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Hans Zimmer Guitars vol. 1

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Akai/Emu, Roland



Produced, performed and recorded by Bob Daspit

Executive Producer: Hans Zimmer and Eric Persing
Martin 6-Strings performed by Michael Stevens
Yamaha Nylon performed by Hans Zimmer
Additional Source Recordings: Bret Newman, Hans Zimmer, Michael Stevens, Ryleland Allison, Steven Stern

Cover Design & Photography: Chris Ward
Creative Consultants: Armand Hillside, Mark Mancina
Masseuse: Kelly Wheeler

Recorded at: The Loo at Old Media - Century City, CA; Media Ventures - Santa Monica, CA; Roland Audio Development - Culver City, CA; Skywalker Sound - Los Angeles, CA; QMART - Studio City, CA; Original Vibe - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.


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