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"Spectrasonics sets a new standard for breathtaking tone… The sound palette is so turbocharged, it's hard to imagine that I'll ever get tired of it, or feel that I've discovered everything it can do…. Whether you're recording electronica, film scores, ambient dreamscapes, R&B, or pop, you're sure to find sounds that'll be perfect for your next project… For musical "slow food" movements such as trance and minimalism, Omnisphere even has the potential to breathe new life into entire genres, and that's saying a lot... Jaw-dropping variety of stunning sounds... Audio quality is incredibly smooth and lush... Ultra-deep synthesis parameters."

EM EM 2011

"A SOPHISTICATED Instrument..."

"Omnisphere pulled me in the moment I began investigating any of its features... I was almost instantly impressed with the ease of use, especially considering the inherent complexity of such a sophisticated instrument... Its GUI makes it equally usable for both beginners and advanced synthesists... I could scarcely believe how easy it was to create cool new sounds… I'm telling everyone I know, do not walk, run to your computer and order Omnisphere. Whether you want a huge, ready-made selection of first-class synth sounds or you want to build your own timbres from the ground up, I promise you won't regret it."

Tape Op  

"Off The Charts in every respect."

"GO GET OMNISPHERE! This puppy is calling your name if you do anything musical involving a computer whatsoever. The short of it is that there's nothing out there that's as deep as Omnisphere while being unbelievably easy to navigate and coming loaded with the breadth of GREAT sounds... off the charts in every respect."

KB KeybuyFuture Music Award 2008

"Gloriously Playable"

"The result for Omnisphere users is an instrument whose sound is liquid, shifting and unpredictable yet gloriously playable all at once... It contains some extraordinary approaches to sound creation... It shows what can be done when the power of real, unusual samples is combined with a powerful, multi-approach synthesis engine... Most importantly, however, it sounds extraordinary... Great-sounding, flexible and unique. What more could you want?"

KB MusicTech ExcellenceMusicTech Choice

"The BEST SOUNDS In The Business..."

"Make no mistake: Omnisphere is 'big' in every sense of the word, from the variety of inspiring sounds included within it to the bewildering depth of the STEAM synthesis engine and, even more importantly, the scale and size of the patches themselves. However, Spectrasonics has almost achieved the impossible, creating a tool that is both intuitive and immediate enough for a novice, yet with all the depth and complexity… hiding just a click away from the main interface... One of the most inspiring virtual synths we've ever used. Omnisphere not only provides you with 40GB of some of the best sounds in the business, but also offers a range of cutting-edge synthesis tools that enable you to create thousands more of your own."


"The ULTIMATE In Virtual Instrument Technology"

"One of the joys of Omnisphere is that it gives you instant access to patches that have been bench tested for usability by the experience of the developers. Rarely do you hear a sound that would lack practical application and quite often, that application would only be limited by your own imagination... Spectrasonics are pretty much ahead of the game on most counts, leaving me with little to say except, while I wipe the saliva from my chin, start enjoying the ultimate in Virtual Instrument technology for yourself."

Producters Edge  

"A Producer's SECRET WEAPON"

"It's the first choice for a composers movie score and any producer's secret weapon. The included library is worth the price of admission alone... It's a galaxy far, far away that offers an ocean of sound design directions- placed behind an intuitive interface that gives you a little bit at a time so you never get lost."

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"Spectrasonics have wrought something of a sonic masterwork in this, their new flagship product. It's bursting with a brilliantly conceived sample library and possesses a crackingly good synthesis engine... The sound designers have avoided obvious gimmickry and instead crafted their samples into inspiring, musically useful instruments... it is a remarkable achievement, providing a wealth of material for both preset players and seasoned synthesists. Best of all, Omnisphere begs to be played, and it responds easily and naturally to MIDI control."

Keyboard Mag SOS Award


"Spectrasonic's creative approach to sampling certainly shows a healthy commitment to sonic innovation... Omnisphere can legitimately be seen as a fully fledged synth with deep programming facilities and also as an enormously diverse, atmospheric and entertaining sample library. The fact that it manages to be both at once is very cool indeed... I expect it will win admirers for years to come; if you're thinking of buying it I suggest you don't hang about, as the rest of your allotted three score years and 10 may not be enough to explore all of the wonderful sounds lurking under its bonnet."


"Like Nothing Else"

"Sounds like nothing else... Extraordinarily powerful and versatile ground-up synthesis engine... Straight out of the box, Omnisphere can be the lushest 'classic analog' synth ever made – or never made! It can also be the meanest sounding 'virtual analog'; the dreamiest sample or wavetable-based pad machine; or downright coolest sounding hybrid of all these that you might ever conceive."

Pro Sound News  


"From incredibly dense, landscape patches to evolving, rhythmic moods, it's an endless well of inspiration... Eric Persing and the gang at Spectrasonics have done it again... this a must-have piece of software."

Recording Magazine  

"Lives Up To The Hype"

"The most talked about software instrument in recent memory lives up to the hype... With loads of incredible samples, a hearty virtual synth engine combined with near-limitless editing capabilities, and extensive built-in effects routing, Omnisphere equips you with a broad spectrum of high quality sonic potential, suitable for any sound designer, producer, or electronic musician. There is now a true desert-island virtual synth, and its name is Omnisphere."


"Captivating, Complex, BEAUTIFUL..."

"Omnisphere delivers the often fascinating, other-worldly results of a wealth of experimental recording techniques without the user having to learn any of them... Spectrasonics has literally thought of everything... There are so many editing options, effects and possible patch combinations that it will be years before you exhaust the library... a captivating, complex, beautiful, expressive synthesizer."  


"Spectrasonics has definitely raised the bar... Omnisphere is surprisingly organic and instrument-like, not to mention insanely powerful... The sound quality is polished and brilliant, so much so that you may find yourself worrying about how your other soundsets will compare alongside it."

*All other manufacturers' product names used in this instrument are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Spectrasonics. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during Spectrasonics sound development.
"Omnisphere - best thing ever."
-Gary Numan

"The most talked about software synth in recent memory lives up to the hype...There's now a true desert-island virtual synth, and its name is Omnisphere."
-Recording Magazine

"One of the most inspiring virtual synths we've ever used... not only provides you with some of the best sounds in the business, but offers cutting-edge synthesis tools to create your own."
-Music Tech

"It's not only the wealth of sounds in Omnisphere; You're struck by the fact that you hear magic sound after magic sound."
-Jordan Rudess

"I can't say enough good things about Omnisphere! I'd have to say that discovering it has been one of my greatest pleasures."
-Danny Elfman

"If you can imagine it, you can do it. That's what Omnisphere is about. It gives power to imaginative people."
-George Shaw

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