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Live Studio Drum Grooves


Backbeat Library
(40 Suites - 446 Grooves)
(17 Soundmenus)
(70 Multis)
065-Bubble 1
065-Bubble 2
065-Bubble 3
065-Bubble FBar 1
065-Bubble FBar 2
065-Bubble FBar 3
065-Bubble FBar 4
065-Bubble FBar 5

069-Cops 1
069-Cops 2
069-Cops 3
069-Cops FBar 1
069-Cops FBar 2
069-Cops Fill a
069-Cops Fill b
069-Cops Stick

076-Reverend 1
076-Reverend 2
076-Reverend FBar 1
076-Reverend FBar 2
076-Reverend Fill

076-Swat Swing
076-Swat Swing 1
076-Swat Swing 2
076-Swat Swing FBar 1
076-Swat Swing FBar 2
076-Swat Swing Fill a
076-Swat Swing Fill b
076-Swat Swing Fill c

077-Slick 1
077-Slick 2
077-Slick 3
077-Slick FBar 1
077-Slick FBar 2
077-Slick Fill a
077-Slick Fill b
077-Slick Fill c
077-Slick Fill d

080-Gudgle 1
080-Gudgle 2
080-Gudgle FBar 1
080-Gudgle FBar 2
080-Gudgle FBar 3
080-Gudgle Fill a
080-Gudgle Fill b
080-Gudgle Fill c
080-Gudgle Fill d
080-Gudgle Fill e
080-Gudgle Fill f
080-Gudgle Fill g
080-Gudgle Fill h

082-Bugaboo 1
082-Bugaboo 2
082-Bugaboo 3
082-Bugaboo FBar 1
082-Bugaboo FBar 2
082-Bugaboo FBar 3
082-Bugaboo FBar 4
082-Bugaboo Fill a
082-Bugaboo Fill b

082-Steady Streamer
082-Steady 1
082-Steady 2
082-Steady Fill a
082-Steady Fill b
082-Steady Fill c
082-Steady Fill d
082-Steady Fill e
082-Steady Ride
082-Steady Stick

084-Blues Shuffle
084-Blues Shuffle 1
084-Blues Shuffle 2
084-Blues Shuffle 3
084-Blues Shuffle FBar 1
084-Blues Shuffle FBar 2
084-Blues Shuffle Fill a
084-Blues Shuffle Fill b
084-Blues Shuffle Fill c
084-Blues Shuffle Fill d
084-Blues Shuffle Fill e
084-Blues Shuffle Stick

085-Lefty 1
085-Lefty 2
085-Lefty 3
085-Lefty FBar 1
085-Lefty FBar 2
085-Lefty FBar 3
085-Lefty FBar 4
085-Lefty FBar 5
085-Lefty Fill a
085-Lefty Fill b
085-Lefty Fill c
085-Lefty Fill d
085-Lefty Stick 1
085-Lefty Stick 2
085-Lefty Stick 3

085-Swing Shift
085-Swing Shift 1
085-Swing Shift 2
085-Swing Shift 3
085-Swing Shift FBar
085-Swing Shift Fill a
085-Swing Shift Fill b
085-Swing Shift Fill c
085-Swing Shift Fill d
085-Swing Shift Fill e
085-Swing Shift Stick

088-Solid Rock
088-Solid Rock 1
088-Solid Rock 2
088-Solid Rock 3
088-Solid Rock FBar 1
088-Solid Rock FBar 2
088-Solid Rock Fill a
088-Solid Rock Fill b
088-Solid Rock Fill c
088-Solid Rock Fill d
088-Solid Rock Fill e
088-Solid Rock Fill f
088-Solid Rock Fill g

091-Push Pop
091-Push Pop 1
091-Push Pop 2
091-Push Pop FBar 1
091-Push Pop FBar 2
091-Push Pop Fill a
091-Push Pop Fill b
091-Push Pop Fill c

