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Distorted Reality

Distorted Reality 1

CD-Audio $99 - selected library
CD-ROM $199 - complete library
Akai/Emu, Roland


AKAI CD-Rom Listing
Partition A:
A01. Cricket Choir 1.6MB
A02. Inhale 0.4MB
A03. Mist 0.7MB
A04. Solia 2.9MB
A05. Frosty 3.2MB
A06. Space Dock 1.4MB
A07. Mystic 0.8MB
A08. Icelandic 2.9MB
A09. Frontiers 1.4MB
A10. Windy City 0.7MB
A11. Dimensions 1.1MB
A12. Lost Horizon 2.2MB
A13. Enigmatic 1.2MB
A14. Pixies 0.9MB
A15. Creepy 1.5MB
A16. Invert Gliss 2.2MB
A17. Taj Mahal 1.7MB
A18. Crystal Waves 2.7MB
A19. Glissolia 5.0MB
A20. Weightless 6.3MB
A21. Organous Sweep 0.4MB
Lunar Rains
A22. Star Shower 3.8MB
A23. Phantom Rain 1.2MB
A24. Rumble Rain 2.8MB
A25. Black Den 1.6MB
A26. Long Voyage 3.7MB
A27. Short Voyages 3.5MB
A28. Odd Bells 1.2MB
A29. Cleansing 0.5MB
Partition B:
B01. Odd Live Loops 1.3MB
Rye Bread 104 BPM
Chili Wah 113 BPM
Li'l Brother 160 BPM
Ina Gada Wah 168 BPM
B02. Phuzz Beats 2.6MB
Bonham Burn 78 BPM
Pigheaded 81 BPM
White Trash 88 BPM
Funk on Fire 1&2 97 BPM
Phuzz Phunk 110 BPM
Hard Core 1, 2, & 110 BPM
B03. Talk Box Beats 8.6MB
Old Throat 96 BPM
Grumpy Talk 98 BPM
Wowing Talk 120 BPM
Make it Phunky Talk 128 BPM
Bone Talk 128 BPM
Didjeritalk 132 BPM
Talkin' NRG 136 BPM
B04. Processed Loops 60-110 BPM 13.6MB
Insomniac 62 BPM
Hyphoid 1&2 80 BPM
Big Bone 85 BPM
Trip Hoppin' 88 BPM
Ring Hopper 92 BPM
Dem Bones 95 BPM
Mouthwasher 1&2 95 BPM
D.R. Demo Grooves 100 BPM
7/8 Chuggie 104 BPM
Chug Sweeper 110 BPM
B05. Processed Loops 112-140 BPM 8.7MB
Industrapper 112 BPM
Space Disco 116 BPM
Shock 'G' 25 BPM
Beeper 126 BPM
Rolley Polley 127 BPM
Asked & Answered 127 BPM
Yo Bad Self 127 BPM
Lo-Fidelious 133 BPM
Perky Panner 135 BPM
Conformity 1 39 BPM
Rivetoid 140 BPM
B06. Processed Loops 143-170 BPM 11.8MB
Frenzy 143 BPM
Insistent 143 BPM
Jungle Slop 146 BPM
Paz Jump/Hump 146 BPM
Ride 'Em 147 BPM
Rollin' 'G' 148 BPM
Sixteeny 151 BPM
Energizer 151 BPM
Fever Pitch 151 BPM
Chugger Bug 152 BPM
Cranky 157 BPM
Dribbler 157 BPM
Cookie Beat 160 BPM
Cookie Sequence 160 BPM
Maniacal 170 BPM
B07. Rewind>FF 1.8MB
Big Drones
B08. Rapturous 1.3MB
B09. Beam & Bulb 1.6MB
B10. Bombay 0.9MB
B11. Foggy Drones 2.1MB
B12. Huge Locusts 1.2MB
B13. Ominousity 0.3MB
B14. Jake Drone 0.9MB
B15. Bosnia 2.7MB
Partition C:
C01. India Drones 4.7MB
C02. Ancients 0.8MB
C03. Rumbler 0.8MB
C04. Ambient Drums 11.7MB
C05. Phuzz Drums 6.3MB
C06. Spacey Drums 13.4MB
C07. Meglomaniac 2.5MB
C08. Distortorama 5.6MB
Fuzzy FX
C09. Tuvan Fuzz 2.5MB
C10. Stretcher 1.1MB
C11. Tap Hound 1.8MB
C12. Toasty 0.7MB
C13. Choke Holds 2.5MB
C14. Scrape Moog 2.5MB
C15. Wham-O! 0.4MB
Partition D:
Ambient Distortion
D01. Ambient Feedback 4.9MB
D02. Ambient Noise 1.8MB
D03. Rockin' Chair 1.6MB
D04. Thrusters! 5.0MB
D05. Surreal 40's 4.2MB
D06. Trane Train 1.8MB
D07. Bad Guy Piano Swirler 1.3MB
D08. Ambient Washes 2.1MB
D09. Reverted 0.5MB
D10. Straticus Drasticus 11.3MB
D11. Speed Dreams 2.5MB
D12. Indian Rock 1.0MB
D13. Launch Pad 0.7MB
