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Vocal Planet

Vocal Planet

Complete library includes Data CD
Akai/Emu, Roland


A01. Tuvan High 7.2MB
Tuvan High 7.2MB
A02. Tuvan Mid 20.5MB
Tuvan Mid 20.5MB
A03. Tuvan Low 20.0MB
Tuvan Low 1 5.7MB
Tuvan Low 2 3.0MB
Tuvan Low 3 3.3MB
Tuvan Low Stereo 7.9MB
A04. Tuvan Raspy 4.6MB
Tuvan Raspy 4.6MB
A05. Tuvan Group 3.2MB
Tuvan Group 3.2MB
A06. Tuvan Human 1 3.5MB
Tuvan Groans 3.0MB
Tuvan Blowin' 0.5MB
B01. Tuvan Human 2 1.0MB
Tuvan Talk 1.0MB
B02. Tuvan Drones 16.1MB
Tuvan Drones 16.1MB
B03. Lakota Sioux 29.0MB
Lakota 1 2.8MB
Lakota 2 4.9MB
Lakota 3 4.6MB
Lakota 4 3.8MB
Lakota 5 2.3MB
Lakota 6 5.6MB
Lakota 7 3.9MB
Lakota Powwow 1.2MB
B04. Choctaw 10.2MB
Choctaw 10.2MB
B04. Caribbean 3.5MB
Caribbean 3.5MB
C01. Andes FX 8.4MB
Andes Yelps 4.2MB
Andes Spoken 0.8MB
Andes Laughs 1.5MB
Andes Whistling 1.9MB
C02. Brazilian 13.4MB
Brazilian 13.4MB
C03. Rio Madmen 8.9MB
Rio Madmen 8.9MB
C04. Mexican 14.5MB
Mariachi Yell 8.7MB
Spanish Phrases 4.4MB
Español 1234 1.4MB
C05. Colombian 2 12.6MB
Colombian 4 6.1MB
Colombian 5 6.5MB
D01. Colombian 1 20.8MB
Colombian Shouts 3.5MB
Colombian 1 5.4MB
Colombian 2 4.9MB
Colombian 3 5.2MB
Colombian 6 1.8MB
D02. Reggae 15.9MB
Reggae 11.7MB
Rasta Shouts 4.2MB
D03. Celtic 20.5MB
LC Mournful 10.4MB
LC Celtic 7.3MB
KG Celtic 2.9MB
E01. Gaelic Male 1 29.1MB
Gaelic Male 1 2.4MB
Gaelic Male 2 3.0MB
Gaelic Male 3 4.5MB
Gaelic Male 4 4.7MB
Gaelic Male 5 6.1MB
Gaelic Male 6 1.8MB
Gaelic Male 7 2.7MB
Gaelic Male 8 4.0MB
E02. Gaelic Male 2 7.2MB
Gaelic M.9 3.1MB
Gaelic M.10 2.7MB
Gaelic M.11 1.4MB
E03. Welsh Female 21.6MB
Welsh Female 1 4.3MB
Welsh Female 2 4.3MB
Welsh Female 3 2.7MB
Welsh Female 4 1.8MB
Welsh Female 5 2.1MB
Welsh Female 6 2.1MB
Welsh Female 7 4.3MB
F01. Gaelic Female 14.1MB
LG Gaelic 1 3.8MB
LG Gaelic 2 1.9MB
LG Gaelic 3 4.8MB
LG Gaelic 4 3.6MB
F02. Scandinavian 16.3MB
Scandinavian 9.5MB
Nordic 6.8MB
F03. Hildegaard 10.4MB
Hildegaard 10.4MB
F04. Serbian 13.1MB
Serbian 13.1MB
F05. Qawalli 6.1MB
Qawalli 6.1MB
G01. East Indian 29.9MB
East Indian 1 14.9MB
East Indian 2 14.6MB
Tabla Bols 0.4MB
G02. Black Sea 4.8MB
Black Sea 4.8MB
G03. Balkan 9.7MB
Balkan 9.7MB
G04. Persian 6.4MB
Persian 1 3.0MB
Persian 2 3.4MB
G05. Saharan 2.1MB
Saharan 2.1MB
G06. Himalayan 5.2MB
Himalayan 5.2MB
H01. Macedonian 1.5MB
Macedonian 1.5MB
H02. Near East 2.8MB
Near East 1.7MB
Turkish 1.1MB
H03. Central Asia 1.0MB
Central Asia 1.0MB
H04. Eastern FX 5.4MB
Eastern FX 1.2MB
Indian Yells 3.3MB
Shepherdess 0.4MB
Ululation 0.5MB
H05. Afro Noises 21.4MB
Afro Chants 8.8MB
Afro Wild! 12.0MB
Aahhh 1 0.3MB
Aahhh 2 0.3MB
H06. South African 13.8MB
South African 13.8MB
Zulu Choir 3.4MB
Zulu Kids 1.9MB
Zulu Men 5.4MB
Zulu Women 3.1MB
H07. Nomadic 14.0MB
Nomadic Sung 10.9MB
Nomad Noises 2.4MB
I01. Bavaria Yodel 15.2MB
Fast Yodel 1 2.6MB
Fast Yodel 2 0.6MB
Fast Yodel 3 1.6MB
Fast Yodel 4 0.6MB
Slow Yodel 1.0MB
Yodelin' Elvis 1.8MB
Yoduets 0.7MB
Yodelin' Guy 3.2MB
Yodelin' Gal 3.0MB
I02. Yodelin' Yells 5.7MB
Yodel Yells 0.9MB
Female Yodel Yells 0.1MB
German Yells 0.6MB
Karl & Fritz 4.0MB
I03. Country Yodel 6.6MB
Country Yodel 5.9MB
Country Duets 0.7MB

*All other manufacturers' product names used in this instrument are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Spectrasonics. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during Spectrasonics sound development.