarm
Cyber Cruiser
Cyber Door 1
Cyber Door 2
Cyber Door 3
Cyber Toy 1
Cyber Toy 2
Cyber Toy 3
Cyborg Relations
Dark Steps
Data Slide
Deep Delirium Bass
Deep Glitch
Despot Motors
Despot Robots
Disintegration Station
Distintegrating Piano Strings
Doctor Who
Dopamine Deficiency 1
Dopamine Deficiency 2
Downsampling the Irritants
Drillbit Cellosaurus
Dripping with Electrolites
Duty Cycle
Dying Tribbles
Echoes Edge Brassy
Echoes Edge Complex
Elastik Aliens
Electric Fireflies in the Gongs
Electrical Relays
Electro Shock
Electrocuted Aluminum
Electroshock Therapy
Evaporating Crystal Machines
Evil Circuitry 1
Evil Circuitry 2
Evil Circuitry in Space
Eye of the Hurricane Bass
Failing Bulb
Fandrum Insects
Firefly Festival
Firing Squad
Flare Virus
Flies Bending Lament
Fluorescent Buzz 1
Fluorescent Buzz 2
Fly Convention
Fried Neurons
Fry Me up Some Bacon
Fun E Farm
Fuzz Tubes
Gabriel's Flute FM Seq
Giant Mosquitos Attack
Glass Woodpecker
Glitch String FX
Glitchfield Swell 1
Glitchfield Swell 2
Glitching on the Radio
Glitchy Calmness
Gort's Visor
Granulated Lead
Gristle stuck in my Throat
Gutbusting Glitch 1
Gutbusting Glitch 2
Gutbusting Glitch 3
Half Life Atonality
Harm Mayhem
Harmonic Kaleidoscope
Heartbeat of the Mechanoids
Hunger in the Glitchfield 1
Hunger in the Glitchfield 2
Hydrogen Echo
Hypertension Wires
Inside the Electrical Panel
Inside the Throat of a Giant Insect
JDXA - Zee Eurorack Trap
JDXI - Doomed Transmission
JDXI - Posessed Speak 'n Spell
JDXI - Warp Wolf
JP08 - Single SideBand Echo
JP08 - Snazzy Canteen
Just Press the Button!
Key Up Robo Chat
KMINI - Descent Alert
KMINI - Modular Cauldron
KMINI - Psychedelix
KMINI - Space Pulse
KMINI - Station Alert
KMINI - Weeping Modular
Liquid Electro Drops
Liquid Sequencer
Little Robot with a Heart
Lo-Res Glockenmulch
Lurking in the Aphex Garden
Magic in the Water Pipes
Mazz Mod
Mean Code Gone Wild FX
Medusa Inside Your Brain
Melting Beams
Melting Plastic
Membrane Disintegration
Membrane Fragmentation
Menacing Cyborgs
Micronoise Splash
Minimal Random Glitches 1
Minimal Random Glitches 2
Minimal Random Glitches 3
Minimal Random Glitches 4
Modular Meditation
Morse Code Synthy
Moving Skin Low
Mr Putney
MS20 - Clearing my Throat
MS20 - Feel the Pain
MS20 - Holding my Sample
MS20 - I Refuse to Accept
MS20 - Old School Modularism
MS20 - Space Squirrel Calling
MS20 - Violent Digestion
MT Glitch Lab
MTAUR - Minitaur Alarmz
My Bit Crushed Brain 1
My Bit Crushed Brain 2
NBS2 - Losing Control
Neon Hum
New World Order Lead
NLEAD - ModWheel Chaos
NLEAD - Polymath
NLEAD - Rapid Future
No Self Control
OB6 - Bumpy Road
Odd Man Out
Old Frequency Scanners
Open Up Your Throat
Operator Glitch
Orange Juicing
Organic Sample and Hold
Oskar Matzerath
Overcooking the Synth
Phone Freqs
Pipe Glitch Plink 1
Pipe Glitch Plink 2
Planet Latex In Decay
Plastic Cat Lead
Prototype Fluid
Psycho Bali Hangover
Pure Moving Molecules
Quirky Modular Loop
R2-D2 on Crack
R2-D2 plays Pacman
Radiophonic Disintegration 1
Radiophonic Disintegration 2
Radiophonic Workshop
Radiotron Lead
Raging in the Estuary
Random Glitch Generator
Red Alert!
Reduced Android Sine
REFACE - Mergatroid
Renewal of the Ostinato
Repressed Urges
Resonant Nanorobotics
Resonation Boomerang Noise
Retro Video Game Rising
Retro Video Games
REV2 - Firing Neurons
Rheostatic 1
Rheostatic 2
Ricochet Cello Grains
Ripping The Old Strings
Robot Intro
Rolling in the Glitchfield 1
Rolling in the Glitchfield 2
Rolling in the Glitchfield Buzz
Rough Device
Rude Sine Synth
Scanning for Rogue Bits
Separating Molecules
SH01A - Interdimensional
SH01A - Robot Bubblebath
SH01A - Spaceship Toy
Shivering Glitches
Shredding Window Panes
Silly Robots in Space
Silver Apples of the Buchla
Silver Apples of the Moon
Sines of Reduction
SIRIN - Feedback Loop
SIRIN - Helicopter Proposal
SIRIN - Palpitations
Skinner 1
Skinner 2
Skinner 3
Skinner 4
Slomo Mayhem DR
Slomo Mayhem
Solar Granulation Glitches
Something's Coming
SPHAT - Fuzzy Cascader
Stretching the Clav DR
SUB37 - Dreaming of RCA
SUB37 - Forbidden Planet
Sudden Lamentations
Super Mario Circuitbender
Suspended Grain Bits
Swat that thing
Sweeping Isotope Mysteries
Synthetic Vegetables
SYST1 - Space Junk
SYST8 - However Many Penguins
Tcashe Hum
Tesla Coil
The Computer Age
Theory of Complexity
There Will Be Suffering
Three Dimensional Machine
Throat of the Grave
Tob Has Issues
Trading Counts with CPU
Transmission Glitch
Trapped in Arcade Land
Trent's Girl is Gone 1
Trent's Girl is Gone 2
Troglodyte FX Menu 1
Troglodyte FX Menu 2
Trying to Say Something
Underground Glitch Freezer
Underground Waveshaper
Unpredictable Elements
Unsynced Square Bounce
UTILITY - 20-20khz sweep
UTILITY - 100 Hz 0db
UTILITY - 1000 Hz 0db
UTILITY - 10000 Hz 0db
UTILITY - Pink Noise 0db
UTILITY - Two Pop Sync
UTILITY - Urei Click
UTILITY - Various Clicks
VCS Bubbling Love
Video Game Glitch
Vinyl Pad Badly Crushed
Violent Wavebusting
Violent Waveshaping
Vocalizing Oscillator 1
Vocalizing Oscillator 2
Voice Frags Lost in Space
Wailing Plunker
Weaponized Alarmist
Whack Asynchro Bending
Wheel of Pain
Wicked Graintable Lead
Wow and Flutter 1
Wow and Flutter 2
XPS-750 Noiseclix
XPS-750 Torture
Xtremist Burn

- 176 Patches

Blowing Marimbula
Blue Nile Baseball Bat
Blue Nile Small Sticks
Blue Nile Vibraslap
Boomerang Cavaquinho
Bottlecap Zim'bira Magnet
Bottlecap Zim'bira Spork
Bottlecap Zim'bira Sugar
Bottlecap Zim'bira Toothpicks
Call of the Ancients
Caribbean Oilcan Harp
Cavaquinho a
Cavaquinho b
Cavaquinho FX Menu
Ceramic Bowlimba Flute
Ceramic Kalimbadrum Fuzz Paper
Ceramic Kalimbadrum Rattle Pills
Ceramic Kalimbadrum Toothpicks
Charango FX Menu
Coffee Can Kalimba - Main
Coffee Can Kalimba Coin
Coffee Can Kalimba Felt Ambient
Coffee Can Kalimba Felt
Coffee Can Kalimba Hammer
Coffee Can Kalimba Mute
Coffee Can Kalimba Pick
Coffee Can Kalimba Pluck
Cuatro Octaves a
Cuatro Octaves b
Cuatro Unison a
Cuatro Unison b
Dark Zim'bira - Main
Dark Zim'bira Hairbrush
Dark Zim'bira Magnet Swipe
Dark Zim'bira Mallet Bounce
Dark Zim'bira Mallet
Dark Zim'bira Paintbrush
Dark Zim'bira Sugar
Dark Zim'bira Tape Pull
Dark Zim'bira Toothbrush
Double Gourd Kalimba Fingernail
Double Gourd Kalimba Pick
Double Gourd Kalimba Rattle Pills
Dulcimer Aftermath
Egyptian Saz a
Egyptian Saz b
Egyptian Saz Taps
Egyptian Saz Tremolo
Electric M'Bira Clean
Electric M'Bira Fuzz Paper
Electric M'Bira Rattle Coins
Electric M'Bira Rattle Pills
Electric Sitar a
Electric Sitar b
Electric Sitar c
Electric Sitar Harmonics
Fairy's Plucked Harp a
Fairy's Plucked Harp b
Fairy's Plucked Tremolo
Fast Chiff Heirborne Flute
Glass Candle Marimbula 1
Glass Candle Marimbula 2
Glistening Cuatro Octavio
Guitaralimba Hairbrush
Guitaralimba Pick
Hairbrush Guitaralimba
Hairbrush Purple Rain 1
Hairbrush Purple Rain 2
Hairbrush Ruby Moon
Hang Drum ^
Hang Drum Beads Attack
Hang Drum Brushes ^
Hang Drum Hot Rods ^
Hang Drum Mallet Rolls Hard
Hang Drum Mallet Rolls Soft
Hang Drum Rolling Fingers ^
Hang Drum Sugar Packets ^
Harps are Singing
Hide Stretched Thin
Hohner Guitaret - Main
Hohner Guitaret Knife
Hohner Guitaret Magnetic Vibrato
Hohner Guitaret Muted
Hohner Guitaret Sugar
Hohner Guitaret Toothpicks
Hybrid Indian Pluck
Imaginary Asian Plucked Strings
Indian Keyed Dulcimer
King David's Lyre
Liquid Kalimba
Lotus Flute
Maldives Islands
Marimbula Brite Mallet Bounce
Marimbula Brite Mallet
Marimbula Brite Rattler Stirrer
Marimbula Wood - Main
Marimbula Wood Broomslide
Marimbula Wood Broomstick
Marimbula Wood Finger
Marimbula Wood Fingernail
Marimbula Wood Flick
Marimbula Wood Mallet ALL
Marimbula Wood Mallet Cloth
Marimbula Wood Mallet Hard
Marimbula Wood Mallet Soft
Marimbula Wood Mallet Yarn
Marimbula Wood Pluck
Nature's Fandrum
Nickle Flutter Pseudo-Flute
Nylon Octa Harp
Oil Can Chime
Oil Can Guitar Harmonics
Oil Can Guitar Strum
Oil Can Guitar Tremorasp
Oil Can Guitar
Oilcan Elastitara
Old School Air Flute
Organic Tremolo
Pensive Charango
Pensive Cumbus
Plastic Stratocaster Kotoharp
Plastic Toy Kotoquinho
Plucked and Chiffed
Plucked PsyBrass
Prepared Saz
Psychopathic Whistle
Purple Rain Finger
Purple Rain Paintbrush
Purple Rain Small Stick
Purple Rain Vibraslap 1
Purple Rain Vibraslap 2
Raspy Air Pseudo-Flute
Resonator Zim'bira Felt
Resonator Zim'bira Finger
Resonator Zim'bira Mallet
Resonator Zim'bira Mute
Resonator Zim'bira Paintbrush
Resonator Zim'bira Scissors
Resonator Zim'bira Screw Tap
Reverse Sforzando Strum
Rhumba Box - Main
Rhumba Box Felt
Rhumba Box Mute
Rhumba Box Paintbrush
Rhumba Box Stirrer
Rhumba Box Sugar
Ruby Moon Bass Alimba - Main
Ruby Moon Rubber Perc
Ruby Moon Tapped
Ruby Moon Vibraslap
Saz Tremolo in HD
Scissors Pan
Shepherds Horn
Sizzle Gourd Kalimba - Main
Sizzle Gourd Kalimba Coin
Sizzle Gourd Kalimba Finger
Sizzle Gourd Kalimba Pick
Sizzle Gourd Kalimba Scrub
Sizzle Gourd Kalimba Shake 1
Sizzle Gourd Kalimba Shake 2
Steam Cornet
Tai Pei Orchestra
Taipei Tremolux
The Avant Garde Melodica Ensemble
The Bedside Table Bass
Tremolo Saz
Trinidad Tremolo
Turkish Cumbus
Turkish Dulcimers
Villiage Vocal Pipe
Whistling Bowed Kalimba
Windy Pseudo-Pan Flute
Woody Pseudo-flute

- 71 Patches

Baritone Guitar a
Baritone Guitar b
Baritone Guitar FX Menu
Baritone Guitar Harmonics
Baritone Sitar Harmonics Pad
Bluesy Lead
Classic Nylon Guitar
Classic Nylon Strings
Dan's Studio Dirty Baritone
Double-Tracked 6-Strings a
Double-Tracked 6-Strings b
Doubling Power Chords
Elegant Picking
Fingerstyle Acoustic 6-string a
Fingerstyle Acoustic 6-string b
Fingerstyle Acoustic 18 string a
Fingerstyle Acoustic 18 string b
Fingerstyle Acoustic FX Menu
Fingerstyle Acoustic Harmonics
Fingerstyle Octaves
Flamenco Guitar - Mandolin Duo
Flamenco Guitar a
Flamenco Guitar b
Flamenco Guitar FX Menu
Flamenco Guitar Tremolo
Glass Segovia
Glorious Guitars
Glorious Harmonic 5ths
Glorious Steel
Granular Tremolo Guitar
Hybrid Harmonic Magic
Jazz Guitar Fingers a
Jazz Guitar Fingers b
Jazz Guitar Fingers c
Jazz Guitar Fingers Harmonics
Jazz Guitar Octaves a
Jazz Guitar Octaves b
Jazz Guitar Pick a
Jazz Guitar Pick b
Jazz Guitar Pick c
Jazz Guitar Pick-Octaves Wheel
LA Synth Guitar
Lapsteel Sustaingrain
Majestic Guitar Grains
Mandolin a
Mandolin b
Mandolin Tremolo
Martin Acoustic 6-string a
Martin Acoustic 6-string b
Microphonic Ukelele
Nylon Guitar Granulation
Phasey Baritone Guitar
Piezo Guitar
PRS Lead Guitar a
PRS Lead Guitar b
Reflective Nylon Tremolo
Smoked Lap Steel a
Smoked Lap Steel b
Smoked Lap Steel c
Smoked Lap Steel Harmonics
Smoked Lap Steel Slide FX 1
Smoked Lap Steel Slide FX 2
Smoked Lap Steel Slide FX 3
Smoked Trem-O-Lux
Strat JC-120 Guitar 1
Strat JC-120 Guitar 2
Strat Muted
Strat Taponics
Twelve String Guitar Bright
Twelve String Guitar Warm
Your Guitar is on Fire

- 303 Patches

Aggresitronic Beamz
Air Blast
All That Goes Up
Arclight Demands
Army of Oildrums
Art of Industry Hit
Asian Supremacy
Attacking Monkeys
Bad Guy
Bass Walimbo
Beam and Bulb
Beefy Feet Echoes
Beginning of Time
Bending Hook
Bending Spoon
Big Boomer 1
Big Boomer 2
Big Boomer 3
Big Boomer Atmo
Big Boomer Deep
Big Boomer Diffusion Strike
Big Boomer Door
Big Boomer Fireball
Big Boomer Flamslam
Big Boomer Metal Epicenter
Big Boomer Sad Metals
Big Boomer Subkiller
Big Boomer Trash Strike
Big Opening Boomer
Blam Drone
Blip Blam
Blipper Lazerium
Body Snatcher
Bollywood-ized Western Take 1
Bollywood-ized Western Take 2
Bossypants Lazer
Bouncing Sine Wave Hit
Breed of Violence
Bubbles from the Deep
Burning Piano Opening Hit
Burning Piano SFX Airknock
Bygone Brass
Cavern Tube 1
Cavern Tube 2
Cavern Tube 3
Cavern Tube 4
Caverns of Metal
Cavorting with Minor Chords
Centipede Cascade
Cheap Sawtooth Stab
Choral Chordalis
City of Anvils
Cluster Disaster
Cluster Slam
Clusterphonic Hit
Collision of Concepts
Cranial Ping
Crank Shaft Hit
Crash Planet
Dancefloor Muscle Hit 1
Dancefloor Muscle Hit 2
Dangerous Magic
Deep Air Impact 1
Deep Air Impact 2
Deep Pick
Depth Charge
Destructo Hit
Dirty Bomb
Disfigured Hit
Disintegrating Fibroid
Dissonant Walimbo Hit
Distant Drums
Distressed Metal Tones
Diving Into Tin Cans
Diving Piano Bass
Don't Scare the Bats
Doppler Blast
Drama Queen
Droid Hiccup
Dust in the Radio Hit
Dystopian Clock Hit 1
Dystopian Clock Hit 2
Earth Kick
Ecstatic Droid Bender
Elasto FX Menu 1
Elasto FX Menu 2
Electro Lazer Spasms
Elephant Dynabender
Entering the Dark City
Entrance of the Emperor
Exhaling Dragon
Extreme Fear Hit
Fist Piano Bass
Flange Blast
Fly Orchestra Atonality
Foam Bombs
Found Under the Sand
Gabe's Sustain Hit
GAIA - Accent
Game Winder Lazer
Gas Giant
Gates of Oblivion
Gates of the Secret City 1
Gates of the Secret City 2
Ghost of the Burned Piano
Giant Turret
Glass Attack
Graining Frogs
Grainstorm Hit
Gunga Din
Hanging Metals Boom
Hanging Metals Hit
Hanging on the Rope
Heavy Drama
Heavy Metal Plates
Heavy Plates Clank
Helium Gas Burst
Hell Choir Hit 1
Hell Choir Hit 2
Hell Choir Hit 3
Hell Choir Hit 4
Hell Choir Hit 5
Hidden Location
Highway of the Future
Hissing Impact
Hollow Discordant Metals
Hollow Pipe
Hollow Tube
Hotheads 1
Hotheads 2
Hyperdimensional Mirrors
Impacts of Flames and Metals
Impulsive Resonant Noise
Instant Hitchcock
Jacked Up the Rip
Jagged Edge
Jettison Pod
JP08 - Oh Mom, We're All DEVO
Just a Friendly Reminder Hit 1
Just a Friendly Reminder Hit 2
Just a Friendly Reminder Hit 3
JX03 - Sassy Hit
Kinetic Noise Hitz
KMINI - Get That Hitter
KMINI - Plunk Abyss
KMINI - Squeegee Scream
KMINI - Stab in the Back
KMINI - Steamcrunk
KMINI - Xenon Dub Lazer
Land Fill
Lazer Robopet
Lazer Square Trap Blip
Leaking Gullet
Living in Squalor Hit
Log Lump
Loud and Rude Impact
Low Airbell Hit
LPHAT - Fly Funk
LPHAT - Phat Power Drill
LPHAT - Vulnerable Pluck
LPHAT - Xylo Lead
Magical Lead
Magnetic Convolution Tonal Hit
Major Choral Drama
Mental Stutter
Mercury Tribe
Metal Boards Impact
Metal Cavern Tube Hit
Metallic Pinghead
Metallic Sidewinder
Metallic Thunderclap
Metallic Wasteland
Millions of Sparkling Lights
Mind over Metal Blast
Minor Choral Drama
Minor Restoration
Minor Scoop Diver
Minora Hit
Mondo Blast
Monster's gettin' hungry
Mothra Slam
Mysterious Devastation
NCMS - Alarmz
Nefarious Plans Striker
New Series On Fox
NLEAD - Blink
NLEAD - Xplosion Zap
NWAVE - Beast Blast
NWAVE - Beast Growl
NWAVE - Beast Thunder
OB6 - Coindropper
Old Space Port Connection
One Thousand Metal Fragments
Orcs in the Underworld
PEAK - Squirter
Perc Beep Tremolo
Percussive Nebulosa
Pink Purring Hit
Pit Hit 1
Pit Hit 2
Pit Hit 3
Planetary Impact
Plasm Pipe
Plates Spinning
Pole Scraper
PR12 - Highline Grumble
PR12 - Immaterial Snap
PR12 - Lay It Down
PR12 - One Chunk
PROX - Rattle Square
Quasimodo Anvils
Raging Burn Hit
Raining Coindrops
Resonant Hit
Retro Strum 1
Retro Strum 2
Ridley's Cooling Tower
Rubber Walls
Rumble Impact Vertigo
Sci-Fi Stingers
Scratching the Metal Tanks
Scud Launch
SE02 - Boing
SE02 - For Crazy People
Secondary Strike
Secret City
Secret Society Bells Hit
Secret Society Hit
See you at the Lounge Hit
SH01A - Old School Rave Hit
Shriek Lo
Silver Sky Club Hit
Slamming the Piano Lid
SLEDG - Anthem Hit
SLEDG - Brainball
Sonar Metallophone
Sonic Boom 1
Sonic Boom 2
Space Hairbrush
Sparkling Embryo Hit
SPHAT - Baked Brains
SPHAT - Promethean
SPHAT - Signal Transmitter
Stomping the Bowls
Strong Wind Strike
SUB37 - Yakuza
Sultan of Stabber
Suspended Majestic Hit
Suspended Raining Pianos
Suspended Restoration
Suspended Reverse Pianos
Suspenseful Shimmer
SYST1 - Boingola
SYST8 - Horn Stab
Taken by Surprise
The Hammer of Moria
The Last Stand
Threat Detection
Throwback Brass Hit
Thundercrushing the Cans
Torched Hit
Torture Chamber
Toxic Blip Hit
Trapped by Accidentalism
Trapped in the Watchtower
Trashed Piano Hit
Under The Tower Hit
Up Jacked Lazer
Violently Hit Metal Pipe
VIRUS - Astronomic
Voice from the Desert
VYGR - Ugly Little Screamer
Whispers in the Cavern
White Morpheus Chill
Whoosh Lights Bender
Windy Thud
Yesteryear Brass Blatt

- 400 Patches

Boys Choir Ah-Eh-Ee-Oo
Boys Choir Ahs ^
Boys Choir Ahs - f
Boys Choir Ahs - p
Boys Choir and Solos Wheel
Boys Choir Ees ^
Boys Choir Ees - f
Boys Choir Ees - p
Boys Choir Mms
Boys Choir Oh-Eh-Ah
Boys Choir Oos ^
Boys Choir Oos - f
Boys Choir Oos - p
Boys Choir Oos-Ees Wheel
Boys Choir Soloist Ah
Boys Choir Soloist Oh
Boys Choir Two Boys Ah
Boys Choir Warm-Up
Boys Intervals All
Boys Intervals Fifth Down
Boys Intervals Fourth Up
Boys Multiphrase Agnus Dei
Boys Multiphrase Kyrie
Boys X-Fade Agnus Dei->Oos
Boys X-fade Kyrie->Mms
Choir Full Ahs ^
Choir Full Ahs - f
Choir Full Ahs - p
Choir Full Mms
Choir Full Ohs 1 ^
Choir Full Ohs 2 ^
Choir Full Ohs 3 ^
Choir Full Oos ^
Choir Full Oos - mf
Choir Full Oos - p
Choir Full Staccato ^
Choir Full Staccato - f
Choir Full Swell Ahs
Choir Full Swell Mms
Choir Full Swell Octaves
Choir Full Swell Oh-Ahs
Choir Full Swell Ohs
Choir Full Vibrato ^
Choir Full Vibrato Heavy
Choir Full Vibrato Light
Choir Full Vowel Octaves
Choir Full Whistling
Choir Men Ahs ^
Choir Men Ahs - f
Choir Men Ahs - p
Choir Men Mms
Choir Men Octave Ees
Choir Men Ohs ^
Choir Men Ohs - mf
Choir Men Oos ^
Choir Men Oos - mf
Choir Men Oos - p
Choir Men Swell Ahs
Choir Men Swell Mms
Choir Men Swell Oh-Ahs
Choir Men Swell Ohs
Choir Women Ahs ^
Choir Women Ahs - f
Choir Women Ahs - p
Choir Women Mms
Choir Women Ohs ^
Choir Women Ohs - mf
Choir Women Oos ^
Choir Women Oos - mf
Choir Women Oos - p
Choir Women Oos-Ahs Wheel
Choir Women Swell Ahs
Choir Women Swell Mms
Choir Women Swell Oh-Ahs
Choir Women Swell Ohs
Choral FX Avante Garde 1
Choral FX Avante Garde 2
Choral FX Avante Garde 3
Choral FX Avante Garde 4
Choral FX Avante Garde 5
Choral FX Avante Garde Rev
Choral FX Gliding Chord Ahs
Choral FX Gliding Chord Mms
Choral FX Men Cluster 1
Choral FX Men Cluster 2
Choral FX Men Cluster 3
Choral FX Men Cluster Long
Choral FX Men Cluster Rev
Choral FX Men Warmup Flange
Choral FX Men Warmup Rev
Choral FX Men Warmup
Choral FX Miserere Mei
Choral FX Miserere Octave 1
Choral FX Miserere Octave 2
Choral FX Miserere Octave 3
Choral FX Miserere Rev Octave 1
Choral FX Miserere Rev Octave 2
Choral FX Miserere Rev Octave 3
Choral FX Miserere Rev
Choral FX Morte Et Dabo 1
Choral FX Morte Et Dabo 2
Choral FX Morte Et Dabo Rev 1
Choral FX Morte Et Dabo Rev 2
Choral FX Octave Fall 1
Choral FX Octave Fall 2
Choral FX Octave Fall 3
Choral FX Octave Fall 4
Choral FX Rounds Ending
Choral FX Rounds Spin
Choral FX Rounds
Choral FX Slide Chord 1
Choral FX Slide Chord 2
Choral FX Slide Rev 1
Choral FX Slide Rev 2
Choral FX Swell Cluster 1
Choral FX Swell Cluster 2
Choral FX Swell Cluster 3
Choral FX Swell Cluster 4
Choral FX Swell Cluster 5
Choral FX Swell Cluster Rev 1
Choral FX Swell Cluster Rev 2
Choral FX Swell Cluster Rev 3
Choral FX Template
Choral FX Twelve Tone Rev
Choral FX Vertigo 1
Choral FX Vertigo 2
Choral FX Vertigo 3
Choral FX Windy Moans
Choral FX Women Ligeti 1
Choral FX Women Ligeti 2
Choral FX Women Ligeti 3
Choral FX Women Ligeti 4
Choral FX Women Ligeti 5
Choral FX Women Ligeti 6
Choral FX Women Ligeti 7
Choral FX Women Swoops 1
Choral FX Women Swoops 2
Choral FX Women Swoops Rev 1
Choral FX Women Swoops Rev 2
Chorale Swell
Chordal Choir Big Maj-Min
Chordal Choir Big Major
Chordal Choir Big Minor
Chordal Choir Major ^
Chordal Choir Major - f
Chordal Choir Major - p
Chordal Choir Major Hi ^
Chordal Choir Major Hi - f
Chordal Choir Major Hi - p
Chordal Choir Major Lo ^
Chordal Choir Major Lo - f
Chordal Choir Major Lo - p
Chordal Choir Major Mms Hi
Chordal Choir Major Mms Lo
Chordal Choir Major Mms
Chordal Choir Major
Chordal Choir Minor ^
Chordal Choir Minor - f
Chordal Choir Minor - p
Chordal Choir Minor Hi ^
Chordal Choir Minor Hi - f
Chordal Choir Minor Hi - p
Chordal Choir Minor Lo ^
Chordal Choir Minor Lo - f
Chordal Choir Minor Lo - p
Chordal Choir Minor Mms Hi
Chordal Choir Minor Mms Lo
Chordal Choir Minor Mms
Chordal Choir Minor
Chordal Choir Sus ^
Chordal Choir Sus - f
Chordal Choir Sus - p
Chordal Choir Sus Mms
Classical Soprano Eh-Oh
Classical Soprano Intervals
Classical Soprano Ohs
Classical Soprano Staccato
Classical Soprano X2 Ohs
Classical Tenor Ah ^
Classical Tenor Ah - f
Classical Tenor Ah - p
Classical Tenor Arpeggio
Classical Tenor Octave Ah
Clubbing Children Choir
Dynamic Choir Wheel
Electro Airchoir
Electro Airvox
Electro Boy
Electro Tuvan
English Combined Choir
Gospel Choir 1 ^
Gospel Choir 2 ^
Gospel Choir Hmms
Gospel Choir Ohs
Gospel Choir Oos ^
Gospel Choir Oos - f
Gospel Choir Oos - p
Gospel Choir Whoas
Gospel Choir Whoos
Gospel Worship 1
Gospel Worship 2
Gospel Worship 3
Gospel Worship 4
Gospel Worship 5
Gospel Worship 6
Gospel Worship 7
Gospel Worship 8
Gregorian Interval 1
Gregorian Interval 2
Gregorian Interval Half Down
Gregorian Interval Half Up
Gregorian Interval Whole Down
Gregorian Interval Whole Up
Gregorian Men Fifths ^
Gregorian Men Fifths - f
Gregorian Men Fifths - p
Gregorian Men Mms
Gregorian Men Ohs ^
Gregorian Men Ohs - f
Gregorian Men Ohs - p
Human French Horns
Human Synth Droner
Humming Men
In Excelsis
Infinite Choral Gliss
Japanese Children's Choir
Jazz Combo Ensemble Wheel
Jazz Combo Stacks 1 ^
Jazz Combo Stacks 2 ^
Jazz Combo Stacks 3 ^
Jazz Stacked Doo Dah
Jazz Stacks Bahs
Jazz Stacks Bap Accent
Jazz Stacks Bap
Jazz Stacks Bayeat
Jazz Stacks Dah-Dat
Jazz Stacks Dahs
Jazz Stacks Dat
Jazz Stacks Doh-Doos
Jazz Stacks Doo Sfz
Jazz Stacks Doo-Doot
Jazz Stacks Dooeeot
Jazz Stacks Doos
Jazz Stacks Doot Accent
Jazz Stacks Dow Falls
Jazz Stacks Mixed Dahs
Jazz Stacks Mixed Doo-Dah ^
Jazz Stacks Mixed Doos
Jazz Stacks Vibrajazz
Jazz Vocal Bass Bangs+Binks
Jazz Vocal Bass Dum Walking ^
Jazz Vocal Bass Long Dumms ^
Jazz Vocal Bass Long Dumms - f
Jazz Vocal Bass Long Dumms - p
Jazz Vocal Bass Short Dows
Jazz Vocal Bass Short Dums ^
Jazz Vocal Bass Short Dums - f
Jazz Vocal Bass Short Dums - p
Jazz Vocal Bass Thaoums
Jazz Vocal Bass Thums-Dums ^
Jazz Vocal Bass Thums
Morte Et Dabo Reverse
Morte Et Dabo
Pod People
Pop Background Oos 1
Pop Background Oos 2
Pop Combo Male + Female Ahs 1
Pop Combo Male + Female Ahs 2
Pop Combo Male + Female Ees
Pop Combo Male + Female Mms
Pop Combo Male + Female Ohs
Pop Combo Male + Female Oos
Pop Combo Male + Female Vvs
Pop Combo Male + Female Zzs
Pop Fem1 + Fem2 Ahs
Pop Fem1 + Fem2 Ees
Pop Fem1 + Fem2 Mms
Pop Fem1 + Fem2 Ohs
Pop Fem1 + Fem2 Oos
Pop Female Moving Vowels 1
Pop Female Moving Vowels 2
Pop Female Moving Vowels 3
Pop Female Moving Vowels 4
Pop Female Vowel Wash 1
Pop Female Vowel Wash 2
Pop Female Vvs
Pop Female Zzs
Pop Female1 Ahs1
Pop Female1 Ahs2
Pop Female1 Ees
Pop Female1 Ehs
Pop Female1 Mms1
Pop Female1 Mms2
Pop Female1 Ohs1
Pop Female1 Ohs2
Pop Female1 Oos1
Pop Female1 Oos2
Pop Female1 Scoop Ahs ^
Pop Female1 Scoop Ahs
Pop Female1 Scoop Mms ^
Pop Female1 Scoop Mms
Pop Female1 Scoop Ohs ^
Pop Female1 Scoop Ohs
Pop Female1 Scoop Oos ^
Pop Female1 Scoop Oos
Pop Female2 Ahs1
Pop Female2 Ahs2
Pop Female2 Ees
Pop Female2 Mms1
Pop Female2 Mms2
Pop Female2 Ohs1
Pop Female2 Ohs2
Pop Female2 Oos1
Pop Female2 Oos2
Pop Female2 Scoop Ahs ^
Pop Female2 Scoop Ahs
Pop Female2 Scoop Mms ^
Pop Female2 Scoop Mms
Pop Female2 Scoop Ohs ^
Pop Female2 Scoop Ohs
Pop Female2 Scoop Oos ^
Pop Female2 Scoop Oos
Pop Male Ahs
Pop Male Ees
Pop Male Mms
Pop Male Ohs
Pop Male Oos
Pop Male Scoop Ahs ^
Pop Male Scoop Ahs
Pop Male Scoop Mms ^
Pop Male Scoop Mms
Pop Male Scoop Ohs ^
Pop Male Scoop Ohs
Pop Male Scoop Oos ^
Pop Male Scoop Oos
Pop Male Vvs
Pop Male Zzs
Random Dream Boys
Real Choir + Tron Choir
Red Eyed Boys
Reversed Soloist Staccato
Sad Dark Choir
Tuvan Drones
Tuvan Group 1
Tuvan Group 2
Tuvan Group 3
Tuvan Group 4
Tuvan Male 1 - Drone 1
Tuvan Male 1 - Drone 2
Tuvan Male 1 - Drone 3
Tuvan Male 1 - Drone 4
Tuvan Male 1 - Drone 5
Tuvan Male 2 - Drone 1
Tuvan Male 2 - Drone 2
Tuvan Male 2 - Drone 3
Tuvan Male 2 - Drone 4
Tuvan Male 3 - Drone 1
Tuvan Male 3 - Drone 2
Tuvan Male 3 - Drone 3
Tuvan Male 3 - Drone 4
Tuvan Male 3 - Drone 5
Tuvan Male 4 - Drone 1
Tuvan Male 4 - Drone 2
Tuvan Male 4 - Drone 3
Tuvan Male 4 - Drone 4
Tuvan Male High 1
Tuvan Male High 2
Tuvan Male High 3
Tuvan Male High 4
Tuvan Male High 5
Tuvan Male Raspy 1
Tuvan Male Raspy 2
Tuvan Male Raspy 3
Tuvan Male Raspy 4
Tuvan Male Raspy 5
Tuvan Mid 01
Tuvan Mid 02
Tuvan Mid 03
Tuvan Mid 04
Tuvan Mid 05
Tuvan Mid 06
Tuvan Mid 07
Tuvan Mid 08
Tuvan Mid 09
Tuvan Mid 10
Tuvan Mid 11
Tuvan Mid 12
Tuvan Mid 13
Tuvan Mid 14
Tuvan Mid 15
Tuvan Mid 16
Tuvan Mid 17
Tuvan Sequencer
Whistle Sweep
Whistling Choir
Whistlizer 1
Whistlizer 2

- 129 Patches

Alpha Organic Keys
Ambient Space Piano
Analog Tremolo Piano
Backwards Piano
Backwards Studio Piano
Baroque Retro Hybrid 1
Baroque Retro Hybrid 2
Blade of Grass Piano
Blurred Line Tines
Boomerang Dreampiano
Boomerang Toy Piano
Burning Lamentoso
Burning Piano
Carousel Dream
Cedar Ebowed Piano
Cedar Plucked Piano
Celeste - Ambient
Childhood Toy Celeste
Crush Tone Keys
Crushed Organafizz
Crushed Plastic Piano 1
Crushed Plastic Piano 2
Dream Glockpiano
Dream of the Mystic Rhodes
Dream Pianoceleste
Dream Tack Piano
Dreampiano D-50
Dual Timbre Shifted Piano
Edison's Rhodes
Eternal Piano SUS Freezer
Frozen Piano Dreams
Gentle Awakening
Glass Picked Piano Strings
Gossamer Keyboard
Hammond Perc Rhodes 1
Hammond Perc Rhodes 2
Harmonial Pianobells 1
Harmonial Pianobells 2
Harmonic Rhodes
Haunted Dream Piano
House Piano Brite
House Piano Dark
Hybrid DSP Comper
Infinite Celeste
Intimate Glass Celeste
Just The Simple Dreamy Piano Again
Knocking on the Piano String 1
Knocking on the Piano String 2
Liquid Celeste
Liquid Tones
Magic Spell Falling Piano
Mellow OrganRhodes
Mic'ed Rhodes Tines
Mysterious Metals Celeste
Nineties Keys Vibe
Nineties Keyz Vibe Dry
Nineties Keyz Vibe Wet
Odd Neighbors Pianet
Old Distant Piano
Organic DX-1
Organic Rhodes Ampy (vib)
Organic Rhodes Ampy
Organic Rhodes Chill
Organic Rhodes Gentle and Noisy
Organic Rhodes in a Vox Box
Percussive Organic Rhodes
Piano After Rock Tour
Piano Neurons
Piano on the Wireless
Piezo Nylon Piano
Plastic Toy Piano Octaves
Plastic Toy Piano
Play Me Foreva
Plucked Bouncing Piano
Plucked Dream Piano
Plucked Hammond
Plucked Organafizz
Plucked Pipe Organ
Plucking the Formant Keys
Psyche Rhodes
Redemption Piano
Reducer Rhodes Guitaret
Repeater Dream Piano Grains
Retro Barking Clavichord
Retrophased Organic Rhodes
Retrospective Piano
Retrovibed Dream Pianokeys
Rhodes Beads
Rhodesy Guitaret
Sawing The Old Piano
Shattered Keys
Shimmer Stone Keys
Snow Chant Piano
Space Guitarpiano
Spinning Celeste
Spooky Piano
Starfield Piano
Steamy Keys
Super Attack Rhodes 1
Super Attack Rhodes 2
Super Pluck Clav Amp
Super Pluck Clav
Super Wah Clav
Sweetness Rhodes
Tack Piano Harpsichord
Talkbox Oww Amp Wah
Talkbox Oww Amp
Talkbox Rhodes
Tell me a Story Pianoesque
The Complectrum Piano 1
The Complectrum Piano 2
Timbre Shifted Piano 1
Timbre Shifted Piano 2
Titanium STEAM Clav
Toy Gamelan Piano
Tube Keys RMI Brite
Tube Keys RMI Phaser
Tube Keys RMI Retro
Tube Keys RMI Warm
Typosonic Harpsichord
Uber Compressed Ebow Piano
Ultra Slammed Comp Piano
Valve Radio Rhodes Phasewind
Valve Radio Rhodes
Wait For It Keys then Wheel
Warmup the Old School Rhodes
Wendy's Busted Piano

