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Heart of Africa vol.2

Heart of Africa vol.2

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Heart of Africa vol.2
Heart of Africa Volume Two features rare performances recorded live at a two week tribal competition in Kenya. Authentic choir and vocal shouts, chants and polyrhythmic percussion ensemble grooves from the Maasai, Kikuyu, Meru, Pokot, and Nandi peoples. A collection of powerfully primal and untamed tribal ensemble phrases and SFX that perfectly compliment the instruments and loops from Volume one. Presented in song construction format.

The Heart of Africa series has been produced with the same standard of excellence as the renown Heart of Asia library.

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Review Quotes
"Spectrasonics has unleashed another world music monster in Heart of Africa...The emotion, energy and spontaneity of the performances is wonderful...The vocal performance samples in Vol. 2 are strongly evocative...a vocal solo might include yodels, gargles, or blurbles a an integral part of the line: We're talking flavor here...the tapes were recorded on location, but the sound is surprisingly clean and consistent throughout...The fact that you're hearing segments from one song rather than isolated excerpts gives you a lot more ways to build a piece. you don't have to just grab a two-bar bit and loop it...An amazing assortment of musical experiences that any sampler owner can use...if you'd like to spice up your tracks with a dose of real African flavor, it's hard to see how you could go wrong with Heart of Africa vol.2"
-KEYBOARD Magazine Triple 5 Star review

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