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Retro Funk

Retro Funk

CD-Audio $99 - w/o Groove Control™
CD-ROM $199 - with Groove Control™
Akai/Emu, Roland


Spectrasonics takes Retro into the future!
  • Awesome Live drum & percussion grooves
  • Authentic Vintage Sound, Feel & Style
  • Multiple world-class Drummers, Studios and Engineers
  • Transitional Song Construction Elements
  • Ultra-Wide Sonic Variety
  • Unprecedented Control

A fresh take on the killer vintage sound. The sonic texture of these loops makes them ultra-flexible, bringing massive "vibe" to any modern track. Producer Eric Persing's mixes create a unique, dry sonic attitude in this library, making it ideal for layering with other groove elements. Vintage mics, warm Analog tape compression and antique drums all contribute to the funkiness. And with Groove Control™, the grooves are at your command, effortlessly blending their timing and human feel to match your music. Turn a GoGo groove into Deep House, a JB Boogaloo into Drum & Bass, a Fatback P-Funk groove into Alternative Reggae, or an R&B stomp into a Pop Ballad! It's scary how quickly you can sound like a remix genius!

There have been numerous drum loop products produced in the past, but never before with this level of quantity, quality, flexibility and variety. The authenticity in Sound, Feel and Style is unprecedented.

Producers Eric Persing and Bob Wilson (Liquid Grooves), went to great lengths to insure that every groove was performed with maximum inspiration and is truly "the real deal".

Normally, a drum loop library features the same drummer playing one kit, in one studio, all recorded in one day -resulting in the same basic sound throughout the collection. It may be good, but the lack of variety gets old quickly. In one of the biggest departures from other drum loop discs, Retro Funk was created from months of recording sessions with multiple world-class drummers -each recorded by different engineers in numerous legendary Hollywood studios like Captial Records, The Enterprise and O'Henry's. The focus is on live drumming with serious feel, vintage drums and a huge variety of original grooves and fills from four incredible drummers!

The featured players on Retro Funk include:

Gregg Bissonette (Santana, Joe Satriani, Don Henley)
Bob Wilson (Liquid Grooves, George Benson, The Crusaders)
John Ferraro (Larry Carlton, David Benoit, Albert Lee, Aaron Neville)
Eric Boseman (Liquid Grooves, James Newton-Howard)

Create your own complete drum track with Song Construction Elements including Variations, Fills, Fill Bars, Intros, Breakdowns, Ride and Sidestick patterns, Add-on Cymbals, Claps, Vinyl noise and funky live Percussion loops too! This massive stash of grooves is destined to be another Spectrasonics legend.

Audio Demos
mp3 stream

This is a very live and loose sounding track from Guitarist Larry Mitchell. One of the coolest things about this track is that the Trilian Bass parts were played by Larry on his MIDI Guitar, which really makes a big difference in the realism of those bass parts. All of the drums are coming from the Retro Funk SAGE Xpander. Good example of how Retro Funk is very useful for Rock stylus too.

FEATURES: Trilian, Stylus RMX, Retro Funk, Omnisphere and Live Guitar

© Spectrasonics and Larry Mitchell

Phonattik - Mike Zick
mp3 stream

Mike has some good times with RMX and the Retro Funk Xpander!

FEATURES: Stylus RMX, Retro Funk, Trilian, Omnisphere and Vocal Planet

© Spectrasonics and Mike Zick

mp3 stream

© Spectrasonics and Hans Joerg-Scheffler

mp3 stream

© Spectrasonics

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Review Quotes

"a nifty bunch of top session drummers focusing on laid-back and super-cool funk drumming. Groove Control™ is an amazingly useful addition to any CD-ROM, and Retrofunk uses this feature to the full...this is a release that deals in sheer quality...more than enough authentically '70s drumminq sounds and stvles to keep retroheads and ex-hippies happy. But where this release succeeds best is in providing all the flavour and spirit of retro soul/funk while at the same time fusing it with a 'must-sample' sound quality and an infectiously musical groove. There is a fantastically wide range of drum sounds on offer, from ultra-tinny hi-hats to 'squanky' snares and bass drums that sound as if they are stuffed with cotton wool. But it's not all tongue-in-cheek, and there are some amazingly tight and powerful funk-rock kit sounds that would give even hard rockers a run for their money...Ultimately, Retrofunk's flair, precision, musicianship and sheer usefulness certainly rate it as one of the best drumming discs."
-Sound on Sound 5 Star review

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