- 175 Patches

Acid Rain
African Market with Kids
Anguish Machine
Atmospheric Wind
Big Moana
Black Den
Blow it out your hole
Burning Piano SFX Extinguish
Burning Piano SFX Fire 1
Burning Piano SFX Fire 2
Burning Piano SFX Fire 3
Burning Piano SFX Fire 4
Burning Piano SFX Fires - All
Burning Piano SFX Fires - Gas
Burning Piano SFX Fires - NoGas
Burning Piano SFX Fires Flame Bed
Burning Piano SFX Fires Torch 3
Burning Sensation
Cloud Burst
Creaking Bones
Cruising Altitude
Cymbalscape Texture
Dark Grid
Deep Water 01
Deep Water 02
Deep Water 03
Deep Water 04
Deep Water 05
Deep Water 06
Deep Water 07
Deep Water 08
Deep Water 09
Deep Water 10
Deeply Unsettling
Digital Glitching
Dirty Grain Shifter
Disturbing Headcase
Disturbing News
Dive Mask
Eating Cornflakes
Ebb and Flow
Eeee Vocal Noise Bed
Eh Vocal Noise Bed
Enchanted Garden Leaves 1
Enchanted Garden Leaves 2
Evening Crickets 1
Evening Crickets 2
Flash Flood
Flies Attacking the Monkeys
GAIA - Noise Drone
GAIA - Prisoners Chains
GAIA - Smoking Waves
Gentle Jangle Rumbler
Gentle Sweep Rumbler
Get Those Spiders Off My Face
Ghost in the Machine
Glassmasher Fandrums
Glitch-o-matic Vinyl
Grey Den
Ground Tracer
Hades Gate
Heroin Wind
Hi Garbage Noise
Human Pink Noise
Human Sea Storm
Impending Rumbles
Invisible Motion
Jet Whine
KMINI - Dark Noise
Lava Flow
London Blitz
Magnesium Noise
Morton in the Dark
Nasal Noise
Nautilus Caves
NBS2 - Inside the Microchip
NBS2 - Night Sweats
NBS2 - Outside Interference
NBS2 - Rings of Zolton
NBS2 - Skipping the Airlock
NLEAD - Cicadas
NLEAD - Desert Cloudburst
NLEAD - Lightning Storm
NWAVE - Chased by Rolling Debris
NWAVE - Diffusion Field
Ohh Vocal Noise Bed
Old Movie Projector
Oozing Bubbs
Overtone Breather Noise
Pain Scan
Panic Room
Park Cleaning
Phantom Rain
Pink Noise
Prophet Noise
Pure Rumble
Radio Confusion
Radio Tuner
Radiophonic Madness
Ringing Wind
Rubbing Glass on the Radio
Rumble Rain
Rumbler Tumbler
Sand Storm
Scrap Rain
Screams in a Bottle
Scuba Dream
SE02 - Ice Fishing
SE02 - Mental Static
SE02 - Rooftop Rain
Sea Foam
SH01A - Mighty Wind
SH01A - You're Breaking Up
Shallow Breathing
Solar Storm
Spit Storm
Star Shower
Static Electricity
Stealth Cockpit
SYST1 - Spaceship Ambience
The Abyssal
The Bowels of the Beast
The One Man Crowd Noise
Truck Chord
Tuning In
Tunnel Rain
Uhhh Vocal Noise Bed
Uncontrollable Thoughts
Underground Records
Underground Resistance
Unidentified Code Glitch
Unidentified Presence
Video Game Noise
Vinyl Popcorn
Vinyl Rain
White Noise
Wind Riding
Winds of the Deep
Windy City
Wooden Bark Beetles 1
Wooden Bark Beetles 2
You Are Cutting Off

- 70 Patches

Boombox Vibrato Organ
Busted Organ Wheel
Cheap White Gospel Organ
Cheesy Toy Surf Organ
Cobalt Organ
Dusty Wheels 1
Dusty Wheels 2
Funeral Pump Organ
Go To This Church
Go To This Club
Go To This Place
Granular Carousel Organ 1958
Granular Carousel Organ 2000
Hammy Hell
Hiwatt Hammond 1
Hiwatt Hammond 2
Home Organ 1962
Home Organ Cheese Whiz
Human Steam Organ
Humble and Quirky Organ
Humble and Square Organ
Insects Inside the Organ
JU06 - Clicky Organ 1
JU06 - Clicky Organ 2
JUNO - Budget Wedding
JUNO - Continental Breakfast
JUNO - Organ Clique
JUNO - Punch Clique
JX03 - Minimal Organ
Lil' Combo Organ 1
Lil' Combo Organ 2
NBS2 - Analog Pipes
NBS2 - DCOs in Church
NBS2 - Litugical
NBS2 - Postlude
NWAVE - Drawbar Pad
Old Creaker Organ
Optigan Organ
Optigan OrganFlute
Organ Failure
Phased Hammond Percussion
Phased Hammond
Pipe Organ Bowing
Pipe Organ Cathedral
Plastic Boy at the Beach in the '60s
PR12 - Distant Chivalry
REFACE - Overdriven to Tears
Reggaetone Perky
RS-09 Chorus Organ
SE02 - Mucus In Pipes
Shepherds in Church
Simple Mellow Organ
Sine Vibratone Organ
Smoked Hammond Ballad
Smoked Hammond Bright
Smoked Hammond Club
Smoked Hammond Full
Smoked Hammond Perc
Spike Bow Organ 5ths
Spike Bow Organ Octaves
Spike Bow Organ
SYST1 - Perky Blinders
SYST8 - Vibrachurch
Talkbox Hammond 1
Talkbox Hammond 2
Thin Circus Organ
Thrift Store Organ
Water Calliope

- 623 Patches

Adagio Expressivo
Adagio Transparent Strings Bright
Adagio Transparent Strings Warm
Afterthought Sines
Agape Sheen
Agape Warmth
Air Glass
Air Magic Carpet
Airy Analog Pad
Airy and Wet Flutes
Amber Waves of Grain
Analog Brass Vortex
Analog Bright Violins
Analog Shapeshifting Pad
Analogue's Triumphant Return
ANDROMEDA - Darkness Inside
ANDROMEDA - Epic Strings
Andy's Bow Tie
Angelo Tube Strings
Animated Cream
Aqua Flute Pad
Ashes and Snow
Astral Planetarium Sweep
Aura Shimmer
Basic Dark Pad Velo
Basic Dark Pad Wheel
Basic Mellow Pad
Beating Sines
Beauty and the Breath
Bell of St Elmos
Bell Signs
Bellzo Pad
Bending Glass 1
Bending Glass 2
Big Analog Strings
Big and Slow Air
Big Green Strings
Big Hollow Ooh Pad
Big Rip
Black and Blue Strings
Blue Dragons
Blue Fizz Sweep
Blue PWM Strings
Blue Triumph Pad
Blue Vortex
Breathing Glass Flutes
Breathy Vox Ooos
Bright and Beautiful
Bright Blue Power
Bright JX+OB Octave Saws
Brite Lite Supersaw Strings
Bubble Machine
Bubbling Vinyl Choir Pad
Calliope of my Dreams
Cascading Filters
Catching some Zzzzs
Cathedral Pad
Cathedral Spires
Cathedral String Orchestra
Cathedral Wheel Sweep
Chanting Anklungs
Chariots CS-80
Cherry Blosssoms
Chiff Chuff
Clink in the Armour
Chorus Organ Pad
Chromachord Strings
Circular Prophets
Classic Prophet VS
Clusterphonic Strings
Cold Virtual Analog Pad
Constant Growth
Cream of Emotion 1
Cream of Emotion 2
Cresting Swell
Cresting Waves
Cryogenic Freeze
Crystal Pipes
CS-80 Cross Panner 5ths
CS-80 Flanged PWM
CS-80 Marcato Strings
CS-80 Octave String Swell
CS-80 Pulse Width Panner
CS-80 PWM Swell Verb
CS-80 String Pad Swell Verb
CS-80 Strings
CS-80 Vibralush
D50 - Angel Rays
D50 - Classic Soundtrack
D50 - Digital Warmth
D50 - Fantasia Grains
D50 - Glass Blower
D50 - Glass Voices Cinema
D50 - Glass Voices Swell
D50 - Living Bottles
D50 - Staccato Heaven Pulse
Dark and Moody String Orchestra
Dark Blossom
Dark Europa
Dark Fast Super JX
Dark Glass Organ
Dark Horse
Dark Juno Pad 1
Dark Juno Pad 2
Dark Old String Orchestra
Deep Blue Clouds
DEEPM - Wide Strings
Desert Flutes
Digi Church Pad
Digital Pipes Pad
Digital Silk Air
Distant Memories
Dolbyesque Rezpad
Dream Frontiers
Dreamy String Orchestra
Dripping Richness
Dry Aggression Pad
Dual-Wide Polypad
Eighties Air Bag
Electro Chamber
Endless Opera Pad
Enigmatic Pad Vibe
Espresso CS String Stack
Eternal Evolution DR
Eternal Evolution
Eternal Swells
Europeans Jet Flanger
Evolving Sines
Evolving Vowels
Evolvo Organ
Evolvo RS-09
Expensive Swell
Fade to Green
Fairlight Ankluvox
Fast Legato String Section
Fat Air JD Pad
Fat Analog Swell
Fat Triumph Strings
Feather Descent Vox Pad
Fifth Vox Sweeper
Filtered String Orchestra
Five Saws Swell Pad
Fizzie and Clear
Fizzphonics Build
Flangey Analog Swell
Flittery Foreigner
Flotation Device
Flutey Analog Pad
Freezing Warm
French Strings in the 70's
Full Fifths
Fuzz Pipe
Gauze Cloud Strings
Generation of Prophets
Gentle Gothics
Gentle Vectoring Zweeps 1
Gentle Vectoring Zweeps 2
Glass Bender Fifths
Glass Embryo
Glass Org
Glass PPG
Gleaming Glass
Glistening Phase
Glorious Hollow
Gorgeous Analogue Pad Dark
Gorgeous Analogue Pad Open
Gorgeous Analogue Pad Rich
Granular Melodica Pad
Granular Vibrasines
Granular Violin Trills
Greek Celli
Green Glass Harmonica
Green Glass Org Morph
Greenhouse Cathedral
Greenhouse JD Pad
Greenhouse Vox
Growing Warmer JX-10
Harmonial Evolutions
Harmonial RS-09
Hearth and Home
Heaven's Shores
Hollow Expanse
Hollow Expectancy
Hollow Hammamatsu
Hollow JP8 Undulations
Hollow Jupiters
Hollow Longing
Hollow Man
Hollow Reed Brass
Hollow Vibrasines
Hollowed Be Thine
Hollywood Studio String Section
Holy of Holys Pad
Human Fairlight
Human Flutes
Human French Horns Pad
Human JX Sweep Air
Humble Synthstring
Humming Pad
Hybrid Hollow Swell
Hybrid Synth Swell
Hybrid Warm String Section
Ice Caves 1
Ice Caves 2
Ice Flutes
JDXA - Subtle Phases
JDXi - Color Schemes
Joyous Reunion Mellow
Joyous Reunion
JP-8 Detuned PWM Strings
JP-8 Hollow Chorus
JP-8 PWM Strings Chorus
JP-8 Sawtooth Strings
JP-8 Soft n Lucious Strings
JP08 - Jupiter Bendy Pad
JP08 - Subtle Haunting
JP08 - Wibbly Pad
JU06 - Hollow Feelings
JU06 - Juno PWM Pad
JU06 - Memory Hole
JU06 - Phasey Pad
JU06 - Return of King Juno
JU06 - Reverse Dry Pad
JU06 - Reverse Fat Pad
JU06 - Shakey Squares
JU06 - Warming the Junos
JUNO - Broken Dark Places
JUNO - Comfort Food
JUNO - Cream Rise
JUNO - Dark Chocolate Cake
JUNO - DCO Love Pad
JUNO - Deeply Nostalgic
JUNO - Hollow Warmth
Juno Warm Strings
Jupiter and JX Warm Pad
Jupiter Horn Pad
Jupiter plus Real Strings
Jupiter Prophet Marriage
Jupiter Twin Phaser Pad
JX and JP Soft Clicker
JX-10 Big Saw Swell
JX-10 Bright Strings
JX-10 Dark Pad
JX-10 Hollow Soundtrack
JX-10 Octave Soundtrack
JX03 - Backwards Pad
JX03 - Classic Warmth
JX03 - Dark Strings 1
JX03 - Dark Strings 2
JX03 - Gary's NuVibraman
JX03 - Long Soundtrack Swell
JX03 - Pad from the Past
JX03 - Pad of my Youth
JX03 - Simple Ensemble Pad
Killswitch and Chill
KMINI - 5ths Pad
KMINI - Long PWM Strings
KMINI - Noisy PWM Pad
KPRO - Deep Feelings
KPRO - Fluff Pillows
KPRO - Indifference
KPRO - Low Rent Pad
KPRO - Thin Mint Strings
Lateral Motion
Light As Air
Liquid Bowers
Living Analogue Swell
Living Jupiters 1
Living Jupiters 2
Living Jupiters 3
Living Moog Triangles
Living OB PWM 5ths
Living OB PWM Res
Living Trance Strings
Lonely Road
Lost Boy Pad 1
Lost Boy Pad 2
Lost Insect Evolution
Lost Love
Love On the Edge
Love Signs and Triangles
Low and Ancient Flutes
Lucious Airwaves Warm Pad
Lucious Airwaves Wide Pad
Lumieres Dans La Mer
Lunar Choirs
Luscious and Warm
Luscious Oberheim Chorus
Luscious Unfolding
Lush Ambient String Orchestra
Lush Green Hybrid Strings
Lush Phaser Stack Pad
Lush Pulse Strings
Lush Supersaw Pad 1
Lush Supersaw Pad 2
Lush Supersaw Phaser 1
Lush Supersaw Phaser 2
Lushes Vocal Pad
Lyle's Feather
Magnetic Chamber Strings
Magnetic String Resonance
Magnetic VP
Magnificent 80's Bright Pad
Majestic Air Swell
Majestique 8-bit Universe
Massive Hybrid Strings
Mega Pad
Memorymoog Power Swell
Mercury Rising
MKS80 - Back to the 80's 1
MKS80 - Back to the 80's 2
MKS80 - Classic Hollow Pad
MKS80 - Classic PWM Pad
MKS80 - Classic Soundtrack
MKS80 - Eighties PWM
MKS80 - Haunting
Modern Vintage Strings
Moogie Swell
Moonlit Night
MOPHO - Gliding Pad
Morphing Female Ah-Ehs
MS2000 - Missing You
Musette Organ
Mysterious Movement
Mystery Theater
Natural Dimension
Nature Boy Pad
NBS2 - Lush PWM
NBS2 - Vinyl Pad
Nice Bedding
Nicely Crushed Pad
Noir Strings
NoiZee Femalezz
Norwegian Clouds
Nouveau Pad 1
Nouveau Pad 2
NSTAGE - British 80s Phase
NSTAGE - In a Dark Phase
NWAVE - Moving Air
NWAVE - Synthwave Pad
OB6 - Brass Bed
OB6 - Classic Lushness
OB6 - State Variable Env Pad
Oberheim Butter
Obie Snow Swell
Ocean Voyage
Ockmopad Swell
Octaphonic Flange
Omni Res
OohAah Morph
Orchestral Bass Sustain Arco
Organbell Sines
Organic Crush Pad
Overblown Flute Pad
Pad of Swedes
Paraphonic Granular Strings
Paris Rain
Passionate Horn Swells
PEAK - Nova Rich
Phase Vocoder Choir
Phased Cryogenia
Phasey Granulated Organ
Phasing Aerophonia
Phasing Europad
Phat Stringz
Pitchy Pipes Pad
Platinum Shiny Strings
Platinum Sky
Ponderosa Prophet
Power PWM Waves
Power Strings + Tron
Power Strings Dynamic Pop
Power Strings Emotionale
Power Strings Wheel EQ
PPG Cascade Swell
PPG Chromapulse
PPG Triumph Pad
PPG Warm Glass Pads
PR12 - Anxiety Strings
PR12 - Nightbeam
PR12 - Tension Pad
PR12 - Wizards Cavern
PRO2 - Paraphonic PWM
PRO6 - Eighties Soft Pad
PRO6 - PWM Pad
PRO6 - Warm Pad
PRO6 - Wide Pad
PRO8 - Beauty Pad
PRO8 - Reverse Spread
Profound Depths
Progression Swell
Progressive 5th Stringpadz
Progresso Swell
Prophet Ten Pad
Prophet VS Strings
Prophet VS Unison Swell
Prophet Warm Fifth
Pulsatronic Nature Boy
Pure Glass
Pure PWM Chamber Strings
Pure VCO Strings
REFACE - Signs of Hope
Retro Mono String Orchestra
REV2 - Big 'n Sad Pad
REV2 - Epic Landscape
REV2 - Full of Doubts
Reversed Cryogens
Rich Flanger Pad
Richness Stringyswell
Ringing Strings
Rippling Rays
Robot Choir Swell
Rosin Air Pad
Sacred Bowls
Sacred Heart
Sad Hollow VS
Saint Bender
SE02 - Cassette Tape Pad
SE02 - Cassette Tremolo Pad
SE02 - Moody Pad
SE02 - Sanctuary City
Sense of Reverance
Serene Sines
SH01A - It Rained All Night Pad
SH01A - PWM Pad Slow
SH01A - PWM Pad Warm
SH01A - PWM Strings
SH01A - Wheeze Pad
SH201 - Noisy Peacepad
Shimmering Lights Bellpad 1
Shimmering Lights Bellpad 2
Shimmering Octosquares
Shining Pools
Shining Voices
Shooting Sines
Siberian Post Office at Night 1
Siberian Post Office at Night 2
Simple and Beautiful
Simple Jupiter 8 Pad
Simply Mellow
Singing Sines
Slo Mo Nautilus
Slow and Gentle Vectoring
Slow Motion
Slow Rush PWM
Soft Blue Fizzphonica
Soft Drawbar Pad
Somber Soul
Sparkling Aurora
Sparkling JD
Spooky Leads
Square Organ Evolutions
St. Geneviev III Fifths
St. Geneviev III
Stained Glass Church
Steam Powered
Straight Ahead
Strings on Air
Studio Tron Strings
SUB37 - Forlorn Pad
SUB37 - Lush Vibraswell
SUB37 - Narrow Phases Pad
SUB37 - Sad Saws Pad
Sublime Reverence 5ths
Subtly Smooth
Sunday Morning Worship
Super Euro
Super Juno Pad
Surreality of the Tonewheels
Swelling Juno Strings
Swelling Pride
Swelling Warm JP-8
Swirling Formation
Swirling Prophet
Symphonic Analog Strings
Symphonic PWM
Symphony of Harmonia
SYST1 - Carl Sagan's Pad
SYST8 - Nostalgia Pad
SYST8 - Old School Epic
SYST8 - Retro Big Cheese
Techno Violins
Tellus Core
The Gates of Heaven
The Greek Master
The Last Travel
The Little People
The Lost Wave
There Will Be Pain
Thick and Juicy Swell
Thick Forest Movement
Thick Glass Org
Thick Green Modeling
Thick Green Pad
Thick Green Virus
Time of Our Lives Pad
Transparent Polysynth Pad
Triangle Balloons
Tribute to Lyle
Trilling 4 GuyZZ
Trilling Strings
Triumph Horns
Ultra Pulse Pad
Underground Redemption Pad
Understated Strings
Undulating Strings Gentle
Undulating Strings
Unstable Choir Swell
Vapor Signs
Vaporware Tension
Vector Vox
Vectoring Oocals
Vectoring Zzzzs
VeloVox Fifths Pad
VeloVox Fifths
Vibrasines 4ths
Vintage 1964 String Orchestra
Violet Pad
Violin Synth Sheen
VIRUS - Deep Saturation Pad
VIRUS - Lamentation Pad
VIRUS - Notch Strings
Virus Memory Swell
Virus Soft Notch Pad
Virus Vectoring Pad
Vocal Stack Pad
Vocode Morph Choir
Vocoder Choir
Voice Box
Vorganic Fifths
Voxpad Dark Velo Ahs
Voxpad Dark Velo Ees
Voxpad Dark Velo Mms
Voxpad Dark Velo Ohs
Voxpad Dark Velo Oos
Voxpad Dark Wheel Ahs
Voxpad Dark Wheel Ees
Voxpad Dark Wheel Mms
Voxpad Dark Wheel Ohs
Voxpad Dark Wheel Oos
Voxpad Mellow Velo Ahs
Voxpad Mellow Velo Ees
Voxpad Mellow Velo Mms
Voxpad Mellow Velo Ohs
Voxpad Mellow Velo Oos
Voxpad Mellow Wheel Ahs
Voxpad Mellow Wheel Ees
Voxpad Mellow Wheel Mms
Voxpad Mellow Wheel Ohs
Voxpad Mellow Wheel Oos
Voxuna Granulosa
Voxygen Sweeper
VP03 - Dark Pad
VS Breath Vox
VS Edge Pad
VS Milky Way
VS Square Table Pad
VS Warm Bellkeyz
VYGR - Gentle Resonances
VYGR - Pensive Pad
Wall Street Streams
Warm Airstream
Warm and Blue
Warm and Scratchy
Warm Blankets
Warm Clarity
Warm Glass
Warm Glue
Warm Mids Pad
Warm Pad - Wheel Swell
Warm Pad Ice - Wheel Swell
Warm Pad Wasp Wheel
Warming Vox Pad
Warmmm Air
Washing in the Warmth
Wave Swells
Wavetable Bell Swell
Wavetable Build
Wavetable Rotor
Weightless Wisps
Wheezing Fairlight
Whistling in the Light
Whole Wide World
Wide Moog Dual Mono Swell
Wide Prophets Notched
Widening Analog
Winded Flutes
Wistful Oscillations
Wobble Top Pad
Womb of Analog
Zoo Epica

- 152 Patches

Aesop's Finger Drum
Air Klang
Ambient Gamelan
Bass Buzz Lightbulbs
Big Boom Balaphonia
Big Bottom Bendo Drum
Bouncing Metal Strings
Broken Cello Bouncing Grains
Brushed Metals Hit
Cave Stalactites
Cedar Space
Chunky Kalimba
Clay Gamelan - Equal Temp
Clay Gamelan - Genus
Crazy Percussive Stringthing
D50 - Baritone Pluckpad
D50 - Pizzagogo Time
D50 - Plucker Up
D50 - STEAM Hybrid
D50 - Ultra Pizz
Deep Mallet Voxophone
Deep Metals Rack
Dripping Watermarimba
Drop Springs
Drum Resonance on Chime
Drying Rack Buzz Gamelan
Drying Rack Harmonics 1
Drying Rack Harmonics 2
Drying Rack Harmonics 3
Dynamic Bender Boy
Ebony and Wire
Enharmonically Speaking
Evolving String Resonance
Far Eastern Mallets
Filaments in the Sonic Washer
FM Fandrum Seq
Freezing Metallophone
Gabriel Swinging Pipes
Gamaunu 1
Gamaunu 2
Gamaunu 3
Goldsmith meets Subotnick
Hammering the Stringed Washer
Hang Drummer
Hitting a Plastic Bottle with Glass 1
Hitting a Plastic Bottle with Glass 2
Hollow Stones
Knocking on the Piano 1
Knocking on the Piano 2
Large Footprints
Light the Shades
Lightbulb Gamelan Pelog
Lightbulb Gamelan
Liquid Anglungs
Liquid Steel Drums
Little Bottle Hit Harmonics
Mallet Ballet
Metal Chime Machine
Metal Perc Cello
Metallic Mallets
Metallic Water Drops
Metallophone in a Glass Bell
Mystic Watertanks
Mystical Touch
Oddball Adventure
Ode to Mr Newman
Oil Can Trinidad
Oiltank Mallets
Operative Code Tanksichord
Outta Kontrol Basso
Parched AmbiPluck
Perc Bottle
Perky Wires
Piano Wire
Picking the Pianoharp 1
Picking the Pianoharp 2
Pipe Harp 1
Pipe Harp 2
Pipe Harp 3
Pipe Harp Zither
Plucked Pot
Plucking Cedar Pads
Plucking the Glacier
Plucking the Harmonic Rattler
Prepared for Anything
PRO6 - Panning Scare Rattles
PRO6 - Straw Beds
PROX - Blocking Space
PROX - Blocking Time
PROX - Dream Journal
PROX - Dreampluck Organ
PROX - Drop Springs
PROX - Jakarta Slumbers
PROX - Mindfulness Bubbles
PROX - River Stones
PROX - Tea Ceremony
PROX - Tea Garden
PROX - Tea Leaves
Psycho Oil Cans
Pure Perky Pots
PVC Hammond Perc
Pyramid Drum
Rattloop Stick
Razor Mallet
Reflections of Wisdom
Reverberant Rack o Metal
Rheostatic Keys
Shards of Glass Rhodes
Shrunken Mini Marimbula
Silvery Waterphonia
Soft Mallet Resonance
Spoked Metal Piano
Spokey Fairies Pluck
Stapling the Lightbulbs
Steel Stringed Gamelan
Steel Vibes Drying Rack
Steelwork Recital
STOMP Playing Metal Stuff
Straight Mallet
Surprise Attacks
Tapping Tines
Teller of Fortunes
Tension Tines Aftermath
The Atonal Playground
Thumb Tank
Titanium Resonator Piano
Tonal Lightbulbs
Trinidad Fingers
Trinidad Steel Smack
Typing on Glass 1
Typing on Glass 2
Typosonic Machine
Typosonic Plucker
Typosonic Typing
Washing the Guitar 1
Washing the Guitar 2
Watertank Feedback
Whacking the Exposed Generator
Whacking the Rack
Wishing Well
Zap Glass

- 348 Patches

A-Major Grammaphone
Arcade Blippy
Arcade Glider
Arcade Token Lead
Atari Crush Square
Baby Bouncing Chips
Beep In Rusty Mist
Bernard Herrmann Tron
Blast from the Past
Blip Sid
Brother SID
Bum Like You Bing
Buzz Hum
Casio VL Fantasy STEAM
Casio VL Retro Gulls
Chase The Flute Lead
Cheap Trance Romance
Cheese Deluxe
Cheese Plain
Cheesy Heaven
Cheesy Noisy Tone Lead
Children of Time
Clink Theremin
Circuitrix Computer
City Boy
City Girl
Cleansing Lounge
Clever Girl Melody
Club Theremin
Commodore Chaos
Corroded Ricochet
Dancing Gameboys
Dark and Unstable Square
Decimated Memories
Deep Moog Modular Lead
Delayed Reaction 1
Delayed Reaction 2
Dirty Mono Sine
Distant Blipper Lead 1
Distant Blipper Lead 2
Disturbance in my Mind
Dolby's Guitaret
Drops of Sines
Early Chromaphonic Pad 1
Early Chromaphonic Pad 2
Early Chromaphonix
Early Computer Daze Chords
Early Computer Daze Lead
Early Warmies
Eight-bit Arpeggio Rain 1
Eight-bit Arpeggio Rain 2
Eight-bit Arpeggio Rain 3
Eight-bit Arpeggio Rain 4
Eight-bit Game Lead
Eight-bit Simple Beep
Electric Jack in the Box
Electron Comp Chord Lead
Electron Mini Piano Lead
Fairlight 80's Plucker
Fairlight Canned Keyz 1
Fairlight Canned Keyz 2
Far Far Away Retro Piano
Finally a Cheesy Sound!
Forbidden Synth
Gaga Vibralead
GAIA - Fickle Pluck
Galileo is Whistling 1
Galileo is Whistling 2
Galileo is Whistling 3
Gameboy Lead 1
Gameboy Lead 2
Gamer Bubble
Ghost of Tommy Dorsey
Giant Blip Invaders
Glitchy Sonar
Grains of Sand
Grandma Dreams of Opera
Grandma's Piano Memories
Groovy Stylophone Lead
Happy Gamer Lead
Hard Boundary Comp
Harpsiplunk Analog
Hyperspace Vintage Lead
In Memorium 3
JDXi - Bandpassed Out
JDXI - Bass From Planet Xi
JDXI - Crusty Converter Flutter
JDXI - Crying Space Baby
JDXi - Vibrato Sawpluck
JDXI - Wavering Plunk
JP8000 - Drunken Whistler
JP8000 - Retro Blip
JP8000 - Space Age
JU06 - Homie Piano Chorus
JU06 - Homie Piano
JU06 - JU Noisy
JU06 - Noisy Square Keys
JU06 - Noisy Tremolo
JUNO - Lofi Luciousness
JUNO - Memories of the Beach
JUNO - Noisy Tapes Pad
JUNO - Old Cassettes
JUNO - Saucers at Guitar Center
JX03 - Mulfunction
JX03 - Noise Floor
JX03 - Trippingpeggio
JX03 - Unhappy Saw
JX03 - Unidentified Activity
K-Mart Blue Light Special
Kicking the Theremin
King of Pong
KMINI - Ms. Quirky
KMINI - Retrorama
KMINI - Retrostation
KMINI - Retrotriller
Konichiwa Ornament
KPRO - Spookytooth
Light Speed Theremin
Line Interference
LPHAT - Weepy Phatty
Math Grains
Mini Boxed Whale
Model Lead Wow
Modular Crickets Lead
MOPHO - Cheap Arcade
MOPHO - Tetris Computations
MOPHO - Thriftshop Keys
MOPHO - Trilliope
Mr. Casio's Dynamic Cheese
MS20 - Bird Brains
MS20 - Delayed Reaction
MS20 - Dirty Business
MS20 - Dusty Saw
MS20 - Easy as Pie
MS20 - Faulty Cable
MS20 - Fuzzy Octaves
MS20 - Green Hair
MS20 - Hooky Square
MS20 - Noisy Square
MS20 - Sleepy Hollow
MS20 - Square Leap
MS20 - Thin Detuner
MS20 - ZPG Zapper
MS2000 - Broken Tube
MS2000 - Singing Sine
My Old Soul
NBS2 - Crappy Radio
NBS2 - Neo Circus
NBS2 - No Budget Brass
NBS2 - Retrobait
NCMS - Whacky Warlock
NLEAD - CS Space Guitar
NLEAD - Gunshot Vibrato
NLEAD - Patchcords
NLEAD - Retro Science Brass
NLEAD - Tonto
NLEAD - Wiggle Room
NLEAD - Zaccordion Fast
NLEAD - Zaccordion Slow
No User Serviceable Parts
Notch in Retro Space
NWAVE - Koto Space Piano
NWAVE - Space Noise Piano
Odd Chip Gated Bellz
Ode to Buchla
Old Car Horn
Olden Daze Flutez
Ominous Tape Feedback
Omnichord Acadie
Outer Limitations
Over the Top SID
PEAK - Incorrect Answer
PEAK - Stuck in a Loop
Pinging Cheese Delay
Plastic Cheese Detuner
Plastic Cheese Saw 1
Plastic Cheese Saw 2
Plastic Cheese Square
Poker Trash Square
Poker Vibra Lead
Poly Theremin
Poor Man's Piano Pad
Popcorn Crush
PR12 - BrokeBustedDisgusted
PR12 - The Butler Did It
Pro Soloist Analog Oboe
PRO2 - Noisy VHS Tapes
PRO6 - Happy Zip Stack
PRO6 - Laff Riot
PRO6 - Neon Sunrise
PRO8 - Broke 'n Busted
PRO8 - Sad Retrowaves
PRO8 - Shakey Saws
PRO8 - Tea Kettle Trumpet
PRO8 - Wow 'n Flutter Vox
Pure and Simple
Quadruple Rainbows
Quick Seq ala 1975
Quick Seq ala 1976
Quick Seq ala 1977
Quick Seq ala 1978
Quick Seq ala 1979
Quick Seq ala 1980
Quirky Boy Lead
Quirky FM Lead
Quirky Vibratone
RADIAS - Vibracrap
Radio VL-Tone
Radiotone Melodies
Raining Pianos Reverse
Raining Pianos
Really Basic Stuff
Reduced Anasquare
Redwood Message Blip
REFACE - Old Sines
REFACE - Quirky Lead
Regenerative Oxygen
Retro Bass Flute
Retro Dance Mallets
Retro Dance Plucker
Retro Flute Celeste
Retro Mallet Reunion
Retro Marimba
REV2 - Noisy Neosoul
REV2 - Sad Felidae
Robot Ai
Romeo Leslie
Rotary Ringarete
Sample Reduction Blip
SE02 - Theremini
SH01A - Euro Cops
SH01A - PBS Special
SH01A - Vibratone
SH01A - Wiggly Lead
SH201 - Back to the Past
SH201 - Canadian Pulse
SH201 - Hook Me Up
SH201 - Party Animal
Shakey Jake 1
Shakey Jake 2
Shortwave Radio Flutes
SID Bass Confident
SID Chip Strung Out
SID Happy Fall
SID In the Water Amp
SID In the Water
SID KraZee Chord 1
SID KraZee Chord 2
SID KraZee Chord 3
SID Smash Hit 1
SID Smash Hit 2
SID Voicebox
SID's Cheese Factory
Signal Error
Silly SH2000 Brass Ensemble
Sine Wave Drops
Sines of Disillusionment
Singing Glacier Stones
SIRIN - Boards of Edinburgh
SIRIN - Broken Melodies
SIRIN - Danger Birdie
SIRIN - Doctor Parnassus
SIRIN - Glide Siren
SIRIN - Marathon Man
SIRIN - Messenger of Danger
SIRIN - Sick Siren
Skinny Glider Echoplex
Skinny Glider Theremin
SLEDG - Flutter Down the Gutter
Socially Unbalanced
Son of Steve Austin
Space Junkie
Spacey Popcorn
SPHAT - Cluck Pluck
SPHAT - Haunted Studio
Springy Tine
Square Meal
Squared Up
Static Rainbow
Stone Mill Tuned Noise
Strange Saw for Wendy
SUB37 - Childish Quirk
SUB37 - Childish Tendencies
SUB37 - Childish Thing
SUB37 - Fly Worm
SUB37 - Game Console
SUB37 - Kinsey Horn
SUB37 - Old Folks 5ths
SUB37 - Old Squarebles
SUB37 - Retro Square Springs
SUB37 - Spookytone
Super Casio Seq
SYST1 - Clown Shoes
SYST1 - Cyber Prairie
Telephonic Chill
Tesla Coil Dirge
Tetra Breeze
There's no place like home
Theremin's Great Grandchild
Theremin's Journey
Ticking Drop
Ticking Rise
Transcendent in Time
Transformer Real
Triangular Recorder
Triangular Whimsy
Try Detuning the Tapes
Try Not To Laugh Glee
Try Not To Laugh
Tuned Noise Tubes
Unstable Love Organ
Urbania Octaves
Valve Oscillator Instability
Vectors of Galileo
Vibralimba Rosin
Vibratonic Lead
Video Ringtone Loverboy
Vinyl Frontier
Vinyl Summation
Vinyl Toy Bell Menagerie
Vivid Vibrato
VL Tones for Les(s)
VL Tones Guitar
VL Tones Piano
VL Tones Violin
VL-Tone Modulus Pad
VL-Tone Popcorn
VP03 - Double Reeds
VP03 - Wa Wa Choir
VYGR - Forbidden Suspension
Whistling Retro Piano
Whistling Suzuki
Xpress Chords
Z ol' DX7 Sine

- 115 Patches

ARP Phase 90 Solina
ARP Solina Strings
ARP String Ensemble
ARP Strings Vintage Phaser
ARP's Golden Years
Bitchin Solina
Blue Solina
Budget String Machine
Busted Paraphonic Cello
Cheesy Strings in an Old Radio
Electrovox Strings
Ensemble Omniphonia Rich
Ensemble Omniphonia Soft
Ensemble Omniphonia Strings
Ensemble Omniphonia Warm
Eurotek String Machine
Fizzy VP-330 Vox
Formant Machine 1
Formant Machine 2
Funky String Machine Amp
Gospel Solina 1
Gospel Solina 2
Gospel Solina 3
Gospel Solina 4
Huge String Machine
JP-8 String Machine
JU06 - Thin Machine
King Quadra
Logan Ensemble Accordian Full
Logan Ensemble Accordian
Logan Ensemble Octaves
Logan Ensemble Orchestral
Logan Ensemble Solo
Logan Ensemble String
Mission Completed
MOPHO - Ensembler
MS2000 - Vocaloid
Numan String Machine
Numan String Stack
Octophonic Ensemble Filters
Octophonic Ensemble Strings
Ode to Gary
Old and Watery Solina
Paraphonic 505 8+4 Ensemble
Paraphonic 505 Cello
Paraphonic 505 CelloTuba
Paraphonic 505 ConBass + Cello
Paraphonic 505 ConBass + Tuba
Paraphonic 505 ConBass
Paraphonic 505 ConBs+Tuba+Cello
Paraphonic 505 Full Ensemble
Paraphonic 505 Full Stereo
Paraphonic 505 Tuba Ensemble
Paraphonic 505 Tuba+Cello
Paraphonic Envelope Phase
Quad-Phase String Machine
SE02 - Cassette Tape Strings
Sex and Violins
String Machine Master
Super Omni II
Superphaser String Machine Brite
Superphaser String Machine Rich
Swirl Machine
SYST8 - Lake Solina
SYST8 - Sunray Ensemble
SYST8 - Vintage
SYST8 - Voices
Tony Banks
Ubersolina 1
Ubersolina 2
Ubersolina Epic Richness
Ubersolina Phasers 1
Ubersolina Phasers 2
Ubersolina Phasers 3
Ubersolina Phasers 4
Ultra Paraphonic
Univibe Ensemble Pad
Vector VP-220
Vector VP-330
Vibraphase Ensemble pan
Vibraphase Ensemble Stereo
VP-330 + Logan Strings Warm
VP-330 + Logan Strings
VP-330 Female Vox
VP-330 Full 8+4 Ensemble
VP-330 Lo-Fi Pad
VP-330 Octavox Ensemble
VP-330 Octavox
VP-330 Stereo Ensemble
VP-330 Ultravox Chorus
VP-330 Vox Ensemble
VP-330 Vox+Cello Ensemble
VP-330 Vox+String Ensemble
VP03 - Angelic Ambience
VP03 - Angelic Strings
VP03 - Carousel
VP03 - Cheese Machine
VP03 - Classic
VP03 - Faux Omni
VP03 - Female Strings
VP03 - Low Vox
VP03 - Male Strings
VP03 - Operatic Android
VP03 - Phaser Strings
VP03 - Revealer
VP03 - Sad OctoVox
VP03 - Seventies Strings
VP03 - Soprano Scoops
VP03 - String Choir
Warm 70's String Box
Warm Cheese Brass
Warm Omni
Warm String Machine
Warm Wigwam Pad
Warming Up The Machine