098-Foundation 1
098-Foundation 2
098-Foundation FBar 1
098-Foundation FBar 2
098-Foundation Fill a
098-Foundation Fill b
098-Foundation Fill c
098-Foundation Fill d
098-Foundation Fill e
098-Foundation Fill f

098-Peppers 1
098-Peppers 2
098-Peppers 3
098-Peppers 4
098-Peppers FBar 1
098-Peppers FBar 2
098-Peppers FBar 3
098-Peppers FBar 4
098-Peppers Fill a
098-Peppers Fill b
098-Peppers Fill c
098-Peppers Fill d

098-Shred 1
098-Shred 2
098-Shred 3
098-Shred 4
098-Shred 5
098-Shred FBar
098-Shred Fill a
098-Shred Fill b
098-Shred Fill c
098-Shred Fill d

098-Sphincter 1
098-Sphincter 2
098-Sphincter 3
098-Sphincter 4
098-Sphincter 5
098-Sphincter Breakdown
098-Sphincter FBar 1
098-Sphincter FBar 2
098-Sphincter FBar 3
098-Sphincter FBar 4
098-Sphincter FBar 5
098-Sphincter Fill a
098-Sphincter Fill b
098-Sphincter Fill c
098-Sphincter Fill d
098-Sphincter Fill e
098-Sphincter Fill f

100-Goin On
100-Goin On 1
100-Goin On 2
100-Goin On 3
100-Goin On FBar
100-Goin On Fill a
100-Goin On Fill b
100-Goin On Fill c
100-Goin On Fill d
100-Goin On Fill e
100-Goin On Fill f
100-Goin On Ride

102-Backbone 1
102-Backbone 2
102-Backbone 3
102-Backbone Breakdown
102-Backbone FBar 1
102-Backbone FBar 2
102-Backbone FBar 3
102-Backbone FBar 4
102-Backbone FBar 5
102-Backbone FBar 6
102-Backbone FBar 7
102-Backbone FBar 8
102-Backbone Fill a
102-Backbone Fill b
102-Backbone Fill c
102-Backbone Fill d
102-Backbone Fill e
102-Backbone Fill f

102-Blowup 1
102-Blowup 2
102-Blowup 3
102-Blowup 4
102-Blowup Breakdown
102-Blowup FBar 1
102-Blowup FBar 2
102-Blowup FBar 3
102-Blowup Fill

106-Cat Fight
106-Cat Fight 1
106-Cat Fight FBar 1
106-Cat Fight FBar 2
106-Cat Fight Fill

108-Pull Up
108-Pull Up 1
108-Pull Up 2
108-Pull Up 3
108-Pull Up FBar 1
108-Pull Up FBar 2
108-Pull Up Fill a
108-Pull Up Fill b
108-Pull Up Fill c
108-Pull Up Ride
108-Pull Up Stick 1
108-Pull Up Stick 2
108-Pull Up Stick 3

110-Rock Shuffle
110-Rock Shuffle 1
110-Rock Shuffle 2
110-Rock Shuffle FBar
110-Rock Shuffle Fill a
110-Rock Shuffle Fill b
110-Rock Shuffle Fill c
110-Rock Shuffle Fill d
110-Rock Shuffle Fill e
110-Rock Shuffle Fill f
110-Rock Shuffle Fill g
110-Rock Shuffle Ride

112-Meat 1
112-Meat 2
112-Meat 3
112-Meat 4
112-Meat FBar 1
112-Meat FBar 2
112-Meat FBar 3
112-Meat FBar 4

115-Coping 1
115-Coping 2
115-Coping 3
115-Coping FBar 1
115-Coping FBar 2
115-Coping FBar 3
115-Coping Fill a
115-Coping Fill b
115-Coping Fill c
115-Coping Fill d
115-Coping Fill e
115-Coping Fill f
115-Coping Fill g
115-Coping Stick 1
115-Coping Stick 2

