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Burning Grooves

Burning Grooves

CD-Audio $99 - grooves only
CD-ROM $199 - grooves and kits
Akai/Emu, Roland



Produced by Eric Persing

Performed 100% live by Abe Laboriel Jr.

Recorded in Los Angeles at The Hook by Dan Garcia
Mixed and Programmed by Eric Persing
Inputting by Scott Hunter
Groove Editing by John Lemkuhl & Eric Persing
CD-ROM conversion & special programming by Todd Campopiano

Invaluable Assistance & amazing hamburgers by Michele Tarbutton
Cartage by The Drum Doctor
Stick Management by Armand Hillside and Associates

Cover Art by Jon Conrad and jondavid Productions
Graphic Design by The Peretti Group
Printed at Green St. Press, Pasadena CA

Abe for the killer attitude -both musically and personally>"COOL!", Dan G. for the awesome sound and incredible generosity (if the rental bill ever shows up we're history!), Todd C. -mucho grateful profusions to the god of conversion,
Scott H. -world's fastest inputter and all around good guy, John "Skippy" Lemkuhl for the major bailout, Jon C. -for the Blazing cover, Armand -what would we do without you?, Michele Tarbutton -for giving us a life again, Vibeke Calvert, Mike
Frenchik, Steve & Jana Peretti, All our International Distributors -especially to Mark & Shelly at ILIO, All at Roland Japan including: Mr. Miki, Mr. Aragaki, Ace Yukowa, Akira Endoh and Mark 46 Tsuruta at RAD, Don Romine and the crew at Green St. Press, Pastor Mark Pickerill and our church family at Christian Assembly in Eagle Rock, and to Lorey for the endless encour- agement and clear thinking.

Burning Grooves Demo song by Eric Persing ©1996 Big Green Music ASCAP (*demo not for re-use in broadcasting, recording or sampling without permission.)

This project is dedicated to seekers of Holy fire.
"One mightier than I will come, who shoes I am not worthy to tie, and He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire." -John the Baptist (Luke 3:16)


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