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Symphony of Voices

Symphony of Voices

Akai/Emu, Roland



Produced by Eric Persing

Seattle sessions Co-Produced by Roby Duke
London sessions conducted by Rupert Gregson-Williams
Sound Design by Eric Persing and Todd Campopiano
Soprano Soloists: Jennifer Lind, Pauli Pedersen & Melinda Perrin
Tenor Soloist: Steve Amerson
Pop Male Stacks: Roby Duke
Pop Female Stacks: Libby Torrance, Jennifer Lind & Kirsten Owen
Background Oos Stacks: Linda McCrary, Howard McCrary II, Crystal Merton, Roger Treece
London Choirs: The London Chorale & The Hertfordshire Chorus
Vibrato/Staccato Choir: The Washington Master Chorale
Boys Choir: The Cantate Youth Choir
Gregorian Men: Members of The Compline Choir
London Choirmaster: Michael Kibblewhite
Gregorian Choirmaster: Jeff Junkinsmith
Additional Sample Editing by Ace Yukawa, Akira Endoh, Tetsuya Fukumaro and Bob Daspit
Engineering by Eric Persing, Austin Ince, Roby Duke, Michael Lord and Dan Garcia
Recorded at:
Haileybury Cathedral -London, England
St. Thomas Cathedral at Bastyr University -Seattle, Washington
Eastside Foursquare Church -Seattle, Washington
Red Door Studios -Bothel, Washington
Ultrasonics -Burbank, California
O'Henry's -Burbank, California
Sample inputting by Lorey Persing
Invaluable Assistance by Michele Tarbutton, Gabrielle Callahan, Vibeke Calvert and Anna Christopher
Vocal chord research by Armand Hillside
Cover Art by Jon Conrad for jondavid Productions
Graphic Design by Steve Peretti, Peretti Design
Printed at Green St. Press, Pasadena CA
This project was a massive team effort. We are very grateful to:
Roby for the incredible "marathon" job and constant friendship, Todd -for your commitment and dedication to this project and the thousands of hours you spent in the dungeon of "arcane archives" to ensure the utmost quality, All at Roland Japan for your support and help on this project: Mr. Kakehashi, Mr. Miki, Ace Yukawa, Mark Tsuruta and Endoh-san, Rupert for lending us your experience and expertise -you did an outstanding job, Bob Daspit -for all your excellent help and advice, Jeff Junkinsmith -for the Gregorian education and super stamina, Shelly and Mark Hiskey for your awesome support and encouragement, Jennifer and family for high Cs way above and beyond the call of duty, Libby for your killer attitude and enthusiasm even after a zillion passes, Steve Amerson for saving the day, Michael Kibblewhite and his wonderful choirs in London, Hans Zimmer -without whom we probably would never have considered doing something this insane, Dr. Larry Ball, Ruth Calvert, Dan Cheeney for all the helpful running and set-up, Michael Lord for keeping a cool head with golden ears, Linda McCrary and gang -for a very fun day, Dan Garcia for your amazing ability to always be such a blessing and a recording genius, Jon Conrad -for your patience with all our cover revisions- it looks as classy as it sounds!, Richard and Cyndi Souther for all the invaluable feedback, Armand -your research formed the cornerstone of this collection- a million thanks!, Michele, Gabrielle, Vibeke and Anna-greatest assistants on the planet!, Steve Peretti for the visual integrity of the product and book graphics, Bob and Laurie Wilson for your friendship and perspective checks, Assemblywoman Jackie Pattillo, Trevor Rabin, Michel Colombier, Judd Miller, Steve Lindsey, Mark Isham, J.Peter Robinson, Robbie Buchanan, David Newman, Christopher Franke, Mark Napier at Audio Affects, Bob Sommerfield, Alex Wurman, James Newton-Howard, John Lehmkuhl, Steve Hazelton, Gary Shelton for the Rodes, All our International Distributors -especially to our partners at ILIO, Media Integration Japan, Time & Space UK, Univers Sons France, MIDIWare Italy and Best Service Germany, Gary Turner, David Gurnick, Don Romine and all at Green St. Press, Pastor Mark Pickerill and our church family at Christian Assembly in Eagle Rock, and especially to Lorey -the encouragement engine of Spectrasonics.
Vocal Planet Demo songs by Eric Persing
©1998 Big Green Music ASCAP
(*demos not for re-use in broadcasting, recording or sampling without permission.)


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