- 423 Patches

Age of Illumination Bass
Aggressor Bass
Air Ranger Bass
Alternative Fuel Bass
Analog Knocker Bass
Analog Seq - Big 'n Dark
Analog Seq - Big 'n Tight
ANDROMEDA - Classic Moogie
ANDROMEDA - Mondo Rondo
Angry Multi Oscillating Bass
Badd Booty Bass
Bass Feeders
Bass in the Microwave
Bass Octomeister
Bass of Reduction
Bassface In Phase
Beefer Bass
Before the Downbeat
Berry Rubbery Bass
Big Bad Glider Bass
Big Fatty
Big Juicy Boy
Big Little Blip Bass
Big Ol' Bee Bass Lead
Bitchy Bass
Bleachbro Bass 1
Bleachbro Bass 2
Bleachbro Wide Juice Bass
Bobbing Cyborg
Body Fat Resonance
Boomer Square Res
Boomer Square
Bottom of the Bucket Bass
Bouncing Bass
Boxy Moog
Broken OSCar Bass
Browler Basstones
Bulbous D'nBass
Burned Again Bass
Burned Wasp Bass 1
Burned Wasp Bass 2
Bustin' Up
Buzzy Reprisal
Caffeinator Bass
Camouflage Bass
Chest Press Bass
Circuitrix Subz
Classic FM Bass
Classic Moog Reso
Classy Clickin Bass
Clicking the Square Bass 101
Clickomatic Bass
Clipped Sines Bass
Complaining Growl Bass
Computation Bass
Cool Clubbing Bass
Cowboy Sync Bass
Crackle Bass
Cranky Modular Bass
CS-80 PWM Res Bass
CS-80 Sine Bass
CS80 Descender Bass
Cut Me Real Deep Baby
Cut Me Real Deep Down
Cut Me Real Deep Wobble
D50 - Steel Pick Bass
Da New Dogg Bass
Dark Electro Square Bass
Deep Clicker Bass
Deep Detuner Bass
Deep FM Stereo Bass
Deep Trash Bass
Deep Wow Bender
Deeply Disturbed Bass
DEEPM - Resoclick Bass
DEEPM - Solid Carbon Bass
DEEPM - Tight Bassliner
Deepness Blip Oct Bass
Deepness Blip Square Bass
Digi Waveshaper Bass 1
Digi Waveshaper Bass 2
Digi Waveshaper Bass 3
Digi Waveshaper Bass 4
Digi Waveshaper Bass 5
DigiYoy Bass
Drama Wheel Bass
Duck Juice Bass
Dyna-stubble Bass 1
Dyna-stubble Bass 2
Echo-logical Bass
Eighties Synth Bass
Electro Mouth Bass
Elektrophonik Bass
End of an Eon Bass
Energetc Acid Bass
Energy Drink Bass
Energy Pluck Bass
Exaggerated Bass
Fat Cat Bass
Fat Fatty Fatness
Fat n Solid Bass
Fat n Solid Reso Bass
Fat Ranger Bass
Fat Reso Bass
Fat Resocliker Bass
Fatboy Attack Bass
FB-01 Bass
Fee Fi Fo Fum Bass
Flaring Anger Bass
FM Bass Paintbrushes
FM Bassy Punch
FM Kick Sweep Bass
FM Noisebass
FM Reduction Bass
Freaky Throat Bass
Frickin Insane Ring Mod
Furious Squirrel Bass
GAIA - Bass Fries
GAIA - Crushed Square Bass
GAIA - Glass Bass
Get the Bass Juices Flowin'
Giganticus Pumpus Bass
Gliding Varispeed Bass
Goodtime Charlie
Green Taurus Bass
Gritty Skin Bass 1
Gritty Skin Bass 2
Growler Moog Bass
Gunky Grit
GunZ Bass
Hard Bobblebass
Hard Harmonic Burst
Hardstyle Kick Bass
Hash Lover Bass
Hip-Hop Bass 909
Hippo Bass
HipsterZ Bass
Humpty Dumpty
Hyper Alert Bass
IDM Deepbass 1
IDM Deepbass 2
Infuriated Bass
Intense Motion Bass
JDXA - Overweight Bass
JP-8 Bass Monster
JP8 PWM Bass
JU06 - Chorus Bass
JU06 - I'm Wet!
JU06 - JU NO It's Fat
JU06 - Love Handles
JU06 - Rubber Menace
JU06 - Simply Square
JU06 - Spinning Bass
Juices Flowing Bass
JUNO - Bass Builder
JUNO - Big and Wide Bass
JUNO - Classic Juno Bass
Jupiter Octoblaster
JX03 - DCO Bass
JX03 - Giant DCO Bass
KMINI - Bomb the Bass 1
KMINI - Bomb the Bass 2
KMINI - Brick Squarehouse
KMINI - Dueling Triangles
KMINI - Minicooper Bass
KMINI - Minirubber Bass
KMINI - Smusher
KPRO - Kill the Sub
KPRO - Tom-Tom Bass
Kriminal Bass
Lochness Highz
Low Blood Sugar Bass
Low End Disruption
LPHAT - Big Zip Bass
LPHAT - Born In It
LPHAT - Drunk Transmissions
LPHAT - Military Experiment
LPHAT - Muted Beast
LPHAT - Slim Knocker
LPHAT - Sub Undulation
LPHAT - Tactical Mission
LPHAT - Wobbly Phat Bottom
Magic Wheel Bass
Mainframe Bass
Massive Attacker
Maverick Dirt Bass -> Wheel
Mellow Roller
Mergatroid Bass
Metallic Red Bass
Mind Splitter Bass
Mini Triangle Sub
Minimal Crushed Bass
Model Bass
Modern 303 Bass
Modular Deep Bass
Modular Gummo Bass
Modular Juice Bass
Modular Sync Bass
Modular Tubular Bass
Moog Modular Big Booty
Moog Modular Classic
Moog Modular Warm Swell
Moog Pulse Bass
Moog Square OW Bass
Moogie Boogie
Mr Moogs DX-7 Bass
MS2000 - Heavy Squares
MTAUR - Deep Taurus Drones
MTAUR - Deep Taurus Pedals
MTAUR - Deep Taurus Wobb
MTAUR - Ostinato Bass
MTAUR - Snappy Man
MTAUR - Taurus Wobba
MTAUR - Tight Swell
Naggin' Bass
Nasty Attitude Bass
Nasty Bee Bass
Nasty Boy Bass
NBS2 - Acidheadz
NBS2 - BallZ
NBS2 - Big Hookz
NBS2 - Blaster
NBS2 - Bumpin'
NBS2 - Characteristix
NBS2 - Eight 'O Eight
NBS2 - Klicker Boom
NBS2 - NonVegan Bass
NBS2 - Pop Locking
NBS2 - Wet Wipers
NCMS - Ed Gee
Nice Moog Bass
NLEAD - Sassy Bass
NLEAD - Squassy Bass
Noisy Growl Bass
Noisy Sine Bass
Not Now
Not So Rough Bass
Notch Bass
Nu Place Bass
NWAVE - The Extremist
OB6 - Roll the Punch
Octabass Plucker
Oh Wow Bass 1
Oh Wow Bass 2
OSCar Bass 1
OSCar Bass 2
OSCar Bass 3
Overboil 909 Bass
Overtonal Overdrive Bass
Owie Zowie Bass
PEAK - Low Blow
Phaseclick Bass
Pinched Grinder
Plutonium Bass
PR12 - Chest Thumper
PRO6 - Backloader Bass
PRO6 - Headcold Bass
PRO6 - RibEye Bass
PRO8 - Chunky Boy
Punch in da rear
Punch it Bass
Pure Square Bass
RADIAS - Brutalis Bass
Raging Migraine
Rasputin Bass
Reduction Square
Reductive Reasoning
Reloaded Bass
Reso FM Bass
REV2 - Sticky Velo Bass
Ripper Wheel
Robo Breakerbass 1
Robo Breakerbass 2
Robot Click Bass
Robot Sweep Bass
Robyn Bass in Face
Rough 'n Ready Bass
Screaming Bitch Bass
SE02 - Dynamo Bass
SE02 - Mouth Bass
SE02 - Pork Belly Bass
SE02 - Rubber Bass
SE02 - Vintage Reso Bass
SH01A - Brassy Bass
SH01A - Calcium Bass
SH01A - Classic 101
SH01A - Classic DCO Bass
SH01A - Gap Band Bass
SH01A - Legend Pulse
SH01A - Legend Saw
SH01A - Legend Square
SH01A - PWM For Batt
SH01A - Solid Bass
SH01A - Tubana
SH01A - Wet and Funkayy
SH201 - Black Sand
SH201 - Legit Analogue
SH201 - Overdriven Square Bass
Sharp Jupiter Bass
Sharpy Seq Bass
Short NoizLap Bass
Shortcircuit Bass 1
Shortcircuit Bass 2
SID Playful Bass
SID Rogue Bass
SID Solid Bass 1
SID Solid Bass 2
Simple Moog Bass
Simple Synth Bass 1
Simple Synth Bass 2
Simple Wobbling Bass
Sine Moog Bass
Skippys Big Bad Bass
Slammed Bass 1
Slammed Bass 2
Slammed Bass 3
SLEDG - Banana Bass
SLEDG - Bitchbarker
SLEDG - Eighties Bass
SLEDG - Solid Bass
SLEDG - Yellow 808s
Smooth Moog Bass
Snip Snapper Bass
Soft Square Bass
Spasm Wheel Bass
SPHAT - Aggro Bass
SPHAT - Anger Danger Bass
SPHAT - Arcade Punks
SPHAT - Brass Knuckles
SPHAT - Casper the Friendly Bass
SPHAT - Classic Ladderbass
SPHAT - Dirty Bass
SPHAT - Down the Ladder
SPHAT - Guttural Bass
SPHAT - Predator Bass
SPHAT - Subfloor Bassment
square IS hip
Squaretown Bass
Stanky Bass
Stateside Bass
Stereo Burned Bass
Sticky Synth Bass
Stockholm Puncher Bass
Stringless Bass
Sub Click Love
Sub Windshield Wipers
SUB37 - Buzzy Bass
SUB37 - Classic Pulsing Bass 1
SUB37 - Classic Pulsing Bass 2
SUB37 - Four Layer Bomb
SUB37 - Legendary Bass
SUB37 - Ostinatoe
SUB37 - Punching Bag
SUB37 - Resobass 1
SUB37 - Resobass 2
SUB37 - Resobass 3
SUB37 - Steve Wobs
SUB37 - Take the Acid
SUB37 - Taking Names
Sumo Wrestler Bass
Super FM Talker Bass 1
Super FM Talker Bass 2
Super FM Wasp
Super Moog Bass
Supermassive Depths
Supersaw Bass
Surprise Bass
Swagger Bass 1
Swagger Bass 2
Swagger Bass 3
Swishy Grinder
Synapse on Fire Bass
Sync Modulation Bass
Synctown Bass
SYST1 - Bass Cutter
SYST1 - Iron Bass
SYST8 - Panner Bass
SYST8 - Pulsing Dark Bass
SYST8 - Simple Echobass
System of Bass
Talking Resofuzz Bass
The Love Bass
Throaty Bass Box
Throwback Reso Bass
Thumpy Bass
Top Fried Bass
Totally Destructive Bass
Trancey Bass
Trillos Bass
Trip Tone Blip Bass
Turkey Basster
Two-Bit Square Bass
Uber Bendobass
Underground Tunnel Bass
Urban Tank Bass
Utter Chaos Bass 1
Utter Chaos Bass 2
Vexed Growl
Vicious Moog
Vintage Bass O' Matic
Vinyl Click Bass
VIRUS - Beef Notch Bass
VIRUS - Beef Notch Wide
VIRUS - Gamer Bass
VIRUS - Punch Drunk Bass
VYGR - Bark Bass
VYGR - Classic House 1
VYGR - Classic House 2
VYGR - Deeply Shaken
Warm Simple Bass
Wheelio Magma Bass
Wheelio Magmawah Bass
Whistling Bass
Wobbling Deep Bass
Wooly Mammoth Bass
Xpress Bass
Yamaha Bass Monster

- 348 Patches

Analogue Power Sweep Pad
ANDROMEDA - Andromedized
Appearance Sweep
Astral Phenomenon
Bandpass Anxiety
Blade Runner CS-80
Cascade Flanger
Circular Breathing
Classic 5ths Sweep
Classic Jupiter Resosweep
Cloud Burst Resonance Sweep
Constant Sweepers
CS Talker Lead
CS-80 Flange Ensemble
CS-80 Morphing Filters
CS-80 Sweeper Crosspan
CS-80 Talk Filter Ekopad
D50 - Evocative Soundtrack
D50 - Nylon Pluck Glasswell
D50 - Shineola
D50 - Stuck in the 80s
DEEPM - Luscious Lovelies
DEEPM - Reso Fadezapperz
DEEPM - Resoroses
DEEPM - Synthwavey
DEEPM - Weepie Sweepie
Diffusion Shimmer
Drama King
Dramasweeper Trance Lead
Dramatic Eurosweepers 1
Dramatic Eurosweepers 2
Dramatic Eurosweepers 3
Dramatic Supersweeper
Eighties Reso Stack
Electro FM Growl
Epic Triumphs
Euro Bright Sweep
Fat Air Pad Flanger
Flanged Poly Virus
Flanging the Juno
Flitter Twitter
Formant Vox Sweeping
GAIA - Analogue Pulsar
GAIA - Birds of Pandora
GAIA - Sublime Sweep
Glossy Super Flanger
Graintable Stereo Comber
Graintable Swirl Comber
Happy Panner
Hipass Vortex
HP Techno Fizzweeper
HPF Disappearing Sweep
Intense Sweep Organ
JDXA - Cat Eyes
JDXi - Lusciousness
JDXI - Simple Swirlies
JP08 - Big Bendy Fifths
JP08 - Classic Warm Jupiters
JP08 - Denver Omelet
JP08 - Narrow Bender
JP08 - Slightly Broken
JP08 - Vague Thunder 1
JP08 - Vague Thunder 2
JP8000 - Digitrancer
JP8000 - Underground
JU06 - Resonant DCO
JU06 - Thin Melody Maker
Juicy Bass Bubble Sweeps
Juicy Drone
Juicy Gossip
JUNO - Commanding Melodics
JUNO - Crescendologue
JUNO - Crying Out in Anguish
JUNO - Faltering Power 1
JUNO - Faltering Power 2
JUNO - Rising of the Resonauts
JUNO - Sad Times
JUNO - Sunrise on Video Tape
Juno 5th Sweeps
Jupiter 6 HPF Sweep
JX-10 Big Reso Sweep
JX03 - 80s Vibrachorus
JX03 - Fluttering Buzz
JX03 - Mourning the Eighties
JX03 - Synopsis
KMINI - Big Strangers
KMINI - Crying Times
KMINI - Cyber Flutter
KMINI - Gentle Persuasion
KMINI - Lilly Echoes
KMINI - Melancholy Echoboys
KMINI - Modular Melancholy
KMINI - PWM Trails
KMINI - Sweeper Pad
KMINI - Thin Melodist 1
KMINI - Thin Melodist 2
KMINI - Warm Thoughts
KMINI - Winter Pluck
KPRO - Dreamsweeper
KPRO - Stranger Thingie
Liquid Vox
Living Bandpass Sweep
Luscious Bandpass Sweep
Magnetic String Pluck
Melted Ebowed Piano Swell
MKS80 - Eighties Synthwave
MKS80 - Oceanwaves
MKS80 - Offramps
MKS80 - Pulsesweep
MKS80 - Rising 5ths
MKS80 - Rising Clusters
MKS80 - Rising Octaves
MKS80 - Twinkling Sweeps
MKS80 - Winding Whistler
MOPHO - Puff Chest
MS2000 - Drokk Sweep
MS2000 - Members Only
NBS2 - Ambiotic Fluids
NBS2 - Bettie Davis
NBS2 - Corazon
NBS2 - Pathos
NLEAD - Blades of Brass
NLEAD - Cognitive Dissonance
NLEAD - Deckard Swell
NLEAD - Dissonance Resolved
NLEAD - Europhonica
NLEAD - Internal Conflict
NLEAD - Liquid Swell
NLEAD - Liquid Tension
NLEAD - Mirage Landing Brite
NLEAD - Mirage Landing
NLEAD - Pulsars
NLEAD - Ricochet Sync
NLEAD - Rising Emotions
NLEAD - Tapers Trem 1
NLEAD - Tapers Trem 2
NLEAD - Wiggler Mod
Noisy RS-09 Sweep
Nostalgia Polyglider
NSTAGE - Brassy Swellz
NSTAGE - Eternal Menance
NSTAGE - Juice Swell
NSTAGE - Nebula
NSTAGE - Space and Time
NSTAGE - Winged Flight
NWAVE - Analog Scandi
NWAVE - Nordic Pipers
NWAVE - Nordic Whistler
OB Resosweep
OB6 - Analgesia
OB6 - Bandpass Anxiety
OB6 - Big Detuner
OB6 - Chamber Squares
OB6 - Drone Wideband
OB6 - Firebrand
OB6 - Ice Drop Melodies
OB6 - October Lines
OB6 - Shaded Waves
OB6 - Shiny Memories
OB6 - Sober Saws
OB6 - Storyteller
OB6 - Unipad
Octaphonix Sweep
Old School Tweezers
Panscan Sweep
PEAK - Age of Enlightenment
PEAK - Dream Sequence
PEAK - Fizz Nova Station
PEAK - Overtone Mourning
PEAK - Slip 'n Slide
PEAK - Unstable Star
PEAK - Uprising
Phase Glasswell
Phase Stacker Flange
Phoenix Rising
Poly Flanger
Power Rave Sweep
Power Trance Octoflanger
PR12 - Defibrillator
PR12 - Mars Rover
PR12 - Retrospection
PR12 - Reversings
PR12 - Submariner
PR12 - Wild Harmonium
PRO2 - Dark Times
PRO2 - Digital Voices
PRO2 - Emotion Working
PRO2 - Maudlin
PRO2 - Paraphonic BPF Pluck
PRO2 - Sad PWM
PRO2 - Synthwavey
PRO6 - Bettie Returns
PRO6 - Cavernous Airlock
PRO6 - Cell Sweeper
PRO6 - Dark Prophecies
PRO6 - Liquid Lines
PRO6 - Loneliness
PRO6 - Narrows
PRO6 - Polysynthamist
PRO6 - Replicants
PRO6 - Slow Vibralead
PRO6 - Space Out
PRO6 - Star Trails
PRO6 - To Infinity and Beyond
PRO6 - Venusian Trill Garden
PRO8 - Confused Nintendo 1
PRO8 - Confused Nintendo 2
PRO8 - Plausible Deniability
PRO8 - Weasles
PROX - Growing Anguish
PROX - Phoenix Rising
PROX - Pressure Points
PWM Melodics
REFACE - Blade Shade
REFACE - Imminent Threat
REFACE - Sorrowful Saw
REFACE - Space Sweeper
Resonance of Insanity
Resonant Reeds
Resorama Ramps
Retrosweeper + Bowed Bike
REV2 - American Echoes
REV2 - An Impending Menace
REV2 - Boards of Burbank
REV2 - Boards of the Bay Area
REV2 - Controlled Hallucinations
REV2 - Dark Awakening
REV2 - Early Transmission
REV2 - Filthy Rags
REV2 - Foggy Saw
REV2 - Knot In The Throat
REV2 - Mines of Cobalt
REV2 - Noble Servant
REV2 - Palmdale Heat
REV2 - PWM Melodics
REV2 - Resonant Poles
REV2 - Twinkling Lights
REV2 - Worn Down Poly
Rich BPF 80's Sweeper
Ripper Motion
Rise of Supersaw Synth
Saturn Rings
SE02 - Apache
SE02 - Gliding Seagulls
SE02 - Infinite Drifter
SE02 - Infinite Echo Gulls
SH01A - '80s Helicopter
SH01A - Reptile Drone
SH01A - Reso Spinner
Shooting Stars Pad
Simply Noizy Sweep
Sirens From The Ship
Sitar Encased in Glass
Sizzling Flanger
Sizzling Release
SLEDG - Ginormous
SLEDG - Malevolence
SLEDG - Yellow Anthem
Space Gliders 1
Space Gliders 2
SPHAT - Phloating thru Clouds
SPHAT - Phlutter Away
SPHAT - Yearning Chips
Storm Drone
SUB37 - Backslider
SUB37 - Blade Runner
SUB37 - Canadian Tundra
SUB37 - Evil Rising
SUB37 - Hipass Staircase
SUB37 - Lead from the '70s
Super Euro Sweep
Super Sweeper
Supple Sweeps
Sweeet Sweeep
Sweep Juice
Sweeping Solina Strings
Sweeping VP-330 Strings
Swirling Spheres
Swirling Tamboura
Synths on Mars
SYST1 - B1 Bomber
SYST1 - Deckard's Milieu
SYST1 - Dystopian Detune
SYST1 - Shadow Pulse
SYST1 - Spookytooth Lead
SYST8 - Airy Greens
SYST8 - Amazing Robots
SYST8 - Ambient Feathers
SYST8 - Discreet Green
SYST8 - Expansive Greens
SYST8 - Gliding Slope
SYST8 - Green Spaces
SYST8 - Lamenting the '80s
SYST8 - Noisy
SYST8 - Sawer
SYST8 - Sawspace
SYST8 - Venus
Tear Your Head Off
The Long Thin Sweep
The Rise and Fall of Analog
Throat Split Wide
Throaty Funk Resofilter
Throaty Juno Sweep
Trance X
Trancey Sweep
Traveling Flange
Ultra Swell
Unwind Sweep
VIRUS - Cloud Formations
VIRUS - Eerie Space Lead
VIRUS - Infinity Lead
VIRUS - Insecticide
VIRUS - Luscious Moods
VIRUS - Melons & Collies
VIRUS - Mournings
VIRUS - Oceanography
VIRUS - Solstice
Vocal Sweep
VocoCrush Sweeper
Vocoder Choir HP Sweep
Voltage Dreams of a Robot
VYGR - Big Swellz
VYGR - Birds in the Water
VYGR - Duophonic Retro
VYGR - Shakey Fingers
VYGR - Shooting Seastars
VYGR - The Dawn Treader
Waspy HPF Chorus
Winded Sweeps
Winding Her Up
World Soul Resonance
World Soul Sweep
Xtremist Edge

- 678 Patches

Aggro-Plastico Lead
Alternate Force Lead
Amped Electric SuperSaw
Amped Square Expresso
Analog + Formant Wheel
Analog FM ModWheeling Lead
Analog Oboe Glide
Analog Reed Lead
Analog Vibralead
Analog Wide Leadbass
ANDROMEDA - Chunky Stacker
ANDROMEDA - Rough Driver
ANDROMEDA - Titus Andronicus
Annoyed Square
Armando Pluck
Armed to the Teeth
Attack of the Tranceboy
Authentic 70's Solo Synth
Authentic Octafunk Lead
Authentic PWM Lead
Authentic PWM Unison Lead
Authentic Solo Glider
Authentic Triangle Lead
Backdraft Inferno
Bad Philosophy Lead
Bad Temper Pulse Bright
Bad Temper Pulse Dark
Ballzy Urban Lead
Barking Spiders
Beef Reese
Bending Trance Lead
Bendy Boys
Big Sync
Big Synth Pulse Lead
Biting the Hand 1
Biting the Hand 2
Biting the Vowels Lead
Blood Force Lead
Bloodthirsty Lead
Blue Wavetable
Bowdrone Lead
Bread 'n Buttah Resosquare
Broken Sizzle Gun
Broken Square Lead
Bubbling Brewski
Bungalow Dancer
Bustin' the Booty Bomb
Buzz Wow
Buzzhead Synth
Buzzing into the Void
Camembert Massacre
Capes and Knives
Catchy Waspline
Chaos Modular Lead
Cheeze Squeeze
Chinese Resologue Lead 1
Chinese Resologue Lead 2
Chocolate Trance Lead
Classic Funkness
Classic Moog Lead
Classic SawViolin Lead
Classic Wet 'n Juicy
Clikin' Synk Lead 1
Clikin' Synk Lead 2
Clikin' Synk Lead 3
Clubbing to Pieces Lead
Complex Worm Lead
Compressor Death Juno
Cranium Drillbit
Crazy Sync Glider
Crunchy Blue Starfish
CS-80 Velo Lead Swell
Cut Thru the Club
Cutting Supersawwwww
Damaged Vocal Chords
Dance Floor Solo
Dance Riff Maker
Dark Matter Synth
Death Breath Lead
Deep Detuner Stab
Deep Detuner
Deep Snapper
Deep Vision Lead
DEEPM - Funky Reso Lead
DEEPM - Synced Vibralead
DEEPM - Uli's Threat
Deflector Shield
Departure Lounge
Destructophonic Leadness
Detuned Modular Square
Digitalized Square Lead
Dipthong 1
Dipthong 2
Dirge Glider
Dirty Man
Discovering Eternal Truth
Distorted Modular Lead
Distressed Vowels
Disturbing X-Mod Lead
Does this make me look Fat?
Doomsday Unison Lead
Dribbling in the Circuitry
Dry and Juicy from '71
Dry Cutting Sawlead
Dual Morphology
Dubspank Lead
Dubstep Marimbula Lead
Dusty Old Analog
Edge of the Blade
Edge of the Saw
EDM Trumpet Lead
Elastic Waistband
Electro Chicken
Electro Creepers
Electro Fur
Electro Gate Leader
Electro HPF Leader
Electro Reduction
Electro Rip Face
Emperor's Lead
Enchanted Flute
Energizer Synth
Energysweeper Lead
Enmity Lead
Entropie Seq
Epic Turnt Up Lead
Euphoria Anthem Lead
EuroTrance Lead
Exposing the Fatnesss
Fair and Square Lead 1
Fair and Square Lead 2
Falling off the Wagon
Fat 'n Juicy
Fat Cycle Moog
Fat SID Lead
Fatboy Attack 1
Fatboy Attack 2
Fatboy Attack 3
Feast of Prog Lead
Feed that little Saw
Feudal Lead
Fidget Boy
Fight Club Lead
Filter FM Aggressor 1
Filter FM Aggressor 2
Finger in the Socket
Fizz Mother
Fleek LFO Lead
Flies Trance Lead
FM Danceline Lead
FM Junotronic
Formant Saw
Frantic Lead
Froggy Widemouth
Funk Super Atomic Powers!
Funky Alarm Lead
Furious Filters
Fury in Japan
Futuronica Lead
Fuzzilla Lead
Fuzzy Blare
GAIA - Bendy Pluck
GAIA - Emerging Subconcious
Giant Trance Lead 1
Giant Trance Lead 2
Gigantor Syncface
Going GaGa Lead
Gotham at Dusk
Gotta Go Monk Funk II-van
Granular Flute Solo
Greasy Lead
Grinder Lead
Grit Lead
Groovy Resomoog
Growlalicious FM
Grungy Boy
GT Soloista
GX-1 Lead
GX-1 Sweepoid
Happy Gaga Lead
Happy Go Synthy Random
Happy Go Synthy Wheel
Hard On Fleek Lead
Hard Synced Dynamo
Harmonic Synker
Headcase 5ths
Headcase Bassy 5ths
Headcase Syncbass 5ths
Heightened Senses
Hipass Resoline 1
Hipass Resoline 2
Hipsterz Vibratone
Hoover for Lady
Hope U Know Lead
I Saw the Future and It Was Funky!
Imported Muscle
Indignant Grind
Indigo Stab
Inna Synth
Inversion Pizz
It's a TRAP Batman
It's a TRAP Boy Wonder
It's a TRAP Catwoman
It's a TRAP Wonder Woman
Its a Trap Kid
Janitorial Duties Lead
JDXA - Phase Four
JDXi - Acidopholis
JP Squares Solo
JP-8 Unison 5ths Lead
JP08 - Ringworm
JP8000 - Trapped Lazers
JU06 - Catchy Flutter Lead
JU06 - Gap Worm
JU06 - Gap Zap
JU06 - Lucky Duckin'
JU06 - Raver Tinnitus
JU06 - Wowza
Juiced Up
Juicin' my Prophet
Juicy Triangle Sync
Juicy Waveshaper Lead
Juno Resologue Lead 1
Juno Resologue Lead 2
JX03 - Quirkiness
JX03 - Solid Square+Noise
King of Clubs Lead
KMINI - Raw Nerve
KMINI - Tweety Lead
KPRO - Hail to the Lead
KPRO - Nineties Korg
KPRO - Nineties Stereo
Laceration Lead
Lady Reso Lead
Lazer-Eyed Hooks
Lazerboy Lead 1
Lazerboy Lead 2
Lazy Pumper Lead
Lead Blinders
Leading the Trance
Little Bit Bent Seq
Loping Bit
LPHAT - Character Lead
LPHAT - Flangorious Funk
LPHAT - Freak Warp
LPHAT - Grungy Wide
LPHAT - Happy Poppers
LPHAT - Intensifying Pulse
LPHAT - Phat Juicer
LPHAT - Phatty Gum
LPHAT - Random Espionage
LPHAT - Raw Phat
LPHAT - Rusty Rubber
LPHAT - Slim Obese
Lucky Lyles Lead
Lyles Two Voice
Maddening Zapper Lead
Maelman Droner
Man At The Pump Lead
Maniac Leader
Massive Oscillator Farm
Massive Trance Station
Maverick Duo Synth on Wheel
Maverick Reso Sine
Melchizedek Lead
Merry Square Lead
Mid-Range Killer
Minor Storm Catcher
Modular Detuned Lead
Modular Juice
Mondo Progger Lead
Moog Modular Complexolo
Moog Modular Inner City
Moog Modular Overloadeo
Moogie Lead
MOPHO - Indie Freek
MOPHO - Wheezy Tweezy
Most Frequencies Known Lead
Moving Pulse Lead
Mr Badddd Lead
Mr Vacuum Sync
MS20 - Irritated
MS20 - Overdriven Lead
MS2000 - Round and Hollow
MS2000 - Square Vibralead
MTAUR - Acid Head
MTAUR - Juicyfruit
MTAUR - Moogie Boy
MTAUR - Raw Moogness
MTAUR - Snappy Boy
MTAUR - Solid Saw
MTAUR - Solid Square
MTAUR - Spooky Sweeper
Nasty Bite Vowel
Nasty Habits
Nasty Nellie Unisons
Nasty Nellie
Nasty Synchead 5ths
Nasty Synchead
Natural Born Killer 1
Natural Born Killer 2
NBS2 - Anxious
NBS2 - Earwormz
NBS2 - Enharmony
NBS2 - Freakfest
NBS2 - Freakflies
NBS2 - Unapologetic
NCMS - Abyss Gate
NCMS - Bounce the Bouncer
NCMS - Cool Current
NCMS - Dungeon Boy
NCMS - Fun Zone
NCMS - Future Talk
NCMS - Grease Rave
NCMS - New Revolution
NCMS - Pulsoid
NCMS - Quirky Snapper
NCMS - Ringleader
NCMS - Soft Space
NCMS - Softsnaps
NCMS - Squeaky Boots
NCMS - Verb Trix
NCMS - Zap Zone
Neptune Orbus
Night Skies in New York
NLEAD - At The Seams
NLEAD - Big Cheese
NLEAD - Classic Sync
NLEAD - Detecting Interference
NLEAD - Pucker Up
NLEAD - Sick Sync
NLEAD - Simple Life
NLEAD - Transistor Fries
NLEAD - Wind Thang
No Shortage of Beef
Noise in my House
NSTAGE - Super Glider
NWAVE - Big Throat
NWAVE - Why Me
NWAVE - Yo Cat Talkbox Lead
OB-8 Trick Unison Lead
OB6 - Buster's Solo Time
OB6 - Detuned Rave Lead
OB6 - Poor Baby
Octaphonix Nuked Up
Octave PWM Lead Unison
Oink Oink
Orange Lounge Lead
Orgatronic Lead
OSCar Space Lead
Overcoded Sweep Lead
OZ Lead
ParaLeader Dry
ParaLeader Wet
PEAK - Oathbound Paladin
PEAK - Sizzleworm Swoop
PEAK - Sub Annihilator
Phatty Juno Casio Bass
Phone Overtones
Piercing Pulser Lead
Pointy Juno Lead
Polluted Lead
Poor Tortured Saw
Portahorn lead
Powerhoover 1
Powerhoover 2
PR12 - Dub Shuffla
PR12 - Wob Offer
PRO2 - Chord Canz
PRO2 - Drama King
PRO6 - Bedpan Bopper
PRO6 - Boat Boy
PRO6 - Juicy Wubbler
PRO6 - Silly Sickness
PRO6 - Star Nosed Mole
PRO6 - Wide Melt
Proghead Organ Lead
Progresso Lead
Prophet Cycling Lead
Pulsatronic 5ths Lead
Punchy Synced Square 5th
Punchy Synced Square Detuner
Punchy Synced Square Oct
Purest Sines
Quirky Agitated Saw
RADIAS - Radial Swarm
RADIAS - Utter Dominance
Rainbow Dawn Lead
Ratchet Lead
Rectifier Lead
Red Bull SawSquare
Reduced Leader
Reduced to Pieces Lead
REFACE - Hook Maker
REFACE - Overloaded
REFACE - Shaking Overdrive
Reflection Pools
Reflux Basslead
Renewable Energizers Lead
REV2 - Energy Pile
REV2 - iScreamer
Rich and Fruitiness
Rigid Frigid
Ripping The Prophets Apart Lead
RnB Triangle Lead
Robopincher Lead
Robot Yoww
Robotic Reducto Lead
Rock the House Lead
Roger Comes Alive
Rogue Synth
Rolandite with Distortion
Rotten Pulse Lead
Rough Going Lead
Royaltone Fizzlead
RS-09 Angry FM
Rude Dude
Satellite Hitlead
Scarface Lead
Scratchy Lead
Screamer Bag
Screeching Halt Lead 1
Screeching Halt Lead 2
Screwball Pluck
SE02 - Action Jackson
SE02 - Analog Vibralead
SE02 - Grave Digger
SE02 - Obese Whistlers
SE02 - Slip and Slide
SE02 - Square Ghost Funk
SE02 - Stanky Lead
SE02 - Unpolished Pulser
Seagull Solo
Secret Agent Lead
Seventies Solo Synth
SH01A - Big Boi 1
SH01A - Big Boi 2
SH01A - Big Lips
SH01A - Brite Boi
SH01A - Detuner Lead
SH01A - Disturbing Undertones
SH01A - Gritty Lead
SH01A - Juicy Ramper
SH01A - Raw Lead
SH01A - Trill Me
SH01A - Wah Springs Lead
Sharp Solo
Shepherds Granular Lead
Short Stack
Showin' Luv2U
Shriekers Lead
Shrillwerk Lead
SID Triangle Lead
SID Vibrato Lead
Sid's Latest Riff Lead
Sidechain Verb Leader
Sifting through the Noise
Simple Lead
Sine Fifth Lead
SIRIN - Analogue Tension
SIRIN - Classic Saw Lead
SIRIN - Dive Bomb Lead
SIRIN - Lucky Fellow
SIRIN - Messenger of Joy
SIRIN - Whistling Lead
Skinny Glider
Slapback Square
SLEDG - Belcher
SLEDG - Horseflies
SLEDG - Uh, What
Slight Attitude Issue 1
Slight Attitude Issue 2
Snappy Billy Ray Virus
So Legit
Soaring Edge Lead
Soaring Space Lead
Soaring Triangle Lead Unison
Soaring Triangle Lead
Sore Throat
Space Cat Lead
Space Kites Lead
Spaceman Cheesehead
Spacing out the Sines
SPHAT - Big Room Lead
SPHAT - Bitten
SPHAT - Burn Rubba
SPHAT - Centrifugal Phatness
SPHAT - Creeps Come Out
SPHAT - Driveby Selfie Lead
SPHAT - Goro Lead
SPHAT - Grunge Screamer
SPHAT - Hungry Robot
SPHAT - King Pong
SPHAT - Mini Boomerang
SPHAT - Nervous Funk Squirrel
SPHAT - Ominous Hault
SPHAT - Piped Lead 1
SPHAT - Piped Lead 2
SPHAT - Plasma Sword
SPHAT - Punch Bowl
SPHAT - Rough Intervals
SPHAT - Rudimentary Blooper
SPHAT - Screamer
SPHAT - So Legit
SPHAT - Some Harmonics
SPHAT - Technological
SPHAT - Transmission
SPHAT - Up In Yo Grill
SPHAT - Weepy Wobbles
SPHAT - Weimaraner Wiggle
Spherical Lead
Spinal Address
Spirits of the Trees
Spreadalicious Rezit
Square Blippies
Squared Box Solo
Squared Plucky Rollers
Squares in Distress Lead
Squeege Shaper Bitz
Squelched Lead
Stab Blade
Stabby Squares
Stanky Lead
Stretch Marks
Stylophonic Glide-O
SUB37 - Analog Brazz Ballz
SUB37 - Analogue Classic
SUB37 - Authentic Lead
SUB37 - Basslead
SUB37 - Bite Reflex
SUB37 - Buzz Light Minute
SUB37 - Classic Fifth
SUB37 - Creamy Lead
SUB37 - Crunchy Space
SUB37 - Dubai Market
SUB37 - Father Alien Lead
SUB37 - Funk Dribbler Xtra Juice
SUB37 - Funk Dribbler
SUB37 - Hack Saw
SUB37 - Indie Lead
SUB37 - Juiceboxer
SUB37 - Latent Anxiety
SUB37 - Mean and Juicy
SUB37 - Mod Wheel King Lead
SUB37 - Ocarina of Mine
SUB37 - On a Whim
SUB37 - Org from Another Mother
SUB37 - Organic Lead
SUB37 - Overdriven Flute
SUB37 - Raw Deal
SUB37 - Sink Echo Dist
SUB37 - Sink Echo
SUB37 - Squeaky Wheel
SUB37 - Them Feels
SUB37 - Tweezer Funk
SUB37 - Vintage 5th Lead
SUB37 - Vintage Sync Lead
Subtle Siren Square
Super Cheesy Synth Organ
Super FM Talker Lead
Super Plastic Lead
Superfizz Lead
Sweeping Lady Sync
Swirl Girl
Swoop dee-doo Lead
Synk Bombz
SYST1 - Bassborn
SYST1 - Big Hoover
SYST1 - Biohazard Waste
SYST1 - Bloodrush
SYST1 - Clubline
SYST1 - Cyborg Heart
SYST1 - Distruptor Lead
SYST1 - EMotional
SYST1 - Fizzy Rave
SYST1 - Funk Master
SYST1 - Hornswoggled
SYST1 - Injustice Hook
SYST1 - Leadarang
SYST1 - Paper Wobble
SYST1 - Pitch Lash
SYST1 - Proceed With Caution
SYST1 - Ramp Up
SYST1 - Ravegirlz
SYST1 - RaveOLicious
SYST1 - Releader
SYST1 - Screen Blip
SYST1 - Slight Erosion
SYST1 - That's Rude
SYST1 - Uber Saw
SYST1 - Wait 4 It
SYST1 - Womp
SYST8 - Cold Lead
SYST8 - Glottal Panic
SYST8 - Green Bomb
SYST8 - Lighthouse
SYST8 - Lonely Solo
SYST8 - See Through Lead
SYST8 - Waterhouse
SYST8 - Zomb
Telephonic Lead
Tesla Coil Lead
Testere Lead
Testosterone Lead
The Ancient Foxhead
Thick Reduction Lead
Thirsty Mad Lead
Titter Glider
Trancemooger Lead
Triangle Space Lead
Triangle Toon
Tweak-Twerk Lead
Twinge Attack
Two-Beat Growler
Ugly Americano
Ultra Glider Lead
Ultralord Lead
Underground Feedback Synth
Unison Detuner Lead
Unison Wheezy Lead
Unisonic Lead
Unstable Saw Hook
Vacuum Tube Oscillator 1
Vacuum Tube Oscillator 2
Vibrasinus Lead
Vibrasonic Lead
Vintage Moog Lead
Vintage Squares Lead Unison
Viral Jupiter
VIRUS - Gib Compactor
VIRUS - Noisy Groaner
VIRUS - Soaring Lead
VIRUS - Street Sweeper
VYGR - Dirty Business
VYGR - Dirty Mouse
VYGR - False Grit
VYGR - Fat Popcorn
VYGR - Filter Mouth
VYGR - Juice Lead
VYGR - Pitchy H20
VYGR - Slapback
VYGR - Touch Choices
Walk of Fame Lead
Warble Fly Lead
Warm Swell Lead
Waveshaped Lead
Wavetable Growler
Wavetable Wow Lead 1
Wavetable Wow Lead 2
Wendy's Intervallics 1
Wendy's Intervallics 2
Wendy's Intervallics 3
Wendy's Reeds
Whining Glider Lead
Whistlers Lead
Wide Load Offender
Will Cut Through NAMM Lead
Wiry Lead
Yogamatic Lead
Zargon Lead

