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Heart of Africa vol.2

Heart of Africa vol.2

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Audio CD Listing
1 Heart of Africa Vol.2 Demo
Ensemble Phrase Samples
2 Maassai Hut Ritual: Pieces performed in a cow dung hut
3 Goli ni Velioh: East African folk song performed after a successful rain
4 Wokanekwao: Traditional Kikuyu dance performed by youth during circumcision ceremony
5 Trukana: Traditional African melody with sacred (Christian) text
6 Rainmakers: Traditional rain dance
7 Kamba Dance: Acrobatic dance introduced during WWI
8 Harvest Song: Kisii folk song
9 Sinarah: Traditional African melody with sacred text
10 Nandi Folk Song
11 Magheda Mamuere: Kikuyu folk song performed by women during harvest time
12 Kaanda: Kikuyu folk song (sung by young man during courtship)
13 Denghe: Meru folk song giving advice to married couples
14 Daghe: Kikuyu traditional dance
15 Misc.Folk excerpt 1: African folk song with sacred text (Christian)
16 Misc.Folk excerpt 2: African folk song with sacred text (Christian)
17 Misc.Folk excerpt 3: African folk song with sacred text (Christian)
18 Misc.Folk excerpt 4: African folk song with sacred text (Christian)
19 Cattle Raid: Calling warriors to search for cattle to steal
20 Mogolyo: Kikuyu folk song about courtship and marriage
21 Blossoming Flowers: Wedding dance
22 Birario Obitoga: Folk song exhorting young couples to maintain marriage vows
23 Anejibi: Traditional folk song
24 Isikuti: Western province folk dance
25 Nyanza: Traditional African melody
26 Achiburu: One-foot dance from Uganda
27 Pokot Seduction Song: Sung to women by victorious warriors
28 Rejoicing Warriors: Pokot traditional dance performed for returning warriors
African Animals & SFX
29 Rhino Snorts & Slurps
30 Vervet Monkeys
31 Vervet Monkey Screams
32 Hippo Pools
33 Wildebeest Stampede
34 Mara Crickets
35 Night Crickets 1
36 Night Crickets 2
37 Metal Cricket
38 Tinkle Frogs
39 Plains Crickets
40 Courall
41 Fly-Bys
42 Calabus Monkeys
43 Mara Morning Birds
44 Reed Warblers
45 Weaver Birds -Gathering
46 Weaver Birds -Frenzy
47 Serengetti Rainstorm
48 Tanzanian Brook
49 Maassai Children Playing
50 Maassai Family Breakfast
51 Keyna Marketplace

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