116-Medium Pop
116-Medium Pop 1
116-Medium Pop 2
116-Medium Pop 3
116-Medium Pop 4
116-Medium Pop Breakdown
116-Medium Pop FBar 1
116-Medium Pop FBar 2
116-Medium Pop FBar 3
116-Medium Pop FBar 4
116-Medium Pop FBar 5
116-Medium Pop FBar 6
116-Medium Pop FBar 7
116-Medium Pop Fill a
116-Medium Pop Fill b
116-Medium Pop Fill c
116-Medium Pop Fill d

117-Wattage 1
117-Wattage 2
117-Wattage 3
117-Wattage 4
117-Wattage FBar 1
117-Wattage FBar 2
117-Wattage Fill a
117-Wattage Fill b
117-Wattage Fill c
117-Wattage Fill d
117-Wattage Fill e
117-Wattage Ride 1
117-Wattage Ride 2
117-Wattage Stick 1
117-Wattage Stick 2

118-Big Diff
118-Big Diff 1
118-Big Diff 2
118-Big Diff 3
118-Big Diff FBar 1
118-Big Diff FBar 2
118-Big Diff FBar 3
118-Big Diff FBar 4
118-Big Diff FBar 5
118-Big Diff FBar 6
118-Big Diff FBar 7
118-Big Diff Fill a
118-Big Diff Fill b
118-Big Diff Fill c
118-Big Diff Fill d
118-Big Diff Fill e
118-Big Diff Fill f
118-Big Diff Fill g

120-Chains 1
120-Chains 2
120-Chains 3
120-Chains 4
120-Chains 5
120-Chains FBar 1
120-Chains FBar 2
120-Chains FBar 3
120-Chains FBar 4
120-Chains Fill a
120-Chains Fill b
120-Chains Fill c

120-Duga Duga
120-Duga Duga 1
120-Duga Duga 2
120-Duga Duga 3
120-Duga Duga 4
120-Duga Duga 5
120-Duga Duga FBar 1
120-Duga Duga FBar 2
120-Duga Duga FBar 3
120-Duga Duga FBar 4
120-Duga Duga FBar 5
120-Duga Duga FBar 6
120-Duga Duga Fill a
120-Duga Duga Fill b
120-Duga Duga Fill c
120-Duga Duga Fill d
120-Duga Duga Fill e
120-Duga Duga Fill f
120-Duga Duga Ride
120-Duga Duga Stick 1
120-Duga Duga Stick 2

122-Line Drive
122-Line Drive 1
122-Line Drive 2
122-Line Drive 3
122-Line Drive 4
122-Line Drive FBar 1
122-Line Drive FBar 2
122-Line Drive Fill a
122-Line Drive Fill b
122-Line Drive Fill c

122-Stop N Go
122-Stop N Go 1
122-Stop N Go 2
122-Stop N Go 3
122-Stop N Go Fill a
122-Stop N Go Fill b
122-Stop N Go Fill c
122-Stop N Go Fill d
122-Stop N Go Fill e
122-Stop N Go Fill f

123-Oh Baby
123-Oh Baby 1
123-Oh Baby 2
123-Oh Baby 3
123-Oh Baby 4
123-Oh Baby 5
123-Oh Baby FBar 1
123-Oh Baby FBar 2
123-Oh Baby FBar 3
123-Oh Baby FBar 4
123-Oh Baby Fill a
123-Oh Baby Fill b
123-Oh Baby Fill c
123-Oh Baby Fill d
123-Oh Baby Fill e

124-Classic Rock
124-Classic Rock 1
124-Classic Rock 2
124-Classic Rock 3
124-Classic Rock FBar 1
124-Classic Rock FBar 2
124-Classic Rock FBar 3
124-Classic Rock FBar 4
124-Classic Rock FBar 5
124-Classic Rock Fill a
124-Classic Rock Fill b