- 488 Patches

Additive Changling 1
Additive Changling 2
Aggressive Digital Buzz 1
Aggressive Digital Buzz 2
American Obesity
Analog Emotions
Analog Octaphonix
Analog Simplicity
Analogue Drama
Analogue Mellodrama
ANDROMEDA - Clavalicious
ANDROMEDA - Dynacomper
ANDROMEDA - Fifth Stabs
ANDROMEDA - Golden Gate
ANDROMEDA - Groovy Gate
ANDROMEDA - Sweet Sweeper
ANDROMEDA - Vintage Polylead
ANDROMEDA - Yacht Rock Brass
Anthem of Happiness
Anthemic Trance
Apocalypse Electrodrone
Approaching Hyperion
Arc Welder
Asia Minor
Atomic Trance
Attack of 500 SawWaves
Backwards Neosoul
Bad Ass Brass
Badboy Glideshop
Banana Sandwiches Slam
Banana Sandwiches Touch Funk
Banana Sandwiches Touch Wahs
Bandpass Dancelines
Bandpassed Euro Synth 1
Bandpassed Euro Synth 2
Barnum Brass
Big JP Trance Synth
Big Ol' Oberheim Swell
Big Prog Chiffer
Big Silky Flangelead
Blinking in Berlin
Blizz Saws
Bombastic 5th Stabber
Brainsalad Modular
Bright Digital Urgency
Call My Synth
Cheese Hyperspace Future
Chiffing Chaff
Chroma Brass
Chromachords 1
Chromachords 2
Circa 1983
Classic 80's Vibrasynths
Classic Cinquecento
Classic Eighties Polylead
Classic Juno Quickbrass
Classic PWM Polysynth
Classic Roland Synth Brass 1
Classic Roland Synth Brass 2
Clear as Day
Club Ready
Comping Tom and Dave
Complex Spinner
Compressed Supersawz
Compression of Energy
Computer Freak
Cosmic Cataclysm
CS Bendz
CS-80 Fifth PWM
CS-80 Octave Mourning
CS-80 Quirky Filters
D50 - Comping Native Dance
D50 - Polysynth Comp
Dancing Skinny Chicks
Darkness on the Dancefloor
DEEPM - Fullout Shout
DEEPM - Poly Fifths
DEEPM - Tight Comper
Detuned Saws Comp
Diamond Sky Slammer
Digital Doubts
Digital Innocence
Dry Euro Wasp
Drying Rack FM Growl
Dyna-Trance Chord
Dynamic Fizzies
Dynamo Trance Epic
Eighties Granular Vibrasynth
Eighties Melody Maker Detune
Eighties Melody Maker Thin
Eighties PWM Soft Brass
Eighties Scoop Brass
Electro Mechanical FM
Electro Pain House
Electron Organ
Elka Glide '75
Emersonian GX-1 Bandpass
End of the Worldliness
Epic Analog Feelings
Epic Proportions
Epic Trance Comber 1
Epic Trance Comber 2
Epic Trance
Euro Idol
Euro Juno Chords
Euro Melodies
European Octave Wheel
Europhoria Anthem
Expressing Simple Emotion
Fairlight gloss in the 80's
Fame Epic Synth
Fat Fizz Face
Fat Wigglers
Fists of Fury
Fizzy Glass Grains
Flaming Eurosynth
Flaming Supersaws
Flamoboyant Tranceboy
Flashback Eighties Poly
FM Talkbox French Horns
Foggy Trancer
Formerly Know As Virus
French RAVE olution
Funky Harpsichord
Gaga Fizz
GAIA - Anthemic
GAIA - Super Trance
Get this Party Started
Giant Analog Boy
Go Kart Notching Squares
Grabbing the Darkness
Graintable Arps
Great Polysynth
Gumby and Pokey Bender
Hard Plastic PolyLead
Harmonic Influences
Haus Voxisyn
Heavily Comp'ed Analogs
Heightened Sense of Power
Hi Def Saw Lust
Hissing Pipe Dreams
Hollow Discovery
I came I saw
Ibiza 24-7 Hard Core
Ibiza 24-7
Icicle Vibrato
Indigo Melodist
Infinite Air Pocket
Intervalic Interventions
Japanese Android
JayPee Heaven Trance
JDXA - Love Harp
JDXA - Polylush
JP Dolby Wobbles
JP Shimmer Pulse Evopad
JP-8 Morphing Warmth
JP-8 Poly Unilove
JP-8 Shimmerings
JP08 - Analogue Brass
JP08 - Dubby Brass
JP08 - Hard Times Sync
JP08 - Jupiter Brass 1
JP08 - Jupiter Brass 2
JP08 - Melodic PWM
JP08 - Polyvibe
JP8000 - Ensemble Synth
JP8000 - Europa Legs
JP8000 - Weasels
JU06 - Analog Funk Pluck
JU06 - Analog Juicy Flow
JU06 - Backwards Neosoul 1
JU06 - Backwards Neosoul 2
JU06 - Backwards Neosoul 3
JU06 - Classic Chorus
JU06 - Classic PolyFunk
JU06 - Flutterphonic
JU06 - Got Shwifted
JU06 - Plucky OctaWarm
JU06 - Pulsewidth Drama
JU06 - Razzle Dazzle
JU06 - Swelling Ripples
JU06 - Tersely Thumpish
Juicy Brass
JUNO - Classic Chorale
JUNO - Clean Dirt
JUNO - Euro Hooks
JUNO - Europop Anthem
JUNO - Funk Shout
JUNO - Inverted Wiggler
JUNO - Large and In Charge
JUNO - Large and Lush
JUNO - Lazy Sidechain
JUNO - Nice and Warm
JUNO - Perka Wow
JUNO - Polyplatt
JUNO - Real Deal
JUNO - Shoutin' Loud
JUNO - Snout Comp
JUNO - Stealth Attack
JUNO - Super Juno
JUNO - Wet Worm
JUNO - Wet Wow
JUNO - Whipperwill
Juno Brass Sweep
Juno Tides
Juno Trance X
Juno Trance Y
Jupiter 8 Brass
Jupiter 8 Gliders
Jupiter Accentuator
Jupiter Hoover
Jupiter Simple Phase
Jupiters Past and Present
JX-10 Saw Arps
JX03 - Classic Prince Poly
JX03 - Ensemble
JX03 - Fifths Unison
JX03 - In Flowers
JX03 - Juicy Ensemble
JX03 - Old School Brass 1
JX03 - Old School Brass 2
JX03 - Polysynth on a Budget
Karplus Tuned Noiselines
Kilowatt Funk
King Club Crusher
Kings of Europa
KMINI - Clav Ensemble
KMINI - Detuned Europluck
KMINI - Purity
KMINI - Snap 'n Waver
KMINI - Space Triller
Koto of the Gods
KPRO - Backwards Brass
KPRO - Eighties Cheese
KPRO - Eighties Gold
KPRO - Eighties Mullets
KPRO - Farfisa Poly
KPRO - Fluff Plucks
KPRO - Lush Poly
KPRO - Mann's Brass
KPRO - Neobrass Wide
KPRO - Plastic Glasses
KPRO - Poly 6
KPRO - Poly 61
KPRO - Poly 800
LA Air Brass
Let GO of Me
Lines of Exploitation
Locomotion Trance
Los Gordos Americanos
Loud Raving Lunatic
Love Parade
LPHAT - Phat Paddington
Lush Virus Vortex
Mean Code Gone Wild 1
Mean Code Gone Wild 2
Melodic Analogue Spread
Memorymoog Swellee
Metallized Oscillator
Mighty Muscle Lead
MKS80 - Analog Clavs
MKS80 - Classic 5th Stab
MKS80 - Classic Sup Jup Brass
MKS80 - Classic Sup Jup Poly
MKS80 - Give Me a Name
MKS80 - Gloriously Thin
MKS80 - Retro Brass
Modern Ober Oct
Modern Supersaw Oct
Molecular Broadband Synth
Mondo FM Killer
Monophonic Velofilter Pad 1
Monophonic Velofilter Pad 2
Most Frequencies Known Synth
MS2000 - Simpleton
MS2000 - Slapback Comper
Name Check Pluck
NBS2 - Comin' Atcha
NBS2 - Neo Shorts
NBS2 - Neo Vibrato
NBS2 - Prophets
NLEAD - Attitude 5ths
NLEAD - Classic Poly Comp
NLEAD - Cool Simple Saw
NLEAD - Every Time
NLEAD - Fizz Chordz
NLEAD - Inverse Comp
NLEAD - Karplus Strength
NLEAD - Killer Klav
NLEAD - Wavering Sawz
NLEAD - Wiggler Snappy
NSTAGE - Classic OB Poly
NSTAGE - Classic Stab Brass
NSTAGE - Envibrato Followers
NSTAGE - Haunted Brass
NSTAGE - Juicy Fruit
NSTAGE - Perky Comp
NSTAGE - Sidechain Saws
OB-8 Brass Love
OB-8 PWM Swelleads
OB6 - Analog '80s Brass
OB6 - Jog On The Edge
OB6 - Synth Power
Oberheimy Brass
Obese Germans
Octane Synth
Octaphonic Juicer
Octaphonix Supersaw
Octaves from the Eighties
Ol School Freak Fest
Ol' Skool Juicy Juno
On the Edge of the Floor
Oriental Zenith
Panner Flange
Paraphonic Morphing
Paraphonic Octobrass
Paraphonic Phaser Grains
PEAK - Anthemed
PEAK - Brassbaby
PEAK - Polybrass
PEAK - Unisaw
Phantom of the Virus
Phunktastic Dirt Synth
Pipes Beauty
Poly on the Edge
Polymoog Blatt
Polymoog Dream Brass
Popchords Synth
Positronic Synthlines
Post-Modern Duophone
Power Hungry Superspank
Power Hungry Warm
Power Pop Poly Comp
Power Trance Octolead 1
Power Trance Octolead 2
Power Trance Octolead 3
PPG Tuvan Graincloud 1
PPG Tuvan Graincloud 2
PPG Tuvan Grainwahs
PR12 - Comping Wavetables
PR12 - Cybernetics
PR12 - Following
PR12 - Take a Stab
Prince Combo Comp Brite
Prince Combo Comp Farfisa
PRO2 - Detuned Dark Saws
PRO2 - European Paraphonix
PRO6 - Classic Brass 1
PRO6 - Classic Brass 2
PRO6 - Clav Comper
PRO6 - Don't Give a Pluck
PRO6 - Evoking the 80s
PRO6 - Poly Comper
PRO6 - Quizzically Quartal
PRO6 - Resonant Pseudoclav
PRO8 - Beautiful Noise
PRO8 - Bee Pollen
PRO8 - Skinny Funk
Proghead Basher
Progressive Attitude
Progressive PPG 5ths
Prophet X-Mod Pad
Pulsatronic Oberheim
Punching Intervals
Radio Friendly Comp
Randomness of Richness
Reduced Digitalism
REFACE - Hold Some Chords
REFACE - Poly Comper
REFACE - Tight Poly Comp
Rehearsal of Angels
Reminicent CS-ness
REV2 - Brass Kingdom
REV2 - Sweet Comper
Richness Polylead
RS-09 Gets a Supersaw
Sawbrass from the 80's
See Through Brass
Seventies Harpsiverb
SH201 - Analogue Brass
SH201 - Thin Comp
Shimmering Koto Synth
Simple Prophet Juice
Singing Jupiters
Skinny Bandpass Vibras
Skinny Crush Anthem
Slammo Synth
SLEDG - Banana Pluck
SLEDG - Gnarly
SLEDG - Neosoul Flutter
SLEDG - Neosoul Reverse
SLEDG - Solid Pluck
SLEDG - Yellow Fellow
SLEDG - Yellow Livered
Smooth Trance
Solid Poly Compression
SPHAT - Square Pitcher
STEAM Polysynth
Step Motion
Stuck in the Eighties
Super 5ths
Supersaw in the RS-09
Supersaw Riffer
Supersaw Sensations 1
Supersaw Sensations 2
Supremacy Swells
Synergistic Virus Melodies
Synthetic Chords
SYST1 - Lil Chunk
SYST8 - Euro Melodies
SYST8 - Express
SYST8 - Faraway Dogwhistles
SYST8 - Supersaw Pluck
Talking CS-80
Tarncey Boyz
TD's Jupiters
Techno Ricochet
Ten Dollar Porkchop 1
Ten Dollar Porkchop 2
Tesla Coil Comper
Tesla's Power Lines
The Eye of God
The Golden Age of Analog
The Hook
The Main Chord
The Sinker
Thin Melody Maker
Thin Sparkler
Thin, Brite and Wavy
Throat Emulation
Time Ticks on
Tom and Dave's Power Poly
Tony Banks
Trance Cheese Whiz
Trance UniPulse Lead
Transparent Analog
TranZ Jupiter
UK Brasstrings
Ultrasick Blip
Ultrasick Poly stack
Unstable Saw Poly
Upscale Juno Brass
Urgent Synergy
Vintage DCO Chorus Piano
Viral Energy Quest
VIRUS - Poly Notchy
Virus JP Poly 1
Virus JP Poly 2
Virus Prog
Voxios Synth
VS Glassy Milk
Wasp on Drugs
Wavetable Dragon Dancers
Wendy's GDS
Wet Diapers
Wide Load Brass
Wiggly Sawtooth
Wobble Seq
Wolfgang Swell
X-Mod Trancehead

- 336 Patches

Addicting Comper
Analog Authority
Analog Perc-a-thon
Analog Pizz
Anticpation of Energy Pluck 1
Anticpation of Energy Pluck 2
Attack Carpet
Balloon Square Pop
Basic JP+Juno Comper
Beyond Pluck
Bit 'O Funky Pluck
Bite and Pluck
Blip Tripper Pluck
Blippin' Underground
Bombing the Party
Bouncy Plucker
Breakdown Tranquilizer Pluck
Buenos Aires
Catchy Reflector
Champagne Daze
Chill Plucker
Chiptune Square Drops
Circular Reasoning Pluck
Clangorous Percussive Sine
Classic 4-pole Polyperky
Classic Juno Pluck
Classic Oberheim Pluck
Classic Vibrato Pluck
Classic Wasp Plucks
Classic Waspy Octave Plucker
Cliquer Pluck
Cllcky Cool JP Organ
Clock the Velocity
Club Europa
Comp Copy
Comp Virus
Compressed Poly Clavs
Constellations Pluck
CS Octave PWM Plucks
CS-80 Clavisynth
CS-80 Seq Cycle
CS-80 Tek Seq
Cybernetic Sequencing 1
Cybernetic Sequencing 2
Cybernetic Sequencing 3
D50 - Steel Pick Saw
Dance Phenomena
Dancing Cedars Pluck
Dancing Plucks
Dark Space Plucks
Deep Percussive Sine
Detuned Pulsepluck
Digging the Wavetable 1
Digging the Wavetable 2
Digital Techno Pulse
Digitalized Square Pluck
Displaced Plucks
Dramatic Click Masking
Dynamo Trance 1
Dynamo Trance 2
Dynamo Trance 3
Early Ravers
Eighties FM Shorties
Eighties Oberheim Pluck
Electrical Attitude
Electro Shorts 1
Electro Shorts 2
Electro Trash Can 1
Electro Trash Can 2
Essence of Pluck
Euroland Powerpluck 1
Euroland Powerpluck 2
Falling Skies Pluck
Fanatiques Seq
Fifth Pluck ala Dave Stewart
Filthy Pluck
Flustered Saw Straight Pluck
FM Bottle Crush
FM Direct Seq
Funky Clickmatic
Gabriel's Fibanacci Seq
GAIA - Commercial Poppluck
GAIA - Percussa Hall
Gentle PWM Pluck
Gentle Vibrato Pluck
Giorgio Comp
Giorgio's Seq
Graintable Seq
Grind it Baby
Happy Campers Pluck
Happy Go Seq
Happy Plucking
Hard Sync Plucker
Heart Stabber Pluck
Hide and Seq
Infinite EuroSaws Pluck
Infinite Harp
Itty Bitty Zitty
JDXA - Comfort Pluck
JDXA - Eye Drops
JP Classic Pluck 1
JP Classic Pluck 2
JP Sawtoothy Octavo
JP-8 Sharp Bright Saws
JP-8 Subtle Plucker
JP-8 Syncbell chord
JP8000 - Lil Brass Boy
JU06 - Fatsnap
JU06 - Tiny Blips
Juicy Bandpassage Clav
JUNO - Pluckin'
JUNO - Plunkassed Kid
Juno Octapluck
Juno Octave Plucker
Juno Polybellz Octapluck
Juno TranSeq
Jupiter Plectra PWM
Just a Bit Rude
JX03 - Analog '80s Hitplucks
JX03 - Cross Pluck
KMINI - 90s Dance Stab
KMINI - Cascading Plucks
KPRO - Cold Blip
KPRO - Cold Shoulder
Lawnmower Pluck
Little Sleep Puffs
Little Square Particles
Little White Trash Seq
Logan Ensemble PercBass
Lovely Arps
LPHAT - Picking Low
Luxi-Crush Seq
Magic Sequencer
Mainframe Pluck
Mean Business
Melodic Digital Crush
Memorymoog Virus
Metal Heart Altoid Pluck 1
Metal Heart Altoid Pluck 2
MKS80 - Plucky Squares
MKS80 - Super Squares
MOPHO - Bargain Bin
MTAUR - Quirky Boy
Muscle Synth
Muted Pulse Comp 1
Muted Pulse Comp 2
NCMS - Soft Popper
NCMS - Strange Days
NCMS - Tiny Buzz Shock
NCMS - Veloci-tack
NCMS - Weird Boy Tom
Nippon Planetary Joy
NLEAD - Fizzy Lifting Drinks
NLEAD - Happy Third
NLEAD - Progpluck 5ths
NLEAD - Proudly Digital
NLEAD - Woodblock
No Shrinking Violet
NoizPhaze Club Seq
NSTAGE - Luigi Happy
NSTAGE - Luigi Squares
NWAVE - Gameboy
NWAVE - Gamegirl
NWAVE - Light Popcorn
NWAVE - Pluck Fish
OB6 - Baba O'Leary
OB6 - Cornet
Octafunk Clav
Octavio Church Keyz
Octavio Seq
Orbital Delusions Pluck
Overcoded Sticky Clav
Pansweeping Bombast
PEAK - Cliques
PEAK - Colonel Tap
PEAK - Dancers Pluck
PEAK - Mini Notch Tacks
PEAK - Sizzly Sync Smack
PEAK - Syncish Smack
Percussion Squares
Perk-o-lator Synk
Perky Modular
Perky Pig
Perky Pluckers
Perky Saws
Persistent Plucker
Pipey Pluck
Pizzicato Supersaw Dry
Pizzicato Supersaw Wet
Planet Linux 1
Planet Linux 2
Pluck and Playtime 1
Pluck and Playtime 2
Pluck Down
Pluck of Sharpness
Plucker Machinery
Pluckerverb Wheel
Plucking Octavia
Plucking Pulsonus
Plucktone Ringers
Plucky Pipes
Plunky with Acid
Poly Pluckings 1
Poly Pluckings 2
Polymoog Seq 70's
Polyphonic Minimoog
Pop Rox in Space
Pop Rox Simple
Pop Syncopluckers
Pop Trance Phaserpluck
Popper Comper Filter Spawn Wide
Popper Comper
Poppy Crushing Vibes
PR12 - Digitalia
PR12 - Echoplux
PR12 - Love Pluck
PRO2 - Binary Pluck
PRO6 - Cross Pluck
PRO6 - Little Plucker
PRO6 - NoiZee Pluck
PRO6 - Phat Pluck
Progressive Sustenance
Prophet 5 Polygrit
Prophet Sharpieclav
Pulse Carrier Pluck
Pulse Keys Wheel
RADIAS - Vibraclean
Return of the Uber Funkmaster
REV2 - Robopluck
Ringing Sine Alarm
Scritti Funk
Scritti's Super Jupiter
SE02 - Cowbell Keys
Seq of Simplicity
Seq this Saw
Seq ye Arp
Serious Razor Clav
SH01A - Stained Pluck
Short and Simple FM 1
Short and Simple FM 2
Short Blip in Eternity
Short Clip of Eternity
Short FM Stab 1
Short FM Stab 2
Short Time in Eternity
Short Trip to Eternity
Short Visit to Eternity
Shorting the Tesla Coil
Simple Dark Pluck
Simple Lo-Fi Saw
Simple Stereo Pulse
Simple Stereo Square
Simple Wasp Pluck Saws
Simple Wasp Pluck Squares
Simplicity Saws
Sine Gnats
Sine Pluckies 1
Sine Pluckies 2
SLEDG - Halley's Comet
Smackin' my Comper
Small Resochunks
Soft Pluck Machine
SPHAT - Briar Pluck
SPHAT - Puzzle Pluck
Spike's Basement Pluck
Squareness 1
Squareness 2
Stabbing Mr. Cole 2
Stabbing Mr. Cole 3
Stabbing Mr. Cole 4
Stabbing Mr. Cole 5
Stabbing Mr. Cole
Steamy Vox
Stress Disorders Pluck
SUB37 - Captain Hook Plunk
SUB37 - Cat Nip
SUB37 - Cat Zip
SUB37 - Enchanted Pluck
SUB37 - Mounting Tension
SUB37 - Nerd Opus
SUB37 - Soft Paws
SUB37 - Space Lieutenant
SUB37 - Tip Toes Down
SUB37 - Yellow Jackets
Sunset on the Beach
Super Juice
Super Juicebox Synth
Super JX Octaver
Supersaw Plucker Brite
Supersaw Plucker Dark
Sweet Plucks
Swoop dee-doo Pluck
Synced Polysynth
SYST1 - Covert Op
SYST8 - Innocent Pluck
SYST8 - Persistance Pluck
System Partner
Szignature Pluck
The 1979 Vintage Jupiter
Thrashed Tickling
Tick Tock Trance Pluck
Time For Haus Pluck
Tommy Plucks
Trance Chords
Tuvan Luxi-Crush
Univibe Trancehead
Unstable Saw Pluck
Velo Harmonia 1
Velo Harmonia 2
Victorious Arps
Virus Poly plucked
Visual Percussives
Wanky Euros
Warm Saws Dance Comp
Watery Gamelan Juice
Wavetable Plucker
Wet Clicker Clav
Wide Poly Pluck
X-Men Attack
Xtra Organ Perc
Ye olde Sync Organ

- 397 Patches

Active Grains of Picked Glass
Adagio Fairissimo
Adagio Singing Bell Harmonics
Aerophonic Transmission
Alpine Grain Shimmer
Alternate Dimension Piano
Altersweeper Drone
Amazonia Sunrise
Amber Grains of Tibet
Ambient Humwhistle Pad
Ambient Spun Glass Diffusion
An Ode to Eternal Youth
Apparition Pipes
Apparitions in the Piano 1
Apparitions in the Piano 2
Apparitions in the Piano 3
Apparitions in the Piano 4
Aqua Motion
Aramaic Pad 1
Aramaic Pad 2
Arctic Glass
Arkaik Chasm
Aviary Garden
Baba Vowelizer
Backwards Magnetic Fields
Backwards Paintbrush looper
Backwards Pill Poppers
Bat Sanctuary 1
Bat Sanctuary 2
Beaded Convergence
Beads of Elongated Metal
Before The Race
Bells of Apprehension
Bells rolling in a Metal Pipe
Bending Metals
Beyond the Veil
Binary Awakening
Blurred Light Reflections
Bombay Revealed
Bouncing Piano Strings Half Rev
Bouncing Piano Strings Reverse
Bouncing Piano Strings
Bowed Electric GTR
Bowed Electric Guitar Wheel
Bowed Electric Guitar
Bowed Vector
Bowing a Bell with Rocks
Breath of Life
Breathing Swing Pipes
Breathing the Smoke
Breathy Harmonica Pad
Breathy Harmoniclouds
Broken Cello RainBow Space
Broken Cello Swirling Space
Broken Circuits 1
Broken Circuits 2
Broken Containment Lo-Fi
Broken Containment
Bronze Breezes
Bronze Noise Space
Buenos Aires in Reverse 1
Buenos Aires in Reverse 2
Canteen Rain
Carillion Starfield 1
Carillion Starfield 2
Celestial Calmness
Celtic Morning
Chamber Resonance Ensemble
Chamber Stretch Ensemble
Chaotic Vibes stretch
Chime Nebula
Choral Reef
Chrysanthemum Pins
Cinematic Dulcimer Swell 1
Cinematic Dulcimer Swell 2
Circuit Pad Raise Ambience
City Lights
Claudias Cluster
Clock Shop Half Reverse
Clock Shop
Cobalt Drops
Coils of Paradise
Constellations Growing
Constellations Sparkle
Cosmic Debris
Cristofori's Dreams
Cry of the Banshee
Crystal Cavern Streams
Crystal Reflections
Crystal Waves
Crystalline Bath
Cuatro in Reverse
Cumbus Rings
Currents of Sudan
Dancing on a Memory
Dark Clouds Over Oslo
Dark Crows Milk
Dark Winds
Dawn Attack
Dawn over the Amazon 1
Dawn over the Amazon 2
Deep Sea Dive 1
Deep Sea Dive 2
Deep Sea Monofilter 1
Deep Sea Monofilter 2
Deserted Playground
Detective Story
Dirty Chalice
Distant Embers
Distant Fuzzy Constellation
Distant Glow
Distant Heat
Distant Life in Reverse
Disturbed Motion Pad
Disturbing the West
Dream Searching Glass
Dream Searching Soft
Dreaming of Better Days
Dusting the Enigma 1
Dusting the Enigma 2
Ebowed Apparitions
Ebowed Grains
Ebowed Piano Evolve
Ebowed Piano Harmonics Swell
Ebowed Piano Reverse
Ebowed Piano Zing Swell
Ebowing Istanbul
Elation Station
Eluvium Windchime
Erhu with me
Especially Odd Boy
Eternal Ebows
Eternal Harpophonix
Eternal Lapsteel
Eternal Melting
Evil Waterphone Imposter 1
Evil Waterphone Imposter 2
Evolution Piano Strings
Extra Dimensional
Fields of Glass
Flaming Water Tones
Floating Consciousness
Floating Fifths Spacewash
Floating Mermaids
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Foreshadowing the End
Friction String Resonance
Full Bandwidth
Fuzz Tones
GAIA - Sub Trauma
Galactic Dust
Gates of the Unknown Territory
Ghost in the Machine tonal
Giant Hornpipe Drone
Glassian Anticipation
Glimmering Field of Dreambells
Glistening Rivers
Grains of Sorrow
Granular Bowed Electric Guitar
Granular Flute Sweep
Granular Garden FM
Granular Garden
Granular Gregorian
Granular Guitaret
Granular Humming
Granular Light Diffusion
Granular Love Signs
Granular Mandolin Tremolo
Granular Violin Harmonics
Granulated Bowls
Hang Drum Frother Flutter
Hang Drum Hairbrush
Hang Drum Sugar Rolls Decay
Hang Drum Sustain Air
Hang Electric Toothbrush Ambience
Hang Electric Toothbrush Exploring
Harmonic Darkness
Harmonic Fog
Haunted Harpsichord stretch
Haunted Harpsichord
Heavy Burden Drone
Hi Tension Wire
Hidden 3,000 Feet Under the Earth
High Voltage Field
Hummstretcher Drone
Hyperion Host
Ice Castle Rolling Motion 1
Inner Ear Thumping
Inside Convergence
Intense Delirium
Interstellar Travels
Ionized String Resonance
Jangling Beauty
Jangling Dives
Jangling Magma
Keys to the Kingdom
Kindred Spirits
Kyoto Tremolo
Lamenting Apparitions 1
Lamenting Apparitions 2
Lamenting Metals
Land of Eternal Youth
Lanois' Rusted Waters
Lap Steel Granular Bed
Last Flight of the Crows
Late Nights at Trent's
Latitude South Pad
Lava Fluidity
Lava Glass Pad
Lava Orga Glide
Lights from Antarctica
Liquid Anglung Streams
Lo-Fi Breeze
Lonely Glass Dreaming
Longing for Eternity
Lost in the Baltic
M'Bira Streams
Magma Grains
Magma Guitar Reverse
Magma Guitar
Magma Organa
Magnetic Spiral
Majestic Dynametals
Maunu String 1
Maunu String 2
Meaningful Waters
Medieval String Resonance stretched
Medieval String Resonance
Menacing Pad
Metamorphology 1
Metamorphology 2
Metamorphology 3
MKS80 - Holding Vertigo
Molecular Grain Cloud
Money Grains
Moon Strings 1
Moon Strings 2
MOPHO - Weak Signals
MOPHO - Weak Transmission
Morning in Dublin
Morphing Piano Strings
Mothers Milk
Moving Thoughts
MS2000 - Horror Swell
Nature Conservancy
Nature's Musical Mara Birds
Nervous Condition
Non-Linear Arithmetic
Not Exactly a Stock Piano
NSTAGE - Deep Dronez
NWAVE - Fading Away 1
NWAVE - Fading Away 2
NWAVE - Hallucinogens 1
NWAVE - Hallucinogens 2
Nyquist Binary Glass
Organic Evolutions
Organized Harmonic Swell
Overblower Echo
Primordial Humans
PRO2 - Unsafe
PRO6 - Not Comfortable
PRO6 - Surveying Wreckage
PRO6 - Wind Rivers
PROX - Behold
PROX - Blowing Smoke
PROX - Caress
PROX - Chakrasonics
PROX - Creepy Scraper
PROX - Evening Cricket Song
PROX - Faraway Resonances
PROX - Hyperbaric Chamber
PROX - Lingering Memories
PROX - Pass the Peace
PROX - Pure in Spirit
PROX - Sacred Shrine
PROX - Whistling Metals
PROX - Wrath of Zeus
Purity of Orbit 1
Purity of Orbit 2
Rainfall Bells 1
Rainfall Bells 2
REFACE - Vanished
Resonance of the Rings
Resonant Liquid Glass
Resonant Piano Evolution
Resonating Glitches
Resonating Wood Balls
Retrograde Looper GT
Return of Edweena
Reversal of Fortune
Reversed Music Box
Revolving Chalice
Ricochet Carillon Echo
Rippling Foils
Rippling String Resonance
Rolling Tibetan Bowls
Romeo and Juliet
Rumble from the Skies
Rumbling Dream Grains
Rusting Cluster Pad
Sacred Shrine
Sci-Fi Prophet Texture
Scraping Ice Pad
Sensei Shimmer
SH01A - Resophonix
SH201 - Tundra
Shifting Prisms
Shimmering Chimes
Shining Metallum
Siege Mentality
Silver in the Sky
Sinister Grains
Slow Evolutions of Cryogenia
Snaking Suspicion
Somber TV Cue
Song Fifty One
Song of the Metallic Man
Sopranos in the Mist
Soul Returning to Body
Spacey Ebowed Piano
Spinning Waterphones
Spreading Octaves
Starfield Nebula
Steam Horn Pad
Sterling Glass Scraper stretch
Sterling Glass Scraper
Stretching Glass Panels
SUB37 - Clusterphonics
Subtle Undulation
Suffering Piano Particles
Sugar Rush
Swarm O' Drone
Swell of Darkness
Swing Pipes Ambient
Swing Pipes
Swinging Hoses
Swinging Pipe Grains
Tempest Pad Drone
Tension Cresecendo
Tension Time
Thailand Vangelis 612
The Bronze Shrine
The Shining Shimmer
Tibetan Bowl Dopplergrains
Tibetan Bowls Shaking Doppler
Tibetan Lullaby
Tibetan Waveshaping
Timbre Shifted Chaotic Glock
Timefreezing the Fisherman's Daughter
Timefreezing the Path
Tiny Bells Twinkles
Tonal Comb Scraper 1
Tonal Comb Scraper 2
Tonal Hat Ghosts
Tonal Water Drops
Tremolo Saz Grains
Twinkling Sea Tides
Twisted Ripping Strings
Underwater Bowls
Underwater Formants
Underwater Music Box
Universe of Peace
Unstable Situation
Vectoring Granular Harmonic
Vibestrum Ambience
Violet Ice
Voltage Reduction Glitches
Waiting for the Sunrise
Warm Talkbox Swell
Warming up the Glass
Water Organs
Where For Art Thou?
Whispered Dreams
Whispering Light
Whistling in the Dark
Whistling in the Deep
Whistling Metals
Winds of Change
Yearning Pad

- 866 Patches

Abandoned 1
Abandoned 2
Abandoned 3
Abandrone 1
Abandrone 2
Across the Sky
Adrift in Time
Aereo Fleet Evil
Air Powered Subway
Alias Drone Bloom
Alley Stalker
Aloft High
Aloft Low
Amazonia Sunset
An Extrusion From the Inside
Ancient Extinction
Angelic Morph
Angels in the Desert
Angels Whisper
Anguish Texture
Anguished Cries
Anguished Screamers
Anticipation Texture
Apocolyptic Bass
Apocolyptic Drone
Apparitions on the Edge
Aramaic Bend
Aramaic Mix
Armenian Sun
Arrival of the Dead
Arrival of the Spirits
As I Live and Breathe
At the Edge of the World
Atlantis - Lights in the Water
Atlantis - Rapturous Beauty
Atlantis - Underwater Rain
Atonal Crystals in Space
Azure 1
Azure 2
B-52 Bombers
Babbling Brook Drone
Bad Dreams
Bad Nightmares
Barely Holding It Together
Barren World 1
Barren World 2
Barrier Reef
Battle of Mordor
Bells from Beyond
Bending Choral Wash
Bending Light
Big Pink Purr
Big Trouble
Blood Vessels
Blue Encription
Blurred Perception 1
Blurred Perception 2
Bowels of Eternal Damnation
Bowing Titanium
Brush with Death
Bubbling Over
Bumblebee inside the Flute
Burbbling Wires
Burning Air
Butterflies made of Glass
Buzz Bombs
Call of the North
Cave Troll
Caverns Around Steve's House
Chalkboard Swirl
Chaotic Crystal Artifacts
Chemical Equilibrium 1
Chemical Equilibrium 2
Chemical Equilibrium 3
Chemical Equilibrium 4
Child of the Stars
Chill Factor
Choirs from an Old Gramophone
Circular Speeding
City in the Clouds
Clandestine Meetings
Clangorous City
Clock Shop Reverse
Cluster Feedback 1 Dry
Cluster Feedback 1 Wet
Cluster Feedback 2 Dry
Cluster Feedback 2 Wet
Cobalt Distortion
Comet Star
Coming Unglued
Constant Change
Contortion 1
Contortion 2
Contortion 3
Contortion 4
Contortion 5
Contrabass Blown Tubes 1
Contrabass Blown Tubes 2
Copper Art Class
Cosmic Tingle
Crawling Underworld Creatures
Creepy Crawlies
Cricket Choir
Crimson Elegy
Critical Orbit
Crushing Agony
Crying Doppler
Crystal Cloud
Crystalline Towers
Cyber Bugs
Cyber Flies
Dark Brood
Dark Forest
Dark Oil Drone
Dark Scraper
Deduks in Mourning
Deep Didge
Deep Opera
Deep Rubbing Tubes
Deep Sea Exploration
Deep Wash 1
Deep Wash 2
Desert Mirage
Deserted Shipyard
Desolation 1
Desolation 2
Disfigured 1
Disfigured 2
Disintegrating Crystals
Distant Cry
Distant Dreams
Distant Vinyl Sparkles
Distressing Wires
Disturbance in the Core
Disturbance over the Piano
Disturbing Bells
Divine Dawn Reveal
Divine Eternity
Divine Rest 1
Divine Rest 2
Divine Restlessness
Dreaming in the Jetstream
Dreaming of Time Travel
Dreamy Acoustic
Dresden 1
Dresden 2
Dresden 3
Dusk 1
Dusk 2
Dusk 3
Dusk 4
Dusk 5
Dynamic Swirling Steel ^
Dynamic TriBowed Metals
Dynamic Violence
Dystopian Life
Dystopian Texture
Earth Drone Bass
Echoes of Devastation
Egyptian Bowls
Electric Blade
Electrocution Wires
Elevator in Panic Mode
Embryonic High
Emerging Vision
Emperor Constantine
Empty Nest Drone
Endless Loop
Endless Reflections 1
Endless Reflections 2
Engines of War
Enigmatic Bowls
Entering Unknown Territory
Epileptic Seizure
Estuarial Drone
Estuary 1
Estuary 2
Estuary 3
Estuary 4
Estuary 5
Ethnic BreathPipe
Evaporating Crystals Drifting
Evaporating Dreams
Evil Macumba
Evil Murmuring Flies
Exhaltation 1
Exhaltation 2
Exothermic Reaction
Fairy Dust
Fast Forward Motion
February Glare
Feedies 1
Feedies 2
Feedies 3
Feedies 4
Feeling of Emptiness
Female Morphing
Feng Shui Bells
Filled with the Holy Spirit
Flaming Cluster
Fleas 1
Fleas 2
Fleas 3
Florescent Chimes
Foggy Bottom
Forlorn 1
Forlorn 2
Foul Brood
Franken Frog Bog
Fuse Swells 1
Fuse Swells 2
Fuse Swells 3
Fuse Swells 4
Future Syntheswell
Fuzz Clarinet
Galilean Moons
Gamillusion 1
Gamillusion 2
Gamillusion 3
Gene Splicing
Genetic Animals
Genetic Experiments
Getting Scanned by Galaxy Cops
Ghandi Drone
Ghosts in the Phonograph
Ghosts in the Secret City 1
Ghosts in the Secret City 2
Glass Grammaphone
Glasswaves 1
Glasswaves 2
Glasswaves 3
Glasswaves 4
Glasswaves 5
Glasswaves 6
Glasswells 1
Glasswells 2
Glasswells 3
Glasswells 4
Gleaming HI
Gleaming Mix
Glisten to Me
Glow 1
Glow 2
Glow Drones
Glow Worms
Granulated Fanbience
Great Wall of China
Gutteral Morphing
Gyroscopic Scraper
Half a Kingdom
Halo 1
Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo 4
Halo 5
Hang Rubbing Beads
Hang Rubbing Circles
Harmonic Hallucination
Haunted Records 1
Haunted Records 2
Haunted Records 3
Haunted Records 4
Haunted Records 5
Haunted Souls in the Storm
Hazy Brood
Heartland 1
Heartland 2
Heartland 3
Heartland 4
Heartland 5
Help Me
Hero Drone
Holy Acoustic
Horrorific Images
Huge Locusts
Ice Castle Rolling Motion 2
Iceland 1
Iceland 2
Iceland 3
Icicle Drone
Icicles 1
Icicles 2
Immortal Fripp
In a Dreamlike State
In the Bowels
In The Catacombs
Indian Circuits
Inexplicable Encounter
Infrared Hallucination
Inner Addictions
Insects on Ice
Inside the Light
Interstellar Subway Rails
Invader Glitch
Invert Gliss
Iron Eyes
Irritant 1
Irritant 2
Irritant 3
Irritant 4
Irritant 5
Irritant 6
Irritant 7
Ishmael Drones Mix 1
Ishmael Drones Mix 2
Ishmael Drones Mix 3
Ishmael Drones Mix 4
Ishmael Mix 1
Ishmael Mix 2
Ishmael Mix 3
Ishmael Texture 1
Ishmael Texture 2
Ishmael Texture 3
Ishmael Texture 4
Ishmael Texture 5
Island of Chimes
Jake Drone
Jet Streams
Jittery Teletexture
KMINI - Blood Boiling
KMINI - Mystery Rings Hi
KMINI - Mystery Rings Lo
KMINI - Sinister Forces
Knocking Tension
Kyoto 1
Kyoto 2
Kyoto 3
Kyoto 4
Kyoto 5
Kyoto 6
Lamentation 1
Lamentation 2
Lamentation 3
Lamentation 4
Lamentation 5
Lamentation 6
Lamentation 7
Lamentation 8
Lamenting Whales Texture
Land of Sonic Bliss
Latitude North 1
Latitude North 2
Latitude North 3
Latitude North 4
Latitude North 5
Latitude South 1
Latitude South 2
Latitude South 3
Latitude South 4
Life on the Barrier Reef
Liquid Crown
Liquid Nitrogen 1
Liquid Nitrogen 2
Liquid Nitrogen 3
Liquid Nitrogen 4
Liquid Nitrogen 5
Liquid Nitrogen 6 Reverse
Liquid Nitrogen 6
Lonely Chambers
Lonely Glass Riser
Lonely Riser
Long Voyage
Longing 1
Longing 2
Longing 3
Longing 4
Longings in Motion
Lord Balrog Drone
Lost Ancient City
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Prison Camp
Mach XII Roulette
Magic Waters
Magnetic Crystals
Making Waves
Malevolent Shadows
Malice within the Fog
Marsh Mire Drone
Massive Rotation
Meditation Disturbance
Metal Bender Rumble
Metal Flow
Metallic Atonal Harmonics
Metallic Cluster Beams 1
Metallic Cluster Beams 2
Metallic Cluster Clouds 1
Metallic Cluster Clouds 2
Metallic Glitch Probes
Metallic Orbit
Metallic Shards of Light
Micro Meteorites
Miniature Biosphere
Minor Realization
Mission to Mars
Moments of Wonder
Monkey Modulator
Monster Rubber Band
Moonbeams 1
Moonbeams 2
Morphing Matrix
Morphing Voices
Mother Earth
Mother Magnesium
Mournful Acoustic
Moving Some Air
Murmuring Chatter
My Kite Fell into the Ocean
Mystic Bowls
Mystic Metal Little Fairy
Never Cry
New World
Nightmare Flute Cue
NLEAD - Disturbing Thoughts
NLEAD - Horrifying Realization
NLEAD - Insidious
No Admittance
Nursery Rhymes
NWAVE - Strange Happenings
Nyquist Criterion
Obelisk 1
Obelisk 2
Oceanography 1
Oceanography 2
Oceanography 3
Oceanography 4
Oceanography 5
Oceanography 6
Oils of Suspense
Ominous Fear
Ominous Sci-Fi Oscillators
Omniscience 1
Omniscience 2
Ooziedroids Brite
Ooziedroids Dark
Oozies 1
Oozies 2
Oozies 3
Oozies 4
Oozing Anxieties
Operawaves 1
Operawaves 2
Oracle Sheen
Orbitalizer lead
Orch From Hell Tuning Up
Outer Limits
Painful Realization
Paranormal Apparition
Passing Lights
PAX - A Deep Sense of Peace
PAX - A Greater Sense of Peace
PAX - A Sense of Perfect Peace
PAX - Guitar Drone
PAX - Guitar Texture
Pensive 1
Pensive 2
Perilizer 1
Perilizer 2
Piano Morphing
Pilgrimage 1
Pilgrimage 2
Pilgrimage 3
Pilgrimage 4
Pilgrimage 5
Pilgrimage 6
Pilgrimage 7
Pools Become Doors at Night
Post Atomic Radiation
Post Atomic Survivors
Post Nuke Radiations 1
Post Nuke Radiations 2
Primal Howlings
PROX - Attaining Conciousness
PROX - Disorientation
Punjabi Drone
Quik Riser
Radio Drones
Radio Universe
Railway to Hell
Raining Castilia Lights
Rattling Rumbler
Red Ice Caverns
Red Sunrise
Reflecting on the Past
Reflection 1
Reflection 2
Reflection 3
Reflection 4
Regal 1
Regal 2
Rejoicing 1
Rejoicing 2
Rejoicing 3
Rejoicing Bubble
REM Sleep
Resonation Boomerang
Retro Cinema - The Vampire
Revenge of the Electric Toothbrush
Rise of the Shadow People
Rising Strands
Rising Sun in Death Valley
Rolling Metal Balls
Romeo and Juliet - Love is Life
Rotating Aviary
Rubbing Silver Mirrors
Rumble Winds
Rumbling Threat
Russian Avantgarde Flautist
Rusty Swings
Sagan's Journey
Sand Granules
Satellite Circus
Satellite Orbit
Scary Trinidad
School of Whales - Babies 1
School of Whales - Babies 2
School of Whales - Females 1
School of Whales - Females 2
School of Whales - Males 1
School of Whales - Males 2
School of Whales - Males 3
School of Whales - Old Ones 1
School of Whales - Old Ones 2
School of Whales - Old Ones 3
School of Whales - Old Ones 4
Scrape Chord
Scraping the Waterphone
Scraping the Wheels
Scraping Vertigo Rumbler
Sea Life
Second Time on the Adriatic
Secret Garden
SH201 - Tension Builder
Shadow of the Waterphone
Shadowlands 1
Shadowlands 2
Shanghai Reverse
Shawshank HI
Shawshank Lo
Shiny Beach
Shivering Timbers
Singing Stones
Sinister Mystery
Sinus Harmonius
Sirens of Atlantis
Sleep Cycle 1
Sleep Cycle 2
Sleep Cycle 3
Sleep Cycle 4
Slow Metal Breeze
Slow Realization Drone
Slow Worm Birth
Slumbering Shaku
Solar Flare
Solitary 1
Solitary 2
Solitary Pulsation
Something is About to Happen
Something is Getting Closer
Something is Getting Too Close
Sonar Chord
Sopranos in the Mist Interval
Soul Lost in the Jungle
Souls in the Storm
Southern Lights
Soviet Flute Flutterings
Soviet Flute Fluttersolo
Space Mammal
Sparkling Pools
Spin Cycle
Spinning Omega
Spirit Rumbler
Spooky Wheel Choir Min->Maj
Sputnik Sunrise
Squeaky Wheels of Time
Stasis 1
Stasis 2
Stasis 3
Stasis 4
Stay of Execution
Steel Morphing
Stretching The Clav
Stretching the Metal Viper
SUB37 - Clusterized
Subsonic Attack
Subterranean Towers
Sudanese Evolution Sweep
Sun Spot
Surreal Unreal
Suspended Build
Suspense is Killing Me
Suspenseful Minor Chord
Suspension of Belief
Sweet Hereafter
Swimming Upstream to Spawn
Swings Of The Ghost Town
Swirling Crickets
Tactical Alert
Taj Mahal 1
Taj Mahal 2
Talk Boxing in my Sleep
Talking Pipes
Taxi Driver 1
Taxi Driver 2
Temple 1
Temple 2
Tensing Pad
Tension Strands
The Aftermath
The Eternal Why
The Mirror Room
The Omen's Playground
The Presence
The Shadow of Death
Throat Culture
Timbre Shifted Toy Bells
Tonal Carved Drum Tremolo
Tormented Railway
Toxic Aura
Translucent 1
Translucent 2
Translucent 3
Translucent 4
Trouble the Waters
Tubular Choir
Tumble Weed
Tuning Ghost Orchestra
Twinkle Clock
Twinkle Toes
Underground Anthill
Underwater Caverns
Underwater Morse Code
Underworld Carnival
Underworld Lamentations
Urban Angel
Vapor Chimes
Veil 1
Veil 2
Veil 3
Veil 4
Veil Vapor
Velvet Eno
Vertigo Rumbler
Vinyl Acetate Ghosts
Vinyl Heroes
Vocal Unreality
Voice of the Moon
Voltage Cluster
Voyage 1
Voyage 2
VYGR - Barberpoles
VYGR - Clusterphones
VYGR - Clustersines
VYGR - Mental Breakdown
Wailing Wall
Warped Interiors
Waterfall of Broken Metals
Waves of the Tigress
Weeping 1
Weeping 2
Weeping 3
Weeping 4
Weeping 5
What We Need
Whirly World
Whispers of Doom
Window Pane Drone
Winds of Apprehension
Yearning 1
Yearning 2
Yearning 3
Yearning 4
Yearning 5
Yearning Texture
Zed Leper

