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Heart of Asia

Heart of Asia

CD-Audio set $129 -selected phrases
CD-ROM set $299 -complete library
Akai/Emu, Roland



Most of this CD-ROM was recorded at or near the studios of Schtung Music (Singapore) on the Roland DM-80. The rest was recorded at Form Studios in Singapore, and at a monastery somewhere in Eastern Tibet.
Executive Producer - John Carol Sharp
Produced by - Mashor Shawn Letts & Eric Persing
Sound Engineering - Rennie Gomes
Sound Design - David Leow
Additional Sound Design - Larry Garcia, Eric Persing, Jeremy Lum
Samplecell, K-2000, & Akai CD-ROM Programming - Todd Campopiano
Production Coordinator - Lillian Chan
Production Advisor - Joseph Byrd White
Production Assistant - Susie Chee
A big thank you to all the musicians, vocalists, priests, and poets who provided the sounds. Heartfelt thanks also to Morton Wilson, Andrew Hagan, Eddie Chung, Pete Millward, and all at Schtung Music Hong Kong and Schtung America.
Additional (but no less heartfelt!) thanks to Eric and Lorey Persing of Spectrasonics, Peter Kellock, Jim Byron, Swee Lee Music, Chris Martinaro and David Fox of Kurweill, and all at Roland Audio Development.
Francine, Shariffah, Agatha, and Samatha - Thanks for understanding. We couldn't have done it without you.


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