124-NY Shuffle
124-NY Shuffle 1
124-NY Shuffle 2
124-NY Shuffle 3
124-NY Shuffle 4
124-NY Shuffle 5
124-NY Shuffle FBar 1
124-NY Shuffle FBar 2
124-NY Shuffle FBar 3
124-NY Shuffle Fill a
124-NY Shuffle Fill b
124-NY Shuffle Fill c
124-NY Shuffle Fill d
124-NY Shuffle Fill e
124-NY Shuffle Fill f
124-NY Shuffle Fill g
124-NY Shuffle Fill h

130-Mondo John
130-Mondo John 1
130-Mondo John 2
130-Mondo John 3
130-Mondo John FBar 1
130-Mondo John FBar 2
130-Mondo John Fill a
130-Mondo John Fill b
130-Mondo John Fill c
130-Mondo John Fill d

138-Peak 1
138-Peak 2
138-Peak 3
138-Peak 4
138-Peak 5
138-Peak 6
138-Peak FBar 1
138-Peak FBar 2
138-Peak FBar 3
138-Peak FBar 4
138-Peak FBar 5
138-Peak FBar 6
138-Peak Fill a
138-Peak Fill b
138-Peak Fill c
138-Peak Fill d
138-Peak Fill e
138-Peak Fill f
138-Peak Fill g
138-Peak Fill h

140-LA Shuffle
140-LA Shuffle 1
140-LA Shuffle 2
140-LA Shuffle 3
140-LA Shuffle Fill a
140-LA Shuffle Fill b
140-LA Shuffle Fill c
140-LA Shuffle Fill d

148-Power Shuffle
148-Power Shuffle 1
148-Power Shuffle 2
148-Power Shuffle 3
148-Power Shuffle 4
148-Power Shuffle FBar 1
148-Power Shuffle FBar 2
148-Power Shuffle FBar 3
148-Power Shuffle FBar 4
148-Power Shuffle Fill a
148-Power Shuffle Fill b
148-Power Shuffle Fill c
148-Power Shuffle Rim

China Cymbals Menu
Crash Cymbals Menu
Ride Cymbals Menu
Sidestick Menu 01
Sidestick Menu 02
Sidestick Menu 03
Sidestick Menu 04
Sidestick Menu 05
Sidestick Menu 06
Sidestick Menu 07
Sidestick Menu 08
Sidestick Menu 09
Sidestick Menu 10
Sidestick Menu 11
Sidestick Menu 12
Sidestick Menu 13
Splash Cymbals Menu

070-The Gathering
072-Laidback Stick
074-Chop Cop
080-Bouncing Ellis
085-Bugaboo with Perc
088-Eighties Brit Pop
090-Funky Chaos
092-Slick Perc
095-The Clap
098-Ear Ache
098-Gladys Hunting
098-Neva Know
100-Mouthing Offbeat
103-Bollywood Swingers
103-Move It
103-Triple Scalers
104-Fat Duet
104-Fear No Evil
105-Halving the Funk
106-Brilliant Nerds
107-House Party
109-Mellow Breakdown
109-Spice Drawer
110-Choke Chain
110-Eighties Shuffle
110-Mantra City
112-Bone Baby
112-Little Dancer
112-Meat Eaters Ball
115-Chemical Reaction
115-Desert Star
116-Pocket Pal
117-Big Bad Party
118-Light it Up
120-Burned Stake
120-Medium Madness
120-Over The Line
120-Ticky Tock Talk
122-A Bit Chaotic
123-Solid HamBonin
125-Goin Thru
125-Slam Misfit
127-Lurk Half Time
129-Urban Ritual
130-Critical Mission
130-Drummer Boy Stepz
132-One for Triumph
132-Overactive Thyroid
135-Amazon Beat
139-Fast Jammin
139-Super Bump
140-Bashing Aliens
140-Bongae Pace
140-Robot Nation
142-Afro Chaser

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