- 341 Patches

8-bit Noise Transition
A-0 Vocal Noise Sweep
Air Raid
Air Release
Backwards Thinking
Bassface Riser
Bending Crescendo
Bending Deep Crystals
Bending Flurry
Bidirectional Danish Noizweep
Big Rig
Big Stinger
Blow By
Bob Needs a New Zephyr
Breach of Security
Breathing and Sweeping
Buildup to Breathing
Burning Piano SFX Fires Torch 1
Burning Piano SFX Fires Torch 2
Cable Shaft
Cat Scan
Chalkboard Nausea
Chamber Distintegration
Classic Rusty Swell
Club Alarm
Club Bendersynth Fast
Club Bendersynth High
Club Bendersynth Slow
Club Laser Sawtooth Fall
Club Laser Sweepers
Club Noise Sweep 1
Club Noise Sweep 2
Club Noise Sweep 3
Cluster Crescendo 1
Cluster Crescendo 2
Cluster Morph
Crescendo Stinger
Crying Out
Cyclotron 1
Cyclotron 2
Cyclotron 3
Cymbalscape Scrape
Danish Noizweep Up
Debris Blowback
Deep Metal Ripple
DEEPM - Area 51
DEEPM - The Rise of Uli
Depth Probe
Dip Down
Diver Down
Diving Down
Don't Drop Me Baby
Drive By Booting
Drop Off
Drop the Beating Triangle
Drop the Bomb on Me
Drop the Synth
Drop The Vocal
Earthquake Cymbalswell
Eat Dust
Eight-Bar Riser
Electro Sine Falling
Electro Sine Raising and Falling
Elongated Tubing
Enormous Bass Bend
Entering the Temple
Erhu Falling
Escalation of Violence 1
Escalation of Violence 2
Escalation of Violence 3
Escalation of Violence 4
Exhale into the Pit
Experimental Club Weapon
Extreme Range Zap Sweep
Facing the Abyss
Falling Modular Laser
Falling Sine Star
Fearless Sub Drop
Fibrulation Sweep
Five Dive
Freak'n Burp
Furiously Rise
Fwooshy Riser
GAIA - Dark Side Rise
GAIA - Not So Funny Cat
Galaxial Highway Build
Galling Bend
Giant Swordplay
Glass Uzi
Going Under
Gothic Flames
Granular Mallet Rolls
Grumpy Riser Bass
Gurgling Grain Noise
Gurgling Pipe Noise Bed
Gurgly Noise Sweep
Gutteral Morphing
Harmfall 1
Harmfall 2
Harmfall 3
Harmfall 4
Harmonic Bend Crescendo
Harsh Rip Cords
Hateful Drop
Hauling Rise
Heat Seeker
Hi Breather
Hissing Strike 1
Hissing Strike 2
Hold me to Rise
Hoover Trap Drop
Huge Twisted Ropes
Human Turbines
Human Wind Riser
Insane Flange
Iron Lung
JDXA - Krazy Kopter
Jet Gulls
JP8000 - Mental Breakup
JP8000 - Rooster Riser
JP8000 - They've Landed
JP8000 - Zapped Lazers
Klangreen 1
Klangreen 2
Klangreen 3
Klangreen 4
Klangreen 5
Klong Sweep 1
Klong Sweep 2
Klong Sweep 3
KMINI - Minicoaster Build
Kyoto Bend 1
Kyoto Bend 2
Kyoto Bend 3
Large Fingernail Swiper
Leak in the System
Leap of Faith
Leeches 1
Leeches 2
Leeches 3
Leeches 4
Lickin' Chops
Little Piggie Squealer
Living Siren
Mechanical Drop
Mellow Noise Sweep
Mental Rapids
Metal Train Cluster
Metallic Sci-Fi Sweep 1
Metallic Sci-Fi Sweep 2
Metallic Sci-Fi Sweep 3
Midnite Rail 1
Midnite Rail 2
Midnite Rail 3
Midnite Rail 4
Mind Glitches
Modular Saw Fall
Money Sparx
Moog Modular Sci-Fi Hit
Moogy Bombs
MS20 - Bladder in Winter
MS20 - Riser Sweep
Mutant Hornet
Nastay Dropper
NLEAD - Birdemic
NLEAD - Moth Race
NLEAD - Xmissile
NLEAD - Xplosion Rewind
Noise of the Acropolis
Noisey Resosweep Tone
Ocean Chimes
Oil Can Bow
Omen Sweep
Orb Sweep
PEAK - Power On
PEAK - Variable Octodrop
Pete's Piccolo Sweep
Platform 1
Platform 2
PR12 - Reentry
Preparing the Hit
PRO6 - Warp Chatter
PRO6 - Warp Machinist
Psy Crop Duster
Psychotronic Starter
Rad Drug Reverse
Raw Horsepower Bass Bend
Reduced to a Crisp
REFACE - Ringers
Resoline Riser
Retro Dive
Retro Spaceship Descension
Retro Sweep Up
Retro Sweeper
REV2 - Underground Insurgence
Reverse Breathing Loop
Reverse Rumbler
Reversed Metallic Granulation
Reversing the Coffee
Revotnik 1
Revotnik 2
Revotnik 3
Revotnik 4
Revotnik 5
Revotnik 6
Rewinding Hell, Take 1
Rip Cord 1
Rip Cord 2
Rip Cord 3
Rip Knife
Rip Out The Knife
Rise and Fall of the Modular
Rise of Evil
Rise Up
Rising Agitation
Rising Clubbers Sustain
Rising Clubbers
Rising Winds
Roadrunner of the Future
Rusty Spoke
Saron Gas
Scrape Ascension 1
Scrape Ascension 2
Scrape Decension 1
Scrape Decension 2
Scrape Decension 3
Sea Whistle
Serious Growl
Shark Attack Crescendo 1
Shark Attack Crescendo 2
SID Glider Echoes
Skin Job Sweep
Snow Blind
Soft Pallete Sweep
Soul Leaving Body
Space Cry
Spasmodic Encounter
Speeding Human Sea Waves
Spit Rocket
Spit Sweep 1
Spit Sweep 2
Spun in Reverse
Start this Party
Stop This Crazy Rise!
SUB37 - Gastric Bypass
SUB37 - Tractor Beam
Super Nova
Super Riser
Superior Pitch Riser Scream
Superior Pitch Riser Slow
Surfing on the Piano Strings
Swan Dive
Swarm of Spittle
Sweep the Dancefloor
Sweeping Transitioner
Swoosher Noise
SYST1 - Landing in Polaris
SYST1 - Road Rage
SYST8 - Bending my Aira
Tape Riser
The Victor
Train Tracks
Traversing the Abyss
Trinidad Fly-By Looper
Tuvan Fuzz Flange
Twilight Passing
Vacuumed Memories
Valved Gotcha
Vertigo Bender
Vex Drop
VIRUS - Racing Heartbeat
Wailing Waterphones
Waiting for the Prophet
War Flight Dive Bomber
Water Roars
Wavetable Rize and Fall
Wheel Noise Sweeper
White Avalanche Hit
White Sands 1
White Sands 2
Wicked Ratchets Slo Mo
Wicked Ratchets
Wind Energy
Wind Shear
Zap Generator
Zenith Zap

- 48 Patches

Ambient Soft Tron
Chamberlin Strings
Choirwerk 1
Choirwerk 2
Choirwerk 3
Dream Tron
EQ Tron
Heston's Decalogue Orchestra
Life in the 70's
Living in 1975 - VP330
Lushlife Tronflutes
Mellotron Cello
Mellotron Cello+Vlns split
Mellotron Choir
Mellotron Flute
Mellotron Strings and Choir
Mellotron Violins
Model Orchestron Choir
Mysterious Tron Flute Lead
Optigan Chilton Flute
Optigan Marimba Spaceman Oct
Optigan Marimba Spaceman
Optigan Marimba
Orchestron Cello mono
Orchestron Cellos Brite
Orchestron Cellos Dark
Orchestron Choir mono
Orchestron Choir stereo
Orchestron Flute mono
Orchestron Flute stereo
Orchestron Flute with Plex
Orchestron Majestic
Orchestron Motor Noise mono
Orchestron Motor Noise stereo
Orchestron Pipe Organ mono
Orchestron Pipe Organ stereo
Orchestron Violins mono
Orchestron Violins stereo
Orchestron Violins with Springverb
Radio Chamber Strings
Radio Flute Organtron
Retro Cellios
Return of the Orchestron
Slow Motion Tron
Strings on Tape
Trilling Tron
Tron Flute Granulation

- 49 Soundsources

Apparitions in the Piano 1
Apparitions in the Piano 2
Apparitions in the Piano 3
Apparitions in the Piano 4
Barren World 1
Barren World 2
Bat Sanctuary 1
Bat Sanctuary 2
Beyond the Veil
Bouncing Piano Strings Half Rev
Bouncing Piano Strings Reverse
Bouncing Piano Strings
Carillion Starfield 1
Carillion Starfield 2
Chamber Resonance Ensemble
Chamber Stretch Ensemble
Chaotic Glock
Chaotic Vibes stretch
Chaotic Vibes
Clairvoyant a
Clairvoyant b
Detective Story
Friction String Resonance
Glacier Bowing
Harmonic Fog
Haunted Harpsichord stretch
Haunted Harpsichord
Hollow Expectancy
Inside Convergence
Ionized String Resonance
Medieval String Resonance stretch
Medieval String Resonance
Morphing Piano Strings a
Morphing Piano Strings b
Morphing Piano Strings c
Platinum Sky
Resonance of the Rings
Ripping the Old Strings a
Ripping the Old Strings b
Rippling String Resonance
Rusting Cluster Pad
Sawing the Old Piano
Sensei Shimmer
Silvery Waterphonia ^
Sterling Glass Scraper
Sterling Glass Scraper stretch
Talking Pipes
Toxic Aura

- 59 Soundsources

Bad Dreams
Breakin' Up
Brutal Moog
Crank Shaft
Feed Me
Five Dive
Fuzz Tones
Fuzzeridoo 1
Fuzzeridoo 2
Fuzzeridoo 3
Fuzzy Love
Guitar Feedback
Gush Crush
Gusher Slides
Harm Mayhem
Major Feedback
Polluted Oscillator
Power Chords 1 ^
Power Chords 2 ^
Power Chords 3
Power Hungry
Prophet X-Mod Engines
Psycho Razor
Pure Fury
Rad Drug 1
Rad Drug 2
Rad Drug 3
Rad Drug 4
Rad Drug 5
Savage Moog
Shakey Jake 1
Shakey Jake 2
Slomo Mayhem
Spit Storm
Squalor Drone
Steering Noise
Strumendo 1
Strumendo 2
Strumendo 3
Strumendo 4
Tap Hound
Tuvan Fuzz 1
Tuvan Fuzz 2
Tuvan Fuzz 3

- 374 Soundsources

Boys Choir Ah-Eh-Ee-Oo
Boys Choir Ahs ^
Boys Choir Ahs - f
Boys Choir Ahs - p
Boys Choir Ees ^
Boys Choir Ees - f
Boys Choir Ees - p
Boys Choir Mms
Boys Choir Oh-Eh-Ah
Boys Choir Oos ^
Boys Choir Oos - f
Boys Choir Oos - p
Boys Choir Soloist Ah
Boys Choir Soloist Oh
Boys Choir Two Boys Ah
Boys Choir Warm-Up
Boys Intervals All
Boys Intervals Fifth Down
Boys Intervals Fourth Up
Boys Multiphrase Agnus Dei
Boys Multiphrase Kyrie
Choir Full Ahs ^
Choir Full Ahs - f
Choir Full Ahs - p
Choir Full Mms
Choir Full Ohs 1 ^
Choir Full Ohs 2 ^
Choir Full Ohs 3 ^
Choir Full Oos ^
Choir Full Oos - mf
Choir Full Oos - p
Choir Full Staccato ^
Choir Full Staccato - f
Choir Full Swell Ahs
Choir Full Swell Mms
Choir Full Swell Octaves
Choir Full Swell Oh-Ahs
Choir Full Swell Ohs
Choir Full Vibrato ^
Choir Full Vibrato Heavy
Choir Full Vibrato Light
Choir Full Vowel Octaves
Choir Full Whistling
Choir Men Ahs ^
Choir Men Ahs - f
Choir Men Ahs - p
Choir Men Mms
Choir Men Octave Ees
Choir Men Ohs ^
Choir Men Ohs - mf
Choir Men Oos ^
Choir Men Oos - mf
Choir Men Oos - p
Choir Men Swell Ahs
Choir Men Swell Mms
Choir Men Swell Oh-Ahs
Choir Men Swell Ohs
Choir Women Ahs ^
Choir Women Ahs - f
Choir Women Ahs - p
Choir Women Mms
Choir Women Ohs ^
Choir Women Ohs - mf
Choir Women Oos ^
Choir Women Oos - mf
Choir Women Oos - p
Choir Women Swell Ahs
Choir Women Swell Mms
Choir Women Swell Oh-Ahs
Choir Women Swell Ohs
Choral FX Avante Garde 1
Choral FX Avante Garde 2
Choral FX Avante Garde 3
Choral FX Avante Garde 4
Choral FX Avante Garde 5
Choral FX Avante Garde Rev
Choral FX Gliding Chord Ahs
Choral FX Gliding Chord Mms
Choral FX Men Cluster 1
Choral FX Men Cluster 2
Choral FX Men Cluster 3
Choral FX Men Cluster Long
Choral FX Men Cluster Rev
Choral FX Men Warmup
Choral FX Men Warmup Flange
Choral FX Men Warmup Rev
Choral FX Miserere Mei
Choral FX Miserere Octave 1
Choral FX Miserere Octave 2
Choral FX Miserere Octave 3
Choral FX Miserere Rev Oct 1
Choral FX Miserere Rev Oct 2
Choral FX Miserere Rev Oct 3
Choral FX Miserere Rev
Choral FX Morte Et Dabo 1
Choral FX Morte Et Dabo 2
Choral FX Morte Et Dabo Rev1
Choral FX Morte Et Dabo Rev2
Choral FX Octave Fall 1
Choral FX Octave Fall 2
Choral FX Octave Fall 3
Choral FX Octave Fall 4
Choral FX Rounds Ending
Choral FX Rounds Spin
Choral FX Rounds
Choral FX Slide Chord 1
Choral FX Slide Chord 2
Choral FX Slide Rev 1
Choral FX Slide Rev 2
Choral FX Swell Cluster 1
Choral FX Swell Cluster 2
Choral FX Swell Cluster 3
Choral FX Swell Cluster 4
Choral FX Swell Cluster 5
Choral FX Swell Cluster Rev 1
Choral FX Swell Cluster Rev 2
Choral FX Swell Cluster Rev 3
Choral FX Twelve Tone Rev
Choral FX Vertigo 1
Choral FX Vertigo 2
Choral FX Vertigo 3
Choral FX Windy Moans
Choral FX Women Ligeti 1
Choral FX Women Ligeti 2
Choral FX Women Ligeti 3
Choral FX Women Ligeti 4
Choral FX Women Ligeti 5
Choral FX Women Ligeti 6
Choral FX Women Ligeti 7
Choral FX Women Swoops 1
Choral FX Women Swoops 2
Choral FX Women Swoops Rev 1
Choral FX Women Swoops Rev 2
Chordal Choir Big Maj-Min
Chordal Choir Big Major
Chordal Choir Big Minor
Chordal Choir Major ^
Chordal Choir Major - f
Chordal Choir Major - p
Chordal Choir Major Hi ^
Chordal Choir Major Hi - f
Chordal Choir Major Hi - p
Chordal Choir Major Lo ^
Chordal Choir Major Lo - f
Chordal Choir Major Lo - p
Chordal Choir Major Mms Hi
Chordal Choir Major Mms Lo
Chordal Choir Major Mms
Chordal Choir Minor ^
Chordal Choir Minor - f
Chordal Choir Minor - p
Chordal Choir Minor Hi ^
Chordal Choir Minor Hi - f
Chordal Choir Minor Hi - p
Chordal Choir Minor Lo ^
Chordal Choir Minor Lo - f
Chordal Choir Minor Lo - p
Chordal Choir Minor Mms Hi
Chordal Choir Minor Mms Lo
Chordal Choir Minor Mms
Chordal Choir Sus ^
Chordal Choir Sus - f
Chordal Choir Sus - p
Chordal Choir Sus Mms
Classical Soprano Eh-Oh
Classical Soprano Intervals
Classical Soprano Ohs
Classical Soprano Staccato
Classical Sopranos X2 Ohs
Classical Tenor Ah ^
Classical Tenor Ah - f
Classical Tenor Ah - p
Classical Tenor Arpeggio
Classical Tenor Octave Ah
Female Breathy Ahs
Female Breathy Oos
Female Mms
Gospel Choir 1 ^
Gospel Choir 2 ^
Gospel Choir Hmms
Gospel Choir Ohs
Gospel Choir Oos ^
Gospel Choir Oos - f
Gospel Choir Oos - p
Gospel Choir Whoas
Gospel Choir Whoos
Gospel Worship 1
Gospel Worship 2
Gospel Worship 3
Gospel Worship 4
Gospel Worship 5
Gospel Worship 6
Gospel Worship 7
Gospel Worship 8
Gregorian Interval Half Down
Gregorian Interval Half Up
Gregorian Interval Whole Down
Gregorian Interval Whole Up
Gregorian Men Fifths ^
Gregorian Men Fifths - f
Gregorian Men Fifths - p
Gregorian Men Mms
Gregorian Men Ohs ^
Gregorian Men Ohs - f
Gregorian Men Ohs - p
Human French Horns
Human Synth Droner
Humming Men
Japanese Children's Choir
Jazz Combo Stacks 1 ^
Jazz Combo Stacks 2 ^
Jazz Combo Stacks 3 ^
Jazz Stacks Bahs
Jazz Stacks Bap Accent
Jazz Stacks Bap
Jazz Stacks Bayeat
Jazz Stacks Dah-Dat
Jazz Stacks Dahs
Jazz Stacks Dat
Jazz Stacks Doh-Doos
Jazz Stacks Doo Sfz
Jazz Stacks Doo-Doot
Jazz Stacks Dooeeot
Jazz Stacks Doos
Jazz Stacks Doot Accent
Jazz Stacks Dow Falls
Jazz Stacks Mixed Dahs
Jazz Stacks Mixed Doo-Dah ^
Jazz Stacks Mixed Doos
Jazz Stacks Vibrajazz
Jazz Vocal Bass Bangs+Binks
Jazz Vocal Bass Dum Walking ^
Jazz Vocal Bass Long Dumms ^
Jazz Vocal Bass Long Dumms - f
Jazz Vocal Bass Long Dumms - p
Jazz Vocal Bass Short Dows
Jazz Vocal Bass Short Dums ^
Jazz Vocal Bass Short Dums - f
Jazz Vocal Bass Short Dums - p
Jazz Vocal Bass Thaoums
Jazz Vocal Bass Thums-Dums ^
Jazz Vocal Bass Thums
Pod People
Pop Background Oos 1
Pop Background Oos 2
Pop Combo Male + Female Ahs (vsp)
Pop Combo Male + Female Ahs
Pop Combo Male + Female Ees
Pop Combo Male + Female Mms
Pop Combo Male + Female Ohs
Pop Combo Male + Female Oos
Pop Combo Male + Female Vvs
Pop Combo Male + Female Zzs
Pop Fem1 + Fem2 Ahs
Pop Fem1 + Fem2 Ees
Pop Fem1 + Fem2 Mms
Pop Fem1 + Fem2 Ohs
Pop Fem1 + Fem2 Oos
Pop Female Moving Vowels 1
Pop Female Moving Vowels 2
Pop Female Moving Vowels 3
Pop Female Moving Vowels 4
Pop Female Vowel Wash 1
Pop Female Vowel Wash 2
Pop Female Vvs
Pop Female Zzs
Pop Female1 Ahs1
Pop Female1 Ahs2
Pop Female1 Ees
Pop Female1 Ehs
Pop Female1 Mms1
Pop Female1 Mms2
Pop Female1 Ohs1
Pop Female1 Ohs2
Pop Female1 Oos1
Pop Female1 Oos2
Pop Female1 Scoop Ahs ^
Pop Female1 Scoop Ahs
Pop Female1 Scoop Mms ^
Pop Female1 Scoop Mms
Pop Female1 Scoop Ohs ^
Pop Female1 Scoop Ohs
Pop Female1 Scoop Oos ^
Pop Female1 Scoop Oos
Pop Female2 Ahs1
Pop Female2 Ahs2
Pop Female2 Ees
Pop Female2 Mms1
Pop Female2 Mms2
Pop Female2 Ohs1
Pop Female2 Ohs2
Pop Female2 Oos1
Pop Female2 Oos2
Pop Female2 Scoop Ahs ^
Pop Female2 Scoop Ahs
Pop Female2 Scoop Mms ^
Pop Female2 Scoop Mms
Pop Female2 Scoop Ohs ^
Pop Female2 Scoop Ohs
Pop Female2 Scoop Oos ^
Pop Female2 Scoop Oos
Pop Male Ahs
Pop Male Ees
Pop Male Mms
Pop Male Ohs
Pop Male Oos
Pop Male Scoop Ahs ^
Pop Male Scoop Ahs
Pop Male Scoop Mms ^
Pop Male Scoop Mms
Pop Male Scoop Ohs ^
Pop Male Scoop Ohs
Pop Male Scoop Oos ^
Pop Male Scoop Oos
Pop Male Vvs
Pop Male Zzs
Tuvan Drones
Tuvan Group 1
Tuvan Group 2
Tuvan Group 3
Tuvan Group 4
Tuvan Male 1 - Drone 1
Tuvan Male 1 - Drone 2
Tuvan Male 1 - Drone 3
Tuvan Male 1 - Drone 4
Tuvan Male 1 - Drone 5
Tuvan Male 2 - Drone 1
Tuvan Male 2 - Drone 2
Tuvan Male 2 - Drone 3
Tuvan Male 2 - Drone 4
Tuvan Male 3 - Drone 1
Tuvan Male 3 - Drone 2
Tuvan Male 3 - Drone 3
Tuvan Male 3 - Drone 4
Tuvan Male 3 - Drone 5
Tuvan Male 4 - Drone 1
Tuvan Male 4 - Drone 2
Tuvan Male 4 - Drone 3
Tuvan Male 4 - Drone 4
Tuvan Male High 1
Tuvan Male High 2
Tuvan Male High 3
Tuvan Male High 4
Tuvan Male High 5
Tuvan Male Raspy 1
Tuvan Male Raspy 2
Tuvan Male Raspy 3
Tuvan Male Raspy 4
Tuvan Male Raspy 5
Tuvan Mid 01
Tuvan Mid 02
Tuvan Mid 03
Tuvan Mid 04
Tuvan Mid 05
Tuvan Mid 06
Tuvan Mid 07
Tuvan Mid 08
Tuvan Mid 09
Tuvan Mid 10
Tuvan Mid 11
Tuvan Mid 12
Tuvan Mid 13
Tuvan Mid 14
Tuvan Mid 15
Tuvan Mid 16
Tuvan Mid 17
Whistle Sweep
Whistlizer 1
Whistlizer 2
Zzzzzs a
Zzzzzs b

- 398 Soundsources

African Hit 1
African Hit 2
Allelu Jum Hit
Anvil Strike
Bad Guy
Bass Walimbo
Bellwhale Bit
Big Band Bit 01
Big Band Bit 02
Big Band Bit 03
Big Band Brass
Big Band Break
Big Band End 1
Big Band End 2
Big Band Penultimate
Big Band Rip 1
Big Band Rip 2
Big Band Rip 3
Big Band Stab 1
Big Band Stab 2
Big Boomer 1
Big Boomer 2
Big Boomer 3
Big Feet 1
Big Feet 2
Big Feet 3
Big Feet 4
Big Feet 5
Big Rig
Big Stinger
Blast Door Slam
Blip Blam
Bowed Cymbal Striker
Broken Chord Bit
Bubble Worx
Burned Ivory Chord ^
Burning Piano Damage 1 ^
Burning Piano Damage 2 ^
Burning Piano FX Bendestructo
Burning Piano FX Drama Pluck
Burning Piano SFX Destructo 1
Burning Piano SFX Destructo 2
Burning Piano SFX Hit 1 ^
Burning Piano SFX Hit 2 ^
Burning Piano SFX Hit 1
Burning Piano SFX Hit 2
Burning Piano SFX Hit 3
Burning Piano SFX Hit 4
Burning Piano SFX Hit 5
Burning Piano SFX Hit 6
Burning Piano SFX Hit 7
Burning Piano SFX Hit 8
Burning Snow 1
Burning Snow 2
Buzzer Bang
Cavern Tube 1
Cavern Tube 2
Cavern Tube 3
Cavern Tube 4
Chimus Filter
China Hard
China Mono
Classic Orch Brass Hit
Cluster Slam
Combo Horn Hit
Crash Large
DAT Buzz Bit
DAT Hit Bit
Dead Ringer
Death Toll
Deep Metals Gong
Deep Metals Scrape
Deep Orch Perc Hit
Deep Piano Pick
Deep Space Western Hit 1
Deep Space Western Hit 2
Deep Whale Cries
Deeper Underground lp
Depth Charge
Disperse Bits
Distant Drums
Doppler Blast
Downwards Splutter
Drop Kick Bass Tom 1
Drop Kick Bass Tom 2
Drop Kick Bass Tom 3
Drop Kick Bass Tom 4
Drop Kick Bass Tom 5
Drop Kick Bass Tom 6
Earth Kick
Elastic Crazy Fall
Elastic Drama Hit
Elastic Eerie Hit
Elastic LoFi Hit 1
Elastic LoFi Hit 2
Elastic LoFi Hit 3
Elastic LoFi Hit 4
Elastic LoFi Hit 5
Elastic LoFi Hit 6
Elastic LoFi Hit 7
Elastic LoFi Hit 8
Elastic LoFi Long Break
Elastic Noiz Hit 1
Elastic Noiz Hit 2
Elastic SlowDown Hit
Elec Piano Chord 1
Elec Piano Chord 2
Elec Piano Chord 3
Elec Piano Chord 4
Elec Piano Chord 5
Elec Piano Chord 6
Elec Piano Chord 7
Elec Piano Chord 8
Elec Piano Chord 9
Elec Piano Chord Hi
Electro Charge Bit
Eric Deep Hit
Fast Flames 1
Fast Flames 2
Fire in the Whole Earth
Flame Spinner
Flange Blast
Flute Aggressive Down
Flute Fast Trill
Flute Lo Soft Step
Flute Lo Spitter
Flute Motif
Flute Ornament
Flute Overtone Fall
Flute Push Fall
Flute Short Spitter
Flute Soft Vibrato
Flute Spit Tone
Flute Staccato Push
Flute Trill Mild
Flute Trill Sfz 1
Flute Trill Sfz 2
Flute Up Down
Flute Wild Noise
Fun E Farm
Fuzz Bass Pod
Fuzz Stuff
Gamaunu 1
Gamaunu 2
Gamaunu 3
Gamelan Orch Hit 1
Gamelan Orch Hit 2
Giant Turret
Giant's Steps
Glass Attack
Glass Uzi
Gong Besar
Gong Brass Break
Grim Reaper
Gunga Din
Hard Plates
Heat Seeker
Heavy Plates 1
Heavy Plates 2
Heavy Plates 3
Heavy Plates 4
Heavy Plates 5
Hitting the Skids
Hollow Pipe
Hollow Tube
Hooo w Drum Hit
Hotheads 1
Hotheads 2
Iron Lung
Jangle Feet Hit
Java Gong
Jettison Pod
LoFi Blip
LoFi Ensemble Chord 1
LoFi Ensemble Chord 2
Log Lump
Look Out Below
Low African Drum Roll
Mega Cymbal Snares 01
Mega Cymbal Snares 02
Mega Cymbal Snares 03
Mega Cymbal Snares 04
Mega Cymbal Snares 05
Mega Cymbal Snares 06
Mega Cymbal Snares 07
Mega Cymbal Snares 08
Mega Cymbal Snares 09
Mega Cymbal Snares 10
Metal Door Hit
Metal Intrusion 1
Metal Intrusion 2
Metal Intrusion 3
ModPiano Bell ^
ModPiano Ghost Ray ^
ModPiano Hammer Hit ^ RR
ModPiano MinorChord ^
ModPiano Trashcans
ModPiano Wobbly Bell ^
ModPiano Wobbly Hit ^
ModPiano X-Ray ^
Mogoloyo Hit
Mondo Blast
Money Sparx
Moog Bass Bomb 1
Moog Bass Bomb 2
Mothra Slam
MT-240 Throwout Hit
Mystic Piano Hit 1
Mystic Piano Hit 2
Mystic Piano Hit 3
Mystic Piano Hit 4
Mystic Piano Hit 5
Mystic Piano Hit 6
Mystic Piano Hit 7
Mystic Piano Hit 8
Mystic Piano Hit 9
Noise Gone Wrong
Oil Can Bow
Open Kasi Finger Cym
Opera Harp Hit
Orch Brass Gong Hit
Orch Brass Ripper
Orch Harp Dream Seq
Orch Minor Blast
Orch Picc Rip
Orch Suspensifier
Orch Triumph
Piano Wire
Pit Hit 1
Pit Hit 2
Pit Hit 3
Plasm Pipe
Platform 1
Platform 2
PSS-170 Drums ^
Punch Gate
Punched in the Gut
Radio Attack
Rainmaker Hit
Recoiling Impact
Rewinder 1
Rewinder 2
Rewinder 3
Ricochet Slam
Ride 1 Bell
Ride 1 Soft
Ride 1
Ride 2 Bell
Ride 2
Ride 3 Bell
Ride 3
Ride Cym Bell
Ride Cym Medium
Ride Sizzle 1
Ride Sizzle 2
Rip Cord 1
Rip Cord 2
Rip Cord 3
Rip Knife
Rough Reactor
Rubber Walls
Rusty Spoke
Scary Piano Scrape 1
Scary Piano Scrape 2
Scary Piano Scrape 3
Scary Piano Scrape 4
Scary Piano Scrape 5
Scary Piano Scrape 6
Scary Piano Scrape 7
Scary Piano Scrape 8
Sci-Fi Stingers
Scud Launch
Secret City
Shriek Lo
Single Stamper
SK-1 Drums ^
Skinner 1
Skinner 2
Skinner 3
Skinner 4
Slam Down
Slo-Mo Body Blow
Small Chinese Cymbal
Smooth Vinyl 01
Smooth Vinyl 02
Smooth Vinyl 04
Smooth Vinyl 05
Smooth Vinyl 06
Smooth Vinyl 07
Smooth Vinyl 08
Smooth Vinyl 09
Smooth Vinyl 10
Smooth Vinyl 11
Soft China Tap 1
Soft China Tap 2
Sonic Boom 1
Sonic Boom 2
Soundboard Hit Air Dry 1
Soundboard Hit Air Dry 2
Soundboard Hit Air FX 1
Soundboard Hit Air FX 2
Soundboard Hit Chains Dry ^
Soundboard Hit Chains FX ^
Soundboard Hit Damage Dry
Soundboard Hit Damage FX
Soundboard Hit Knock Dry 1 ^
Soundboard Hit Knock Dry 2 ^
Soundboard Hit Knock FX 1 ^
Soundboard Hit Knock FX 2 ^
Soundboard Hit Mercury Dry 1
Soundboard Hit Mercury Dry 2
Soundboard Hit Mercury Dry 3
Soundboard Hit Mercury FX 1
Soundboard Hit Mercury FX 2
Soundboard Hit Mercury FX 3
Soundboard Hit Slam Dry 1 ^
Soundboard Hit Slam Dry 2 ^
Soundboard Hit Slam FX 1 ^
Soundboard Hit Slam FX 2 ^
Soundboard Hit Tank Dry
Soundboard Hit Tank FX
Soundboard Hit Thumper Dry 1
Soundboard Hit Thumper Dry 2
Soundboard Hit Thumper FX 1
Soundboard Hit Thumper FX 2
Soundboard Hit Trash Dry 1 ^
Soundboard Hit Trash Dry 2 ^
Soundboard Hit Trash FX 1 ^
Soundboard Hit Trash FX 2 ^
Sparkle Chord
Spit Rocket
Splash 1
Splash 2
Splash 3
Splash Tap
String Chase Rip
Stylus Click
Stylus Noise 1
Stylus Noise 2
Stylus Noise 3
Tape Stop 1
Tape Stop 2
Textural Gliss 1
Textural Gliss 2
The Chickens are Revolting
Tibet Angry Brass
Timp and Brass Drama Sfz
Trapped Hit
Tribe War Drum
Tunnelstring Hit
Uberbass Drop Down
Uberbass Drop Up-Down
Vari Flute 1
Vari Flute 2
Vari Flute 3
Vari Flute 4
Vinyl Bender
Vinyl Bit
Whoa Stomp Hit
Windy Thud

