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Hans Zimmer Guitars vol. 2

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Akai/Emu, Roland



Produced by Bob Daspit
Executive Producers: Hans Zimmer and Eric Persing

All instruments performed by Bob Daspit
Cavaquinho, Charango, and Flamenco chords performed by Frederico Ramos
Principal Sound Design by Bob Daspit
Additional Sound Design by Sean Spuehler
Additional Sound Design and Engineering by Nicole Govert-Daspit
Recorded in Los Angeles at Artisan Studios, Hermosa Beach and Media Ventures, Santa Monica
Photography by Nicole Govert-Daspit
Many thanks to:
Todd Campopiano, John Powell, Harry Gregson-Williams, James Newton-Howard, Steve Porcaro, Rob Hoffman for providing the Electric Sitar and Jazz Hollowbody guitars, Andy Hildebrand for Infinity™, Scott Morgan for RAIFF™ and TransferStation™, D'Addario™ strings, Mark and Shelly at ILIO Entertainments, and Eric and Lorey Persing of Spectrasonics.
Demo song by Robert Daspit ©1999 Artisan Music, BMI
(demo not for re-use in broadcasting, recording or sampling without permission.)


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