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Supreme Beats

Supreme Beats

Vol.1-4 Audio CD Boxed set $249 African/Contemporary/World/Dance
Vol.5 International Audio CD $99

African/Contemporary CD-ROM $199
World/Dance CD-ROM $199



Produced by: Bashiri Johnson, Ted Bickford & David Gale

CD-ROM versions developed by: Eric Persing

Engineer: Hugo Dwyer
Assistant: Anthony Gillis

CD-ROM development & Sound Design:
Larry Garcia, Todd Campopiano, Eric Persing & Overhead Mic

Recording Studios:
River Sound Studios, New York City,
thanks to Donald Fagen, Scott Barkham, Todd Allan, Gary Katz, David Dill, Anthony Gillis, Jim Viviano, Tony Gonzalez, Jay Ryan and Keith Rosenberg.
Sound Tracks Recording, New York City,
thanks to Rob Cavicachio, Ian Huckabee, Christine Nevarez and Tony. Sound Castle, Los Angeles,
thanks to Kevin Davis and Dave

Art Direction: Ted Bickford
Photography: Francesco Mosto, Ted Bickford.
Additional Graphic Design: Jon Conrad & Associates LA, & The Peretti Group LA.

CD-ROM Production Manager: Armand Hillside.

Special Thanks from Grand St.:
Gary Katz, B-Side Music Group: Estefano Riojas, David Dill, LP: Martin Cohen, Wayne Cohen, Maryln Cohen, Tanya, Ray Tregalis, Omar, Cheryle. Gibraltar / Kamen: John Roderick, Kim, Jerry Steinholtz. Sabian: Pat Rodgers, Bobby Boos, Dean, Melissa, Greg Mackie, Rick Vartean, Ron Kohlina, D K Sweet. Slappers: Billy Amendola, KAT: Mario Decuittis, Chris Ryan, Rod, Dan Dauz, Vic and Kelly Firth. African Percussion: Paulo Mattioli. Acorn Percussion. Sam Ash: Wayne Cobham, Marko. Udu Drum: Frank Giorgini. George Barrett, and the Remo Family. Big Mike, Kenny, Norrine, Kevin, and everyone at CMS. Impact Percussion: Jackson Krall. Time Capsule. Brokerage: Elise Klein. Lillie Bryen, Jerry Steiffelman, Francesco Mosto, and Chris White.

Special Thanks from Spectrasonics:
Our terrific (and patient) International distributors and friends in the Sampleware community, Shelly & Mark at ILIO, Todd & Larry for all the persistence and hard work, Overhead Mic- the world's fastest inputter, Richard & Cyndi Souther, Jackie Pattillo, Vibeke Calvert, Michelle & Danny Tarbutton, Jon for the eagle eye, Steve & Jana Peretti, Don Romine and all at Green St. Press, Pastor Mark Pickerill and our church family at Christian Assembly in Eagle Rock.

Demo songs by Eric Persing ©1995 Big Green Music ASCAP

(*demos not for re-use in broadcasting, recording or sampling)

Engineers Notes
The sounds on these discs were recorded to twenty-four track analog tape and mixed through a Neve 8078 console. All mixes went straight to DAT using Wadia A to D converters, and later edited on Sound Tools, Sound Designer and Roland S-760 & 770 digital editing/sampling systems. Microphones used included: Neumann U 87's; AKG C-12's, 414's, and 460's; Sennheiser 421's and 441's; and Shure SM 57's. Signal processing consisted of EMT plates, Lexicon 480 Digital reverb, AMS reverb and digital delays, Drawmer noise gates and dbx and Summit compressors. All stereo samples are compatible to both monaural and Ultra-stereo matrixing.


*All other manufacturers' product names used in this instrument are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Spectrasonics. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during Spectrasonics sound development.