- 840 Soundsources

PHR - Aaeeyeasa
PHR - Ac Gtr Mute Swing
PHR - Accapella Guys
PHR - Achiburu Females
PHR - Achiburu Yodel Aay
PHR - Afr Male Hum Chords 1
PHR - Afr Male Hum Chords 2
PHR - Africaaah!
PHR - African Bullhorn
PHR - African Choir 1
PHR - African Choir 2
PHR - African Choir 3
PHR - African Clap Choir
PHR - African Drum & Whistle
PHR - African Flute 01
PHR - African Flute 02
PHR - African Flute 03
PHR - African Flute 04
PHR - African Flute 05
PHR - African Flute 06
PHR - African Flute 07
PHR - African Flute 08
PHR - African Flute 09
PHR - African Flute 10
PHR - African Folk Choir
PHR - African Harp 01
PHR - African Harp 02
PHR - African Harp 03
PHR - African Harp 04
PHR - African Harp 05
PHR - African Harp 06
PHR - African Harp 07
PHR - African Harp 08
PHR - African Harp 09
PHR - African Harp 10
PHR - African Harp 11
PHR - African Harp 12
PHR - African Horn 1
PHR - African Horn 2
PHR - African Lullabye
PHR - African Male Group 1
PHR - African Male Group 2
PHR - African Male Group 3
PHR - African Male Solo
PHR - African Men Major Chord
PHR - African Men Song
PHR - African Metallic Shaking
PHR - African Mixed Choir w Bells
PHR - African Song Solo
PHR - African Stomps
PHR - African Villiage Aho Song
PHR - African Violin Duo w Perc
PHR - African Youth Alleluia
PHR - Afro Agogo
PHR - All Jah Group
PHR - Allelu Female Song
PHR - Allelu Tria Vocals
PHR - Allelujah Mixed Chant
PHR - Angklung
PHR - Angklungs Busy
PHR - AoohAooh
PHR - Bad Breed
PHR - Bamboo Tubes
PHR - Bass M’Bira w Vocal
PHR - Bass M’Bira
PHR - Bavarian Yodel Cukoo
PHR - Bavarian Yodel Duo
PHR - Bavarian Yodel Male
PHR - Bavarian Yodel Men
PHR - Beantown
PHR - Bent Marimba 1
PHR - Bent Marimba 2
PHR - Bent Marimba 3
PHR - Berimbau 1
PHR - Berimbau 2
PHR - Berimbau Song 1
PHR - Berimbau Song 2
PHR - Big Drum Roll
PHR - Birario Obi
PHR - Blew It
PHR - Blues Singin' 1
PHR - Blues Singin' 2
PHR - Blues Singin' 3
PHR - Blues Singin' 4
PHR - Blues Singin' 5
PHR - Blues Story 1
PHR - Blues Story 2
PHR - Bonang 01
PHR - Bonang 02
PHR - Bonang 03
PHR - Bonang 04
PHR - Bonang 05
PHR - Bonang 06
PHR - Bonang 07
PHR - Bonang 08
PHR - Bonang 09
PHR - Bonang 10
PHR - Bonang 11
PHR - Bonang 12
PHR - Bonang 13
PHR - Bonang 14
PHR - Bonang 15
PHR - Bonang 16
PHR - Bonang 17
PHR - Bonang 18
PHR - Bonang 19
PHR - Bonang 20
PHR - Bouw Bouw
PHR - Boy Soloist Agnus Boy 1
PHR - Boy Soloist Agnus Boy 2
PHR - Boy Soloist Allelu Boy 1
PHR - Boy Soloist Allelu Boy 2
PHR - Boy Soloist Allelu Boy 3
PHR - Boy Soloist Allelu Boy 4
PHR - Boy Soloist Allelu Boy 5
PHR - Boy Soloist Lulu Boy 1
PHR - Boy Soloist Lulu Boy 2
PHR - Boy Soloist Lulu Boy 3
PHR - Boy Soloist Lulu Boy 4
PHR - Boys Allelujah!
PHR - Boys Choir Amen
PHR - Brazil Wild Talk 1
PHR - Brazil Wild Talk 2
PHR - Brazilian Croon 1
PHR - Brazilian Croon 2
PHR - Brazilian Croon 3
PHR - Brazilian Croon 4
PHR - Brazilian Croon 5
PHR - Brazilian Croon 6
PHR - Brazilian Croon 7
PHR - Bush M’bira
PHR - Buzz Kalimba 1
PHR - Buzz Kalimba 2
PHR - Buzz Kalimba Groove
PHR - Buzz String 1
PHR - Buzz String 2
PHR - Can't Get Into It
PHR - Canton Song
PHR - Cattle Song
PHR - Celtic Song 1
PHR - Celtic Song 2
PHR - Celtic Song 3
PHR - Celtic Song 4
PHR - Ch Ch Pa Pa
PHR - China Flute Birds 1
PHR - China Flute Birds 2
PHR - China Flute FX 01
PHR - China Flute FX 02
PHR - China Flute FX 03
PHR - China Flute FX 04
PHR - China Flute FX 05
PHR - China Flute FX 06
PHR - China Flute FX 07
PHR - China Flute FX 08
PHR - China Flute FX 09
PHR - China Flute FX 10
PHR - China Flute Whistle
PHR - China Temple Flute 01
PHR - China Temple Flute 02
PHR - China Temple Flute 03
PHR - China Temple Flute 04
PHR - China Temple Flute 05
PHR - China Temple Flute 06
PHR - China Temple Flute 07
PHR - China Temple Flute 08
PHR - China Temple Flute 09
PHR - China Temple Flute 10
PHR - Choctaw
PHR - Choir Yells
PHR - Chug Dirty 8s
PHR - Circle Choir Ending
PHR - Circle Joy Choir 1
PHR - Circle Joy Choir 2
PHR - Circle Yes Choir
PHR - Clappin' Choir
PHR - Clay Flute
PHR - Colombian Beat Vox 1
PHR - Colombian Beat Vox 2
PHR - Colombian Vox 1
PHR - Colombian Vox 2
PHR - Colombian Vox 3
PHR - Colombian Vox 4
PHR - Colombian Vox 5
PHR - Colombian Vox 6
PHR - Colombian Vox 7
PHR - Colombian Vox 8
PHR - Coo Coo Boo Yah
PHR - Country Yodel Duet 1
PHR - Country Yodel Duet 2
PHR - Country Yodel Female 1
PHR - Country Yodel Female 2
PHR - Country Yodel Female 3
PHR - Country Yodel Female 4
PHR - Country Yodel Female 5
PHR - Country Yodel Female 6
PHR - Country Yodel Ooh 1
PHR - Country Yodel Ooh 2
PHR - Country Yodel Ooh 3
PHR - Country Yodel Ooh 4
PHR - Country Yodel Ooh 5
PHR - Crimson
PHR - Croon 1
PHR - Croon 2
PHR - Croon 3
PHR - Dance Now
PHR - Dance Riff
PHR - DD Sing Oh
PHR - Deranged
PHR - Doo Drum Loop 1
PHR - Doo Drum Loop 2
PHR - Doo Drum Loop 3
PHR - Drop to Drink
PHR - Drum and Grunt
PHR - East Indian Ahh
PHR - Eastern Vox FX 1
PHR - Eastern Vox FX 2
PHR - Eastern Vox FX 3
PHR - Eastern Vox FX 4
PHR - Eastern Vox FX 5
PHR - Ellis Gospel 1
PHR - Ellis Gospel 2
PHR - Ellis Riff 1
PHR - Ellis Riff 2
PHR - Ellis Riff 3
PHR - Ellis Wow
PHR - Ellis You Know
PHR - Erhu China Violin 01
PHR - Erhu China Violin 02
PHR - Erhu China Violin 03
PHR - Erhu China Violin 04
PHR - Erhu China Violin 05
PHR - Erhu China Violin 06
PHR - Erhu China Violin 07
PHR - Erhu China Violin 08
PHR - Erhu China Violin 09
PHR - Erhu China Violin 10
PHR - Erhu China Violin 11
PHR - Erhu China Violin 12
PHR - Erhu China Violin 13
PHR - Erhu China Violin 14
PHR - Erhu China Violin 15
PHR - Erhu China Violin 16
PHR - Erhu China Violin 17
PHR - Erhu China Violin 18
PHR - Erhu China Violin 19
PHR - Erhu China Violin 20
PHR - Erhu China Violin 21
PHR - Erhu China Violin 22
PHR - Erhu China Violin 23
PHR - Erhu China Violin 24
PHR - Erhu FX 1
PHR - Erhu FX 2
PHR - Erhu FX 3
PHR - Erhu FX 4
PHR - Etchings
PHR - Everybody Ready
PHR - Female Rave 1
PHR - Female Rave 2
PHR - Female Rave 3
PHR - Female Rave 4
PHR - Female Rave 5
PHR - Female Rave 6
PHR - Female Rave 7
PHR - Female Rave 8
PHR - Female Rave 9
PHR - Female Scat 1
PHR - Female Scat 2
PHR - Female Scat 3
PHR - Female Scat 4
PHR - Freeform Vocal 1
PHR - Freeform Vocal 2
PHR - Freeform Vocal 3
PHR - Freeform Vocal 4
PHR - Freeform Vocal 5
PHR - Freeform Vocal 6
PHR - Freeform Vocal 7
PHR - Freeform Vocal 8
PHR - Freeform Vocal 9
PHR - Funkulator
PHR - Gaelic Female 1
PHR - Gaelic Female 2
PHR - Gaelic Male 1
PHR - Gaelic Male 2
PHR - Gambang 01
PHR - Gambang 02
PHR - Gambang 03
PHR - Gambang 04
PHR - Gambang 05
PHR - Gambang 06
PHR - Gambang 07
PHR - Gambang 08
PHR - Gambang 09
PHR - Gambang 10
PHR - Gamelan Orch 1
PHR - Gamelan Orch 2
PHR - Gamelan Orch 3
PHR - Gamelan Orch 4
PHR - Gamelan Orch 5
PHR - Gamelan Orch 6
PHR - Gamelan Orch 7
PHR - Gamelan Orch 8
PHR - Gamelan Orch 9
PHR - Girl Choir
PHR - Go To Church!
PHR - Goatee
PHR - Gospel Hum 1
PHR - Gospel Hum 2
PHR - Gospel Riff 1
PHR - Gospel Riff 2
PHR - Gospel Riff 3
PHR - Gospel Riff 4
PHR - Gospel Riff 5
PHR - Gospel Riff 6
PHR - Gospel Spirit Choir 1
PHR - Gospel Spirit Choir 2
PHR - Grand M’Bira
PHR - Gregorian Agnus
PHR - Gregorian Allelu
PHR - Gregorian Amen G to A
PHR - Gregorian Drone and Solo
PHR - Gregorian Gloria
PHR - Gregorian Hosanna
PHR - Gregorian Jesu Christe
PHR - Gregorian Kyrie Eleison
PHR - Gregorian Pange Lingua
PHR - Gregorian Phrases Long
PHR - Gregorian Sanctus
PHR - Gregorian Solo
PHR - Gregorian Veni Creato
PHR - Guild 12 String Major
PHR - Guild 12 String Minor
PHR - Guzhen 01
PHR - Guzhen 02
PHR - Guzhen 03
PHR - Guzhen 04
PHR - Guzhen 05
PHR - Guzhen 06
PHR - Guzhen 07
PHR - Guzhen 08
PHR - Guzhen 09
PHR - Guzhen 10
PHR - Guzhen 11
PHR - Guzhen 12
PHR - Guzhen 13
PHR - Guzhen 14
PHR - Guzhen 15
PHR - Guzhen 16
PHR - Guzhen 17
PHR - Guzhen 18
PHR - Guzhen 19
PHR - Guzhen 20
PHR - Guzhen 21
PHR - Guzhen 22
PHR - Guzhen 23
PHR - Guzhen 24
PHR - Guzhen 25
PHR - Guzhen 26
PHR - Guzhen 27
PHR - Guzhen 28
PHR - Guzhen 29
PHR - Guzhen 30
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 01
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 02
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 03
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 04
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 05
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 06
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 07
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 08
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 09
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 10
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 11
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 12
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 13
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 14
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 15
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 16
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 17
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 18
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 19
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 20
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 21
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 22
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 23
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 24
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 25
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 26
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 27
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 28
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 29
PHR - Guzhen Gliss 30
PHR - Hachi Vocal Mix
PHR - Harmony Sax 1
PHR - Harmony Sax 2
PHR - Helelele
PHR - Hey hey hey
PHR - High Falsetto
PHR - High Yell
PHR - Hildegaard 1
PHR - Hildegaard 2
PHR - Himalayan Vox 1
PHR - Himalayan Vox 2
PHR - Himalayan Vox 3
PHR - HumaHumm
PHR - India Flute High
PHR - India Flute Low
PHR - Indian Alaap 1
PHR - Indian Alaap 2
PHR - Indian Alaap 3
PHR - Indian Alaap 4
PHR - Indian Alaap 5
PHR - Indian Alto Flute 01
PHR - Indian Alto Flute 02
PHR - Indian Alto Flute 03
PHR - Indian Alto Flute 04
PHR - Indian Alto Flute 05
PHR - Indian Alto Flute 06
PHR - Indian Alto Flute 07
PHR - Indian Alto Flute 08
PHR - Indian Alto Flute 09
PHR - Indian Alto Flute 10
PHR - Indian Alto Flute 11
PHR - Indian Alto Flute 12
PHR - Indian Ensemble 1
PHR - Indian Ensemble 2
PHR - Indian Ensemble 3
PHR - Indian Hindi
PHR - Indian Kanada 1
PHR - Indian Kanada 2
PHR - Jakay 1
PHR - Jakay 2
PHR - Jaw Harp 1
PHR - Jaw Harp 2
PHR - Jaw Harp 3
PHR - Jazz Riff 1
PHR - Jazz Riff 2
PHR - Jazz Riff 3
PHR - Jazz Riff 4
PHR - Jazz Riff 5
PHR - Jimbolay and Vocal
PHR - Kaanda Choir
PHR - Kenong 01
PHR - Kenong 02
PHR - Kenong 03
PHR - Kenong 04
PHR - Kenong 05
PHR - Kenong 06
PHR - Kenong 07
PHR - Kenong 08
PHR - Kenong 09
PHR - Kenong 10
PHR - Kenong 11
PHR - Kenong 12
PHR - Kenong 13
PHR - Kenong 14
PHR - Kirsten Riff 1
PHR - Kirsten Riff 2
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 01
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 02
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 03
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 04
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 05
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 06
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 07
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 08
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 09
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 10
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 11
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 12
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 13
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 14
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 15
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 16
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 17
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 18
PHR - Kong Wong Lek 19
PHR - Kuk Wah
PHR - Kulin Tang 01
PHR - Kulin Tang 02
PHR - Kulin Tang 03
PHR - Kulin Tang 04
PHR - Kulin Tang 05
PHR - Kulin Tang 06
PHR - Kulin Tang 07
PHR - Kulin Tang 08
PHR - Kulin Tang 09
PHR - Kulin Tang 10
PHR - Kulin Tang 11
PHR - Kulin Tang 12
PHR - Kulin Tang 13
PHR - Kulin Tang 14
PHR - Kulin Tang 15
PHR - Kulin Tang 16
PHR - Kulin Tang 17
PHR - Kulin Tang 18
PHR - Kulin Tang 19
PHR - Kulin Tang 20
PHR - Kulin Tang 21
PHR - Kuzima Call
PHR - Lakota Sioux 1
PHR - Lakota Sioux 2
PHR - Lakota Sioux 3
PHR - Lakota Sioux 4
PHR - Large China Cym Choke
PHR - Let's Go Boys Yuhweee
PHR - Licks in a Thing
PHR - Little African Girl
PHR - London Choral Round
PHR - London Esto Fidelis Fi
PHR - London Minor Women
PHR - London O Fortuna
PHR - Look Good to me Mama
PHR - Losing It
PHR - Maassai Hut Ritual
PHR - Macedonian Song
PHR - Magheda Female Song
PHR - Magheda Song Solo
PHR - Make the Movement
PHR - Malay Drums
PHR - Malay Orch 01
PHR - Malay Orch 02
PHR - Malay Orch 03
PHR - Malay Orch 04
PHR - Malay Orch 05
PHR - Malay Orch 06
PHR - Malay Orch 07
PHR - Malay Orch 08
PHR - Malay Orch 09
PHR - Malay Orch 10
PHR - Malay Song
PHR - Male Hah Solo
PHR - Male Mourn Call
PHR - Male Mourning
PHR - Male Rave 1
PHR - Male Rave 2
PHR - Male Rave 3
PHR - Male Scat 1
PHR - Male Scat 2
PHR - Male Scat 3
PHR - Male Uu-Hah Solo
PHR - Mexico Vox 01
PHR - Mexico Vox 02
PHR - Mexico Vox 03
PHR - Mexico Vox 04
PHR - Mexico Vox 05
PHR - Mexico Vox 06
PHR - Mexico Vox 07
PHR - Mexico Vox 08
PHR - Mexico Vox 09
PHR - Mexico Vox 10
PHR - Mexico Vox 11
PHR - Mexico Vox 12
PHR - Mmmm High
PHR - Mmmm Low
PHR - Muy Bonita
PHR - Muy Romantica
PHR - N African Parade
PHR - Nordic 1
PHR - Nordic 2
PHR - O Bala
PHR - Ocarina 1
PHR - Ocarina 2
PHR - Ohh Lord
PHR - Old Male Scat
PHR - Oud Dumbek
PHR - Penny Whistle 1
PHR - Penny Whistle 2
PHR - Persian Vox 1
PHR - Persian Vox 2
PHR - Persian Vox 3
PHR - Pipa Phrase 1
PHR - Pipa Phrase 2
PHR - Pipa Trem 1
PHR - Pipa Trem 2
PHR - Pipa Trem 3
PHR - Qawalli Ahh
PHR - Ranat Thun 01
PHR - Ranat Thun 02
PHR - Ranat Thun 03
PHR - Ranat Thun 04
PHR - Ranat Thun 05
PHR - Ranat Thun 06
PHR - Ranat Thun 07
PHR - Ranat Thun 08
PHR - Ranat Thun 09
PHR - Ranat Thun 10
PHR - Ranat Thun 11
PHR - Ranat Thun 12
PHR - Ranat Thun 13
PHR - Ranat Thun 14
PHR - Ranat Thun 15
PHR - Ritual Drum
PHR - Rivulets
PHR - Road Wah
PHR - S&H Me 1
PHR - S&H Me 2
PHR - San Xuan 1
PHR - San Xuan 2
PHR - San Xuan 3
PHR - San Xuan FX
PHR - Sanskrit 1
PHR - Sanskrit 2
PHR - Sanskrit 3
PHR - Sanskrit 4
PHR - Sanskrit 5
PHR - Sanskrit Male 1
PHR - Sanskrit Male 2
PHR - Scandinavian
PHR - Scarface
PHR - Scorch Pnd
PHR - Serbian Female
PHR - ShawShaw
PHR - Shell Dance
PHR - Sing Caribbean
PHR - Sing Reggae
PHR - Singing I Knew
PHR - Sitar Active 01
PHR - Sitar Active 02
PHR - Sitar Active 03
PHR - Sitar Active 04
PHR - Sitar Active 05
PHR - Sitar Active 06
PHR - Sitar Active 07
PHR - Sitar Active 08
PHR - Sitar Active 09
PHR - Sitar Active 10
PHR - Sitar Active 11
PHR - Sitar Active 12
PHR - Sitar Active 13
PHR - Sitar Active 14
PHR - Sitar Active 15
PHR - Sitar Calm 01
PHR - Sitar Calm 02
PHR - Sitar Calm 03
PHR - Sitar Calm 04
PHR - Sitar Calm 05
PHR - Sitar Calm 06
PHR - Sitar Calm 07
PHR - Sitar Calm 08
PHR - Sitar Calm 09
PHR - Sitar Calm 10
PHR - Sitar Calm 11
PHR - Sitar Calm 12
PHR - Sitar Calm 13
PHR - Sitar Calm 14
PHR - Sitar Calm 15
PHR - Sitar Calm 16
PHR - Sitar Calm 17
PHR - Sitar Calm 18
PHR - Sitar Calm 19
PHR - Sitar Calm 20
PHR - Sitar Calm 21
PHR - Sitar Calm 22
PHR - Sitar Calm 23
PHR - Sitar Calm 24
PHR - Sitar Calm 25
PHR - Sitar Drone Riffs 1
PHR - Sitar Drone Riffs 2
PHR - Sitar Drone Riffs 3
PHR - Sitar Drone Riffs 4
PHR - Sitar Gliss
PHR - Skylark Wet
PHR - Slit Drum 1
PHR - Slit Drum 2
PHR - Slit Drum 3
PHR - Slit Drum 4
PHR - Slit Drum 5
PHR - Slit Drum 6
PHR - Slit Drum 7
PHR - Slit Drumming
PHR - Small China Cym
PHR - Soprano Ethereal 1
PHR - Soprano Ethereal 2
PHR - Soprano Lament 1
PHR - Soprano Lament 2
PHR - Soprano Lament 3
PHR - Soprano Legato
PHR - Soprano Operatic
PHR - Soprano Serene
PHR - Soprano Staccato 1
PHR - Soprano Staccato 2
PHR - Soprano Staccato 3
PHR - Soprano Staccato 4
PHR - Soprano Traditional 1
PHR - Soprano Traditional 2
PHR - Soprano Traditional 3
PHR - Soul Female 1
PHR - Soul Female 2
PHR - Soul Female 3
PHR - Soul Female 4
PHR - Soupoopumbop
PHR - Soweto Sway Choir
PHR - Swarmandal 01
PHR - Swarmandal 02
PHR - Swarmandal 03
PHR - Swarmandal 04
PHR - Swarmandal 05
PHR - Swarmandal 06
PHR - Swarmandal 07
PHR - Swarmandal 08
PHR - Swarmandal 09
PHR - Swarmandal 10
PHR - Swarmandal 11
PHR - Swarmandal 12
PHR - Swarmandal 13
PHR - Swarmandal 14
PHR - Swarmandal 15
PHR - Swarmandal 16
PHR - Ta Pai Gu
PHR - Tabla Samba
PHR - Tabla Talker
PHR - Takamine Major
PHR - Takamine Minor
PHR - Talk China
PHR - Talk Dao
PHR - Talk Malay Female
PHR - Talk Tibet
PHR - Tanpura 01
PHR - Tanpura 02
PHR - Tanpura 03
PHR - Tanpura 04
PHR - Tanpura 05
PHR - Tanpura 06
PHR - Tanpura 07
PHR - Tanpura 08
PHR - Tanpura 09
PHR - Tanpura 10
PHR - Teental Kaida Recitation
PHR - Tele 7th
PHR - Tele Rhythm
PHR - Tenor Falsetto 1
PHR - Tenor Falsetto 2
PHR - Tenor Falsetto 3
PHR - Tenor Falsetto 4
PHR - Tenor Laugh 1
PHR - Tenor Laugh 2
PHR - Tenor Lyrical 1
PHR - Tenor Lyrical 2
PHR - Tenor Traditional
PHR - Tenor Utterance
PHR - Thai Female 1
PHR - Thai Female 2
PHR - Thai Orchestra
PHR - Thanks to Choir
PHR - Thrush
PHR - Tiananmen Wet
PHR - Tibet Female 1
PHR - Tibet Female 2
PHR - Tibet Female 3
PHR - Tibet Female 4
PHR - Tibet Monks Vocals
PHR - Tibet Parade
PHR - Tibet Roadman 1
PHR - Tibet Roadman 2
PHR - Tibet Roadman 3
PHR - Tibet Roadman 4
PHR - Tingle
PHR - Township 1
PHR - Township 2
PHR - Tribal Choir 1
PHR - Tribal Choir 2
PHR - Tribal Party
PHR - Tribal Vocal 1
PHR - Tribal Vocal 2
PHR - Tribal Vocal 3
PHR - Tuvan Illusion
PHR - Udu Tap
PHR - Ugo Chu
PHR - Veena 1
PHR - Veena 2
PHR - Veena 3
PHR - Veena 4
PHR - Veena 5
PHR - Vibe Kalimba
PHR - Village Women w Clapping
PHR - Vooh-Mahh
PHR - Wayang Kulit 1
PHR - Wayang Kulit 2
PHR - Wedding Song
PHR - Wehlele
PHR - Welsh Female 1
PHR - Welsh Female 2
PHR - Welsh Female 3
PHR - Welsh Female 4
PHR - Weneeyah
PHR - Whe Yo
PHR - Whoi Whoa
PHR - Wokanekwao
PHR - Women's Harvest Song
PHR - Wood Guiro
PHR - Wool Bow
PHR - Wordless Zulu Male
PHR - Wosa Grp
PHR - Yahhh
PHR - Yang Ching 01
PHR - Yang Ching 02
PHR - Yang Ching 03
PHR - Yang Ching 04
PHR - Yang Ching 05
PHR - Yang Ching 06
PHR - Yang Ching 07
PHR - Yang Ching 08
PHR - Yang Ching 09
PHR - Yang Ching 10
PHR - Yang Ching 11
PHR - Yang Ching 12
PHR - Yang Ching 13
PHR - Yang Ching 14
PHR - Yang Ching 15
PHR - Yang Ching 16
PHR - Yang Ching 17
PHR - Yang Ching 18
PHR - Yang Ching 19
PHR - Yang Ching 20
PHR - Yang Ching 21
PHR - Yang Ching 22
PHR - Yang Ching 23
PHR - Yang Ching 24
PHR - Yang Ching 25
PHR - Yang Ching 26
PHR - Yang Ching 27
PHR - Yang Ching 28
PHR - Yang Ching 29
PHR - Yang Ching 30
PHR - Yang Ching 31
PHR - Yang Ching 32
PHR - Yoo Hu Hu Whee 1
PHR - Yoo Hu Hu Whee 2
PHR - You Think
PHR - Youth Choir Oh Uuu 1
PHR - Youth Choir Oh Uuu 2
PHR - Youth Choir Screams
PHR - Youth Choir Swhoop
PHR - Zulu Call Song
PHR - Zulu Choir 1
PHR - Zulu Choir 2
PHR - Zulu Drum Roll
PHR - Zulu Drummers
PHR - Zulu Groove
PHR - Zulu Male Vocalizing Grunts

- 741 Soundsources

Aluminum AC Hits ^ RR
Aluminum AC Scrape 1
Aluminum AC Scrape 2
Aluminum AC Scrape 3
Aluminum AC Scrape 4
Aluminum AC Scrape 5
Aluminum AC Scrape 6
Aluminum AC Scrape 7
Aluminum AC Scrape Sustain
Arcophonico ^ RR
Barkcello Anguish Cry
Barkcello Animalistic
Barkcello Bow Noise
Barkcello Injured Animal
Barkcello Ripdown
Barkcello Staccato ^ RR
Barkcello Sustain
Blowing Marimbula Boomerang
Blowing Marimbula
Blue Nile Baseball Bat ^ RR
Blue Nile Release
Blue Nile Small Stick ^ RR
Blue Nile Vibraslap ^ RR
Blue Nile Vibraslap Release
Bottlecap Zim'bira Magnet RR
Bottlecap Zim'bira Release
Bottlecap Zim'bira Spork RR
Bottlecap Zim'bira Sugar RR
Bottlecap Zim'bira Toothpicks ^ RR
Bowed Acoustic Guitar 'EVIL note'
Bowed Acoustic Guitar + 'EVIL'
Bowed Acoustic Guitar
Bowed Bicycle 1 Reverse
Bowed Bicycle 1
Bowed Bicycle 2 Reverse
Bowed Bicycle 2
Bowed Electric Guitar
Bowed Gopichand FX Bend
Bowed Gopichand
Bowed Kalimbadrum 1
Bowed Kalimbadrum 2
Bowed Kalimbadrum 3
Bowed Kalimbadrum 4
Bowed Kalimbadrum 5
Bowed KDM Call 1
Bowed KDM Call 2
Bowed KDM Calm Tone
Bowed KDM Col Legno 1
Bowed KDM Col Legno 2
Bowed KDM Lament
Bowed KDM Scream
Bowed KDM Snore 1
Bowed KDM Snore 2
Bowed KDM Wide
Bowed KDM Yawn
Bowed Vibes
Bowing a Hat
Bows Hand Release
Breathy Harmonica Low
Breathy Harmonica
Brite Blue Morph 1
Brite Blue Morph 2
Brite Blue Morph 3
Brite Marimbula Mallet ^ RR
Brite Marimbula Mallet Bounce ^ RR
Brite Marimbula Rattle Stirrer ^ RR
BrokenCello Beast
BrokenCello Bouncing Notes 1
BrokenCello Bouncing Notes 2
BrokenCello Dream Spirits
BrokenCello Ghosts 1
BrokenCello Ghosts 2
Burning Piano Asian Gong ^
Burning Piano Asian Pluck 1
Burning Piano Asian Pluck 2
Burning Piano Asian Pluck 3
Burning Piano Asian Tiger ^
Burning Piano Asian Zing 1 ^
Burning Piano Asian Zing 2 ^
Burning Piano FX Bend Cluster 1
Burning Piano FX Bend Cluster 2
Burning Piano FX Bend Cluster 3
Burning Piano FX Bend Cluster 4
Burning Piano FX Bend Knock
Burning Piano FX Bend Warp
Burning Piano FX Bendchimes 1
Burning Piano FX Bendchimes 2
Burning Piano FX Benders 1 ^
Burning Piano FX Benders 2 ^
Burning Piano FX Bending 1
Burning Piano FX Bending 2
Burning Piano FX Bending 3
Burning Piano FX Bending 4
Burning Piano FX Bending 5
Burning Piano FX Bending 6
Burning Piano FX Bending 7
Burning Piano FX Ghosts
Burning Piano
Caribbean Harmonics ^
Cave Stalactites ^
Cellosaurus Baby Dino Call
Cellosaurus Dialogue
Cellosaurus Lament
Cellosaurus Long Harmonics
Cellosaurus Skin Stretching
Cellosaurus Snoring
Cellosaurus Tonal Scrape
Cellosaurus Transforming
Cellosaurus Trumpet-like
Cellosaurus Yawning
Chinese Balls Kalimbadrum 1
Chinese Balls Kalimbadrum 2
Chinese Balls Kalimbadrum 3
Coffee Can Kalimba Coin ^ RR
Coffee Can Kalimba Coin Release
Coffee Can Kalimba Felt ^ RR
Coffee Can Kalimba Felt Release
Coffee Can Kalimba Hammer ^ RR
Dark Zim'bira Hairbrush RR
Dark Zim'bira Magnet Swipe RR
Dark Zim'bira Mallet Bounce ^ RR
Dark Zim'bira Mallets ^ RR
Dark Zim'bira Paintbrush RR
Dark Zim'bira Sugar RR
Dark Zim'bira Tape RR
Dark Zim'bira Toothbrush RR
Double Gourd Rattle Pills ^ RR
Dream Piano Reverse a
Dream Piano Reverse b
Dream Piano
Dropping Banjo Balls
Drying Rack Aggressive Bow ^
Drying Rack Big Bow Pressure ^
Drying Rack Bow Plane
Drying Rack Breathing Metals
Drying Rack Dyn Metals 1 ^
Drying Rack Dyn Metals 2 ^
Drying Rack Dyn Overtones 1 ^
Drying Rack Dyn Overtones 2 ^
Drying Rack Dyn Overtones 3 ^
Drying Rack Melting Metals
Drying Rack Metal Drops 1
Drying Rack Metal Drops 2
Drying Rack Metal Drops 3
Drying Rack Metallic Overtone 1
Drying Rack Metallic Overtone 2
Drying Rack Metallic Overtone 3
Drying Rack Metallic Overtone 4
Drying Rack Metallic Overtone 5
Drying Rack Metallic Overtone 6
Drying Rack Staccato ^
Drying Rack Talking Monkeys
Drying Rack Tonal Bow Noise
Dynamic Crystal Gamelan ^
E.Toothbrush BRM Chord
E.Toothbrush BRM Drill 1
E.Toothbrush BRM Drill 2
E.Toothbrush BRM Evolve
E.Toothbrush BRM Grind 1
E.Toothbrush BRM Grind 2
E.Toothbrush BRM Grind 3
E.Toothbrush BRM Harmonic
E.Toothbrush BRM Rip
E.Toothbrush BRM Rumble
E.Toothbrush BRM Slide 1
E.Toothbrush BRM Slide 2
E.Toothbrush BRM Soprano
E.Toothbrush BRM Synth
E.Toothbrush BRM Tuvan
E.Toothbrush BRM Unstable
E.Toothbrush BRM Wide
E.Toothbrush Purple Ice Skate
E.Toothbrush Purple Motion
E.Toothbrush Purple Plate 1
E.Toothbrush Purple Plate 2
E.Toothbrush Purple Slide 1
E.Toothbrush Purple Slide 2
E.Toothbrush Purple Slide 3
E.Toothbrush Ruby Moon
Ebowed Banjo ^
Ebowed Banjo Evolve
Ebowed Banjo Harmonic Bend
Ebowed Banjo Jangle
Ebowed Banjo Jingle Reverse
Ebowed Banjo Jingle
Ebowed Banjo Octave Morph
Ebowed Banjo String Insects
Ebowed Gopichand 1
Ebowed Gopichand 2
Ebowed Kalimbadrum 1
Ebowed Kalimbadrum 2
Ebowed Kalimbadrum Wide
Ebowed KDM Pills 1
Ebowed KDM Pills 2
Ebowed KDM Pills 3
Ebowed KDM Pills 4
Ebowed KDM Pills Wide 1
Ebowed KDM Pills Wide 2
Ebowed KDM Pills Wide 3
Ebowed Piano Acoustic
Ebowed Piano Burst
Ebowed Piano Evolve 1
Ebowed Piano Evolve 2
Ebowed Piano Gentle Chimes
Ebowed Piano Jangle
Ebowed Piano Jingle Delay
Ebowed Piano Jingle
Ebowed Piano Morph ^
Ebowed Piano Pure ^
Ebowed Piano Pure 1
Ebowed Piano Pure 2
Ebowed Piano Pure 3
Ebowed Piano Reverse 1 ^
Ebowed Piano Reverse 2 ^
Ebowed Piano Tamboura
Ebowed Piano Vibrating 1
Ebowed Piano Vibrating 2
Ebowed Piano Zing 1 ^
Ebowed Piano Zing 2 ^
Ebowed Piano Zing 3 ^
Ebowed Piano Zing Wide
Egyptian Harp Brush Tremolo ^
Egyptian Harp Hit ^
Egyptian Harp Scrapes ^
Egyptian Harp Scrapes Sustain ^
Elastic Bowed Kalimba
Elasto FX menu 1
Elasto FX menu 2
Electric M'bira Fuzz Paper ^ RR
Electric M'bira Rattle Coins ^ RR
Electric M'bira Rattle Pills ^ RR
Elephant Bow Bass
Evolving String Resonance
Experibass Fret Noises Release
Experibass FX - Atonal Bow 1
Experibass FX - Atonal Bow 2
Experibass FX - Atonal Bow 3
Experibass FX - Atonal Bow 4
Experibass FX - Atonal Bow 5
Experibass FX - Atonal Bow 6
Experibass FX - Atonal Bow 7
Experibass FX - Atonal Bow 8
Experibass FX - Atonal Stab 1
Experibass FX - Atonal Stab 2
Experibass FX - Atonal Stab 3
Experibass FX - Atonal Stab 4
Experibass FX - Atonal Stab 5
Experibass FX - Creepy Bow
Experibass FX - Insane Horse
Experibass Ghost Harmonics
Experibass Silent String
Experibass Staccato ^ RR
Experibass Stickato ^ RR
Experibass Sustain Arco
Experibass Sustain Dark Ages ^
Experibass Taps ^ RR
Fairy's Plucked Harp a ^
Fairy's Plucked Harp b ^
Fairy's Plucked Tremolo ^
Fandrum Bodhran Dopplerhead 1
Fandrum Bodhran Dopplerhead 2
Fandrum Bodhran Dopplerhead 3
Fandrum Bodhran Dopplerhead 4
Fandrum Bodhran Fanbience 1
Fandrum Bodhran Fanbience 2
Fandrum Dumbek 1
Fandrum Dumbek 2
Fandrum Dumbek 3
Fandrum Dumbek 4
Fandrum Dumbek 5
Fandrum Dumbek 6
Fandrum Dumbek 7
Fandrum Dumbek 8
Fandrum Dumbek 9
Fandrum Mic Motor 1
Fandrum Mic Motor 2
FenceBass Attacks 1 ^
FenceBass Attacks 2 ^
FenceBass Bend Tonal Scrape ^
FenceBass Long Overtones Bow ^
FenceBass Slow Bow
FenceBass Sustain Bow ^
Fishing Line Kalimbadrum 1
Fishing Line Kalimbadrum 2
Fishing Line Kalimbadrum 3
Fishing Line Kalimbadrum 4
Fishing Line Kalimbadrum 5
Fishing Line Kalimbadrum Wide
Fishing Line KDM Decay 1
Fishing Line KDM Decay 2
Fishing Line KDM Decay 3
Fishing Line Purple 1
Fishing Line Purple 2
Fishing Line Purple Scrape
Fishing Line Ruby Moon
Formant Piano
Frother Kalimbadrum 1 ^
Frother Kalimbadrum 2 ^
Frother Kalimbadrum 3 ^
Frother Kalimbadrum 4 ^
Frother Kalimbadrum 5 ^
Frother Kalimbadrum 6 ^
Frother Kalimbadrum 7 ^
Frother Kalimbadrum 8
Frother Kalimbadrum 9
Glass Candle Marimbula 1
Glass Candle Marimbula 2
Glass Candle Marimbula 3
Glass Candle Marimbula 4
Glass Candle Marimbula 5
Glass Candle Marimbula 6
Glass Harmonica a
Glass Harmonica b
Glass Picking ^
Gramohanger Attacks ^
Gramohanger Overtone Low
Gramohanger Overtone Nervous
Gramohanger Overtone Scrape
Gramohanger Rusty Pad 1 ^
Gramohanger Rusty Pad 2 ^
Gramohanger Rusty Pad 3 ^
Guitaralimba Hairbrush RR
Guitaralimba Pick ^ RR
Hairbrush Guitaralimba
Hairbrush Purple 1
Hairbrush Purple 2
Hairbrush Purple 3
Hairbrush Purple 4
Hairbrush Ruby Moon 1
Hairbrush Ruby Moon 2
Handpan Beads Attack RR
Handpan Brushes ^ RR
Handpan Finger Rolls Decay ^
Handpan Frother Flutter
Handpan Hairbrush
Handpan Hot Rods ^ RR
Handpan Mallet Rolls 1
Handpan Mallet Rolls 2 ^
Handpan Sugar Packets ^ RR
Handpan Sugar Rolls Decay
Handpan Sustain Air
Handpan E.Toothbrush Amb 1
Handpan E.Toothbrush Amb 2
Handpan E.Toothbrush Amb 3
Handpan E.Toothbrush Amb 4
Handpan E.Toothbrush Amb 5
Handpan E.Toothbrush Amb 6
Handpan E.Toothbrush Amb 7
Handpan E.Toothbrush Explore 1
Handpan E.Toothbrush Explore 2
Handpan E.Toothbrush Explore 3
Handpan E.Toothbrush Explore 4
Handpan E.Toothbrush Explore 5
Handpan E.Toothbrush Explore 6
Handpan E.Toothbrush Explore 7
Handpan E.Toothbrush Explore 8
Handpan E.Toothbrush Explore 9
Handpan Rubbing Beads Fast
Handpan Rubbing Beads Slow
Handpan Rubbing Circles 1
Handpan Rubbing Circles 2
Handpan Rubbing Circles 3
Handpan Rubbing Circles 4
Hohner Guitaret Finger ^ RR
Hohner Guitaret Knife ^ RR
Hohner Guitaret Magnetic Vib RR
Hohner Guitaret Muted ^ RR
Hohner Guitaret Paintbrush ^ RR
Hohner Guitaret Release
Hohner Guitaret Sugar ^ RR
Hohner Guitaret Toothpicks ^ RR
Innocence Bell
Kalimbadrum Fuzz Paper ^ RR
Kalimbadrum Rattle Pills RR
Kalimbadrum Rolls Menu 1
Kalimbadrum Rolls Menu 2
Kalimbadrum Toothpicks ^ RR
KDM Constant Buzz Wide
KDM Constant Buzz
KDM Fuzz Paper Drone 1
KDM Fuzz Paper Drone 2
KDM Fuzz Paper Drone Wide 1
KDM Fuzz Paper Drone Wide 2
Luminopiano 1 ^ RR
Luminopiano 2 ^ RR
Luminopiano 3 ^ RR
Luminopiano 4 ^ RR
Luminopiano Trill 1 ^ RR
Luminopiano Trill 2 ^ RR
Luminopiano Trill 3 ^ RR
Luminopiano Trill 4 ^ RR
Luminosonic 40W ^
Luminosonic 100W ^
Luminosonic 150W ^
Luminosonic 200W ^
Magma Guitar Reverse
Magma Guitar
Magnetic Marimbula 1
Magnetic Marimbula 2
Magnetic Purple Boing 1
Magnetic Purple Boing 2
Magnetic Purple Bounce 1
Magnetic Purple Bounce 2
Magnetic Purple Sweep 1
Magnetic Purple Sweep 2
Magnetic Purple Texture 1
Magnetic Purple Texture 2
Magnetic Purple Texture 3
Metal Perc Cello
Metal Stand Marimbula 1
Metal Stand Marimbula 2
Metal Whale Attack Moan
Metal Whale Cry 1
Metal Whale Cry 2
Metal Whale Cry 3
Metal Whale Cry 4
Metal Whale Ghosts
Metal Whale Long 1
Metal Whale Long 2
Metal Whale Long 3
Metal Whale Long 4
Metal Whale Long 5
Metal Whale Short 1
Metal Whale Short 2
Metal Whale Short 3
Metal Whale Short 4
Metal Whale Short 5
Metal Whale Short 6
ModPiano Bass ^
ModPiano Bass Deep ^
ModPiano Bell Glass ^
ModPiano Bell Low ^
ModPiano Bow 1 ^
ModPiano Bow 2
ModPiano Bow 3
ModPiano Bow Crescendo 1
ModPiano Bow Crescendo 2
ModPiano Bow Decay 1
ModPiano Bow Decay 2
ModPiano Bow Insanity 1
ModPiano Bow Insanity 2
ModPiano Grind Chord 1 ^
ModPiano Grind Chord 2 ^
ModPiano Grind Ripper ^
ModPiano Grinder 1 ^
ModPiano Grinder 2 ^
ModPiano Grinder 3 ^
ModPiano Grinder 4 ^
ModPiano Grinder Earth ^
ModPiano Mellow Sustainer ^
ModPiano Moaning Bow
ModPiano Overtonal 1
ModPiano Overtonal 2
ModPiano Overtonal 3
ModPiano Overtonal 4
ModPiano Overtonal 5
ModPiano Overtonal 6
ModPiano Overtonal 7
ModPiano Overtone Long 1
ModPiano Overtone Long 2
ModPiano Overtone Low 1
ModPiano Overtone Low 2
ModPiano Overtone Low 3
ModPiano Overtone Low 4
ModPiano Overtone Low 5
ModPiano Overtone Short 1
ModPiano Overtone Short 2
ModPiano Overtone Short 3
Morphing Ruby Moon 1
Morphing Ruby Moon 2
Mystic Metals 1
Mystic Metals 2
Mystic Metals 3
Mystic Metals 4
Mystic Metals 5
Mystic Metals 6
Mystic Metals 7
Mystic Metals 8
Noise Fuzz Paper Only ^ RR
Noise Paintbrush Only RR
Noise Paintbrush Rain Only RR
Noise Rattle Pills Only ^ RR
Noise Sizzle Only ^ RR
Noise Zip Tie Only ^ RR
Oil Can Gtr ^
Oil Can Gtr Finger ^
Oil Can Gtr Harmonics
Oil Can Gtr Pick ^
Oil Can Gtr Strum ^
Oil Can Gtr Tremolo Fast ^
Oil Can Gtr Tremolo Med ^
Oil Can Gtr Tremolo Slow
Oil Can Gtr Tremorasp
Oil Can Guitar FX Crumples 1
Oil Can Guitar FX Crumples 2
Oil Can Guitar FX Crumples 3
Oil Can Guitar FX Scratcher 1
Oil Can Guitar FX Scratcher 2
Oil Can Guitar FX Scratcher 3
Oil Can Guitar FX Scratcher 4
Oil Can Guitar FX Scratcher 5
Oil Can Guitar FX Scratcher 6
Oil Can Guitar FX Scratcher 7
Oil Can Guitar Giant Snaps ^
Oil Can Guitar Huge Bass ^
Oil Can Guitar Huge Body
Oiltank Musicbox
Old Car Horn ^
Old Car Horn Distant ^
Old Springs Attacks ^
Organic Rhodes Body Denoise
Organic Rhodes Body Noisy
Organic Rhodes Mechanics ^
Organic Rhodes Reso+Body
Organic Rhodes Resonance
Organic Rhodes Tines
Perc Bottle ^
Percussive Luminopiano 1 ^ RR
Percussive Luminopiano 2 ^ RR
Percussive Luminopiano 3 ^ RR
Percussive Luminopiano 4 ^ RR
Percussive Luminopiano 5 ^ RR
Piano Humming Bird 1 ^
Piano Humming Bird 2
Piano Humming Bird 3
Piano Morphing
Piano Raindrops
Piano Rattling
Piano Tension
Plastic Stratocaster Kotoharp ^
Plectrum Piano
Plucked Piano
Plucked Pot ^
Psychopathic Whistle
Purple Rain Paintbrush RR
Purple Rain Small Stick ^ RR
Purple Rain Vibraslap 1 ^ RR
Purple Rain Vibraslap 2 ^ RR
Purple Rattloop 1
Purple Rattloop 2
Purple Rattloop Rev 1
Purple Rattloop Rev 2
Purple Rattloop Wide 1
Purple Rattloop Wide 2
Resonator Zim'bira Felt ^ RR
Resonator Zim'bira Felt Release
Resonator Zim'bira Mallet ^ RR
Resonator Zim'bira Paintbrush RR
Resonator Zim'bira Scissors ^ RR
Resonator Zim'bira Screw Tap RR
Reverse Cloud 9 Rumbler Wide
Reverse Cloud 9 Rumbler
Reverse Coffee Can Felt
Reverse Coffee Can Mute
Reverse Constant Buzz Wide
Reverse Constant Buzz
Reverse Fourier Marimbula
Reverse Gourd Magnetic Field
Reverse Gourd Magnetics Wide
Reverse Gourd Pills Morph Wide
Reverse Gourd Pills Morph
Reverse Gourd Pills
Reverse Kalimbadrum Zip Tie
Reverse Magnetic Marimbula
Reverse Marimbula Mallet Bounce
Reverse Marimbula Zip Tie
Reverse Metal Stand Marimbula
Reverse Purple Rain Paintbrush
Reverse Rattle Coins
Reverse Sizzle Gourd Scrub
Reverse Toy Piano a
Reverse Toy Piano b
Rheostatic 1
Rheostatic 2
Rheostatic Keys
Rhumba Box Felt ^ RR
Rhumba Box Paintbrush RR
Rhumba Box Sip-N-Stir RR
Rhumba Box Sugar RR
Rolling Metal Balls 1
Rolling Metal Balls 2
Rolling Metal Balls 3
Rolling Stone 1
Rolling Stone 2
Rolling Wood Balls
Rubber Cord Wheel ^
Ruby Moon Mallets ^ RR
Ruby Moon Tap ^ RR
Ruby Moon Vibraslap ^ RR
Ruby Moon Vibraslap Release
Rude Reed Dubstep 1
Rude Reed Dubstep 2
Rude Reed Sustain
Screaming Soundboard 1
Screaming Soundboard 2
Screaming Soundboard 3
Screaming Soundboard 4
Screaming Soundboard 5
Screaming Soundboard 6
Screaming Soundboard 7
Screaming Soundboard 8
Simple Glassian
Sizzle Gourd Kalimba Coin ^ RR
Sizzle Gourd Kalimba Scrub RR
Sizzle Gourd Kalimba Shake 1
Sizzle Gourd Kalimba Shake 2
Sliding Fingers Ruby Moon
Spike Bow 1
Spike Bow 2
Spike Fiddle
Streamsonic Cold Drops 1
Streamsonic Cold Drops 2
Streamsonic Cold Stream 1
Streamsonic Cold Stream 2
Streamsonic Warm Drops 1
Streamsonic Warm Drops 2
Streamsonic Warm Stream 1
Streamsonic Warm Stream 2
Stretching the Clav
Striking Bows Hand ^
Striking Bows Stick ^ RR
Surfing on the Piano Strings
Swing Pipes
Talkbox Didgeritalk a
Talkbox Didgeritalk b
Talkbox Oww
Talkbox Pain a
Talkbox Pain b
Talkbox Wow a
Talkbox Wow b
Tesla Coil Synthesizer
Textural Pipe 1
Textural Pipe 2
Textural Pipe 3
Textural Pipe 4
Textural Pipe Noise 1
Textural Pipe Noise 2
The Bedside Table Bass ^
The Little Fairy Reverse
The Little Fairy
Thumb Tank ^
Tibetan Bowl Beads 1 ^
Tibetan Bowl Beads 2 ^
Tibetan Bowl Beads Beat ^
Tibetan Bowl Buzz ^
Tibetan Bowl Chime 1 ^
Tibetan Bowl Chime 2 ^
Tibetan Bowl Detuned ^
Tibetan Bowl Doppler ^
Tibetan Bowl Doppler
Tibetan Bowl Edge ^
Tibetan Bowl Motion ^
Tibetan Bowl Overtone ^
Tibetan Bowl Pure ^
Tibetan Bowl Rattle
Tibetan Bowl Rub
Tibetan Bowl Scrape Hard
Tibetan Bowl Scrape Soft
Tibetan Bowl Shake Watch
Tibetan Bowl Spin Fast ^
Tibetan Bowl Spin Slow ^
Tibetan Bowl Superball 1 ^
Tibetan Bowl Superball 2 ^
Tibetan Bowl Superball 1
Tibetan Bowl Superball 2
Tibetan Bowl Superball 3
Tibetan Bowl Superball 4
Tibetan Bowl Superball 5
Tibetan Bowl Superball 6
Tibetan Bowl Superball Rub
Tibetan Bowl Thin ^
Tibetan Bowl Thin Motion
Tibetan Bowl Vibrate ^
Tibetan Bowl Warm ^
Tibetan Magic Bowl 1
Tibetan Magic Bowl 2
Tic Tacs Kalimbadrum 1
Tic Tacs Kalimbadrum 2
Tic Tacs Kalimbadrum Wide 1
Tic Tacs Kalimbadrum Wide 2
Tic Tacs KDM Decay 1
Tic Tacs KDM Decay 2
Tine Scratch Ruby Moon 1 ^
Tine Scratch Ruby Moon 2 ^
Titanium Resonator Piano ^
Tonal Lightbulbs ^
Toy Spokes Piano ^
Tremolimba Ruby Moon
Trinidad Fingers ^
Trinidad Tremolo a ^
Trinidad Tremolo b ^
Tuned Little Spring 1 ^
Tuned Little Spring 2 ^
Twelve String BowDrone 1
Twelve String BowDrone 2
Twelve String BowDrone 3
Twelve String BowDrone 4
Twelve String BowDrone 5
Twelve String BowDrone 6
Twelve String BowDrone 7
Twelve String BowDrone 8
Typosonic Machine ^
Typosonic Typing ^
Uilleann Cello
Washing Machine Guitar ^
Water Gamelan RR
Watertank Feedback ^
Wood Marimbula Broomslide ^ RR
Wood Marimbula Broomslide Release
Wood Marimbula Broomstick ^ RR
Wood Marimbula Broomstick Release
Wood Marimbula Flick ^ RR
Wood Marimbula Flick Release
Wood Marimbula Mallet ALL ^ RR
Wood Marimbula Mallet Cloth ^ RR
Wood Marimbula Mallet Hard ^ RR
Wood Marimbula Mallet Soft ^ RR
Wood Marimbula Mallet Yarn ^ RR
Zip Tie BRM Rip 01
Zip Tie BRM Rip 02
Zip Tie BRM Rip 03
Zip Tie BRM Rip 04
Zip Tie BRM Rip 05
Zip Tie BRM Rip 06
Zip Tie BRM Rip 07
Zip Tie BRM Rip 08
Zip Tie BRM Rip 09
Zip Tie BRM Rip 10
Zip Tie BRM Rip 11
Zip Tie BRM Rip 12
Zip Tie BRM Rip 13
Zip Tie BRM Rip 14
Zip Tie BRM Rip 15

