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Vocal Planet

Vocal Planet

Complete library includes Data CD
Akai/Emu, Roland



Produced by Eric Persing
Recording sessions produced by Eric Persing and Roby Duke
Engineering: Roby Duke, Eric Persing, Michael Lord, Ace Yukawa, Luigi Bruti, Scott Tibbs, Joe Arthur, Todd Campopiano, Taro Kakehashi Jr.
Principal Sound Design by Eric Persing
CD-ROM conversion by Todd Campopiano
Additional Sample Editing by Todd Campopiano, Luke Pickerill, Richard Souther, Ace Yukawa, Akira Endoh, Tetsuya Fukumaro, Bob Wilson.
Groove Control™ processing: Luke Pickerill
Human Tuners: Eric Persing, Richard Souther, Bob Wilson
Doctors of Documentation: Luke Pickerill, Nick Manson
Data Disc development: Luke Pickerill
Quality Control: Eric Persing, Nick Manson
Glottal treatments: Armand Hillside
Director of Encouragement and Motivation: Lorey Persing
Cover artwork by Jon Conrad
Sketch illustrations by Chris Hopkins
Graphic Design and layout by Steve Peretti
Printed by Green Street Press, Pasadena
Groove Control™ Combo grooves by Eric Persing
VP Blues, VP Gospel, VP Jazz 1, VP Dance, VP World demo songs by Eric Persing
Soundfinder multisample and VP Jazz 2 demos by Nick Manson
All demos ©2000 Big Green Music ASCAP, demos not for sampling, broadcast, reuse or remixing without written authorization.
MVP Player software courtesy of QDesign -www.qdesign.com
Recorded in:
Seattle, Washington
Bothel, Washington
Burbank, California
Los Angeles, California
Santa Monica, California
Boise, Idaho
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Bombay, India
Hammamatsu, Japan
Jackson, Mississippi
Cape Town, South Africa
Pedaso, Italy
Kingston, Jamaica
Thanks to all the Vocalists:
Gina Salá (www.globalvocals.com), Huun Huur-Tu, Kaigal-ool Khovalyg, Anatoli Kuular, Sayan Bapa, Amalita, José Guzman, Pablo Sepulveda, Marcelo Sulantay, Ellis Hall, Libby Torrance, Elmer Brown, Kirsten Owen, Julie Wolf, Alvin Chea, Bill Cantos, Randy Crenshaw, Jeff Gunn, Roger Treece, Antowaine Richardson, Main Attraction, Ronnie Rowland, Tony Graves, Lee Conerly, Sean King, Nikol Kollars, Steve Amerson, Jo Miller, Doug Barnett, Kuk Harrell, Justo Almario, Katharine Grant, Lisa Curtis, The Imani Fellowship Choir, Sam Townsend Jr., Linda McCrary, Charity McCrary, Don McCrary, Howard McCrary II, Charles McCrary, Kristle Murden and all the great big musical McCrary family, Elliot Redman, Drew Dumas, Timur Beriker, Roby Duke, The Escola de Samba percussionists of Rio de Janeiro, Elijah Newsome, Eddie Cusic, Eugene Powell, Dee Dee Brazitis, Rob Stewart, Melvin Saunders, Timothy Danpier, Joe Arthur's South African Choir, Antwoine Parmer, S.H.A.D.E.S. Urban Youth Choir, Corla Wygal, Richard Hill, Dave Simpson, David Palmer, Aimee Buchholz, Carol Ensley, Valerie Pinkston, Karl Nagele, Fritz Tatzer, Martin Mayorga, Alphonso Castañeda, Rosa Castañeda & Eric Boseman.
Special thanks to:
The Persing kids: Jazmine, Soren and Sage -for putting up with this project for most of your lives!, Roby Duke-mi amigo for the duration, Todd Campopiano for hanging in for the long haul, Luke the mighty Pick-Good Stuff!!, Vibeke, Bill and Ruth Calvert, Nick Manson-resident professor, Dan Holter for stating the idea that was so obvious, I couldn't see it, Sam and the Imani Fellowship Choir for the most inspiring sampling session of all time, Crossroads Blues Foundation, Wendy Corrick, Victory Music, Lyn Middlebrook, Aimee Buchholz, Michele Auon, Gabrielle Callahan, Bob and Laurie Wilson, Richard and Cyndi Souther, Hans Zimmer-without whom we probably would never have considered doing something this insane, Dr. Larry Ball, Michel Colombier, Paul Haslinger, Mark Isham, John Lehmkuhl, Theodore Levin at Dartmouth University, The Smithsonian Institute, Chris Hopkins-for the beautiful hand illustrations, our friends at Roland-Mr. Kakehashi, Ace Yukawa, Mr. Miki, Endohsan, Luigi Bruti, Scott Tibbs- Ellis and Karen Hall, Alvin Chea, Bill Cantos, Randy Crenshaw, Kuk, Justo, Linda and Gang, Dan Cheeney, Gina Salá-for the extra effort and categorization help, Armand Hillside -glottal master, Joe Arthur, QDesign, Don Romine and all at Green St. Press, Jon Conrad, Pastor Mark Pickerill and our church family at Christian Assembly in Eagle Rock, all our international distributors and especially to Mark, Shelly and the whole ILIO gang for running interference for us for four years! You guys deserve a medal.... Vocal Planet is dedicated to Jazmine, Soren and Sage Persing. Someday, when this big ol' world is yours to roam and explore, be the best that you can be-reflecting all the glory and promise of our loving God who made you.
"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect" -Romans12:2


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