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Burning Grooves

Burning Grooves

CD-Audio $99 - grooves only
CD-ROM $199 - grooves and kits
Akai/Emu, Roland


A drum library that delivers maximum impact.
Killer Kits and blazing live drum grooves laid down by L.A. slammer Abe Laboriel Jr. (k.d.lang, Seal, Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Joe Sample, Scritti Politti) with extreme re-mixes by producer Eric Persing.

The diverse selection of unrelenting alternative, power funk, progressive soul, rock & roll and grungehead loops in a wide variety of tempos (56-215 BPM) puts this collection in a class by itself. Each groove has a unique mix (edge, hi-fi, ambient, distorted, lo-fi, etc), and some have both HI-FI and LO-FI re-mixes. It is one of the only libraries to include different time signatures (3/4, 5/4, 6/8, 7/8, 12/8), and those hard to find Tom-Tom and Sidestick grooves. All the loops have been "pre-tweaked" for synchronization at the listed tempo, saving you alot of time.

Burning Grooves is the first library to offer versions of the grooves played without kick drum and without snare drum for unprecedented flexibility in customizing the loops to your music. This new technique allows you to create your own kick or snare patterns within the loop, breakdowns and also makes it much easier to layer Burning Grooves with other loops. Separate fills and intro loops are available to help smooth transistions, and create the "live vibe". The fills and grooves don't have any Cymbal Crashes limiting their usefulness -you can add your own when you need them.

The CD-ROM version includes "Smokin' Kits" -an entire drum hits library! These are some of the punchiest and most expressive kits ever assembled, since they were sampled within a musical context. Unlike other groove libraries that have a small single hits section tacked on to the end of the library, the Burning Grooves CD-ROM version has a complete library of multi-dynamic, multiple hit kits with fx (flams, buzz rolls, etc.), and lots of mix variations and processing fx (Dry, Room, Ambient, LO-FI, etc.). Even if you never use the loops, the Burning Grooves CD-ROM is worth getting for the kits alone!

The CD-ROM version is a tremendous value, since it includes the Audio CD for free! Some of our customers prefer the Audio to CD-ROM versions of groove libraries because it's easier to audition the grooves from the Audio CD. Since we've included it in the CD-ROM package, you get the best of both worlds, at no extra cost!

If you're looking for attitude, search no further. Where there's smoke, there's fire!

Audio Demos
mp3 stream

Amazing sounds and grooves all created with Peter Maunu's awesome Electric Guitar processing. You can find all the grooves in the demo in Stylus RMX Xpanded as well.

© Spectrasonics and Eric Persing

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Review Quotes

"A slammin' combination of loops and kits....Sizzling cymbals and punchy drums are the name of the game...not just natural sounds...I would definitely use these grooves not only because the playing is good, but because I like the modern sound design....top honors for providing one new mix after another...killer beats throughout...Rock-solid playing...The expressive kits span a wide range, from dry and natural to booming wet and delicious lo-fi - these beauties sing...lots of variations, velocity crossfades and realistic programming...Excellent."
-KEYBOARD magazine 5 star review

"Discs like Burning Grooves have raised the standard of drumming CDs so highly that in order to make their mark these days drumming CDs have to offer more than just expert solo drum performances...The quality of both the playing and recording is first class...the rhythms are straight 'on-the-money', and very usable...the kits are simply excellent...they sound extremely natural with an impressive degree of dynamic responsiveness."

"The collection will appeal to just about anyone who is looking to add a live drum loops to a track, the extra processing that the collection has undergone adds an extra element of interest, but without drifting too far from the core theme. A very polished drum loops and hits sample CD. Thoroughly recommended."
-Sounduser.com website review

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