- 429 Soundsources

Alien Station
Altoids Kaoss Bee
Altoids Kaossstream
Amp Glitch 1
Amp Glitch 2
Amp Glitch 3
Amp Glitch 4
ARP Solina Strings
ARP String Ensemble
Bad Stylophone Rip
Broken Bells
Broken Restriction
Burning Digeridoo ^
Calibration Error 1
Calibration Error 2
Cascadian Bells
Casio VL-Tone ADSR
Casio VL-Tone Fantasy
Casio VL-Tone Flute
Casio VL-Tone Guitar
Casio VL-Tone Piano
Casio VL-Tone Violin
Chamberlin Strings
Chip Ancient Processor
Chip Arcade 1
Chip Arcade 2
Chip Arcade 3
Chip Arp 1
Chip Arp 2
Chip Arp 3
Chip Arp 4
Chip Bouncing
Chip FM Attack ^
Chip FM Attack Blip
Chip Hold and Compute
Chip Punk Lead 1
Chip Punk Lead 2
Chip Punk Lead 3
Chip Punk Wave
Circuit Myst
Coil Pickup Computer Screen
Coil Pickup Interference Car
Coil Pickup Interference iMac
Coil Pickup Interference iPhone
Coil Pickup Interference iPod
Coil Pickup Interference PC
Coil Pickup Interference Plane
Coil Pickup Interference TV
Disrupted Signal 1
Disrupted Signal 2
Disrupted Signal 3
Disrupted Signal 4
Electron Echo Toy Piano 1
Electron Echo Toy Piano 2
Elka Cellos
Elka Strings
Elka Violins
Farfisa Beachboy
Farfisa Butterfly
Farfisa Clarinet 1
Farfisa Clarinet 2
Farfisa Clarinet 3
Farfisa Flutes 1
Farfisa Flutes 2
Farfisa Flutes 3
Farfisa Power Organ
Farfisa Soap Opera
Farfisa Surf Organ
Freak'n Furby Chuckling 1
Freak'n Furby Chuckling 2
Freak'n Furby Chuckling Short
Freak'n Furby Fallback
Freak'n Furby Freeze Speech 1
Freak'n Furby Freeze Speech 2
Freak'n Furby Furbywave
Freak'n Furby Grained
Freak'n Furby Nodes Jumble
Freak'n Furby Piggy
Freak'n Furby Sunk in Beer
Freak'n Furby Telecode
Freak'n Furby Tonal 1
Freak'n Furby Tonal 2
Freak'n Speak Bip
Freak'n Speak Bouncing
Freak'n Speak Grainscan 1
Freak'n Speak Grainscan 2
Freak'n Speak Grainscan 3
Freak'n Speak Grainscan 4
Freak'n Speak Math Blurb
Freak'n Speak Math Melody 1
Freak'n Speak Math Melody 2
Freak'n Speak Monotune
Freak'n Speak Oinky Ate
Freak'n Speak Pulse Drift
Freak'n Speak Scatbip
Freak'n Speak Scatbot
Freak'n Speak Slow Scan
Glitch Salad
Glitching Bells
Glitching Flutes
Glitchy Ambience 1
Glitchy Ambience 2
Glitchy Ambience 3
Gritty Drone
Hammond Ballad
Hammond Blues ^
Hammond Blues Perc
Hammond Blues
Hammond Brite-1 Fast
Hammond Brite-1 Slow
Hammond Brite-2 Fast
Hammond Brite-2 Slow
Hammond Club-1 Fast
Hammond Club-1 Slow
Hammond Club-2 Fast
Hammond Club-2 Slow
Hammond Full-1 Fast
Hammond Full-1 Slow
Hammond Full-2 Fast
Hammond Full-2 Slow
Hammond Hollow Chorus
Hammond Hollow Fast
Hammond Hollow Slow
Hammond Jazz ^
Hammond Jazz Perc
Hammond Jazz
Hammond Mellow Noisy
Hammond Percussion
Integrated Circuit Breakdown
Isotropic Antenna 1
Isotropic Antenna 2
Leaking Organ
Lofi Creatures 1
Lofi Creatures 2
Lofi Organ
Logan Ensemble Octave
Logan Ensemble Orchestral
Logan Ensemble Solo
Logan Ensemble String
Logan PercBass
Logan Raw Accordion Full
Logan Raw Accordion Single
Machine Code
Madness Amp 1
Madness Amp 2
Madness Amp 3
Magnified Whine
Malfunction Ensemble 1
Malfunction Ensemble 2
Maunu String 1
Maunu String 2
Mellotron Cello
Mellotron Cello+Violins split
Mellotron Choir
Mellotron Flute
Mellotron Strings and Choir
Mellotron Violins
Metasonix Fail
Metasonix Organite
Metasonix Persistant Kid
Metasonix Squeezed Doll
Metasonix Wires In Pain
Monotron Kaoss Amp Rise
MT-240 Accordion
MT-240 Arcade 1
MT-240 Arcade 2
MT-240 Arcade 3
MT-240 Arcade 4
MT-240 Arcade 5
MT-240 Back in Time
MT-240 Ballet of the Pipes
MT-240 Bell Groove
MT-240 Bell Spectrum 1
MT-240 Bell Spectrum 2
MT-240 Bleached Flute
MT-240 Bouncing Bob 1
MT-240 Bouncing Bob 2
MT-240 Crackling Circuit
MT-240 Crackling Metal
MT-240 Crumb of Low
MT-240 Dark Rise
MT-240 Decode Me 1
MT-240 Decode Me 2
MT-240 Decode Me 3
MT-240 Dictator
MT-240 Dripping Jelly
MT-240 Electric Wave
MT-240 Evil Clown Hit 1
MT-240 Evil Clown Hit 2
MT-240 Flies Circus 1
MT-240 Flies Circus 2
MT-240 Flies Circus Clean
MT-240 Flute Magnetic
MT-240 Flute Owl Drone
MT-240 Flute Whisperer
MT-240 Flute
MT-240 Flute'n Beat
MT-240 Flutey Broken
MT-240 Forest Watchers
MT-240 Forest Whistle
MT-240 Forest Wuther
MT-240 Glitch Fog
MT-240 Glitch Rain in Tube
MT-240 Glitchkoz Bass
MT-240 Glitchkoz Belle
MT-240 Glitchkoz Mess
MT-240 Glitchkoz Wave
MT-240 Gluckonspiel
MT-240 Go Crazy
MT-240 Harmoglitch Droplets
MT-240 Harsh Metal Clock
MT-240 Hawaiian Night
MT-240 Inert Beat
MT-240 Iron Beater
MT-240 Jazz Guitar
MT-240 Jazz Organ
MT-240 Low Flute NR
MT-240 Low Flute
MT-240 Low Piano NR
MT-240 Low Piano
MT-240 Low Vibes NR
MT-240 Low Vibes
MT-240 Malfunction Anxiety
MT-240 Malfunction Texture
MT-240 Malfunction Tone 1
MT-240 Malfunction Tone 2
MT-240 Mantle Pulsing 1
MT-240 Mantle Pulsing 2
MT-240 Mantle Wave
MT-240 Message from Fields
MT-240 Metalic Organ
MT-240 Moon Drone
MT-240 Natives Improvising
MT-240 Organ Chord
MT-240 Organ Glitchy
MT-240 Organ
MT-240 Pad Raise
MT-240 Perc Beep Hit
MT-240 Piano
MT-240 Piano'n Beat
MT-240 Random Pulsing
MT-240 Reaction
MT-240 Receiving Signals
MT-240 Ring Bell
MT-240 Roboclock Alarm
MT-240 Roboclock Pad
MT-240 Satellite Dust
MT-240 Satellite Organ 1
MT-240 Satellite Organ 2
MT-240 Signal to Noise
MT-240 Sky in India
MT-240 Space Ballad
MT-240 Strings
MT-240 Sweep Counter
MT-240 Swinging Vibes
MT-240 Thrill
MT-240 Transistorgan
MT-240 Tremolon
MT-240 Unstable
MT-240 Vibes
MT-240 Vibestrum 1
MT-240 Vibestrum 2
MT-240 Voxy 1
MT-240 Voxy 2
My Old Soul Vinyl Pad
Noise Beam
NoiZee Swirling Cheese
Old Components
Optigan Chilton Flute
Optigan Marimba
Optigan Noise
Optigan Organ
Orchestron Amb Noise
Orchestron Cello
Orchestron Choir
Orchestron Flute
Orchestron Pipe Organ
Orchestron Violins
Oscillator Malfunction
Paraphonic 8+4
Paraphonic Cello
Paraphonic ConBass
Paraphonic ConBass+Cello
Paraphonic ConBass+Tuba
Paraphonic ConBass+Tuba+Cello
Paraphonic Full
Paraphonic Tuba
Paraphonic Tuba+Cello
Photovoltaic Cell
Plankton Counter
Plankton Pool
Plastic Chime Piano
Pool of Skin
Pressure Node 1
Pressure Node 2
Pressure Node 3
PSS-170 Brass Ens 1
PSS-170 Brass Ens 2
PSS-170 Cello
PSS-170 Classic Guitar
PSS-170 Electric Piano 1
PSS-170 Electric Piano 2
PSS-170 Electronic Organ 1
PSS-170 Electronic Organ 2
PSS-170 Honky-Tonk
PSS-170 Marimba
PSS-170 Piano
PSS-170 Strings
PSS-170 Tuba
PSS-170 Ukulele
PSS-170 Violin 1
PSS-170 Violin 2
Radio AM Bell 1
Radio AM Bell 2
Radio Wavescan
Radio Wind Trace
Radiophonic Birds
Rainfall Bells 1
Rainfall Bells 2
Resonant Mist 1
Resonant Mist 2
RS-09 Organ Wave 1
RS-09 Organ Wave 2
RS-09 Organ Wave 3
RS-09 Organ Wave 4
RS-09 Organ Wave 5
RS-09 Organ Wave 6
SH-2000 Accordion
SH-2000 Growl Tuba
SH-2000 Trumpet
SH-2000 Xylophone
SID Arp 1
SID Arp 2
SID Arp 3
SID Arp 4
SID Arp Seventh
SID Koto
SID Mixwave 1
SID Mixwave 2
SID Mixwave 3
SID Mixwave 4
SID Mixwave 5
SID Mulfunction
SID Percussion 1
SID Percussion 2
SID Percussion 3
SID Pulse Lead
SID PWM Medium
SID PWM Tremolo
SID PWM Wide a
SID PWM Wide b
SID PWM Wide c
SID Sync
SID Top Code
SK-1 Basswave
SK-1 Custom Flute a
SK-1 Custom Flute b
SK-1 Data Wave 1
SK-1 Data Wave 2
SK-1 Data Wave 3
SK-1 Data Wave 4
SK-1 Diabolic OSC Wave 1
SK-1 Diabolic OSC Wave 2
SK-1 Diabolic OSC Wave 3
SK-1 Factory 1
SK-1 Factory 2
SK-1 Fuzz Wave 1
SK-1 Fuzz Wave 2
SK-1 Fuzz Wave 3
SK-1 Lofi Glockenspiel 1
SK-1 Lofi Glockenspiel 2
SK-1 Lofi Tin Whistle 1
SK-1 Lofi Tin Whistle 2
SK-1 Lofi Tin Whistle 3
SK-1 Lofi Zube Tube
Soft Drawbar Pad
Sparky's Space Pad
Spinning Cheapo
Suzuki Omnichord
Tetra Breeze
Tetra Fire Crackle
Thingie Ghostly Horn
Thingie Ghostly Rain
Thingie Liquid Creatures
Thingie Moaning Cell
Thingie Vibra Organ
Thingie Vocal Wave
Time Phraser
Tracking System
Tronsphere a
Tronsphere b
Tronsphere c
Vinyl Belltone
Vocoder Glitchy
Voltage Sprout
Vox Continental - 96 Tears
Vox Continental - Animals
Vox Continental - Bass
Vox Continental - Chordal
Vox Continental - Harpsi
Vox Continental - Jaguar
Vox Continental - Monkees
Vox Continental - Surfin'
Vox Continental - Wah
VP-330 Female Dry
VP-330 Female Ensemble
VP-330 Octavox Dry
VP-330 Octavox Ensemble
VP-330 Strings
VP-330 Vox Dry
VP-330 Vox Ensemble
Warm ARP Omni II a
Warm ARP Omni II b
Warm Noisy Tone 1 Decay
Warm Noisy Tone 1 Sustain
Warm Noisy Tone 2
Warm String Machine
Wave Under Pressure
Whistling in the Dark

- 622 Soundsources

A-0 Vocal Noise Sweep
African Children Playing
African Marketplace
African Rainstick
African Shaker Fx
African Stereo Shake Fx
Air Powered Subway
Air Raid
Air Release
Atmospheric Wind 1
Atmospheric Wind 2
Atmospheric Wind 3
Attack Howw
Babbling Brook
Bending Flurry
Bit Crackers
Bleeder Current
Blip 1
Blip 2
Blow By Reverse
Blow By
Bonding Electrons
Breakfast in the Hut
Breathing and Sweeping
Breathing FX menu
Breathing FX 01
Breathing FX 02
Breathing FX 03
Breathing FX 04
Breathing FX 05
Breathing FX 06
Breathing FX 07
Breathing FX 08
Breathing FX 09
Breathing FX 10
Burning Piano SFX Airknock
Burning Piano SFX Extinguish
Burning Piano SFX Fire 1
Burning Piano SFX Fire 2
Burning Piano SFX Fire 3
Burning Piano SFX Fire 4
Burning Piano SFX Fires - All
Burning Piano SFX Fires - Gas
Burning Piano SFX Fires - NoGas
Burning Piano SFX Flame Bed
Burning Piano SFX Torch 1
Burning Piano SFX Torch 2
Burning Piano SFX Torch 3
Cable Shaft
Cave Water 1
Cave Water 2
Cave Water 3
Cave Water 4
Cave Water Evolve
Chaos Message
Chaos Wires 1
Chaos Wires 2
Chaos Wires 3
Chip Noise
Chip Processor
Choral FX Chattering 1
Choral FX Chattering 2
Choral FX Chattering 3
Choral FX Chattering 4
Choral FX Gutteral Spin
Choral FX Heavy Sigh 1
Choral FX Heavy Sigh 2
Choral FX Heavy Sigh 3
Choral FX Laughter Reverse
Choral FX Laughter
Choral FX Men Gutteral 1
Choral FX Men Gutteral 2
Choral FX Murmurings 1
Choral FX Murmurings 2
Choral FX Shouting Reverse
Choral FX Shouting
Choral FX Sighs Rev 1
Choral FX Sighs Rev 2
Choral FX Sighs Rev 3
Choral FX Whispering 1
Choral FX Whispering 2
Choral FX Whispering 3
Choral FX Whispering 4
Choral FX Whispering 5
Choral FX Whispering Rev 1
Choral FX Whispering Rev 2
Choral FX Whispering Rev 3
Choral FX Whispering Rev 4
Circuit Breakers
Clock Shop Half Reverse
Clock Shop Reverse
Clock Shop
Cloud Burst
Coil Pickup Airport Extreme
Coil Pickup Antenna 1
Coil Pickup Antenna 2
Coil Pickup Antenna 3
Coil Pickup Display Switcher
Coil Pickup iMac Screen
Coil Pickup Laptop 1
Coil Pickup Laptop 2
Coil Pickup Laptop 3
Coil Pickup Laptop 4
Coil Pickup Laptop 5
Coil Pickup PC 1
Coil Pickup PC 2
Coil Pickup Printer 1
Coil Pickup Printer 2
Coil Pickup Printer 3
Coil Pickup Printer 4
Coil Pickup Server 1
Coil Pickup Server 2
Coil Pickup Server Status
Contortion 1
Contortion 2
Contortion 3
Contortion 4
Contortion 5
CPU Battle
Cruising Altitude
Crying Out
Cyber Alarm
Cyber Cruiser
Cyber Door 1
Cyber Door 2
Cyber Door 3
Cyber Toy 1
Cyber Toy 2
Cyber Toy 3
Cyclotron 1
Cyclotron 2
Cyclotron 3
Dark Grid
Deduks in Mourning Reverse
Deduks in Mourning
Deep Water 01
Deep Water 02
Deep Water 03
Deep Water 04
Deep Water 05
Deep Water 06
Deep Water 07
Deep Water 08
Deep Water 09
Deep Water 10
Depth Probe
Diffusion Field
Diffusion Flux
Difussion Noise
Digital Anarchy
Digital Windstorm
Dip Down
Distant Cry
Dive Mask
Diver Down
Dresden 1
Dresden 2
Dresden 3
Dual Rectifier
Eating Cornflakes
Ebb and Flow
Eeee Vocal Noise Bed
Ehhh Vocal Noise Bed
Electro Shock
Electromagnetic Glitch
Electrostatic Discharge
Electrostatic Field
Enchanted Garden Leaves 1
Enchanted Garden Leaves 2
Evening Crickets 1
Evening Crickets 2
Failing Bulb
Fan Vent
Farfisa Noise 1
Farfisa Noise 2
Farfisa Noise 3
Farfisa Noise 4
Farfisa Noise 5
Farfisa Noise 6
Farfisa Noise 7
Farfisa Noise 8
Farfisa Noise 9
Feedback Mercy
Feedback Rage
Feedback Rant
Flash Hazard
Flies in the Ears
Fluorescent Buzz 1
Fluorescent Buzz 2
Freak'n Furby Alienated
Freak'n Furby Barf
Freak'n Furby Bat Cave
Freak'n Furby Being Silly 1
Freak'n Furby Being Silly 2
Freak'n Furby Being Silly 3
Freak'n Furby Cock-a-Doodle
Freak'n Furby Desynced Voices
Freak'n Furby Factory
Freak'n Furby Grained Hey
Freak'n Furby How Are You
Freak'n Furby In Fog
Freak'n Furby In German
Freak'n Furby in Space
Freak'n Furby Innard Noise
Freak'n Furby Jumbler
Freak'n Furby Machine Code 1
Freak'n Furby Machine Code 2
Freak'n Furby Mechanical
Freak'n Furby Supersonic Cry
Freak'n Speak Fifteen
Freak'n Speak Gameover
Freak'n Speak Hello
Freak'n Speak Inhale
Freak'n Speak O-o-u
Freak'n Speak Peek-a-boo
Freak'n Speak Roboquote
Freak'n Speak Stutterer
Freak'n Speak Word Problems
Frogs and Monkeys 1
Frogs and Monkeys 2
Frogs and Monkeys 3
Fuzz Tubes
Game Noise
Gas Giant
Gauss Meter 1
Gauss Meter 2
Going Under
Ground Tracer
GTR Scrape 747 Jet Land 1
GTR Scrape 747 Jet Land 2
GTR Scrape 747 Landing 1
GTR Scrape 747 Landing 2
GTR Scrape 747 Landing 3
GTR Scrape 747 Landing 4
Gurgling Pipe Noise Bed
Heroin Wind
Hi Breather
Hi Garbage Noise
Hippo Pool
Human Pink Noise
Human Sea Storm
Human Turbines
Human Wind Riser
Induced Current
Insane Flange
Intrinsic Error
Invisible Motion
Klangreen 1
Klangreen 2
Klangreen 3
Klangreen 4
Klangreen 5
Klong Sweep 1
Klong Sweep 2
Klong Sweep 3
Lava Flow
Leeches 1
Leeches 2
Leeches 3
Leeches 4
Lickin' Chops
Lion's Roaring
Lion's Yawn
Living Siren
Lost Sonar 1
Lost Sonar 2
Macrobiotic Life
Magnesium Noise
Magnetic Flux
Magnetron Sputtering
Mara Birds
Mara Crickets
Mental Rapids
Metasonix Azzbot
Metasonix Laser Shot
Monotron Kaoss Messy Glitch
Moogfries Feedback 1
Moogfries Feedback 2
MT-240 Abscess
MT-240 Barberpole Seq
MT-240 Clucking MT
MT-240 CPU Beat
MT-240 Cymbal Buildup
MT-240 Cymbal Something
MT-240 Drunk Band
MT-240 Fly in the Circuit
MT-240 Forest Creatures 1
MT-240 Forest Creatures 2
MT-240 Ghosts Of Fields
MT-240 Glitch Lab 1
MT-240 Glitch Lab 2
MT-240 Glitch Lab 3
MT-240 Glitch Talk
MT-240 Heart Beat
MT-240 Hell AM
MT-240 Lost Spirits
MT-240 Malfunction Beat 1
MT-240 Malfunction Beat 2
MT-240 Malfunction Beat 3
MT-240 Malfunction Beat 4
MT-240 Malfunction Beat 5
MT-240 Malfunction Beat 6
MT-240 Malfunction Beat 7
MT-240 Malfunction Beat 8
MT-240 Mental Noise
MT-240 Noisy Particles
MT-240 Perc Glitch Hit
MT-240 Raising Titanic
MT-240 Roboclock 1
MT-240 Roboclock 2
MT-240 Sign
MT-240 Solar Transmission
MT-240 Solar Waves
MT-240 Tape Knot
MT-240 Tuning In
MT-240 Turmoil
MT-240 Voltage Inconsistencies
Nasal Noise
Neon Hum
Night Crickets 1
Night Crickets 2
Noisy Electronics
Nostrils of the Rhino
Ocean Drum
Ohhh Vocal Noise Bed
Old Ladies in Crowd
Omen Sweep
Ominous Tape Feedback
One Man Crowd Noise
Oozing Bubbs
Orb Sweep
Overtone Breather Noise
Pain Scan
Pete's Piccolo Sweep
Phantom Rain
Phone Freqs
Photovoltaic Array 1
Photovoltaic Array 2
Photovoltaic Module
Plains Crickets
Plastic Resonation Cycle
Polarized Electrode 1
Polarized Electrode 2
Protective Relay
Prototype Fluid
Rabbit Toy
Radio Disturbance
Radio Static 1
Radio Static 2
Radio Static 3
Radio Static 4
Radio Static 5
Radio Static 6
Radio Static 7
Radio Static 8
Radio Static 9
Radio Tuner
Radiophonic Spectrum
Rain on the Serengetti Long
Rainstorm on the Serengetti 1
Rainstorm on the Serengetti 2
Rainstorm on the Serengetti 3
Record Noise 01
Record Noise 02
Record Noise 03
Record Noise 04
Record Noise 05
Record Noise 06
Record Noise 07
Record Noise 08
Record Noise 09
Record Noise 10
Record Noise 11
Red Alert!
Reed Warblers
Reverse Breathing Loop
Revotnik 1
Revotnik 2
Revotnik 3
Revotnik 4
Revotnik 5
Revotnik 6
Rocket Shake
Rumble Rain
Rumbler Tumbler
Running Feet 1
Running Feet 2
Running Feet 3
Running Feet 4
Running Feet 5
Sand Storm
Saron Gas
Saturn Rings
School of Whales - Babies 1
School of Whales - Babies 2
School of Whales - Females 1
School of Whales - Females 2
School of Whales - Males 1
School of Whales - Males 2
School of Whales - Males 3
School of Whales - Old Ones 1
School of Whales - Old Ones 2
School of Whales - Old Ones 3
School of Whales - Old Ones 4
Scrape Ascension 1
Scrape Ascension 2
Scrape Descension 1
Scrape Descension 2
Scrape Descension 3
Scuba Dream
Sea Foam
Sea Whistle
Self Discharge 1
Self Discharge 2
Serious Growl
Shakey Creatures
Shallow Breathing
Shock Hazard
Shortwave Radio Flutes
SID Noise Stretch
SID Noise
SID Snare Tail 1
SID Snare Tail 2
SK-1 Lofi Slideflute
SK-1 Radio Leak 01
SK-1 Radio Leak 02
SK-1 Radio Leak 03
SK-1 Radio Leak 04
SK-1 Radio Leak 05
SK-1 Radio Leak 06
SK-1 Radio Leak 07
SK-1 Radio Leak 08
SK-1 Radio Leak 09
SK-1 Radio Leak 10
SK-1 Zube Tube 1
SK-1 Zube Tube 2
Soft Pallete Sweep
Solar Storm
Space Cry
Space Mammal
Space Phone Voice FX
Spirits in the Phonograph 1
Spirits in the Phonograph 2
Spirits in the Phonograph 3
Spit 1
Spit 2
Spit 3
Spit Sweep 1
Spit Sweep 2
Spread Spectrum
Stalactite Chimes 1
Stalactite Chimes 2
Stalactite Chimes 3
Star Shower
Static Electricity
Static Wire 1
Static Wire 2
Static Wire 3
Subsonic Attack
Super Nova
Superfly By
Swan Dive
Tcashe Hum
The Abyssal
The Acid Mbiras
Thermal Strain
Thermal Stratification
Thingie Bacteria Highway
Thingie Mushroom
Thingie Xenon Bubbles
Three Dimensional Machine
Tinkle Frogs
Toy Bell Shake
Toy Electronic Piano Broken 1
Toy Electronic Piano Broken 2
Toy Electronic Piano Ghostland 1
Toy Electronic Piano Ghostland 2
Train Tracks
Transformer Real
Truck Chord
Tunnel Rain
Tunning In
Tuvan Groan menu
Tuvan Groaning 1
Tuvan Groaning 2
Tuvan Groaning 3
Tuvan Groaning 4
Tuvan Groaning 5
Tuvan Gust 1
Tuvan Gust 2
Tuvan Gust 3
Tuvan Gust 4
Tuvan Gust 5
Uhhh Vocal Noise Bed
Unbalanced Energy
Unidentified Presence
Video Game Glitch
Vinyl Game Noise
Vinyl Hub
Vinyl Noise 1
Vinyl Noise 2
Vinyl Popcorn
Vinyl Rain
Vinyl Scratch 1
Vinyl Scratch 2
Vinyl Scratch 3
Vinylized Sine 1
Vinylized Sine 2
Vinylized Sine 3
Vocal FX Andes Birds 1
Vocal FX Andes Birds 2
Vocal FX Andes Birds 3
Vocal FX Andes Birds 4
Vocal FX Andes Birds 5
Vocal FX Andes Birds 6
Vocal FX Andes Birds 7
Vocal FX Bugs
Vocal FX Growlers 1
Vocal FX Growlers 2
Vocal FX Growlers 3
Vocal FX Growlers 4
Vocal FX Growlers 5
Vocal FX Growlers 6
Vocal FX Growlers 7
Vocal FX Growlers 8
Vocal FX Growlers 9
Voltage Swells
Voltaic Neuron
Water Castanet
Water Roars
Weaver Birds 1
Weaver Birds 2
White Sands 1
White Sands 2
Wildebeest Stampede
Wind Riding
Windy Grinder ^
Wood Shakes
Wooden Bark Beetles 1
Wooden Bark Beetles 2
Xtreme Vinyl
Zenith Zap

