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21st Century Grooves

[Latin metamorphsis, from Greek, from metamorphoun, to transform, meta-, + morph]

  1. A transformation by supernatural means.

  2. A striking alteration in character, condition, or function.

  3. An extraordinary new library of 21st Century Grooves by Eric Persing.

Get ready to take it to the next level. Acclaimed producer Eric Persing's newest creation features an entire library of his trademark, cutting-edge loop manipulations. Each one of the hundreds of amazing remix grooves are truly unique in texture and feel. From floating, atmospheric Trip Hop pulsations, to experimental euro-club beats....and all the way to intense, Drum 'N Bass fury, this is an extremely versatile library for creative film composers, producers and remixers. The latest tools like Reactor™, Reason™ and over 100 hardware and software devices were used and abused to great effect in the development of this remarkable library. The processed rhythmic inspirations range in tempos from 50 to 180 BPM and beyond!

If you're a fan of Persing's highly-creative groove processing on Distorted Reality, Liquid Grooves and Ethno Techno, prepare yourself to be knocked out!

For the first time on any library, every groove is presented three different ways: First as a standard loop, then in innovative, tempo-matched Groove Menus which offer amazing real-time groove layering at any tempo, and most importantly in Groove Control™ activated versions. There are literally thousands of combination possibilities right at your fingertips.

Metamorphosis brings a one-of-a-kind sonic palette to the already powerful combination of Groove Control™ activated products. Because of the three unique approaches presented, Metamorphosis is much more than simply a collection of inspiring loops--it's an invaluable creative tool for forging your own rhythmic innovations for years to come.

High resolution WAVE files of all the loops are included on the Mac/Windows Data Disc -both for auditioning in Soundfinder, and for direct use in software like Acid™, Phrazer™, Logic™, Cubase™, Reason™ or Pro Tools™!

Audio Demos
mp3 stream

This awesome demo was done as a collaboration with our friends at Access Music in Germany.

All the synth sounds are coming from an Access Virus synth and all the rhythm is coming from the Metamorphosis library in Stylus RMX Xpanded. A killer combo!

© Spectrasonics and Mark Shlaile

mp3 stream

This demo features the Metamophosis grooves from Stylus RMX Xpanded accompanied only by Vocal Planet phases.

© Spectrasonics and Eric Persing

mp3 stream

This demo features grooves from the Metamorphosis section of Stylus RMX Xpanded, Vocal Planet phrases and numerous evocative textures, boys choirs and sounds from Omnisphere.

© Spectrasonics and Eric Persing

mp3 stream

Features grooves from the Metamorphosis section of Stylus RMX Xpanded, phrases from Vocal Planet, Bass Legends muted basses and numerous sounds and textures from Omnisphere including the lead Electric Sitar melody.

© Spectrasonics and Eric Persing

mp3 stream

EP's Funky Electro R&B demo highlights Metaphosis grooves in Stylus RMX Xpanded and phrases/fx from Vocal Planet.

© Spectrasonics and Eric Persing

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Review Quotes
"Persing has done it again... hundreds of remix grooves ranging from airy, pulsing blobs to woofer-wrenching club destroyers. If you're looking for cutting-edge remixology, check out Metamorphosis!"
-Harmony Central NAMM "Hot Pick" award

"We can say with certainty that Metamorphosis represents a profound change in the form of sample CDs....Like those in the popular Distorted Reality series, Metamorphosis' rhythmic loops transcend both style and convention as they duck and weave beyond fickle genre classifications like techno, drum 'n bass, or trance. Instead, the rich offerings here give rise to new possibilities and put real tools into a producer's toolbox. Metamorphosis' sounds move from street beats to future funk and then collide with world rhythms...None of the loops are simple, but the light quality makes them both rich and tasteful....Persing craftily morphs his grooves into thick rhythmic textures and spatial aural shapes...Producers looking for sophistication coupled with lowdown funk will be pleased....some grooves may tip their hat to James Brown, but the sonic direction is 21st century, with a deep and nasty urban party vibe. Other banks provide evidence of Persing's groove incubation techniques, where he allows sounds to fester inside synths, effects boxes, and feedback loops. The lifeless quality present in many sample CDs has been surpassed by Metamorphosis' vibrant patterns which open up myriad original layering and mix options. Part of what makes Metamorphosis so intense is the inclusion of 12 different Groove Menus. To layer these rhythms upon one another is to truly enjoy the essence of Metamorphosis, a state-of-the-art example of sophisticated programming and processing that makes loop mixing seem as organic as crop rotation."
-REMIX magazine review

