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Retro Funk

Retro Funk

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Akai/Emu, Roland



Produced by Eric Persing & Bob Wilson

Drumming by Gregg Bissonette, Eric Boseman, John Ferraro & Bob Wilson
Mixing and retrosonic treatment by Eric Persing

Wilson recorded by Moogie Canazio at Capital Studio B, Hollywood
Ferraro recorded by Jim Scheffler at O'Henry's Studio A, Burbank
Bissonette recorded by Steve Sykes at Enterprise 2 -Studio A, Burbank
Boseman & Ferraro recorded by Hal Sacks at Music Grinder, Hollywood

Principal Editing by Bob Wilson
Data Management and CD-ROM conversion by Luke Pickerill
Tweaking by Eric Persing
Voice over by Alvin Chea
Production coordination by Lorey Persing and Aimee Buchholz
Head replacement monitoring by Armand Hillside

Cover Art by Jon Conrad, www.jonconrad.com
Graphic Design by Peretti Design, Pasadena, CA
Printed by Green St. Press, Pasadena CA

Special Thanks to:

Bob Wilson for the heroic effort -you are truly "Egg", The players -for your gift of groove and the great hangs, The Lukester, Hal, Moogie, Steve and Jim -commanders in retrosonic exploration -we salute you! Jay Rubin for the genius groove names (Seizure Salad? what's in that brain of yours?!), Buddy Nuanez for the infamous Toy Kit, All the second engineers -God bless them everyone, Mark & Shelly Hiskey, Aimee Buchholz, Vibeke "cheeto queen" Calvert, Bill Calvert, Matt Bissonette, Ernst and the Prop-heads, Dan Tarbutton, Denny Hankla, Matthew Wilkinson and David Ruffy, John Lehmkuhl, Bob Daspit, Richard Souther, Chris O'Brien, Brother Alvin, Zoro, Mike Prager at Steinberg, Enrico for the "bella" T-RackS, Phil Jackson and Bob Hunt at Emagic, Doug Wyatt, Scott Morgan, Ace Yukawa, Jon Conrad, Steve Peretti, Alex Wurman, Charles Williams, Nigel Redman, all our distributors and friends in the Sampleware community -especially to all at ILIO, pastor Mark Pickerill and our church family at Christian Assembly in Eagle Rock and to all our dear sweet families!

This project is dedicated to the memory of the late Cafe N'Awlins, whose Sweet Potato Pecan pie with Chantilly cream added considerable grease to these grooves.

Respect and Inspiration department:

Sly, Dukey, Bootsy, JB, Curtis, Garibaldi, Gadson, Purdie, P-Funk, Withers, Chuck Brown, Isleys, Stevie, Ferrone, Rodney, Kool, Greene, EWF, Yogi, Zigaboo, Stubblefield, Ndugu, Jabo, Ollie, Tiki, Bigfoot, Errico, Newmark, Humphry, Lenny, Benny, Marvin, Blackmon, George Brown, Diamond and all the unsung heroes of Funk -you know who you are!

Retro Funk Demo song by Eric Persing ©1999 Big Green Music ASCAP
(*demo not for broadcasting, sampling or re-use without permission.)

The killing rhythm guitar samples on the demos come from Time & Space's enduring classic "Funk Guitar" sample library, which was produced and performed by Vlad Naslas.

The Vinyl samples appear here under special permission, courtesy of the David Ruffy Drums collection from AMG.

John Ferraro uses DW drums, Rhythm Tech percussion, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth sticks & Evans heads.

Gregg Bissonette uses Mapex drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Vic Firth sticks & Remo heads, DW double pedals.

Bob Wilson uses Peavey drums, Evans drum heads, and he prefers to use sticks whenever possible.

If you're interested in the rich history and background of Funk Drumming, we highly recommend the outstanding book "The Commandments of R&B Drumming" by Zoro from Warner Bros. Publications

"The Lord is righteous in all his ways, and kind in all his deeds. The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth." -Psalm 145:17


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