Scary Hits
D14. Hotheads 2.8MB
D15. Cluster Slam 3.2MB
D16. Super Trem 0.5MB
D17. Sci-Fi Stingers 4.9MB
D18. Danger! 1.9MB
Big & Deep Hits
D19. Pit Hits 3.6MB
D20. Power Finale 1.7MB
D21. Metallicous 1.3MB
D22. Mothra Slam 1.0MB
Partition E:
Tekno Hits
E01. Phlange Hits 1.2MB
E02. Glass Eyed 0.1MB
E03. Hideous Hit 0.3MB
E04. Ultraman 1.8MB
E05. Ravin' Hits 0.8MB
E06. Baby Borg 0.1MB
E07. Wild Ways 1.8MB
E08. Ambient Mallets 2.2MB
E09. Piano Wires 2.1MB
E10. Bowed Oil Cans 2.8MB
Ambient Noise
E11. Altitude 0.5MB
E12. Submarines 1.3MB
E13. Train Tracks 0.7MB
E14. Underwater 2.7MB
E15. Atmos Hum 1.0MB
E16. Snake Byte 1.5MB
E17. Turntables 0.2MB
E18. DigiTerror 2.8MB
E19. Mental Rapids 2.1MB
E20. Turbulence 1.1MB
E21. Interference 2.6MB
E22. Suspended 3.3MB
E23. Wages of Sin 9.8MB
E24. Mega-Pads 15.9MB
Partition F:
F01. Ethereality 8.8MB
F02. Harmonious 1.6MB
Twisted Pads
F03. Frippy 3.6MB
F04. Fuzz Pipe 0.3MB
F05. Shakey Jakes 1.9MB
F06. Side Bandito 1.6MB
F07. Hydrator 0.8MB
F08. Geiger 0.5MB
F09. Reactor Core 0.4MB
F10. Clockers 0.1MB
F11. Triple Sweeps 1.4MB
F12. 3-D Machine 0.2MB
F13. Splatterface 0.4MB
F14. Shards 0.1MB
Outer Limits
F15. Outer Limits 0.4MB
F16. Chatterheads 2.8MB
F17. Colonies 1.5MB
F18. Cyborg 0.9MB
F19. Intruders 0.5MB
F20. Danger Suspense 1.5MB
F21. Time Lapse 0.8MB
F22. Man Machine 0.1MB
Grid Probes
F23. Data Barges 1.2MB
F24. Probes 1.9MB
F25. Saucers 1.2MB
Space Stings
F26. Hydra Blast 1.5MB
F27. Activate! 0.7MB
F28. Fly-Bys 2.3MB
Cyber Toys
F29. Cyber Toys 4.6MB
F30. Cartoon Sci-Fi 0.6MB
F31. Phone Frequency 0.1MB
Sci-Fi Synth
F32. Sci-Fi Chimes 3.6MB
F33. Permutations 2.2MB
F34. Warheads 1 9.6MB
Partition G:
G01. Warheads 2 11.9MB
G02. Bizzaros 5.7MB
G03. Cartoony 0.3MB
G04. Watercolors 2.9MB
G05. Buzz & Humz 2.5MB
G06. Snowflakes 4.7MB
G07. Glass Bender 1.8MB
G08. Bottomless 2.8MB
G09. Swan Dive 0.9MB
G10. Pete's Piccolo Sweep 2.4MB
G11. Downturn 1.0MB
G12. Depth Probe 1.8MB
G13. Sea Whistle 1.6MB
G14. Drug Induced 3.8MB
G15. Astral Zip 2.0MB
G16. Angel Dust 1.6MB
G17. Cyclodrone 2.0MB
G18. Magic Dust 1.3MB
G19. Coasters 0.5MB
Mondo Sweeps
G20. Gas Giant 0.5MB
G21. Diver Down 0.8MB
G22. Super Nova 0.4MB
G23. Saron Gas 1.5MB
Soul Seekers
G24. Spiral Winds 3.8MB
Partition H:
H01. Aquatones 4.9MB
H02. Dream Tweety 1.2MB
Ether Swirls
H03. Light Shafts 2.6MB
H04. Metal Swirls 1.8MB
H05. Vanish 0.4MB
H06. Hard Ringz 0.6MB
H07. Fuzz Rez 3.4MB
H08. Zweep 15.1MB
H09. Cyberdrone 6.1MB
H10. Wavey Drone 0.6MB
H11. System 100m LFO FX 0.8MB
H12. Ravermoog 0.6MB
H13. Ring Modulators 3.6MB
H14. Buzzbed 0.8MB
H15. Ravin' Basses 4.2MB
H16. Ring Bass 1.0MB
H17. TB-303 Fuzz Basses 1.9MB
H18. Wall Moog Bass 3.0MB
H19. Morphuzz Bass 6.2MB
Partition I:
I01. Raveland Rye 1.5MB
I02. Trash Talk 1.2MB
I03. Disturbed 5.8MB
I04. Crying Out 1.4MB
I05. Wailer 0.4MB
I06. Loch Ness 1.0MB
I07. Mondo Lion 1.8MB
I08. Husky Chord 0.8MB
Dream Choirs
I09. Amazing Grace in Chinese 3.0MB
I10. Gothic Choirs 2.6MB

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