"Amazing, description-defying sounds on this bases-loaded, outta-the-park home run of a sample CD-ROM. Groove Control renders the grooves elastic to a startling degree...scandalously creative sound design...everything from sizzling electronic and ethnic-sounding percussion loops to gut-busting kicks that thump out of the speakers with all the angst of an Outkast cut. Whether you're into trip-hop, the latest flavor of drum 'n' bass, or tribal-like trance, there are treasures to be found. The sound quality is top-notch throughout, as you might expect from an Eric Persing-produced library...an emphasis on funky and extreme sound design that should provide inspiration enough to kick-start even the most stalled project...Filter sweeps, multi-tap delays, flangers, and distortion effects are just the tip of the iceberg...The tempo-matched Groove Menu programs allow you to mix and match grooves on the fly from your keyboard, which can be a fun way to get your creative juices bubbling...If you compose music for film or multimedia, or produce dance remixes, you'll undoubtedly find plenty to love in this library. The loops are not only impressive from a production standpoint, they're incredibly musical and inspirational, which is why we've given Metamorphosis a Key Buy."
-Keyboard magazine Key Buy and NAMM "Top 20" product award

"Metamorphosis is another one of those Eric Persing projects that you just know is going to get a little weird by the time you're through....a monster three-disc set...the processing style on display is up there with previous P ersing releases Distorted Reality and Liquid Grooves when it comes to extremeness, so there's far more here than just a collection of gritty, scratchy old funk rhythms with a slight swing. There's distortion, filtering, extreme effects and synthesized sound — the list of gear used in the creation of the samples extends to two pages of hardware and software. This is not a night out with an HR16 and a Quadraverb! The degree and type of processing varies enormously throughout the library, but at no point are the loops rendered unusable through over-zealous mangling. The loops really groove nicely, while the processing gives them character and depth that would be very hard to find from any other source."
-Sound on Sound magazine Five Star review

"We are already TOTALLY digging Metamorphosis!"
-Mark Isham (film composer, recording artist)

"The Groove menus provide for some very interesting and unique sounding loops that sound quiet different from the original. ...You'll find some very creative sounds here: from bassy club beats to airy, synthetic pulses, blips, sonar pings, metallic pad-like sounds, moderately to heavily distorted synth riffs and some really eclectic synthesized melodic sequences (some processed in the sexiest sounding ways)....The great thing about most of the loops is that they work well and sound great by themselves just as well as they work layered on top of each other to create something that sounds completely new....Perhaps the best part about the three hundred and some loops that are available on Metamorphosis is that they've obviously been designed in such a way to avoid being musically incompatible. Great sounding loops are one thing, but great sounding loops that don't kill your music because of their complexity have a definite value to them and this makes Metamorphosis a special library in my opinion....Like the other Spectrasonics releases that I have had the opportunity to work with, Metamorphosis is no slouch as far as the sheer quality of the way everything sounds is concerned. The recordings are clear and precise - you can drop them into a sequence and they'll add an aura of sleek professionalism to almost anything. As the liner notes for Metamorphosis state, an abundance of both hardware and software was used to create these loops - a host of hardware gadgetry and gear that would make most salivate at the very thought of the gear list....The Soundfinder method is an amazing timesaver and it makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for within seconds....I was able to spend almost a month working with Metamorphosis, getting to know the samples while fitting them in with new compositions and getting a feel for how these loops not only work with other musical elements, but how they mix, how they perform and how they inspire....I found it to be one of those rare gems that offers something that sounds rather new and different. On the other hand it is not too abstract as to reserve itself only for fringe music. It shares a lot in common with Liquid Grooves, but takes things to a different level by incorporating the output of some of the latest electronic musical instruments that are out there and offers up something that definitely has a unique sound to it. There is some really interesting sounding stuff here that will not disappoint. That aside, I think the important thing about Metamorphosis is that the loops work, they sound fantastic and if used properly, they don't overwhelm. Metamorphosis is another superb effort by the Spectrasonics team that should most certainly be in any electronic composers' creative sound palette."
-Sonic Control FIVE STAR review

"Absolutely brilliant...I was looking for some loop-based material to make a song backing track more dramatic and interesting. Within 10 minutes of working with 'Metamorphosis', I'd found three or four loops that exactly fitted the bill. After an hour, I'd found so much useable material that my mind was beginning to boggle! I really like the way Eric Persing uses distortion and phasing, but somehow manages to maintain the loop's sonic integrity. The end result is exactly to my taste, powerful without being overpowering, funky without being clichéd. I don't know exactly how he does it, but I do know it would take me weeks to get anywhere near the same effect! My congratulations for making the world of sampling inspirational again."
-English keyboard legend Dave Stewart

"Awesome...so many great ideas..thanks!"
-Robbie Buchanan (producer, keyboardist)

"Persing has set the standard for how groove libraries should be done....Inspiring."
-Bruce Richardson, Pro-Rec web site

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