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S.A.G.E. Xpander for Stylus RMX

Extraordinary 21st Century Grooves from acclaimed producer Eric Persing. The award-winning Metamorphosis features a vast array of highly creative remix grooves that defy description. Great for any projects that require cutting edge sound, yet timeless grooves. Mixes very well with the Stylus RMX core library and has a large selection of suites to build your own remixes. Like his famous Distorted Reality series, Metamorphosis is a testament to Persing's inimitable style!

Audio Demos
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This awesome demo was done as a collaboration with our friends at Access Music in Germany.

All the synth sounds are coming from an Access Virus synth and all the rhythm is coming from the Metamorphosis library in Stylus RMX Xpanded. A killer combo!

© Spectrasonics and Mark Shlaile

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This demo features the Metamophosis grooves from Stylus RMX Xpanded accompanied only by Vocal Planet phases.

© Spectrasonics and Eric Persing

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This demo features grooves from the Metamorphosis section of Stylus RMX Xpanded, Vocal Planet phrases and numerous evocative textures, boys choirs and sounds from Omnisphere.

© Spectrasonics and Eric Persing

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Features grooves from the Metamorphosis section of Stylus RMX Xpanded, phrases from Vocal Planet, Bass Legends muted basses and numerous sounds and textures from Omnisphere including the lead Electric Sitar melody.

© Spectrasonics and Eric Persing

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EP's Funky Electro R&B demo highlights Metaphosis grooves in Stylus RMX Xpanded and phrases/fx from Vocal Planet.

© Spectrasonics and Eric Persing

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Review Quotes

"Persing has done it again... hundreds of remix grooves ranging from airy, pulsing blobs to woofer-wrenching club destroyers. If you're looking for cutting-edge remixology, check out Metamorphosis!"
-Harmony Central NAMM "Hot Pick" award

"Amazing, description-defying sounds on this bases-loaded, outta-the-park home run collection...scandalously creative sound design...everything from sizzling electronic and ethnic-sounding percussion loops to gut-busting kicks that thump out of the speakers with all the angst of an Outkast cut. The sound quality is top-notch throughout...The loops are not only impressive from a production standpoint, they're incredibly musical and inspirational, which is why we've given Metamorphosis a Key Buy."
-KEYBOARD magazine Key Buy and NAMM "Top 20" product award

"We are already TOTALLY digging Metamorphosis!"
-Mark Isham (film composer, recording artist)

"There's far more here than just a collection of gritty, scratchy old funk rhythms with a slight swing. There's distortion, filtering, extreme effects and synthesized sound — the list of gear used in the creation of the samples extends to two pages of hardware and software. This is not a night out with an HR16 and a Quadraverb! The degree and type of processing varies enormously throughout the library, but at no point are the loops rendered unusable through over-zealous mangling. The loops really groove nicely, while the processing gives them character and depth that would be very hard to find from any other source."
-SOUND ON SOUND 5 Star review

"The important thing about Metamorphosis is that the loops work, they sound fantastic and if used properly, they don't overwhelm. Metamorphosis is another superb effort by the Spectrasonics team that should most certainly be in any electronic composers' creative sound palette."
-SONIC CONTROL 5 star review

"Absolutely brilliant...I was looking for some loop-based material to make a song backing track more dramatic and interesting. Within 10 minutes of working with 'Metamorphosis', I'd found three or four loops that exactly fitted the bill. After an hour, I'd found so much useable material that my mind was beginning to boggle! I really like the way Eric Persing uses distortion and phasing, but somehow manages to maintain the loop's sonic integrity. The end result is exactly to my taste, powerful without being overpowering, funky without being clichéd. I don't know exactly how he does it, but I do know it would take me weeks to get anywhere near the same effect! My congratulations for making the world of sampling inspirational again."
-English keyboard legend Dave Stewart

"Awesome...so many great ideas..thanks!"
-Robbie Buchanan (producer, keyboardist)

"Persing has set the standard for how groove libraries should be done....Inspiring."
-Bruce Richardson, Pro-Rec web site

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Metamorphosis Library

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