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Vocal Planet Translations

This translations page is work in progress. If the translation you want isn't here, we should have it available soon or you can contact us for more info.

Some of the phrases are melismatic in nature, which means they are sung without actual words. If the phrase you're looking for does not appear with the ones listed here, then it melismantic.

KG Celtic
A walking / working song. Sung while women gathered around the table after soaking tweed in urine, to insure the stability of the dyes used for coloring. Usually sung as one song in a set of three. The subjects are varying. Topics may include gossip, love, and everyday life.

A woman sings about her man who is a soldier far away at war. She doesn't know whether he's dead, lying in a gutter, or in the arms of another woman. She would prefer the former possibility to the latter.

At war with gods and men, a troll giantess of Nordic folklore sits atop a mountain. She sings in a lamenting style, of her thirteen children.

Two folk songs strung together. The first says, "I'm a bird caught in a net, in love with someone else." The second is about returning from the hills after spending the summer with the cattle in the mountains, in anticipation of the coming winter.

Hildegaard von Bingen was an abbess (a female superior or governess of a nunnery) during pre-Gregorian times. She received a wealth of poems and music during visions. Most are very freeform in nature. This song is about a group of nuns traveling in a boat on the Rhine River, after being savagely raped, sometime during the early 10th century.

Persian 2
This is an ancient Persian love song. The man tells the woman, "You, come and live with me, and my mother will be your mother." He also tells her, "Your teeth are like pearls and your eyes are like the stars."

Lakota Pow-wow
Primarily melismatic, with the exception of Hokahey, meaning, "Let's Go!"

Lakota 2
Melismatic, in the Lakota singing style with a few lyrics from the "Lakota National Anthem"(Flag Song).

Lakota 3
Melismatic, with a few lyric references to "The Song Of The Dancers", expressing the sentiment of many dancers caught between their desire to follow the traditional ways and the pressures of the modern world. Popularized by the Porcupine Singers.

Andes Spoken
Sing friend, sing!

Melismatic, in the style of popular Brazilian music.

Rio Madmen
Call my buddy Ze Carlo, 'cause I am going crazy!
Come on Ze Carlo, play the "pagode'.
Look at the best drum line!
Now it's time, hein!
Here comes my friend, Ze Carlo.
To sing the "pagode" with the greatest of ease.
Oh! My drum line is the shit!
Now it's time, hein!
Cool, cool. Let's do it!
Hey brother, here comes my buddy Ze Carlo.
He will sing the "pagode" with the greatest of ease.
Hello, my best drum line!
Play it, bro!
Now it's time.
Ok, Mr. Osvaldo da Cuica!
Play it, Osvaldo!
Cool, cool!
Checking the sound, conductor!
Really good, hein!
Best drum line!
Dance, pretty girls!

Spanish Phrases
Sugar, Sugar
Taste it, the flavor
Dance, dance
Hurry up, hurry up!
Ready to go?
They're ready
The little ones!
Dance with me
Hello, my love
Do you like the music?
Yes, I like the music
It's romantic, very romantic
The feel is tight!

Colombian Shouts
Look, look!
Check it out, man!
Go, go!

Indian 1 & 2
Hindu style of melismatic singing

Tabla bols
Counting steps for Indian classical dancing. Bharat-Natyam

Indian Yells
Hey, girl!
Get out of here!
La, la, la, la..
Taste it!

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