- 428 Soundsources

Aerophonia stretch
Afterthought Sines a
Afterthought Sines b
Altoids Detuner Wide
Altoids Detuner
Altoids Hard Interval 1
Altoids Hard Interval 2
Altoids Kaosswave
Altoids Pulse Flange
Altoids Pulse Sweeper
Altoids Wiggler
Aluminum Diapasons
Angelos Tube
Angelos Vaporware a
Angelos Vaporware b
Antimatter a
Antimatter b
Aqua Flute Pad
Big Berthas Lead
Big Green Strings
Blue Fizz a
Blue Fizz b
Blue Phase Stacker a
Blue Phase Stacker b
Blue Power a
Blue Power b
Blue PWM Strings a
Blue PWM Strings b
Blue PWM Strings c
Blue Ripples
Blue Soft Strings a
Blue Soft Strings b
Blue Synergy
Blue Vortex a
Blue Vortex b
Bottom Feeder
Bouncing on the Spring
Bouncing Resonator 1
Bouncing Resonator 2
Brain Anomaly a
Brain Anomaly b
Broken Circuits 1
Broken Circuits 2
Broken Containment
Buenos Aires
Buzz Hum
Buzz Off!
Buzzy Fly
Cable Bugs
Carillon Reality ^
Carillon Reality - f
Carillon Reality - p
Chanting Anklungs
Chip Fast PWM
Chip Sync Lead
Chorus Pad a
Chorus Pad b
Chorus Pad c
Coil Pickup Apple TV 1
Coil Pickup Apple TV 2
Coil Pickup Apple TV 3
Coil Pickup TV Drone 1
Coil Pickup TV Drone 2
Cryogenic Freeze a
Cryogenic Freeze b
Cryogenic Freeze c
CS-80 Sines
CS-80 Strings
CS-80 Sweepers a
CS-80 Sweepers b
CS-80 Talking Filter
D-50 Bells
D-50 Bottle Blower
D-50 Digital Native Dance
D-50 Fantasia ^
D-50 Future Pad
D-50 Glass Voices
D-50 Living Calliope
D-50 Nylon Atmosphere
D-50 Oasis Bells
D-50 OK Chorale
D-50 Pizzagogo ^
D-50 Soundtrack
D-50 Soundtrack NO VIB ^
D-50 Staccato Heaven
D-50 Steel Pick
Deep FM Swirl
Diego's Doorbell
Diffusion Shimmer (nbs)
Diffusion Shimmer
Digi Church Pad a
Digi Church Pad b
Digital Strings
Disturbed Harp 1
Disturbed Harp 2
Dragons a
Dragons b
Dream Frontiers a
Dream Frontiers b
Dropping Coins 1
Dropping Coins 2
Duty Cycle
Eighties Granular Choir
Electro Circus
Electro Mechanical FM
Electrograins a
Electrograins b
Emulsion a
Emulsion b
Emulsion c
Eternal Evolution
Europeans a
Europeans b
Europeans c
Extra Dimensional a
Extra Dimensional b
Extra Dimensional c
Extra Dimensional d
Extra Dimensional e
Extra Dimensional f
Fairlight Anklung Crickets
Fairlight Ankluvox
Fat Air Pad a
Fat Air Pad b
Fat Air Pad c
Fifties Sci-Fi Lab
Fizzy Glass Grains a
Fizzy Glass Grains b
Fuzz Pipe
Gauze Cloud Strings
Ghost in the Machine tonal
Glitchy Pluck stretch
Glitchy Pluck
Graintable Bright Comber a
Graintable Bright Comber b
Granular Violin Harmonics
Greek Celli
Green Glass a
Green Glass b
Green Glass c
Greenhouse a
Greenhouse b
Greenhouse c
Greenhouse d
Hollow Discovery a
Hollow Discovery b
Hollow Prophet Stacks 1
Hollow Prophet Stacks 2
Hydrogen Echo
Ice Land
Iceberg a
Iceberg b
Iceberg c
Increasing Interference
Intense Fizz
JP Green Sweep
JP-8 Barbaric X-Mod
JP-8 Bright PWM Strings a
JP-8 Bright PWM Strings b
JP-8 Bright PWM Strings c
JP-8 Bright Saws a
JP-8 Bright Saws b
JP-8 Champagne
JP-8 Euro Club
JP-8 Fizzy Pad
JP-8 Gentle Sweeping Sine
JP-8 Hollow Pad a
JP-8 Hollow Pad b
JP-8 Hollow Pad c
JP-8 PWM Strings Stereo
JP-8 Sawtooth Strings
JP-8 Sharp Sync Attack
JP-8 Shimmering Pulse
JP-8 Shimmering Saw+PWM
JP-8 Sync Pulse Dual
JP-8 Synced Bells Dual
JP-8 Synced Harmonics
JP-8 Thick n Lush a
JP-8 Thick n Lush b
JP-8 Trance Synth
JP-8 Unison Pulse n Saw
JP-8 Unison PWM
JP-8 UnSynced Motion 1
JP-8 UnSynced Motion 2
JP-8 Vibrasines
JP-8 Warm Pulse Motion
JP-8000 Supersaw
JP-8000 Warm Strings a
JP-8000 Warm Strings b
JP-8000 Warm Strings c
Juno 60 Dark Organ
Juno 60 Dark Pad Fast Dry
Juno 60 Dark Pad Fast
Juno 60 Dark Pad Slow Dry
Juno 60 Dark Pad Slow
Juno 60 Fat Click Organ
Juno 60 Hollow Organ
Juno 60 Juicy ^
Juno 60 Juicy - f
Juno 60 Juicy - mf
Juno 60 Juicy - mp
Juno 60 Juicy - p
Juno 60 Moogie Octave
Juno 60 Musclewave
Juno 60 Octaphonix Dry
Juno 60 Octaphonix
Juno 60 Polybellz Dry
Juno 60 Polybellz
Juno 60 Popcorn Square
Juno 60 Powerhoover Dry
Juno 60 Powerhoover
Juno 60 Resologue 1
Juno 60 Resologue 2
Juno 60 Resologue Organ
Juno 60 Strings Combo
Juno 60 Strings Fast
Juno 60 Strings Med
Juno 60 Strings Slow
Juno 60 Strings Very Fast
Juno 60 Warm Strings Dry
Juno 60 Warm Strings
Juno Trance X
Juno Trance Y a
Juno Trance Y b
JX-3P Saw Chorus
JX-10 Big Saws
JX-10 Bright Strings a
JX-10 Bright Strings b
JX-10 Dark Pad
JX-10 Mays Pad a
JX-10 Mays Pad b
Karplus Strong
Lo-Fi Breeze
Love Signs a
Love Signs b
Love Signs c
Love Triangles a
Love Triangles b
Lush Green Strings
Magnetic Moog Storm
Magnetic String Resonance a
Magnetic String Resonance b
Mega Pad
Melting Cables
Meta Enchanter 1
Meta Enchanter 2
Modular Bad Statics
Modular Bagpipe
Modular Clicky Wave Mono
Modular Clicky Wave Stereo
Modular Crickets 1
Modular Crickets 2
Modular Gummowave
Modular Massive Mooger
Modular Mellowtone Detuner
Modular Multifiltertone 1
Modular Multifiltertone 2
Modular Multifiltertone 3
Modular Multifiltertone 4
Modular Multifiltertone 5
Modular Operatic Tone
Modular Romboidamoog
Modulated Moogtone
Moog Mutants Attack
Mutant Cracklemoog
Nature Boy Pad
Nautical Evolution a
Nautical Evolution b
NoiZee Females
Norwegian Clouds a
Norwegian Clouds b
Norwegian Clouds c
Nuclear Moog Laser 1
Nuclear Moog Laser 2
Nuclear Moog Laser 3
Numan Phaser Strings
Numan String Machine a
Numan String Machine b
OB-8 Kitchen Sync Bright
OB-8 Kitchen Sync Pluck
OB-8 PWM Big Strings
OB-8 PWM Fast Strings
OB-8 SawPulse Trick Unison
OB-8 Sync Mod Triangle
OB-8 Tri Vibrato Vibe
OB-8 Uni Mama
OB-8 Warm Like Cognac
OB-Xpander 3PolePhase Vox
Omega PWM Strings
Orange Juicing
Overblower Granular Flute Sweep (echo)
Overblower Granular Flute Sweep
Phase Vocoder Pad
Phaser Pad a
Phaser Pad b
Phaser Pad c
Poly Virus a
Poly Virus b
Poly Virus c
Pouring Resonator 1
Pouring Resonator 2
PPG Bells a
PPG Bells b
PPG Bells c
PPG Cascade Sync
PPG Chromapulse
PPG Moving Pad
PPG Triumph
PPG Warm Glass a
PPG Warm Glass b
PPG Warm Glass c
Propeller Buzz
Prophet 5 Classic
Prophet 5 Detuned Clav
Prophet 5 Fat Wiggle
Prophet 5 Gentle Sweeper a
Prophet 5 Gentle Sweeper b
Prophet 5 Overtone Sweep a
Prophet 5 Overtone Sweep b
Prophet 5 Power Poly
Prophet 5 Power Prophet
Prophet 5 PWM 1
Prophet 5 PWM 2
Prophet 5 PWM Combo
Prophet 5 Reso Click
Prophet 5 Sharp Clean
Prophet 5 Sharp Drive
Prophet 5 Simple Oct
Prophet 5 Thip Filter
Prophet Pad a
Prophet Pad b
Prophet Pad c
Prophet X-Mod Hit
Prophet X-Mod Noise
Pure Dynamic Pebbles ^
Raspberry Oscillator
Resonating Glitches
Rough and Nasty
Rough Cuts
Sonar Ping 1
Sonar Ping 2
Sparkling JD800 Fifths a
Sparkling JD800 Fifths b
Spinning Dynamic Plates ^
Spun Glass Wavetable
Sputter Distortion
Stretching Glass Panels
Sublime Pad
Super Slow Scan
Swarm Oscillator
Swirling Additive Spheres a
Swirling Additive Spheres b
Swirling Additive Spheres c
Swirling Additive Spheres d
The Lost Years a
The Lost Years b
The Main Chord
The Motion of Sea Tides a
The Motion of Sea Tides b
The Octavacious Sawteeth
Thick Green Blanket
Throat Emulation
Throat Split Wide
Traveling JD Phase a
Traveling JD Phase b
Vicious Bees
Vintage Molecular Strings
Viral Memorymoog a
Viral Memorymoog b
Viral Memorymoog c
Virus JP Saws
Virus PPG Wavetable
Virus Prognosis
Virus Pulse Pad
Virus Soft Pad a
Virus Soft Pad b
VS Bellkeyz a
VS Bellkeyz b
VS Bells
VS Edge
VS Eurosion a
VS Eurosion b
VS Glass Org a
VS Glass Org b
VS Milky Way a
VS Milky Way b
VS Milky Way c
VS Oocal
VS Roby Herb a
VS Roby Herb b
VS Sad Hollow a
VS Sad Hollow b
VS Square table Pad
VS Strings a
VS Strings b
VS Unison Octaves a
VS Unison Octaves b
VS Vector Vox 1 a
VS Vector Vox 1 b
VS Vector Vox 2
VS Vorgan
VS Wavetable Pad
Warm Air
Warm Formant
Wasp HPF Sweep
Wasp Octaved BPF
Western Windsweeper
Wicked Ratchets a
Wicked Ratchets b
Wicked Ratchets c
Winded Flutes a
Winded Flutes b
World Soul a
World Soul b
World Soul c
X-Mod Feedback

- 696 Soundsources

A Feeling of Emptiness
A Major Grammaphone
Abandoned 1
Abandoned 2
Abandoned 3
Abandrone 1
Abandrone 2
Aereo Fleet
Air Chunk
Aloft High
Aloft Low
Ancient Extinction
Angels in the Desert
Angels Whisper
Anguish Texture
Anguished Cries
Aramaic Bend
Aramaic Mix
Aramaic Pad 1
Aramaic Pad 2
Azure 1
Azure 2
B-52 Bombers
Barrier Reef
Beam and Bulb
Bending Choral Wash
Big Pink Purr
Big Trouble
Black Den
Blue Blossom
Blue Flourish
Blue Flower
Blue Floweret
Blue Posy
Bomb Shelter
Bowing a Bell with Rocks
Buzz Bombs
Cat Scan
Chalkboard Swirl
Chemical Equilibrium 1
Chemical Equilibrium 2
Chemical Equilibrium 3
Chemical Equilibrium 4
Circular Overtones
Cluster Feedback 1 Dry
Cluster Feedback 1 Wet
Cluster Feedback 2 Dry
Cluster Feedback 2 Wet
Cobalt Drops
Comet Star
Constant Change
Cricket Choir
Crimson Elegy
Critical Orbit
Crying Doppler
Crystal Cloud
Crystal Waves
Currents of Sudan
Dark Brood
Deckard 2019
Deep Didge
Deep Opera
Deep Sea Exploration
Deserted Shipyard
Desolation 1
Desolation 2
Disfigured 1
Disfigured 2
Distant Sparkles 1
Distant Sparkles 2
Divine Rest 1
Divine Rest 2
Divine Restlessness
Dusk 1
Dusk 2
Dusk 3
Dusk 4
Dusk 5
Dynamic Swirling Steel ^
Dystopian Dream
Dystopian Future
Dystopian Metals
Edgy Luminescence
Eerie Mood
Electric Blade
Electrocution Wires
Elevator in Panic Mode
Elongation Hit
Emperor Constantine
Endless Reflections 1
Endless Reflections 2
Engines of War
Epileptic Seizure
Escalation of Violence 1
Escalation of Violence 2
Escalation of Violence 3
Escalation of Violence 4
Estuary 1
Estuary 2
Estuary 3
Estuary 4
Estuary 5
Evolving Metals
Exhaltation 1
Exhaltation 2
Exothermic Reaction
Fairy Dust
February Glare
Feedies 1
Feedies 2
Feedies 3
Feedies 4
Female Morphing
Five Strings
Flaming Cluster
Fleas 1
Fleas 2
Fleas 3
Flitter Twitter
Foggy Bottom
Forlorn 1
Forlorn 2
Foul Brood
Fried Neurons
Frog Bog
Frozen Ambience
Frozen Beach 1
Frozen Beach 2
Frozen Dream
Fuse Swells 1
Fuse Swells 2
Fuse Swells 3
Fuse Swells 4
Fuzz Clarinet
Gamillusion 1
Gamillusion 2
Gamillusion 3
Gene Splicing
Ghandi Drone
Ghost in the Machine a
Ghost in the Machine b
Ghost in the Piano ^
Glasswaves 1
Glasswaves 2
Glasswaves 3
Glasswaves 4
Glasswaves 5
Glasswaves 6
Glasswells 1
Glasswells 2
Glasswells 3
Glasswells 4
Gleaming Hi
Gleaming Mix
Glitch Probes
Glitchy Calmness 1
Glitchy Calmness 2
Glitchy Calmness 3
Glitchy Drone 1
Glitchy Drone 2
Glow 1
Glow 2
Glow Drones
Glow Worms
Grandma Dreams of Opera
Grey Den
Gut Wrenching Swirl
Gutteral Morphing
Hades Gate
Half a Kingdom
Halo 1
Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo 4
Halo 5
Harmfall 1
Harmfall 2
Harmfall 3
Harmfall 4
Harmonic Air Hit
Haunted Records 1
Haunted Records 2
Haunted Records 3
Haunted Records 4
Haunted Records 5
Hazy Brood
Heartland 1
Heartland 2
Heartland 3
Heartland 4
Heartland 5
Help Me
Huge Locusts
Iceland 1
Iceland 2
Iceland 3
Icicle Drone
Icicles 1
Icicles 2
Immortal Fripp
In Excelsis
Infinite Flotation
Infrared Alarm
Invert Gliss
Iron Eyes
Irritant 1
Irritant 2
Irritant 3
Irritant 4
Irritant 5
Irritant 6
Irritant 7
Ishmael Drones Mix 1
Ishmael Drones Mix 2
Ishmael Drones Mix 3
Ishmael Drones Mix 4
Ishmael Mix 1
Ishmael Mix 2
Ishmael Mix 3
Ishmael Texture 1
Ishmael Texture 2
Ishmael Texture 3
Ishmael Texture 4
Ishmael Texture 5
Jake Drone
Jet Whine
Kyoto 1
Kyoto 2
Kyoto 3
Kyoto 4
Kyoto 5
Kyoto 6
Kyoto Bend 1
Kyoto Bend 2
Kyoto Bend 3
Kyoto Tremolo
Lamentation 1
Lamentation 2
Lamentation 3
Lamentation 4
Lamentation 5
Lamentation 6
Lamentation 7
Lamentation 8
Latitude North 1
Latitude North 2
Latitude North 3
Latitude North 4
Latitude North 5
Latitude South 1
Latitude South 2
Latitude South 3
Latitude South 4
Latitude South 5
Leap of Faith
Life Inside the Tubes
Liquid Crown
Liquid Nitrogen 1
Liquid Nitrogen 2
Liquid Nitrogen 3
Liquid Nitrogen 4
Liquid Nitrogen 5
Liquid Nitrogen 6 Reverse
Liquid Nitrogen 6
Long Voyage
Longing 1
Longing 2
Longing 3
Longing 4
Magic Waters
Magnetic Crystals
Magnetic Field
Making Waves
Malevolent Shadows
Melting Plastic
Mercury Tribe
Metal Flow
Metallic Cluster Beams 1
Metallic Cluster Beams 2
Metallic Cluster Clouds 1
Metallic Cluster Clouds 2
Meteor Shower
Midnite Rail 1
Midnite Rail 2
Midnite Rail 3
Midnite Rail 4
Miniature Biosphere
Modular Meditation
Moonbeams 1
Moonbeams 2
Morphing Matrix
Morphing Voices
Mother Earth
Mothers Milk
MT-240 Blossom 1
MT-240 Blossom 2
MT-240 Lunar Flutes
MT-240 Rain on Rails
Nautilus 1
Nautilus 2
Never Cry
New World
No Admittance
Nursery Rhymes
Nyquist Criterion
Obelisk 1
Obelisk 2
Ocean Chimes
Oceanography 1
Oceanography 2
Oceanography 3
Oceanography 4
Oceanography 5
Oceanography 6
Omniscience 1
Omniscience 2
Oozies 1
Oozies 2
Oozies 3
Oozies 4
Operawaves 1
Operawaves 2
Optical Diffraction Glitch
Oracle Sheen
Orange Prophet 1
Orange Prophet 2
Oriental Zenith
Outer Limits
Particle Scanner Glitch
PAX - A Deep Sense of Peace
PAX - A Greater Sense of Peace
PAX - A Sense of Perfect Peace
PAX - Guitar Drone
PAX - Guitar Texture
Pensive 1
Pensive 2
Perilizer 1
Perilizer 2
Pilgrimage 1
Pilgrimage 2
Pilgrimage 3
Pilgrimage 4
Pilgrimage 5
Pilgrimage 6
Pilgrimage 7
Planetary Artifacts
Quik Riser
Radio Drones
Radio Universe
Raining Pianos Reverse
Raining Pianos
Ravenous 1
Ravenous 2
Ravenous 3
Red Sunrise
Reflection 1
Reflection 2
Reflection 3
Reflection 4
Regal 1
Regal 2
Rejoicing 1
Rejoicing 2
Rejoicing 3
Rejoicing Bubble
REM Sleep
Resonant Raindrops
Revolving Chalice
Revolving Halo ^
Ringing Wind
Rise Up
Romeo and Juliet
Rotating Aviary
Rubbing Tubes
Satellite Circus
Satellite Orbit
Sci-Fi Prophet Texture
Scrape Chord
Scraping the Wheels
Screams in a Bottle
Sea Life
Secret Garden
Secret Society
Shadowlands 1
Shadowlands 2
Shanghai Reverse
Shawshank Hi
Shawshank Lo
Shining Metallum
Shiny Beach
Silver in the Sky
Sinister Mystery
Sleep Cycle 1
Sleep Cycle 2
Sleep Cycle 3
Sleep Cycle 4
Snow Blind
Solar Flare
Solitary 1
Solitary 2
Sonar Chord
Sonar Dust
Sonar Guard
Southern Lights High
Southern Lights Low
Space Phone Voice Texture
Space Time Energy
Sparkling Pools
Spherical Motion
Spider Dreams 1
Spider Dreams 2
Spider Net 1
Spider Net 2
Spider Sense
Spider Soul
Spider Spirit
Spin Cycle
Spirits of the Trees
Stasis 1
Stasis 2
Stasis 3
Stasis 4
Static Rainbow
Stealth Slumber
Steel Morphing
Sun Spot
Surreal Unreal
Suspended Build
Suspension of Belief
Swarm of the Clicksects
Sweet Hereafter
Swirling Crickets
Symmetric Overtones
Taj Mahal 1
Taj Mahal 2
Taxi Driver 1
Taxi Driver 2
Temple 1
Temple 2
Tensing Pad
The Bronze Shrine
Throat Culture dry
Throat Culture wet
Tiny Bell Twinkles
Tormented Railway
Translucent 1
Translucent 2
Translucent 3
Translucent 4
Tubular Choir
Tumble Weed
Twinkle Clock
Twinkle Toes
Underworld Lamentations
Urban Angel
Vapor Chimes
Veil 1
Veil 2
Veil 3
Veil 4
Veil Vapor
Velvet Eno
Vinyl Heroes
Vinyl Summation
Vocal Unreality
Vocode Morph Choir
Voice from the Moon
Voice from the Stars
Voltage Stabilizer
Voyage 1
Voyage 2
Wailing Wall
Warped Interiors
Waves of the Tigress
Weeping 1
Weeping 2
Weeping 3
Weeping 4
Weeping 5
Winds of Aprehension
Windy City
Woodland Feedback
Yearning 1
Yearning 2
Yearning 3
Yearning 4
Yearning 5
Yearning 6
Yearning Texture
Zed Leper

- 135 Soundsources

Atmosphere Strings - Ambient
Atmosphere Strings - Close a
Atmosphere Strings - Close b
Atmosphere Strings - Close c
Baritone Guitar Amp a ^
Baritone Guitar Amp b ^
Baritone Guitar Amp FX menu
Baritone Guitar Amp Harmonics
Baritone Guitar DI a ^
Baritone Guitar DI b ^
Baritone Guitar DI FX menu
Baritone Guitar DI Harmonics
Blues Guitar ^
Cavaquinho a ^
Cavaquinho b ^
Cavaquinho FX menu
Celeste - Ambient
Charango ^
Charango FX menu
Church Organ
Classic Nylon Guitar ^
Coffee Can Kalimba Mute ^ RR
Coffee Can Kalimba Mute Release
Coffee Can Kalimba Pick ^ RR
Coffee Can Kalimba Pick Release
Coffee Can Kalimba Pluck ^ RR
Coffee Can Kalimba Pluck Release
Cuatro Octaves a ^
Cuatro Octaves b ^
Cuatro Unison a ^
Cuatro Unison b ^
Cumbus ^
Cumbus Harmonics
Dark Zim'bira Finger ^ RR
Dark Zim'bira Finger Release
Double Gourd Fingernail ^ RR
Double Gourd Pick ^ RR
Double Gourd Release
Electric M'bira ^ RR
Electric M'bira Pick ^ RR
Electric M'bira Release
Electric Sitar a ^
Electric Sitar b ^
Electric Sitar c ^
Electric Sitar Harmonics
Fingerstyle Acoustic a ^
Fingerstyle Acoustic b ^
Fingerstyle FX menu
Fingerstyle Harmonics
Flamenco Guitar a ^
Flamenco Guitar b ^
Flamenco Guitar FX menu
Flamenco Tremolo
Glockenspiel - Ambient
Handpan ^ RR
Indian Keyed Dulcimer ^
Indian Keyed Dulcimer RR
Indonesian Metalophone ^
Jazz Guitar Finger a ^
Jazz Guitar Finger b ^
Jazz Guitar Finger c ^
Jazz Guitar Harmonics
Jazz Guitar Octave ^
Jazz Guitar Octave
Jazz Guitar Pick a ^
Jazz Guitar Pick b ^
Jazz Guitar Pick c ^
Kalimba Kaos Reverse
Kalimba Kaos
Lap Steel a ^
Lap Steel b ^
Lap Steel c ^
Lap Steel Harmonics
Lap Steel Long Slide
Lap Steel Slide FX 1
Lap Steel Slide FX 2
Lap Steel Slide FX 3
Lap Steel Slide FX 4
Lap Steel Slide FX 5
Mandolin a ^
Mandolin b ^
Mandolin Tremolo
Martin Acoustic a ^
Martin Acoustic b ^
Medieval Viols
Music Box ^
Piezo Guitar
Power Strings
PRS Lead Guitar a ^
PRS Lead Guitar b ^
Purple Rain Finger ^ RR
Purple Rain Release
Resonator Zim'bira Finger ^ RR
Resonator Zim'bira Mute ^ RR
Resonator Zim'bira Release
Rhumba Box Finger ^ RR
Rhumba Box Mute ^ RR
Rhumba Box Release
Ruby Moon Bass Alimba ^ RR
Ruby Moon Release
Russian Flute Air
Russian Flute Crazytime
Russian Flute Flutter
Russian Flute Harmonics Rev
Russian Flute Harmonics
Russian Flute Slow Harmos
Russian Flute Trill Attack
Russian Flute
Saz a ^
Saz b ^
Saz Taps
Saz Tremolo
School Mallets
Shepherds Horn stretch
Shepherds Horn
Sizzle Gourd Kalimba Finger ^ RR
Sizzle Gourd Kalimba Pick ^ RR
Sizzle Gourd Kalimba Release
Strat JC-120 ^
Strat Muted ^
Strat Taponics
Trem-O-Lux Guitar
Tremolimba Reverse
Twelve String Guitar NR
Twelve String Guitar
Wood Marimbula Finger ^ RR
Wood Marimbula Finger Release
Wood Marimbula Fingernail ^ RR
Wood Marimbula Nail Release
Wood Marimbula Pluck ^ RR
Wood Marimbula Pluck Release

- 125 Soundsources

Bell Wavetable 1
Bell Wavetable 2
Bell Wavetable 3
Blue Digiwave
Blue Sync FM
Chip Wave 1
Chip Wave 2
Chip Wave 3
CS-80 Raw Pulse 10
CS-80 Raw Pulse 25
CS-80 Raw Pulse 40
CS-80 Raw Pulse 50
CS-80 Raw Pulse 60
CS-80 Raw Pulse 75
CS-80 Raw Pulse 85
CS-80 Raw Pulse 95
CS-80 Raw Saw
CS-80 Raw Sine
CS-80 Raw Square
Digital Blue
Edge Org
ES2 Saw
ES2 Square
FM Attack Bell
Gurgling Grain Noise
JP-8 Raw Noise Pink
JP-8 Raw Noise White
JP-8 Raw Pulse 15
JP-8 Raw Pulse 25
JP-8 Raw Pulse 40
JP-8 Raw Pulse 50
JP-8 Raw Pulse 60
JP-8 Raw Pulse 75
JP-8 Raw Pulse 85
JP-8 Raw Pulse 99
JP-8 Raw PWM Fast
JP-8 Raw PWM Medium
JP-8 Raw PWM Slow
JP-8 Raw Saw
JP-8 Raw Sine
JP-8 Raw Square
JP-8 Raw Triangle
JX-3P Raw Metal Fifth
JX-3P Raw Saw
JX-3P Raw Square
JX-3P Raw Thin Pulse
Minimoog Raw Pulse Narrow
Minimoog Raw Pulse Wide
Minimoog Raw Saw-Triangle
Minimoog Raw Saw
Minimoog Raw Square
Minimoog Raw Triangle
Modeled Bell Noise
MonoPoly Bright and Thin
MonoPoly Raw Pulse
MonoPoly Raw Saw
MonoPoly Raw Square
MonoPoly Raw Triangle
MonoPoly Slaved Pulses
MonoPoly Slaved Triangles
MonoPoly Tri Sync
Moog Modular Raw Noise Pink
Moog Modular Raw Noise White
Moog Modular Raw Pulse 10
Moog Modular Raw Pulse 90
Moog Modular Raw Saw
Moog Modular Raw Sine
Moog Modular Raw Square
Moog Modular Raw Triangle
Moog Pulse
Moog Saws 2OSC Wide
Moog Saws 3OSC Tight
Moog Saws 3OSC Wide
Moog Saws Medium Stereo
Moog Sawtooth
Moog Square
Moog Triangle
Mothers Fizz
Noisy Pulse
OB 2-voice - Low range
OB-8 Raw Noise Res
OB-8 Raw PWM Fast
OB-8 Raw PWM Medium
OB-8 Raw PWM Slow
OB-8 Raw Saw
OB-8 Raw Saws Detuned Bright
OB-8 Raw Saws Detuned Fat
OB-8 Raw Triangle
OB-8 Stereo Saws Medium
OB-SEM Stereo Saws
Parabolic FM
Pink Noise
SID Raw Pulse 50
SID Raw Pulse 80
SID Raw Saw
SID Raw Square
SID Raw Triangle
TEST TONE 20-20kHz Sweep
Thin Buzz
Thin Overtone
Trance Dual Saw
Trance Pulse FM
Trance Pulse
Trance Saw 1
Trance Saw 2
Trance Saw 3
Trance Square
Tuning Tone A440 Sine
Tuning Tone A442 Sine
Two Pop Sync Tone
Urei Click
Various Clicks
Wasp Detuned Saw and Pulse
Wasp Detuned Saws
Wasp Detuned Squares
Wasp Raw Noise
Wasp Raw Pulse
Wasp Raw Saw
Wasp Raw Square
White Noise
Whitey FM 1
Whitey FM 2

- 528 Wavetables

A Solid German
ARP 2600 4X Shapes
ARP 2600 Pulse
ARP 2600 Saw
ARP 2600 Sine+Saw
ARP 2600 Sine+Saw
ARP 2600 Sine+Tri
ARP 2600 Square
ARP Odyssey Saw
ARP Odyssey Square
Alpha Juno Comb
American 3X Shapes
American Heritage
Analogue PWM
Andromeda PWM
Andromeda Saw+
Andromeda Saw-
Andromeda Sine
Andromeda Square
Andromeda Sub
Andromeda Triangle
Awesome Sauce
Bag of Bones
Bass Station II Drive 4X Shapes
Bass Station II PWM
Bass Station II Saw Brite
Bass Station II Saw Dark
Bass Station II Sine
Bass Station II Square
Bass Station II Sub
Bass Station II Triangle
Big Boy
Big Top
Bitter Chips
Boney Boy
Bright Fractals
CS Ringer 1
CS Ringer 2
CS Saw
CS Sine
CS Square
CS-80 Cream
CS-80 Sawft
CS-80 Soft Pulse
CS-80 Sweet SawPulse
Captain of the C Team
Casiorama 1
Casiorama 2
Casiorama 3
Chipwave 1
Chipwave 2
Chunky Overtone
Circle in Square
Circuit Mono Station Dirt 4X
Circuit Mono Station PWM
Circuit Mono Station Saw
Circuit Mono Station Sine
Circuit Mono Station Square
Circuit Mono Station Sub
Circuit Mono Station Triangle
Clean Bells
Comb Party
Crystal Vowels
D-50 PWM 1
D-50 PWM 2
D-50 Saw 1
D-50 Saw 2
D-50 Square 1
D-50 Square 2
Distorted Triangle 4X Shapes
Dre Sub Bass
EDP Wasp Saw
EDP Wasp Square
Economy Class
Eighties Cheese
FM Sweep 1
FM Sweep 2
Fearless Saw
Femme Laser
Folded Sine
Folded Sine Saw
Fractal Buzz
French Connection 1
French Connection 2
French Metal Sub 1
French Metal Sub 2
Fresh Sub Sync
Generated Saw
Generated Sine Wave
Generated Square
Gizmo Saws
Green Envy
Green Rubber
Green Vox
Ground Shaker
Hamburg Saw
Hamburg Square
Happy Analog
Harmonic Chip
Harmonic Mean
Harsh Chimes
Hi Res Buzz
Hip Hop Buzz
Hollow Ring
Hot Robot
JD Bells
JD Keywaves
JD Sliders
JD-800 FATSQuare
JD-800 SynSaw
JP-8 4X Shapes
JP-8 Analog Warmth
JP-8 Broad Pulse
JP-8 Hornsaw
JP-8 Saw
JP-8 Square
JP-8 Triangle
JP-8 Velvet
JP-8000 2X Shapes
JP-8000 PWM
JP-8000 Saw Fat
JP-8000 Square
JP-8000 Supersaw
JP-8000 Triangle
JX-3P 3X Shapes
JX-3P Saw
JX-3P Square
JX-3P Thin Pulse
Jagged Sync
Junky Juno
Juno 106 Saw
Juno 106 Square
Juno 106 Sub
Juno 60 4X Shapes
Juno 60 PWM
Juno 60 PWM+
Juno 60 Saw
Juno 60 Saw PWM
Juno 60 Saw PWM+
Juno 60 Square
Juno 60 SquareSaw
Juno 60 Sub
Juno 60 Sub PWM
Juno 60 SubPulse
Juno Octo 1
Juno Octo 2
Juno Time
Keio Bell
Klear Keys
Knobby Sync
Large Teeth
Lean Years
Little Brat
Little Chapel
Little Phatty 4X Shapes
Little Phatty Momma Square
Little Phatty Pulse
Little Phatty Saw
Little Phatty Square
Little Phatty Triangle
Lo-Bit Bells
Logan Accordion
Logan Bassy
Low Budget Drawbars
MS-20 Pulse
MS-20 Square
MS-20 Triangle
Mad FM
Major Tom
Mediocre Organ
Metal Fifths
Metallic Warmth
Micro Fifths
Microbrute Sub
Microwaved Bells
Microwaved Partials
Minibrute 4X Shapes
Minibrute Saw
Minibrute Sine+Tri
Minibrute Square
Minibrute Tri Metalizer
Minibrute TriSaw
Minimoog 4X Shapes
Minimoog Pulse Narrow
Minimoog Pulse Wide
Minimoog Saw
Minimoog Square
Minimoog TriSaw
Minimoog Triangle
Minitaur Saw
Minitaur Square
Modern Saw Brite
Modern Saw Fat
Modern Square
Modern Sub
Modern Times
Modulation Index
MonoPoly Pulse
MonoPoly Square
MonoPoly Triangle
Monster Phatty
Moog Modular 4X Shapes
Moog Modular Pulse
Moog Modular Saw
Moog Modular Sine+Tri
Moog Modular Square
Moogie Analog Love
Moogie Jazz
Moogie Old School
Moogie Pulsey
Muscle TriSaw
Nasal Bend
Nasal Spray
Nasal Symmetry
Nasty Bite
Nineties Surprise
Nord Lead PWM
Nord Lead Saw
Nord Lead Sine
Nord Lead Square
Nord Lead Triangle
Nostalgic CPU
OB Sync Series
OB-6 2X Shapes
OB-6 3X Shapes
OB-6 Saw
OB-6 Square
OB-6 Sub
OB-6 Triangle
OB-8 Saw
OB-8 Triangle
OB-SEM Square
OB-X Saw
OSCar Blown Square
OSCar Garbage Triangle
Octaves 101
Odyssey PWM
Organ Bargain
PPG Stops
Peak Dirty 5X Shapes
Peak Overdrive 4X Shapes
Peak PWM
Peak Saw
Peak Sine
Peak Square
Peak Triangle
Plastic Bell
Plastic Saw
Plastic Saw 1
Plastic Saw 2
Plastique Dog
Power Grid
Power Sub
Prologue 5X Shapes
Prologue PWM
Prologue Saw Brite
Prologue Saw Fat
Prologue Square Brite
Prologue Square Fat
Prologue Triangle
Prophet 12 4X Shapes
Prophet 12 Pulse
Prophet 12 Saw
Prophet 12 Square
Prophet 12 Triangle
Prophet 5 3X Shapes
Prophet 5 PWM
Prophet 5 Saw
Prophet 5 Square
Prophet 6 3X Shapes
Prophet 6 PWM
Prophet 6 Saw
Prophet 6 Square
Prophet 6 Sub
Purity Bells
Purple Partials
RS-09 Organs
RS-505 8+4
RS-505 CelloTuba
RS-505 Full
Raging Hormones
Rap Battles
Raspy Reeds
Ratty Reso
Ray Tracing
Razor Blade
Retro Fringe
Retro Organ 4X Shapes
Rev2 PWM
Rev2 Saw
Rev2 SawTri
Rev2 Square
Rev2 Triangle
Ringtone 1976
Rinky-Dink Organ
Robot Formants
Rounded Edges
Rude Bright
Rude Dude
SE-02 6X Shapes
SE-02 Pulse Narrow
SE-02 Pulse Wide
SE-02 Saw
SE-02 Square
SE-02 TriSaw
SE-02 Triangle
SE-1 Square
SH-101 Pulse
SH-101 Saw
SH-101 Square
SH-101 Squaw
SH-101 Sub
SID Square
SID Vicious
Scrawny Kid
Scream Ring
Shape Feeder
Shaper FM
Sharp Mirrors
Sharp Teeth
Sick Pitch
Silver Index
Sine Dirt
Sine Distort
Sine Edge
Sirin Saw
Sirin Square
Sleazy Keys
Slim Jim
Soft Sliders
Solar Drive
Solar Saw
Sore Throat
Spider Bite
Sub 37 4X Shapes
Sub 37 Saw
Sub 37 Square
Sub 37 Triangle
Sub Phatty 4X Shapes
Sub Phatty Pulse
Sub Phatty Saw
Sub Phatty Square
Sub Phatty TriOverdrive
Sub Phatty TriSaw
Sub Phatty Triangle 1
Sub Phatty Triangle 2
Sub Teeth
Subtle Buzz
Super Jupiter PWM
Super Jupiter Saw
Super Jupiter Square
Super Jupiter Triangle
Synthetic Trance Saw
Synthetic Trance Square
Synthetic Trance TriPulse
Synthetic Trance Triangle
System-8 Supersaw
TB-303 Saw
TB-303 Square
Table Organ 1
Table Organ 2
Table Square
Talking Nasty
Tatty Trumpet
Teeth Marks
Tepid FM
Tetra PWM
Tetra Saw
Tetra SawTri
Thorny FM
Trance Depths
Trance Pulse FM
Transistor Chimes
Trashy Organ
Tube Dirt
Tube Feud
Tube Fifth
VP Voxbox
VS Bellwaves
VS Square Fifths
Vector Feedback
Vibey Bells
Viral Sync
Virus 3X Shapes
Virus PWM
Virus Saw
Virus SawSquare
Virus Sine
Virus Square
Virus Triangle
Voltage Binaries
Vox Continental 1
Vox Continental 2
Vox Continental 3
Voyager Saw Fat
Voyager Saw Narrow
Voyager Square Brite
Voyager Square Dark
Waldo 1
Waldo 2
Warm Colors 4X Shapes
Wavy Tables
Wheezy Organ
White FM Bells
Wolfgang Bells
X-Mod King
Yes to VS

- 11 Multis

Bernard Boogie
Bit Crushed Sines Groove 1
Bit Crushed Sines Groove 2
Bit Crushed Sines Groove 3
Bit Crushed Sines Groove 4
Bit Crushed Sines Groove 5
Cellosaurus Bossa
Club Numb
Disco Pattern 1
Disco Pattern 2
Les and Tob's Retro Band

- 3 Multis

High Church - Use Live Mode
Jazz Guitar Live Combo
Lounge Fun Live

- 14 Multis

Back to the Middle Ages Split
Enchanted Voices
Eternal Tronsphere
Euro Modular
Movin' Tuvan Groovin II
Organ Bowls Split
Staying the 80s
Swinging Whale Vortex
Symphony of Music Boxes
Technified Intro 1
Technified Intro 2
The Cool Friend of the Raving Guy
The Friend of the Raving Guy
Vox Continental Arpeggiations

- 42 Multis

A Skunk in the Funk
Baritone Guitar Combo
Buggy Funk
Cellosaurus Menu
Choral Menagerie
Disco Stocco
Dream Piano and Friends
Drying Rack Overtones Menu
Ebowed Piano Cue
Episode 5 Memories
Fingerstyle Acoustic Combo
Fun Retro Combo 1
Fun Retro Combo 2
Gospel Organ with Choir Chords
Halfway House Funk Split
Haunted Voices
Heaven 17 Update
I Sing the Body Electric
Juicy Juno 60 Split
Kyoto Concerto
Lap Steel Combo
Lap Steel Lamentation
Lifetime Movie Score - Wheel
Magic Retro Bus
Meditation Menagerie in E min
Orchestron Combo
Psychoacoustic FX Menu 1
Psychoacoustic FX Menu 2
Requiem for a Friend
Retro Cheesy Pop
Saz Over Drone
Solo over Saints
Solo over Warmth
Soulless People
Spirits in the Bells
Split for Sweden
Suspenseful Bats
Talkbox Adventure
The Bowing of Istanbul
Vinyl Lounge
Waxing Downsaw
Woodland Fog

- 22 Multis

All Mashed Up
Altered Sleep Cycles
Anaheim Fun Live
Balaphonic Dance
Boys and Bells
Cover Charge
Fandrum Club Groove
Grandma's Music Box
Half Time Piano Requiem
Hawk Dance
Jumping Bowls
Lookin' for Bunny
Micro Techno 1
Micro Techno 2
Micro Techno 3
My Glitchy Dreams
Old Things New Again
Raving Boy
Techno Land
Tolga Rules
Wavetable Vowels
Xylophonic Springs

- 34 Multis

Acadie Tribute to Lanois
Apparitions on the Edge
Armand's Granular Garden
Astral Bells
Bella Hola Bella
Big Equator Pad
Choral FX from Hades
Cryogenic Bells
Double Tracked Guitars 30 ips
Double Tracked Hi Strung 30 ips
Drops of Love
Ecclecticity Hit
Enyaesque Pad
Fingerstyling on Sunset
Galactic Evasion
Granular Lullaby
Lanois Echo Return Only
Love Theme
Massive Analog Strings
Moroder Choir
Nouveau Bows
Optigan Combo
Planetarium Pad
Poly Gliding Saws
Pop Females and Boys Choir Pad
Retro Chaotic Sine
Singing Reality Distorted
Suzuki Upgrade
The Buzz in Jack's Head
Underworld String Quartet
Weather Change to Chill
Wideband Bell Motions

- 5 Multis

Dynamic Crystal Bottle Hits
Dynamic Mallets
Sleep Dep FX ^
Velocity Switching Hell Choir Hits
Velocity Switching Somber Cue

- 13 Multis

Big Trance Lead - Wheel
Boys Choir Ahs-Ees-Oos - Wheel
Choir Full Ahs-Oos-Mms - Wheel
Eight Modular Moog FX - Wheel
Eight Twerps is Enough - Wheel
Final Frontier Sounds - Wheel
Ode to the JD-800 - Wheel
Singing Grandma's Brother - Wheel
Stepping into Darkness - Wheel
Stepping into LIghtness - Wheel
Wheel -> Chord Martini
Wheel of Lead Surprises

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