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Heart of Africa vol.1

Heart of Africa vol.1

CD-Audio $129 - selected library
CD-ROM $299 - complete library - Akai
CD-ROM $199 - Tribal Vocals - Roland



Produced by Eric Persing

Sound Design: Robert Daspit, Eric Persing & Scott Hunter
CD Audio Mastering: Armand Hillside
CD-ROM Conversion: Todd CampopianoArt Direction: Jon Conrad & Associates
Cover Art Painting: Joel Nakamura
Graphic Design: Steve Peretti, The Peretti Group
Printing: Green St. Press, Pasadena CA Location & source recording by Bob Summerfield, Joe Arthur, Chris Ting, Dan Portis-Cathers and Eric Persing
Cultural consultants: Adam Rudolf & Malcolm Duplesis
Special Thanks to:
The many gifted musicians and singers who contributed to this project, Bob D. for being the catalyst for getting this off the ground, Malcolm "Mr. Connections" for all your help in S.Africa, Joe for the great sounds and willingness to help, Bob S. for the "Brilliant" DAT, Hans Zimmer, Dan for all the expertise and willingness to join our series, Morton Wilson at Schtung Music for the use of the concept, Scott Hunter- the world's fastest inputter, Armand for the endless hours and dedication to excellence, Adam for the gracious "11th hour Ethnomusicology course", Richard for the great demo, invaluable feedback and friendship, Jackie Pattillo, Bill & Vibeke Calvert, Jon for the friendship & beautiful cover design, Joel for the amazing paintings, Steve & Jana Peretti for your patience & willingness to fine-tune all the production details, Alain Etchart, All our Distributors and friends in the Sampleware community, Don Romine and all at Green St. Press, Pastor Mark Pickerill and our church family at Christian Assembly in Eagle Rock.
Heart of Africa vol.1 Demo song by Richard Souther ©1995 Northersouth music ASCAP
(*demo not for re-use in broadcasting, recording or sampling without permission of the composer.)
Heart of Africa vol.2 Preview section courtesy of Dan Portis-Cathers & Deep Sea Music
Some samples looped with INFINITY(tm)
Chromazones(tm) is a Trademark of Spectrasonics
This project is dedicated to our brothers and sisters who have suffered so terribly in Rwanda and Liberia. May your faith in our Lord sustain and strengthen you.
A portion of each sale of Heart of Africa goes directly to African relief.


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